Awww, poor SJW told she cannot use national anthem performance to further false narrative

Poor. poor baby! I feel so bad for her, no, not really!

Philadelphia 76ers national anthem singer Sevyn Streeter said she was told by the team she could not perform because of her “We Matter” jersey.

“I’d say two minutes before we were about to walk out … the organization told me that I could not wear my shirt while singing the national anthem at their game,” the R&B singer said by phone. “I was never given any kind of dress code. I was never asked beforehand to show my wardrobe.”

Again, awww. Streeter has plenty of platforms to have a discussion, but frankly, she should do a bit of research stop with the “unjust America” narrative. A shirt saying “we matter” wold seem to fall in line with the lie that Black men are being unjustly killed by police for no reason. That is simply untrue. I do hope she is open for honest discussion, because most of the current narrative is one-sided and decidedly incorrect. And, no, sorry, those singing the national anthem ought to show respect for it, that is not the time for making statements on important issues. Perhaps Streeter could use her publicity to address Black on Black crime, or the absence of Black fathers in inner cities, or the disproportionate violent crime rate among young Black men, or gangs.

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