Guns are to blame? No Thug Culture is

Two stories from Bearing Arms sum up what happens when a culture becomes rotten to the core.


Chicago boasts some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. It is also known as one of the most violent cities in America.

Instead of admitting the failure of Chicago’s gun control laws and admitting that there is a major violent subculture problem in the Windy City, however, Democrats are attempting to claim that their gun control laws are failing because gun controls in surrounding states are less strict.

Odd, isn’t it, that those guns do not cause problems in those neighboring states. That is, of course, because it is not the guns, it is the people thugs.

Video has surfaced on YouTube that shows a man in the Pilsen neighborhood opening fire on a passing car. The shooter then realizes that the people in the passing car are his friends.

The gunman yells out, “Aw man, my bad dawg!”

So, again, let it be stressed that shooting at passing cars is normal to this thug and his “friends”. Life is of so little value that random rounds can be fired into a vehicle on a whim? If Democrats want to stop “gun violence” then they have to address the culture behind it. And here is a hint, that culture will not be found at an NRA convention. Bob Owens has more

We’re looking at an example of a culture so casually violent that they feel justified in using deadly force not just to settle disputes, but because they didn’t recognize a vehicle driving down their streets, or because of a Facebook argument over a boy.

No gun law is capable of solving the problem of a hyper-violent, predatory subculture so slavishly devoted to carnage.

The second story Owens references above is detailed here

The trial of Vandetta Redwood begins in Chicago (IL) for allegedly giving her 14-year-old niece a .38 caliber revolver as a means of physically ending a Facebook dispute over a boy.

When the argument took place, around 20 people were around.

Redwood’s cousin, Donnell Flora initially provided the teen with the gun. She handed the gun back to Flora. That’s when Redwood took the gun and gave it back to the teen.

“Shoot that b***h,” Redwood told her niece as she handed over the revolver. Redwood’s own 12-year-old daughter stood nearby and watched the attack take place.

Redwood’s niece used the revolver to shoot to 14-year-old Endia Martin and Martin’s 16-year-old best friend. Martin was killed as a result of the shooting. Her friend, however, survived.

Again, a 14-year-old child is dead, another teens life is ruined, and why? The NRA? Lawful gun owners? Gun shows? No, this tragedy happened because of a culture that is rotten to its core. A culture so evil and destitute of any sense of values that an argument over a boy should cost a child her life. When life has no value, and thuggish deeds are not only excused, but encouraged, we must look at the culture behind that moral depravity. And we must take steps to address that moral depravity, its causes, and we must find its solutions. Those who look only to gain political points by using these events are no better in my view than those pulling the triggers. They are political vultures who want not solutions, but some gain for themselves.

Again, no sane person can blame the NRA, or the tens and tens of millions of gun owners who harm no one. No rational person can blame the millions of Americans who carry firearms legally for protection. The blame lies squarely at the feet of this inhuman culture of violence, and predation. The blame lies at the feet of those who excuse it, and at the feet of those who look only to blame gun owners to advance their obscene fascination with banning guns

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