Social Justice is the New Bullying

Social Justice sounds so, so just doesn’t it? I mean justice is right there in the name, right? And isn’t justice a good thing? I mean when justice reigns, bad guys get punished for their transgressions, and good people are rewarded and protected. How very, just right? Wrong! Social Justice is not about justice as most people define it. It is about anything but just treatment of people. Rather it is about retribution for anyone who dares step outside the behavioral and ideological guidelines the Totalitarian Left would have us all obey.

Under Social Justice, it does not matter if a police officer, or armed citizen is justified in shooting someone. It does not matter if the person shot is attacking an officer, or kicking in the door of a peaceful resident. The only things that matter are the race of the person shot. If the person attacking an officer, or breaking in someone’s home is Black then, apparently their can be no justification for an officer to uphold the law, protect themselves, or innocent bystanders. The same would apply to a law-abiding citizen who uses force to protect their property from looters, or their loved ones from a rioter, or their home from invaders. It is not justice that matters, it is race. 

If the individual looting, rioting, smashing in someone’s door, or committing assault is Black, then Social Justice will demand that the criminal be named a victim. Why? Because, Blacks, according to Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) are disproportionately arrested, and put in prison, or shot by police because they are black. That young Black men commit over half of the homicides in America does not matter.  Nor does it matter that most of their victims are Black. That they commit far more violent crime compared to their population than other races is unimportant. None of that matters to the SJW who will argue Blacks make up 13% of the population, so, they can not be arrested, or tried, or incarcerated, at a rate equal to their crimes if that number exceeds 13%.

The SJW is obsessed with equality you see. So, if Blacks commit more violent crimes, it must be racism, especially institutional racism. It must be racist policing policies, or racist judges and courts. The SJW, despite carping about how much they care is the greatest enemy of the Black community. As I said, the vast majority of victims of Black violent crime are Blacks, so, any policy that prevents violent criminals being given lengthy sentences, or that prevents police from enforcing laws, or from using force when needed will hurt Blacks far more than any other demographic.

But, that is OK with SJWs. Let me stress that. I recall a conversation I had about the Baltimore riots from last year that followed the Freddie Gray case. The woman I was exchanging thoughts with was outraged that some police in Baltimore were complaining about being told to “give them room to destroy” and being told not to stop looting and rioting. When I pointed out to her that these police were upset because they felt they were being prevented from protecting the citizens of Baltimore from looters she justified the looting and rioting. She justified the looters because she wanted police to “stop hunting down unarmed Blacks”. So, while, in reality, the police she was vilifying were wanting to protect the victims of the riots, most of whom were Black, she was accusing the police of being racist. When I pointed out that it was the rioters and looters robbing and destroying Black businesses, and homes, and hurting Black people in Baltimore, she doubled down and blamed the police!

You see, to her, she was fighting racism by defending the actions of thugs who were destroying Black businesses, homes, and destroying businesses that employed primarily Black workers. In her mind, clearly clouded by Social Justice, looting and rioting were noble acts to fight “injustice”and “systemic racism” even though the people hurt by the looting were Blacks.

This lunacy is where Black Lives Matter and their fellow SJW’s want to take America. They wish to spread hatred for police rather than working to improve relationships with police. They excuse almost any behavior as long as it is done in the cause of “Social Justice”. They exploit every police shooting as racism even before any facts emerge about what actually happened. The media, of course, partners with them on that venture. The media is driven by ratings, and their addiction to supporting certain narratives you see. And anyone that challenges those narratives? Well, they are smeared so viciously that many become afraid to even speak out. In short SJW’s are nothing more than bullies, and anyone who dares challenge them? Well those folks do so at their own peril. And, make no mistake, many are so cowed by these tactics that they either simply shut up, or even began parroting the same narratives lies.

As I said in the beginning Social Justice is the new bullying.

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