Remember when stories about college students and ball pits would have been at least rated NC-17?

You would think any story about college kids and trampolines, ball pits, bounce houses, or other playground equipment would include alcohol, and sex. I must confess, a former girlfriend who may or may not have been Salma Hayek and I did some inappropriate, and by inappropriate I mean fun, things on a trampoline once when I was 19. And not once did we discuss “Social Justice” or bash Capitalism, or fight the “Patriarchy”. And no, my girlfriend wasn’t Salma Hayek, but can’t a guy dream?

Boy have times changed, here is another story of coddled college kids who need to be told to grow up

Saint Mary’s College of California will bring a ball pit to campus on Oct. 3, as part of its Mental Health Awareness and Campus of Caring Week.

Other universities have also found ball pits a perfect “safe space” to talk about feelings and other really important and serious stuff.

Last semester, the University of Central Florida included a ball pit as part of its Social Justice Week. “The campus community will have an opportunity to enter a ball pit with another person and have an engaging conversation about a variety of social justice topics,” the event page said.

California State University-Northridge featured a ball pit as part of its speech-policing “Inclusive Language” campaign, which warned students how some words and phrases, including “crazy” and “man up,” are offensive.
When, exactly, did college kids stop being bold? When did they start being snowflakes, and fearing their own shadow? Of course, most college kids are not hypersensitive, and most are still doing the things college kids have been doing for a long time. But the number of agitators, and whiners who seem to be trying to ruin college for everyone else is growing. And that is not OK. The open indoctrination is not OK. The sad fact is sending your son or daughter off to college now means they will likely be assaulted by leftist ideology, and will have to endure America bashing curriculums, taught by professors who put their agenda ahead of educating students.

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