Noted NBA franchise surrenders to SJW

SJW, of course being a “Social Justice Warrior” who should just really ought to leave our national anthem out of her activism

The Philadelphia 76ers and singer Sevyn Streeter have come to a reasonable and much-appreciated conclusion in the wake of the unfortunate incident that prevented Streeter from performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a Sixers home game in October.

The incident was not “unfortunate” the singer had an agreement NOT to politicize the anthem, and broke it

Streeter showed up for the performance at Wells Fargo Center wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase “We Matter,” in reference to the Black Lives Matter movement, echoing recent protests made by a pair of other national anthem singers at recent NBA games.

The 76ers asked Streeter not to perform, citing a clause in her contract prohibiting her from making political statements via her rendition. After national outcry, the Sixers apologized.

Apologized, as in caved, folded like a cheap tent, likely in fear of being attacked by the Progressive bullies, although those bullies are a small minority. Streeter will now be allowed to wear her jersey, and to show disrespect for our national anthem, even if it offends the vast majority of folks who will be at that game. Oddly enough, in a time where feelings seem to matter more than anything else, it is only the feelings of Leftist agitators that matter to the super sensitive Left. Streeter released this statement, which shows, again, a lack of self-awareness, as well as, an addiction to be seen as good, rather than actually doing good. Frankly, no matter how good your message or intent, when you show disrespect for our anthem, or flag, or any other American symbol, that message is lost to most people. Reasoned, passionate activism can work. In your face, disrespectful activism does not.

“I have accepted their apology,” Streeter said. “In order to move forward, it was important to me that we take action and use this as an opportunity to create positive change and dialogue throughout the community.”

OK, I must ask, how is wearing a silly shirt, with a meaningless expression on it going to help anyone? What change will be created? Will the words “We Matter” reduce the out of wedlock birth rate in the Black community? Will it break up gangs that terrorize inner cities? Will it change the thug culture that leads to a disrespect for law enforcement, and ultimately to a culture that teaches it is OK to murder people? Will it bridge gaps that exist between Blacks and police? Will it reduce the disproportionate rate of violent crime committed by young Black men? Will it save the victims of those crimes? Victims that are overwhelmingly Black? 

She said she and the team plan to “work together through multiple community outreach programs to promote inclusion and acceptance.”

Again, meaningless words. Inclusion she says. But, we know how the Left defines inclusion don’t we? What outreach programs will be helped? Surely there are many which are noble in their efforts, and I hope those are the ones that receive the help. I also hope Leftist agitation groups like Black Lives Matter receive nothing, and I hope professional agitators like Al Sharpton receive nothing from this. Frankly groups like BLM, and con artists like Sharpton are the very worst enemies the Black community could have. BLM, Sharpton, and their llk are not interested in helping anyone but themselves. They are about money, power, and their agenda, nothing more. 

So, I hope that Streeter follows up and works to ensure any money that comes from this publicity stunt goes to worthwhile organizations and charities. I also would hope she really examines all the issues plaguing the inner cities of America. Most of the problems have little or nothing to do with racism, or police brutality, or “injustice”. Again, most have to do with the thug culture, a culture where violent serial abusers and punks like Chris Brown are excused and glorified, and even embraced by SJW’s like Sevyn Streeter. Perhaps Streeter should take a long look in the mirror while she is wearing her “We Matter” shirt. Maybe she should question what message she sends to young women, of all races by working with an embracing a violent thug like Brown? How many young Black women will be abused by a punk like Brown? How many will be killed? Seems the wrong message for a beautiful, talented lady like Streeter to send doesn’t it? Maybe Streeter should consider if “We” really matter to her. 

Yes, Sevyn Streeter, your mirror is calling

2 thoughts on “Noted NBA franchise surrenders to SJW

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  2. “She said she and the team plan to “work together through multiple community outreach programs to promote inclusion and acceptance.”

    Translation: The 76ers are going to give a huge chunk of cash to #blacklivesmatter and their chosen affiliates.

    Interesting how none of these stories ever mention how openly racist and anti-semitic #blacklivesmatter is.

    I don’t go to sports events as a general rule nor do I watch them on TV, and that’s especially true of roundball. Now I have an even better reason not to bother. For those of you who do like watching sports and find this behavior repulsive, my advice is to contact the advertisers who buy time on networks that carry the games for teams like the 76ers that crap on our flag and our national anthem, let them know you won’t be buying their products and explicitly tell them why.

    Trust me, an eough letters like that and you might see a real change in the 76ers and their fellow gutless teams’ position.

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