Rumors confirmed, Lena Dunham is still a talentless, man-hating weirdo who should never EVER be naked

As Jerry Seinfeld once said, quite correctly, there is good naked, and bad naked. Lena Dunham is in the latter, even though she cannot manage to keep her clothes on which is good for folks who sell eye bleach I suppose. But, her looks are not really important, Her wacked out brand of Feminutism, however, i

Just when you thought Lena Dunham couldn’t get any more ridiculous, she suggests white straight men should go extinct, adding that it’s not about “the end of men” but rather just “the evolution of men into better men.” How nice of her.

Last night, she tweeted a video featuring her voice asking a man how he feels “about the extinction of white men”:

Wow, just wow. This is proof that we now celebrate and honor morons who have no ability to think, none at all

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