Your MUST READ blogs of the Week

When I say must read, I mean if you do not read them then you are a  batshit crazy leftist who has a “I’m With Her” sticker on your Chevy Volt, hates guns, and thinks NPR is riveting entertainment.

Pirates Cove, because no one exposes the Cult of Climate Change like William Teach, plus he has that whole Sunday Blogless Pin Up Post!

Doug Ross, because quality links to many must read stories

The Feral Irishman, because you will laugh, and think, and yes, because the NSFW post will highly offend Feminists

Bookworm because it will make you think

Proof Positive because of some great links

Mike McDaniel because he cuts through Liberal BS with common sense, and thought-provoking pieces

Of course, WOW Magazine, of which I am a member in somewhat reasonably, good standing is a great site with tons of thoughtful, funny, inspiring and powerful pieces

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