I believe I can, wait, no, I can’t

My Gators, with a defense decimated by injuries, shut down the LSU Tigers Trash Talkers and claimed their second straight SEC East title today. Best of all, we did it in Baton Rouge, in front of the Tiger’s fans, who said Florida was “scared” and easy pickings. The Tigers stud running back, Leonard Fournette, pushed a Florida coach twice during before the game, but was allowed to play anyway. And by play I mean did what he usually does in big games, played no real part. Of course, his leg was hurt, so he has that excuse.

I did not once mock the LSU cheerleaders


I endured a good deal of trash talking, by LSU fans, who, by the way are not ALL drunks, and I stayed silent. I was silent when the Tiger Nation accused Florida of “ducking” LSU after a hurricane postponed the game originally scheduled for October 8th. I endured the whining, and the cheap shots, and held my tongue. But, man were those sad little Tiger faces worth it when my Gators stoned the Tigers and clinched yet another trip to the SEC Championship Game. Yes, we will play Alabama, and should lose, but at least we will get there.And we got this win with heart. And to all those LSU fans who said all the garbage before this game, well, how does that Gator boot feel on your arsses?

Yep, it is GREAT to be a GATOR 

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