Some people deserve to be beaten with a stick

I know that sounds bad to say, but, you tell me what this walking pile of camel dung deserves for kicking and throwing a little dog down stairs

Lexington police are searching for a Mississippi man and have arrested a Lexington man in connection with the abuse of a small dog that was captured on video.

An arrest warrant for one felony count of ill-treatment of animals has been issued for Saquiriauki S. “Serio” Mister, 21, of Mississippi, police said. The dog’s owner, Timothy Terell Mister, 34, of Lexington has been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and misprison of a felony, police said.

Police say they believe Saquiriauki Mister may have fled to Mississippi and his information has been entered in a national crime database.

On Oct. 16, multiple people contacted Lexington police and forwarded videos and photos from Snapchat of the dog being kicked and thrown down a flight of stairs. The dog could be heard yelping with each kick and as it tumbled down the stairs.

What a bottom-feeding piece of trash. The dog is OK, but I cannot find the right words to describe a person who would ever do such a thing. Maybe there are no proper words.


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