Well, I guess those Mustangs are really fast

208 MPH?

A 19-year-old driving a 2011 Mustang clocked in at 208 miles per hour as he tried to elude the Oklahoma Highway Patrol on Saturday.

“I’ve never seen a speed like that,” Capt. Paul Timmons told KOKH in Oklahoma City.

Timmons described the incident with grand understatement: “Two hundred miles an hour … that is extremely excessive.”

He said the teenager, Hector Fraire, was speeding on the Kilpatrick Turnpike when Trooper Ryan Smith clocked him twice, at speeds of 84 and 85 mph, before he tried to stop the car.

Fraire kept driving, faster — and even turned off his headlights and brake lights to try to lose the trooper, Timmons said.

Smith reportedly clocked him again at 176 mph, then 208 mph before Fraire exited the turnpike.

“Trooper Smith caught up to the Mustang at a red light at Northwest Expressway and HWY 3 and initiated a traffic stop,” a statement from the Highway Patrol said.

“The driver of the Mustang turned south, pulled over and dropped his keys out of the driver’s window.”

What a punk! 

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