Governor of Texas: Hell no to sanctuary cities and campuses in Texas

I am very proud to live in Texas, and very proud of our governor, Greg Abbott for his ideological clarity in standing up to the special snowflakes who think borders are silly and racist

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has no sympathy for the sanctuary campus movement, declaring his intention to cut funding for any state school that attempts to make itself a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

In a series of tweets posted on the Republican governor’s account, Abbott assured concerned constituents that “Texas will not tolerate sanctuary campuses or cities,” vowing multiple times that he will cut funding for any state entity that attempts such a plot, which the City of Austin and the University of Texas system have pledged to do.

“Follow the law in Texas. No sanctuary cities. Period,” he added, later appearing on Fox News to defend his stance on the issue.

One of the most cherished dreams of the Left is to do away with borders, national sovereignty, and most of all, America. The left wishes us all to be “equal” you see. Rather than helping countries improve by emulating the United States, and other capitalist nations, the Left always seeks to tear down the United States because “inequality”. It is not “fair” that America is stronger and more successful! So, America must share its success by eliminating its borders. Again because “inequality”. If America offers greater opportunities because of our economic system, then we must throw open our borders to allow people from less successful nations in. This, of course is madness.

If the Left were truly seeking to help Latin American nations they would encourage them to be more like the United States. They would push them to throw off Communism, and corruption, and replace those with free enterprise, and greater liberty for the people. That is how nations succeed, by not standing in the way of ambition and competition. The fact is the more freedom a nation has, the more successful its people will be. But, of course, improving less successful nations is not the Left’s real goal is it? No, because there will still be inequality you see. The egalitarian left cannot not stand that. They seek equality, period! It does not matter if everyone does better in America to them. All they see is America somehow “stealing” from less prosperous nations. America has too much, they say, as if there is only so much prosperity. That is not fair so America must stop being America.

There will always be inequality, of course, it is the natural course of life. And, the fact is this, inequality is not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, inequality in application of laws and natural rights is very bad. The Left, however, fights to redistribute wealth, and to “level” the playing field. This is a fool’s errand. There is no level playing field in the real world. There is only competition, innovation, and differing levels of success, and yes, failures. You cannot change that reality by trying to force some unattainable, one size fits all equality onto successful nations. Nor can you do it by destroying nations by destroying borders.

People are not meant to be equal, they are individuals, unique, different, and crushing individualism by empowering governments to mandate some false equality will never attain anything of worth. And the only equality you will ever achieve will be an equality of depravity.

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