Who needs “high-capacity magazines”?

One of the favorite talking points of the Cult of Gun Control is to say no one “needs” high capacity magazines. Well, Mr. Owens has another view, one based in reality

A home owner in Cleveland managed to go at least two-for-three against a trio of armed home invaders Monday, night sending one fleeing for his life, one to the hospital, and another one to the morgue.

One person is dead, another injured and a third person missing after a home invasion in Cleveland early Monday.

The 911 Communications Center received a call on Monday at 12:01 a.m. regarding shots fired at Springbrook Apartments, 2360 Blackburn Road.

Cleveland Police Department officers responded to apartment #93 where they found a deceased male, identified as Adam Johnson, 18.

Facing three armed home invaders with seven, or ten bullets is not very practical is it? Yet, the Cult of Gun Control still pushes for “reasonable” laws that limit the capacity of magazines. They also push for “assault weapon” bans which would take AR-15’s, which are ideal for home defense away.  Such laws will not help a home-owner defend their life, such laws will, instead, severely hamstring them.

Home invasion crews numbering 3-5 or even more suspects are relatively common, and in most of these instances, each and every suspect is armed with some kind of weapon, typically a handgun.

While shotguns are devastating at short range, they typically suffer from low on-board ammo capacity of 5-8 rounds, leaving a home owner in a precarious position when fighting a group of home invaders.

Handguns are much less powerful than shotguns. We’ve had two shootings we’ve covered at Bearing Arms this week where officers fired at suspects seven times and eight times (respectively) before the individual the officer fired upon went down. If it takes a moderately well-trained police officer 7 or 8 shots to knock down a perceived threat, then how many rounds do you think you may need to defeat an entire home invasion crew composed of 3-5 individuals?

Suddenly, those standard capacity magazines holding 15-19 bullets common to many handguns don’t look like they’re carrying any extra ammunition. The 30-round magazines common to many carbines seems incredibly reasonable when you look at the context of an individual fighting to defend his family against an entire home invasion crew.

Bob Owens has it right. Taking viable self-defense options away from the law-abiding will only aid thugs intent on doing harm to innocent people.

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