Now this is how you bring to security to a campus

Hats off to Southeastern University H/T to Jenn Jacques

In Lakeland, FL, the faculty of Southeastern University is working with the Polk County Sheriff’s Officer to roll out the first “Sentinel Program” in the Sunshine State. The Sheriff’s Office said the program, which aims to enhance safety for everyone on campus, will not only authorize, but also train university employees to carry concealed firearms on campus.

“We are committed to providing the safest learning environment possible for our university community,” said Dr. Kent Ingle, President of Southeastern University, who is excited about the program.

After the university identifies the staff to carry, they will be screened by PCSO staff with criminal background checks, drug testing and a psychological evaluation. The staff members who pass the first screening process will then go through 132 hours of training with Sheriff’s Office, including nine blocks of instruction on firearms, active shooters and defensive tactics totaling 100 hours of firearms training alone. That’s 20 hours more firearms training than sheriff’s deputies receive. Additionally, university staff must pass at an 85-percent rate compared to the standard 80-percent.

The training element here is so crucial. I pray more schools choose a similar strategy. It is hard for some to grasp but there are predators out there, and bad people, and yes, yes, terrorists will target our schools. That is an ugly thought, but it is also a fact. Gun free zone signs, and Liberal talking points are not going to stop an attacker, ever. Armed and trained staff is a far better ideal.

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