Gigantic walking vagina harasses Ivanka Trump on Jet Blue flight

And by Vagina I mean this cowardly little excuse for a man. Pirates Cove has the scoop

I guess this is all part of that tolerance and stuff. It would be called a hate crime by the Southern Poverty Law Center and other far left outlets if this was a Trump supporter haranguing a Hillary worker

(UK Daily Mail)  Ivanka Trump made it very clear on Thursday that she has no problem staying cool and calm under pressure.

The 35-year-old mother-of-three was travelling with her children to Palm Beach, Florida from New York City on a JetBlue flight when a man began to accost her.

‘Your father is ruining the country,’ said Dan Goldstein, a lawyer from Brooklyn, who had a  child in his arms according to TMZ.

Goldstein then began screaming out: ‘Why is she on our flight. She should be flying private.’

Ivanka paid as little attention as possible and tried to preoccupy her children with some crayons to diffuse the situation until the crew escorted him off the plane.

Some might accuse me of gross insensitivity for calling Goldstein a pussy, but really, what kind of man acts like that? Verbally assaulting a woman and children? Those Liberals and their tantrums are quite the spectacle. But, then again, Liberalism is an ideology for spoiled brats and drama queens

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