So, it has come tome to this has it?

Good Freaking Grief

Great news for Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King, and other white people who would like to avail themselves of the many privileges reserved for blacks. Barack Obama himself says that if you can dupe others into thinking you are black, then you are black:

“Well, part of my understanding of race is that it’s more of a social construct than a biological reality. And in that sense, if you are perceived as African American, then you’re African American.

OK, that does it! Up is down, rain is sunshine. But I have realized something while studying the whole you are what you identify as craze. I now realize that I choose to identify as a billionaire playboy with several sports cars, mansions, vacation homes, a yacht and a muscular body that every woman longs for. 

6 thoughts on “So, it has come tome to this has it?

  1. This is interesting. (Speaking as a biologist.) The first part of his statement is correct; humans have less genetic diversity than chimpanzees, and the concept of “race” is mostly B.S. – it is indeed a social construct.

    But the second half of his statement is crap. If the concept of “race” has no biological meaning – and it doesn’t – then the concept of identifying as “African American” or “Latino” or any other such nebulous groups has no meaning either.

    There is only one race – the human race. Every person on the planet is a member.

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