Leftism is a destructive force

Marxism, Progressivism, Leftism, call it what you like, destroys everything it touches Darrick Johnson gives us the latest example

If you want a concrete demonstration of how progressivism hurts working Americans, look no further than DC’s new child care rule rule, requiring workers to have a college degree.

While the proponents claim the rule puts them “ahead of the curve” of child care policy, its an unbelievably destructive approach.

First, it’s terribly punitive to non-college educated workers, who may have years of experience in child care, but now have to obtain an expensive degree by 2020 in order to keep their job.  Child care is important work, and its not easy, but it has also been a place where less affluent people, with less formal education, could find work.  Washington is running them out of a job.

Second, its going to create incredibly high prices for child care.  For single moms who have no other options, shrinking the labor pool for child care (and burdening those workers who stay with expensive student loans) is making an already painful expense much worse.  Monthly child care costs in the District average $1,800/month, and this will only further inflate prices.

Ah the folly of central planners. But, they care more about the control over people, than about the pain their ideology causes

3 thoughts on “Leftism is a destructive force

  1. eamonkelly

    “There’s nothing wrong with out policies” they sniffed “if only people understood it’s for their own good.” “Do be good and obey us or you’ll force us to resort to more drastic measures.”

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  3. chester arthur

    At one time,classical liberalism was about raising people up.Even as late as the early civil rights movement,it was about raising people’s ability to succeed in modern society.Now the Alinskyites have taken over.Their ‘skill’ involves taking up the cause of a small group of,at most,slightly aggrieved designated ‘victims’,and tearing everything and everyone else down to whatever level they deem appropriate as some sort of unearned compensation for an alleged slight,no matter how slight.

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