Pardon me ma’am but your crazy is showing

Robert Stacy McCain shows us what happens when a radical Feminist? Special snowflake? Mentally ill person? gets “triggered”.

OK, so here’s the set-up: A couple is waiting to order at a fast-food place in Santa Monica, California, and the guy’s got his arm around his girlfriend, affectionately nuzzling her. “Out of nowhere,” the guy explained, a woman who was finishing up her transaction at the cash register “looks at us and exclaims emphatically how inappropriate PDA was and how uncomfortable it was making her.” So the guy then kisses his girlfriend on the cheek, at which point the woman begins freaking out and the guy starts recording her on video with his phone:

Yikes! She has deep, deep issues. She may be crazy a radical feminist? A disaffected Hillary voter? Or just a mean person? Whatever it is, she needs serious help

5 thoughts on “Pardon me ma’am but your crazy is showing

  1. Conservative Beaner

    That woman needs a good shagging but I doubt any man or woman is willing to do it. San Francisco on her sweater says it all.

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