Fascist Starter Kits at University of Maryland demand university crack down on “hate speech”

Of course the new Brown Shirts will be more than happy to define what is hate speech because they love crushing individual liberties

The worst thing about this is that 53,000 plus people have signed this petition to stifle speech because to the Left, discourse is bad

Students at the University of Maryland have drafted a petition demanding that the school ramp up punishments for “hate speech” in the wake of a tragedy on campus.

The Black Student Union published “Honor Richard Collins III and punish hate speech at University of Maryland” after a Black student from Bowie State University, Richard Collins III, was killed by a white UMD student, Sean Urbanski, who was a member of an “Alt-Reich” group on Facebook.

The BSU writes that the lack of consequences for hate speech has emboldened students like Urbanski, arguing that “When consequences for hate speech are not strong it tells students like Sean Urbanski that hate and bigotry is okay!” and that the lack of consequences “makes white supremacist students comfortable on campus.”

Inciting violence is a crime. But the Left does not wish to have such a standard. their standard is to categorize everything they disagree with as “hate speech”. So, pretty much anything that a Conservative or true Liberal might say,  could be, and likely would be deemed hate speech. And those using their natural right to express themselves would be subject to punishment. Here is more

Students in UMD’s Black Student Union, NAACP, Political Latinxs United for Movement and Action in Society, Community Roots, Ethiopian-Eritrean Student Association, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Muslim Political Alliance, American Indian Student Union and Pride Alliance have been pressuring the administration to make it clear that hate speech is not welcomed on UMD’s campus. However, the university has not responded to demands for policy changes that would show a commitment to making the campus safer for Black and other minority groups!

When consequences for hate speech are not strong it tells students like Sean Urbanski that hate and bigotry is okay! It makes white supremacist students comfortable on campus, validated, and creates space for violent, racist attacks like what happened to Richard Collins III to occur.

Well, where are the examples of violent or racist attacks. The petition lists examples of “racism”

– 2007 a noose was found hanging outside the Black cultural center, Nyumburu Cultural Center
-In 2014 students protested the university’s police department hyper- militarization which includes a $65,000 armored truck, 50 M16 rifles, two transport vehicles, and 16 12-gauge shotguns. However all of the police weaponry remains.
-In 2016 UMD campus police broke up an off-campus party of mostly Black students using excessive force and pepper-spray

So, a noose found 10 years ago and the fact that police have weapons, and that campus police once broke up a party are examples of RAAAAACISM? Seriously, who falls for such cheap rhetoric? If racism is so rampant, where are the examples?

What happened to Collins is a tragedy, but the person who perpetrated that murder is very likely is a nutcase. To tie the actions of a lunatic to people sharing political or ideological views is asinine. Of course the Left does asinine very well. In short, these miscreants wish to set themselves up as speech czars, because sometimes discourse is bad

President Loh has continuously reinforced an environment that tolerates hate speech by reducing student organizing efforts and instead encouraging more discourse. Not all situations require more discourse, some call for action!

See, discourse is bad! So says the mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers of the Left.

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