But of course! The Internet is, wait for it……..RAAAAACIST!

When I say it is now impossible to parody the Left………..

In an opinion piece on The Conversation and re-published in the Billings Gazette, Professor Charlton Mcllwain writes about the inherent racism of the Internet, created by in part by search engines and links between sites.

Professor Mcllwain first argues that “the internet does appear in fact segregated along racial lines,” saying his research “demonstrates that websites focusing on racial issues are visited less often, and are less visible in search result rankings than sites with different, or broader, focuses.”

“This phenomenon is not based on anything that individual website producers do. Rather, it appears to be a product of how users themselves find and share information online, a process mediated mostly by search engines and, increasingly, social media platforms,” he writes.

His work searches for “online analogues” of systemic racism—that is, racism that applies to “cultures and societies at large”—in which “subtle biases permeate culture and society in ways that yield overwhelming advantages for whites, at the expense of nonwhites.”

“Specifically, I am trying to determine whether the online environment, one completely constructed by humans, systematically produces advantages and disadvantages along racial lines – whether intentionally or inadvertently,” he writes, conceding that this is “a difficult question to approach.”

What professor dipwad is missing is that people, well normal people really do not care about race. They also would not be interested in sites run by those obsessed with skin color

2 thoughts on “But of course! The Internet is, wait for it……..RAAAAACIST!

  1. GomeznSA

    Well duh, according to ‘liberal logic’ the intrawebz just HAVE to be ‘racist’ – it was invented by an old white guy………….(algore in case y’all missed it)

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