Montel Williams: GOP healthcare plan will kill 140 million Americans

I wonder if the GOP plan covers batshit crazy, because Montel needs that coverage

As Montel Williams appeared on Friday’s CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin to discuss his recent USA Today article attacking Republican plans to repeal ObamaCare, the former talk show host accused congressional Republicans of not caring about their own family members and of supporting a plan that would send their relatives and 140 million other Americans to “death.”

After recalling that, by the year 2020, 140 million Americans would be suffering from chronic illnesses, he added: “They are going to be looking for somebody to give them medication and health care. And what this bill does is sends them all to death.” A bit later he further charged that congressional Republicans do not care about their own relatives: “This Congress is the richest Congress we’ve ever had in history. They can afford premium health care. They don’t care about even their own family members — their cousins, their aunts or uncles or nieces who they all know have just been sentenced to death.”

Go over the top much Montel?

2 thoughts on “Montel Williams: GOP healthcare plan will kill 140 million Americans

  1. xtron

    sssooooo….how, exactly, did the citizens of this country pay for health care BEFORE obamacare became law….for over 200 years???
    why should we believe that ending an 8 year old programe would send this country back to the dark ages of health care??
    and why, exactly, does the media keep confusing “health care” with “health insurance”?? losing your health insurance does not mean a lose of health care any more than losing your car insurance means you lose your car. incase you are still confused, obamacare is health insurance, provided by the government, paid for by the tax payers.

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