Dana Loesch tells the truth, Cult of Gun Control, dim-witted Senator Chris Murphy hardest hit

First the video that “triggered” the Whiners Brigade

Sorry, but is anything wrong with this? Loesch condemns violence, without calling for any violence in response. Of course, the left is using this to bash gun owners, the NRA, Conservatives, and anyone with a clue.

Of course, as Jenn Jacques notes Senator Chris Murphy lost what are left of his marbles in outrageous outrage!

Dear God, these people are horrid.

Liberal Connecticut anti-Second Amendment Senator Chris Murphy loves to push the envelope with his inflammatory gun control narrative, but his response to the latest NRA ad featuring Dana Loesch calling for Americans to stand up to the violent left with “the clenched fist of truth” is despicable… even for him!

Murphy redefines pathetic. He knows better, but, with Leftists, over the top rhetoric is king I suppose. And, given Murphy’s long history of lying about the right to own firearms, school shootings, violent crimes and about groups like the NRA, well, this is just par for the course. The man is an idiot

Good Freaking Grief!

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