Texas judge scraps anti-self-defense lawsuit

Why does the Left hate self-defense?

The nutty professors at the University of Texas sought to have a court undo what the state legislature did. They lost

Professors who claimed Texas’s new campus concealed carry law would hurt their ability to teach had their lawsuit tossed from court this week, after a federal judge ruled they couldn’t prove they were actually harmed.

The three professors had argued that allowing guns in their classrooms would violate their First Amendment rights to a robust classroom discussion. One of them said it would impede “my and other professors’ ability to create a daring, intellectually active, mutually supportive, and engaged community of thinkers.”

But Judge Lee Yeakel said there was no concrete evidence anyone’s speech was chilled by the law, which took effect last summer and which allows students with permits to carry their firearms into school buildings, and allows weapons to be stored in dorm rooms.

It was an idiotic, at best, lawsuit brought by three leftist professors in hopes that they could get an activist judge to undo what the state legislature had done. Thankfully, these anti-self-defense extremists came out on the losing side.

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