The Thing About Republicans And Health Care Reform

The thing about Republicans and health care reform is that Republicans SUUUUUUCK!

Yes, I said it, and if you disagree, then you suuuuuuck too!

Tell me, how many years have GOP politicians in the House and Senate had to write a bill that most everyone in their party could embrace since Obamacare came into being?

Anyone? Anyone?

Could the answer be about 3 years shy of a decade?

Hmmm… so, let me see if I understand this correctly. The Republican party elite in Washington, DC couldn’t manage to cobble together a patient-centered, free-market-based, solution to the nightmare we call Obamacare in SEVEN FUCKING YEARS!

Is that about right?

Well, all I have to say about that is:


North Dakota latest state to enact constitutional carry

Very good


Starting in August, North Dakota residents can carry a concealed handgun without a special permit.

Gov. Doug Burgum signed a bill Thursday that allows people to conceal carry as long as they have had a valid North Dakota driver’s license or state ID card for at least a year.

The new law applies to people only within the state. Residents will still not be able to conceal carry outside of North Dakota without the proper permit.

The Useless Nations and their hatred of Israel

Via Doug Ross

By Anne Bayefsky

According to the U.N.’s top human rights body, Israel is the worst human rights violator in the world today. That’s the result of the latest session of the UN Human Rights Council which wrapped up in Geneva on Friday by adopting five times more resolutions condemning Israel than any other country on earth.

President Trump’s administration is currently a member of this reprehensible body. To borrow Elie Wiesel’s counsel to President Reagan not to pay his respects at a German graveyard containing Nazi SS remains: “That place, Mr. President, is not your place.”

The Bush administration refused to join the Council when it was created in 2006.

On March 31, 2009, President Obama – fully aware of its entrenched anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bias – made jumping on board one of his very first foreign policy moves. Moreover, in an unscrupulous attempt to control his successor, the former President obtained yet another three-year term for the United States on the Council that began on January 1, 2017.

Here are a few examples of exactly what this despicable body has stood for

In its history, the Council has condemned Israel more often than any other of the 192 UN states. Comparative totals after this session’s pogrom tell the story:  Israel – 78 resolutions and decisions, Syria – 29, North Korea – 9, and Iran – 6.  As for Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China, there’s nothing at all.

Go read the rest, it will sicken anyone with any grasp on the truth about Israel. The U.N. or Useless Nations as I call it, is about as devoid of a moral compass as anyone can imagine. The Trump Team has already announced plans to cut funding to the cesspool that the U.N. has become. I would suggest that every nation that values liberty, human rights, and that opposes terrorism, and Leftism should not only cut funding but get out of the Useless nation entirely.

So, repealing Obamacare was a “Ted Cruz” issue now?

Oh politicians, political advisors, and spin doctors. They will say anything, take any position, regardless of the truth. I have less than zero respect for them, this clip from The Right Scoop illustrates exactly why

Then there is this guy, Rep. Kinzinger of Illinois who is going to “expose” the Freedom Caucus, whose members he blames for the shoddy Ryan care bill dying

And, it would seem that Kinzinger has the hots for “centrist Democrats” now

Yeah, sure Democrats will “work” with the likes of Kinzinger. As long as he agrees to not repealing Obamacare, and agrees to only making changes that will move the country to universal health care even quicker. If he does that, Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will pat him on his head and send him on his way. Sorry but, let us be clear, Kinzinger is exactly the type of “Republican” who enables Democrats. He could not wait to bash Conservatives and cozy up to Democrats. He has a history of that I wonder if Kinzinger ever considered suggesting House Democrats, or moderate Republicans compromise? Likely not, after all, Kinzinger has a record, and it is not pretty

Funny, I did not hear President Trump bashing the Freedom Caucus, I heard him say we will get a better bill. I also heard him blast Democrats because not one of them would vote for the AHCA. I did not hear weakness or vacillation from the president. Rep Kinzinger is just another politician who is in it for himself

Just a quick note on RyanCare’s failure

No, I am not going to delve into the debate over whether those who were not going to vote on this bill were right or wrong strategically. Overall, I thought the bill was simply a, how should I put this nicely, a big sack of camel dung. Sure, it was preferable to the gargantuan sack of camel dung that ObamaCare is. But, the bill, the manner in which it was put together, and its content was basically a failure.

No, I am not going to throw up my hands and say we Congress cannot still repeal ObamaCare. I am not going to say they cannot replace it. I am going to say that they MUST do these two things. Unless they want to start losing elections of course. They are fully capable of getting it done, IF they are willing to overcome two major issues. First they must focus on American principles. Yes, principles. Three of our principles as a nation individualism, individual liberties, and individual responsibility. One of those responsibilities is to provide for ourselves. That clearly should include health insurance. One of the biggest mistakes America ever made was to paint health insurance as any type of collective right, or, in fact, a “right” at all. Once we did that, a Pandora’s Box of problems was opened. And, I doubt that box can ever be fully closed again.

So, if we cannot close that box, then what? Well, the biggest goal must be to get the government out of the business of health insurance. If the goal is to insure more Americans, and decrease costs, then government can do very little except to get the heck out-of-the-way. In fact that would be their very best aim.

In short, there ought to be no federal law deciding what must be covered, that is an individual choice. There must be no mandate requiring health insurance. In fact, I can think of nothing better than allowing Americans to buy insurance without any government interference at all.

As far as subsidies, or tax credits go, I doubt either helps lower costs, and both create an entitlement. And, as Dennis Prager said recently, nothing is as addictive as “free”. Once you think you are getting something for “free”, well, you do the math. Sure subsidies/tax credits would allow some who have not had insurance to get it. Some people under ObamaCare were able to afford insurance. The flip side of that coin? Many lost insurance, or had their premiums and deductibles skyrocket. And many, like me was forced to choose between the penalty for not having insurance and paying huge premiums for insurance that I would likely never get to use because of the massive deductibles.

So, what should Congress do? Or more to the point, what should Republicans do? Well, first off they must please both the Conservative and  Moderate wings of the party. Yeah, how did that just work out? Let us face a stark reality. The Republican Party is much less unified by ideology than is the Democratic Party. We are the party of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Louie Gohmert sure. But we are also the party of John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Olympia Snowe. We are also the party of Rand Paul. I know the media paints the Democratic Party as a “big tent party” but the GOP  is far more ideologically diverse, so we will never get a consensus on a bill that cuts out government involvement completely.

So, all we can do is to get the best bill possible, take our time, and allow the people to have time to view the bill BEFORE a vote. Do not give us excuses about time. Congress has time. Let the Democrats grandstand on Russiaphobia, and fake scandals. Republicans have the majority in both houses, so ignore the braying asses like Pelosi and Schummer and write a better bill! Once such a bill has been written, and the people have seen it, THEN vote on it. THEN pass it. THEN President Trump can sign it. THEN we can start actually seeing positive results.

Finally, we, the people, have to understand that there will be measures of compromise in this bill. We also must realize that it will have faluts, but it will be better than ObamaCare. Also undestand that repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with a bill more in line with American principles will move us several steps in the right direction. And that beats the heck out of standing in place or backing up.