Oh those sneaky Statists at the FEC

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Via Washington Examiner:

The Federal Election Commission, facing punishing criticism for suggesting that political activity on the Internet should be regulated, rejected talk of new rules Thursday, a victory for GOP commissioners who feared Democrats were targeting conservative sites, even the Drudge Report.

During a public meeting, Democrats on the FEC said they were responding to the public outcry in saying that no new rules are required.

Democratic Commissioner Ellen Weintraub said the FEC received 5,000 comments demanding the agency keep their hands off the Internet. In response, she proposed a resolution that directly barred Internet regulation.

“I wanted to make clear that I was listening to what people are saying out there and I think we should allay those concerns if people are concerned that we are about to do that,” she said. Her resolution said: “I further move that the Commission direct [counsel] to exclude from the rulemaking any proposal affecting political activity on the Internet.”

Republicans on the commission had raised concerns that Democrats on the commission were targeting conservative political and news websites like Drudge, and could regulate them.

Weintraub said she never sought to regulate the Internet in her bid to provide more transparency in fundraising and political activity covered by the recent Supreme Court case, McCutcheon v. FEC, where the court struck down contribution limits.

Vigilance can be rewarding

Planned Parenthood: Advising high school girls to try abstinence is despicable

Planned Parenthood, of course makes BIG money from “choice”, so, they are heavily invested in promoting a culture that leads to teen pregnancies. Talk about despicable! And just as despicable is how this piece at Seventeen magazine played the “Sexist” Card

A few days before prom at Lincoln High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, posters started popping up in hallways. They weren’t advertising fun things to do after prom, or the newest prom theme. But instead, an entirely sexist message — that girls should be worrying about how to “protect their character” on prom night.

Oh! The horrors! advising girls that having sex on prom night might have negative consequences. Can’t have that can we? I mean consequences do not exist according to the left. Character matters in reality, and yes, so do consequences. But the left, again, would rather ignore the connection between behavior and consequences. Can you say moral retardation?

White House Spokestool Josh Earnest is in the Twilight Zone

Get a load of this bit of delusion

Degrading ISIS? By not doing much to fight them? By not using our military to destroy them? The only thing Team Obama seems to be “degrading” is our military frankly.

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Guns are tools, and in the hands of the law-abiding, they can be great equalizers

A 77-year-old man used a gun to defend his life against a home invasion crew in Miami, Florida yesterday, and showed that the “Greatest Generation” still has plenty of fight left in them.

One burglar was killed and another hospitalized after a 77-year-old homeowner shot at them at a home in southwest Miami-Dade Monday, officials said.
The shooting happened in the 27000 block of southwest 89th Avenue in Redland, Miami-Dade Police said.

According to police, the burglars had entered the house and shots were fired around 1 p.m.

One burglar was shot in the chest and pronounced dead at the scene. The other burglar was also shot in the chest and was taken to Kendall Regional Hospital where he was in critical condition.

The homeowner wasn’t injured.

This story, of course, ends very differently if the Cult of Gun Control had their way