That stench you smell? It is the Race Vultures circling Baltimore

At The Last Refuge

Today the Baltimore police chief held a lengthy press conference. The police chief, the mayor and the local community leaders are under exceptional pressure as the professionally aggrieved advance upon Baltimore.

Amid the current climate it was announced today the NAACP, National Action Network (NAN), the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), the Nation of Islam, along with Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jamal Bryant, Malik Shabazz and Marc Morial, are all converging on Baltimore for a weekend of protests and grievance rallies.

Environuts and California’s water crisis

If you want an example of how Leftism kills and destroys, look at California. A state with absolutely every natural blessing is broke, facing severe water and power issues, economic issues, a very high cost of living and the list goes on. And it is all due to one thing, Marxist ideology. And Marxism, along with its bastard offspring isms, promises utopia, but delivers only destruction of everything good.

Donald Douglas lives in California, or Marxifornia as I call it, and he has sheds some light on the role radical environmental laws are playing in Cali’s water crisis.

From Representative Devin Nunes, at National Review, “The statistic is manufactured by environmentalists to distract from the incredible damage their policies have caused“:

As the San Joaquin Valley undergoes its third decade of government-induced water shortages, the media suddenly took notice of the California water crisis after Governor Jerry Brown announced statewide water restrictions. In much of the coverage, supposedly powerful farmers were blamed for contributing to the problem by using too much water.

“Agriculture consumes a staggering 80 percent of California’s developed water, even as it accounts for only 2 percent of the state’s gross domestic product,” exclaimed Daily Beast writer Mark Hertsgaard in a piece titled “How Growers Gamed California’s Drought.” That 80-percent statistic was repeated in a Sacramento Bee article titled, “California agriculture, largely spared in new water restrictions, wields huge clout,” and in an ABC News article titled “California’s Drought Plan Mostly Lays Off Agriculture, Oil Industries.” Likewise, the New York Times dutifully reported, “The [State Water Resources Control Board] signaled that it was also about to further restrict water supplies to the agriculture industry, which consumes 80 percent of the water used in the state.”

This is a textbook example of how the media perpetuates a false narrative based on a phony statistic. Farmers do not use 80 percent of California’s water. In reality, 50 percent of the water that is captured by the state’s dams, reservoirs, aqueducts, and other infrastructure is diverted for environmental causes. Farmers, in fact, use 40 percent of the water supply. Environmentalists have manufactured the 80 percent statistic by deliberately excluding environmental diversions from their calculations. Furthermore, in many years there are additional millions of acre-feet of water that are simply flushed into the ocean due to a lack of storage capacity — a situation partly explained by environmental groups’ opposition to new water-storage projects.

It’s unsurprising that environmentalists and the media want to distract attention away from the incredible damage that environmental regulations have done to California’s water supply. Although the rest of the state is now beginning to feel the pinch, these regulations sparked the San Joaquin Valley’s water crisis more than two decades ago. The Endangered Species Act spawned many of these regulations, such as rules that divert usable water to protect baby salmon and a 3-inch baitfish called the Delta smelt, as well as rules that protect the striped bass, a non-native fish that — ironically — eats both baby salmon and smelt. Other harmful regulations stem from legislation backed by environmental groups and approved by Democratic-controlled Congresses in 1992 and 2009. These rules have decimated water supplies for San Joaquin farmers and communities, resulting in zero-percent water allocations and the removal of increasing amounts of farmland from production.

One would think the catastrophic consequences of these environmental regulations would be an important part of the reporting on the water crisis. But these facts are often absent, replaced by a fixation on the 80 percent of the water supply that farmers are falsely accused of monopolizing. None of the four articles cited above even mention the problem of environmental diversions. The same holds true for a recent interview with Governor Brown on ABC’s This Week. In that discussion, host Martha Raddatz focused almost exclusively on farmers’ supposed overuse of the water supply, and she invoked the 80 percent figure twice. The governor himself, a strong proponent of environmental regulations, was silent about the topic during the interview, instead blaming the crisis on global warming.

That is no surprise — President Obama also ignored environmental regulations but spoke ominously about climate change when he addressed the water crisis during a visit to California’s Central Valley in February 2014. Indeed, for many on the left, the California water crisis is just another platform for proclaiming their dogmatic fixation on fighting global warming, a campaign that many environmental extremists have adopted as a religion.

You don’t have to take my word for it; just listen to Rajendra Pachauri, former head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is the United Nations’ foremost body on global warming. After recently leaving his job amid allegations of sexual harassment, Pachauri wrote in his resignation letter: “For me, the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma.”

Utterly convinced of the righteousness of their crusade, environmental extremists stop at nothing in pursuing their utopian conception of “sustainability.” The interests of families, farmers, and entire communities — whose very existence is often regarded as an impediment to sustainability — are ignored and derided in the quest for an ever-more pristine environment free from human contamination. In the name of environmental purity, these extremists have fought for decades to cut water supplies for millions of Californians…

Another race-pimping “reverend” playing the racial division game

Looks like Al Sharpton is inspiring other “men of God” to emulate his tactics

In response to the death of African-American man Freddie Gray in police custody, Baltimore pastor Jamal Bryant said on CNN’s “New Day” that there was a “hunting season on black men” across America.

“There’s got to be a complete overhaul of the criminal justice system, not just in Baltimore but across the country,” he said. We’re seeing a pattern of a hunting season on black men across America, from Ferguson to Sanford to Staten Island and now here in Baltimore.”

Actually, he IS right abut a hunting season on Black men in America, but it is other Black men killing nearly all of those murder victims, not police. And please note that he is still saying that the deaths of Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin were murder. That is a lie, the evidence in BOTH cases proved that Martin and Brown were killed justifiably. In the Baltimore case, no one yet knows what the facts are, yet the reverend is already appointed himself judge and jury apparently. Anything to feed the narrative right Jamal Bryant? I guess lying and helping to cause riots and discontent are not sins in Bryant’s church.

Hillary, as radical as Obama

Via The Daily Caller

Kudos to TheDC’s Kerry Picket for spotting the significance of this Hillary Clinton quote: “Laws [about reproductive health care and safe childbirth] have to be backed up with resources and political will,” Clinton said. “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Out of the mouths of leftists

Out of the mouths of Feminuts…………

Honestly, is there a more abrasive, bitter group than Feminists?

One feminist student at Appalachian State University is publicly slamming a fraternity’s plans for a March Against Sexual Assault on campus.

In a public Facebook post, Julia Grainger, a junior at App State, condemned Alpha Sigma Phi for hosting the event and called the fraternity men “sexist, racist, homophobic, ignorant trash.”

Well, isn’t she a little ray of sunshine?

“And I don’t know why fraternities on this campus continuously feel the need infiltrate victim/survivor spaces, especially when men who join frats are three times more likely to rape and fraternities as a whole are hyper-masculine, rape culture perpetrating cesspools,” Grainger wrote.

Want to bet she has no actual stats that support those claims?

Grainger claimed the organizers of the event—two freshmen and two sophomores—didn’t appropriately address her concerns about why they were hosting the event and why they “have the right to hold this event.”

Well, how dare they not get the queen’s approval!

Grainger, whose Facebook page says she is the director of marketing for the Appalachian Social Justice Educators, included six screenshots with her post to “prove” why the fraternity was racist and sexist. One screenshot showed a fraternity member critical of the bulletin boards placed in App State dorms that shame students who have “privilege.” Another screenshot showed a fraternity member post an article that defended Greek life.

A bigger screenshot showed a photo of six women who appear to be naked underneath a “Rush AΣΦ” blanket.

Oh no, not attractive women! Feminists, who tend to be ugly inside and out, sorry, it is true HATE men for being attracted to attractive women. In fact, Feminists generally loathe the biological facts that attractive men and women are attracted to each other at all. 

“Call me a feminist bitch, a fat man hater – WHATEVER – but don’t you dare tell me these men and their organization give a flying frisbee [sic] about standing against sexual assault and supporting victim/survivors,” she wrote.

She took those words right out of my mouth.