Same Soros-funded trash behind Cleveland “protests” that were behind Baltimore, Ferguson….

Again, #TheBenjaminsMatter!

Don’t you wonder how these folks can just travel from protest to protest all across the country? Oh that’s right, we don’t have to wonder, we know they are paid. We broke the story about a list of payouts to protesters, showing organizers were paid by the Soros-supported group, Missourians Organizing for Reform And Empowerment (MORE). We also reported on how protesters were mad that some were paid while others had not received their checks. Those angry protesters protested MORE on May 14, demanding that MORE ‘Cut The Checks’.

“Those of us vested in Cleveland’s success should not follow the pattern and practices of those outside instigators who looted, destroyed businesses, and [committed] other crimes that ruined inner-city neighborhoods in Ferguson and Baltimore,” said David Malik, a civil rights lawyer.

Perhaps Malik should watch out for these guys, when they show up, riots tend to follow…

As I said, these people are trash, and, of course, Al will be there to cash in

CLEVELAND — Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton is expected to appear at a local church in Cleveland next week.

According to Reverend Jawanza Colvin, he is scheduled to speak at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church.

Later this week, members of local churches plan to march to the Justice Center to call for comprehensive reform of the justice system. The march is scheduled to take place Tuesday at 11:30 a.m.

What else would you expect from noted rag Salon

On this Memorial Day weekend, leave it to Salon to trash our military H’T Weasel Zippers

Synopsis so you don’t have to hit the link if you choose not to do so: if only we didn’t spend on military, everything would be perfect because we could throw all that money at social programs.

As the era of American hegemony winds down, it’s more important than ever for America to be able to demonstrate soft power. That means first, an American model that works, for other countries to emulate. But further, it means a highly educated population, long-term investment in infrastructure, adequate healthcare, an society based, above all else, on opportunity. However, it’s likely that the military budget precludes these important services.

 Typical Left-Wing lies and pipe dreams Go read the whole thing, if you can stomach it

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UPDATE! Great News! My father is being released from hospital today

All his tests were OK, the fluid in his lungs is pretty much gone, and they are cutting him loose, so, while I wait for the call to go pick him up, back to posting about things like Hillarys’ bubble

At McClatchy:

CEDAR FALLS, IOWA — Here’s how Hillary Clinton campaigned for president this week: She took a private 15-minute tour of a bike shop that had closed for her visit. She spoke to four small business owners chosen by her staff in front of an audience of 20, also chosen by her staff. She answered a few questions from the media following weeks of silence.

And after a little more than an hour, Clinton was off, whisked away by aides and Secret Service agents, into a minivan and on to the next event.

Members of the public who wanted to go inside the building to support her, oppose her or merely ask a question of her were left outside on an unseasonably cool Iowa day. Most didn’t bother showing up.

“I am troubled that so far in this caucus cycle she hasn’t had any public town halls,” said Chris Schwartz, a liberal activist from Waterloo, as he stood outside the bike store hoping to talk to Clinton about trade. “If she had a public town hall then we wouldn’t be out here. We would much rather be in there engaging with her.”

Welcome to Hillary Clinton 2.0. Mindful of her defeat by Barack Obama in 2008, Clinton has embraced a new strategy – one that so far does not include town-hall meetings and campaign rallies, media interviews, even public events.

Instead, she holds small controlled events with a handful of potential voters in homes, businesses and schools. She repeats many of the same lines (“I want to be your champion” is a favorite), participants are handpicked by her staff or the event host, and topics are dictated by her campaign.

Brent Johnson, 35, the owner of Bike Tech, said Clinton campaign staffers walked into the shop a week earlier and asked him if he’d be interested in hosting an event. He and the three roundtable participants were on a conference call with the campaign the day before to hear Clinton’s “basic talking points” about helping small businesses. A campaign aide says they found guests through the small business community.

Well, gee, Hillary seen as distant, snobbish, detached, out of touch, and elitist? Who could have predicted that? OK, everybody could have of course. She has zero personality, a grating voice, and has no ability to connect with anyone outside of empty talking points. 

Sorry for my lack of posting

Woke up early, very early yesterday, after almost no sleep Friday night to my phone ringing. My dad was calling, asking me to drive him to the ER. He was having shortness of breath, and tightness in his chest, so, I was at the hospital a good chunk of yesterday. He seems to be OK, but is staying in the hospital for a few days while they do tests and treat him for fluid in his lungs. So, posting will be light my friends.