Well, I think that the comp-lete and utter incompetence of Team Obama is pretty celar to all now

It is like the Three Stooges, but with more stooges. Weasel Zippers has this

Shot: John Kerry Snubs Netanyahu To Meet With Iran’s FM Zarif – Chaser: Zarif Then Calls For “Annihilation” Of Netanytahu Regime…

Via Times of Israel:

Iran’s Foreign Minister  acknowledged that his country seeks the annihilation of the “Netanyahu regime” but denied that it seeks to wipe out Israel.

In an NBC interview on Wednesday, Zarif finessed a series of questions raised by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his speech to Congress Tuesday, including over Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s tweet last year urging the annihilation of Israel, and about his own laying of a wreath at the grave of Imad Mughniyeh, the arch-Hezbollah terrorist responsible for the killings of hundreds of Americans.

Zarif said Netanyahu had been fanning “hysteria” since 1992 with the claim that Iran was two years from the bomb. “Once this fear mongering is out, then we can have a deal,” he said. Zarif also denied stalling the IAEA’s efforts to probe alleged nuclear weapons work. He spent much of the extensive interview castigating Israel for a series of alleged vicious crimes, while insisting on Iran’s tolerant and peaceful nature.

Sure, Iran is peaceful, and tolerant, which is why they hang Homosexuals, brutalize women and want to annihilate Israel’s “regime”. 

Georgia man uses common sense, survives armed home invasion

Remember this advice, if you do not know who is knocking, don’t open the door

When the woman began knocking on the door of a Fulton County, Georgia, home incessantly yesterday morning, the homeowner refused to answer it. Likely fearing that something was about to happen, he armed himself. When the female burglar’s male partners then kicked in the homeowner’s front door, he was ready and waiting.

The fight was on:

An attempted home burglary resulted in a shootout at a south Fulton County home that left a suspected burglar critically wounded Tuesday.

A homeowner on Diann Drive said burglars kicked in his front door after he declined to answer their incessant knocking around 11:45 a.m., Detective Melissa Parker told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The homeowner and the suspected burglars then exchanged what sounded like 40 shots to neighbors. The homeowner thought he wounded one suspect and police found a man “shot multiple times” in woods near the home, Parker said.

The man was in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital on Tuesday and detectives have not been able to interview him, Parker said. Police are looking for additional suspects, Parker said.


Your Self-Defense Story of the Day


For the third time this year, a criminal in Columbus, Ohio has been shot and killed by a “good guy with a gun.”

A police press conference in Columbus, Ohio after a midday home invasion hints subtly that they’re siding with the resident on this one, as the police spokesman speaks about home traumatizing the events were for the 71-year-old homeowner, without mentioning how traumatizing it was for the dead home invader laying on his porch.

The North Side homeowner dialed 911 just after noon yesterday and gave his address. When asked what his emergency was, he replied, “Some … some guy broke into my house, and I shot him.”

He answered the dispatcher’s questions. Yes, it just happened. Yes, the man was lying motionless at his door at 1915 Faymeadow Ave. No, he didn’t appear to be breathing. No, he didn’t know him. The homeowner’s revolver was still in his hand.

“He kicked the door in,” he said.

After a minute, the dispatcher told him help was on the way, and he hung up.

Officers arrived to find the homeowner inside and the intruder dead on the porch. The door showed signs of being kicked in. The intruder was pronounced dead at 12:12 p.m. Sgt. Rich Weiner, a Columbus police spokesman, said it appeared to be a case of self-defense.

“Everyone has the right to protect their house,” Weiner said. At the same time, “it’s very tragic. It’s something he’ll have to live with.”

Police identified the dead man last night as 31-year-old Michael Rinehart. They did not provide an address.

Rinehart served four years in prison after being convicted of burglary in 2010. He petitioned for judicial release in 2013, saying his drug addiction had led to his crimes, but it was denied.

For those who say there is no difference in our political parties

I would ask those people, who love this nation, as I do one question. Would a President Romney, or Jindal, or Walker, or Perry, or Cruz, or Bachman be treating Israel like President Obama, and the Democrats are? Did Republicans demonize Netanyahu before and after his marvelous speech today? Did Republicans refuse to even listen to his speech? Did Republicans embarrass our nation today in the manner they treated the leader of our closest ally?  No, I did not think so. 

I, like many of you am frustrated with the GOP. Like many of you I am beyond angry with the Karl Roves of the GOP. But remember next November that there IS  a difference between the GOP, and the Democratic Party. Is that difference as clearly defined as we would like, no, not even close. But, we must work to change the GOP, and its tone deaf leadership which cares more about winning and power than about principles. Also recall one more thing folks, if the GOP had controlled the House or Senate in 2010, there would be no ObamaCare.