Senator Paul pushes back against Trump is a racist nonsense

The left, naturally, will ignore any facts that contradict their narrative

The UK’s war on speech

Shut up, or else!

Northumbria Police in Britain warned online users that anyone who posts “offensive” and “potentially criminal” comments about grooming gangs will be tracked down and prosecuted.

The police force launched an investigation on Facebook comments posted to its Facebook page in response to stories about the Operation Shelter scandal. During the scandal, white British girls were groomed and sexually abused by gangs made up of mostly Muslim Pakistani men in Newcastle. 18 men were convicted over the sex crimes.

According to Chronicle Live and Breitbart, police reviewed every comment on the page after a member of the public complained that the posts made references to the convicted criminals’ race and religion—two of which were then recorded as racially aggravated public order offenses.

Well, I am happy they are focusing on  “insensitive” words as much, or more than on rape gangs. But, today word crimes are taken as seriously as actual crimes it seems. No worry though, the Thought Police are watching and can help you be re-educated

“As a result of a complaint, we can confirm we looked into a number of comments posted on the force’s Facebook page,” said a spokesman from Northumbria Police. “Following an investigation, which has now concluded, we spoke to two males as voluntary attenders and visited a further four people in their homes, and provided them with words of advice.”

Words of advice huh? Words like shut up or else likely. Again, we must protect violent criminals. This part of the story might make your head explode

While many of the groomers’ sex crimes against young girls were, by their own admissions, racially-motivated, Judge Penny Moreland allowed the convicts to receive lesser sentences because she believed the victims were targeted “not because of their race, but because they were young, impressionable, naïve and vulnerable.”

So, rape is worse if racially motivated? Rapists are less dangerous if they do not use race as a motivating factor? Frankly, why the hell does the motivation even matter? Young girls were victimized in brutal ways, but the vermin who committed the evil acts are getting off light because what? They were more PC when committing their barbaric acts?

RIP Keith Jackson, broadcasting legend gone at 89

The greatest voice in college football broadcast history to me

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. — Keith Jackson, the down-home voice of college football during more than five decades as a broadcaster, has died. He was 89.

He died Friday and no cause was given in a statement Saturday by ESPN. Jackson’s longtime employer was ABC Sports.

Jackson covered many sports, but he was best known for college football. His signature phrases like “Whoa, Nelly!” gave his game calls a familiar feel.

Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger says Jackson “was college football” for generations of fans.

Jackson retired after the 2006 Rose Bowl and is a member of the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Another unarmed Black man gunned down in cold blood narrative proves false

He was a “good kid”, he was “unarmed”, uh, no, he wasn’t

With the current anti-police hysteria, it may seem easy to lash out at police every time they have to use lethal force. This is especially true when the police shoot a black man these days. Regardless of what actually happened, some will invariably make it a case of police brutality.

Too bad for some of these folks that police have dash cameras.

These body and dash cams have exonerated officers more than once. This is another perfect example of people trying to spread misinformation that makes officers, who were only trying to conduct a routine traffic stop, look bad.

Charles Smith was shot and killed by police on the morning of December 7, after he pulled a gun while being patted down. Friends and family members of Smith, who was also nicknamed “C.J.,” proclaimed that officers murdered him in cold blood.

“The police already tased C.J. and had him on the ground and they didn’t even see the gun and had his head on the ground and C.J. knew they were already going to kill him,” a friend of C.J.’s told THV11.

Shortly after, the story that Smith was executed began to circulate from Smith’s friends and family. “We’re not protected and we don’t know how we’re going to be protected. A traffic stop turns into an execution, it’s scary,” a family friend, Devon Hatchett said.

Thankfully for the officers involved, they had tangible video evidence that showed exactly what happened that Sunday morning. After mounting pressure from those involved with the 17-year-old, the North Little Rock Police Department released the dash cam footage of what transpired that morning.

His death is very sad, a tragedy, but entirely his own fault

Never forget the Left only cares about the ends, not the means

The Left is evil, and not only use tragedies, but hope for them

George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and a regiment of like-minded new world order propaganda hacks feed disinformation to their army of apparatchik who, with no critical thinking skills at all, spread the word. Currently, the hot topic is concealed carry national reciprocity. Clearly, to them, the concept of anyone being able to carry a gun anywhere is anathema to the very core theme of progressive liberalism: John Q. Public should not be allowed to own a gun, until he/she reaches the stature of Rosie O’Donnell – to whom such rules do not apply.

As I said the left is evil, and yes, they prefer innocents be slaughtered than law-abiding people be able to carry arms

What has torched me off most recently is a letter to the editor of Silicon Valley’s Mercury News titled “Just wait till ‘Good Guy’ with a gun kills innocent bystander.” This is typical liberalism – spread the gospel regardless of facts. In it, the writer expressed concern over what the author of a previous letter to the editor wrote, saying he “is more concerned with ‘bad guys’ packing heat than Joe Average with an out-of-state permit.” He then suggests, “It’s going to take some wannabe cowboy trying to be a hero and hitting an innocent bystander to demonstrate just how bad that can be. How many people have to die to defend the Supreme Court’s twisted version of our Second Amendment rights…?”

This is so wrong on so many levels and underscores the fact that anti-gun liberals truly have no clue. I tried to find a case where a concealed carry holder’s life was threatened, used his legally possessed firearm to defend himself or another, and accidentally shot an innocent bystander. I’m not suggesting it has never happened, but I sure couldn’t find an example of it.

Having said that, the far more important issue is the writer’s position that it is better to have an active shooter shooting innocents all around him than for someone with a firearm to try to stop his murderous shooting spree, because he might miss and hit someone else. So, to liberals, is it better for potentially dozens of people to die at the hands of some fanatic than allowing law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm?

This is an excellent piece, and David Lombardo nails it. Please go read the whole thing

DID the FBI use Steele dossier to obtain FISA warrant?


Sara Carter reports that the unverified dossier alleging connections between President Trump’s campaign and the Russians was used as evidence by the FBI to gain approval from the FISA court to monitor members of Trump’s team. Carter cites “multiple sources.”

Carter also notes that Sean Hannity says he has independently confirmed the dossier was used to obtain the FISA warrant. Hannity relies on three sources.

Meanwhile, Byron York reports that representatives of four congressional committees — the House Intelligence Committee, Senate Intelligence Committee, House Judiciary Committee, and Senate Judiciary Committee — have seen the documents the FBI submitted with its request for a FISA warrant. Thus, these members know whether dossier material was used to obtain the warrant.

So far, says Byron, the members and any staffers in the know have not leaked word as to whether such material was used. (As I understand it, this information is classified). Sara Carter appears to be relying on leaks from sources in the executive branch, whom she describes as “senior U.S. officials with knowledge of the dossier.”

At the end of the day, I suspect we’ll learn conclusively that unverified dossier information was indeed used to obtain the FISA warrant. And we already know the dossier information was obtained at the behest of, and with financing from, the Clinton campaign. And I think we know that at least some of the FBI agents and officials involved in the process were anti-Trump partisans alarmed at the prospect of Trump defeating Clinton

Fritz sums this up if it turns out to be true

To summarize, the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid a law firm to pay Steele, to pay the Russians for almost entirely unverified salacious material, paid journolists to report it, and passed it to the FBI, who used it to break the 4th amendment protections on the people in the Trump campaign at the hand of anti-Trump, pro-Clinton hacks in the FBI.

And the Trump campaign is being subjected to a Special “Counsel” investigation regarding collusion with the Russians in the election, for which there is essentially zero evidence. Go figure.

I wonder if Chris Cuomo will get his Whiteboard of Outrage out and go all “journalist” over this story? Yeah fat chance

Math is now, wait for it, wait for it,


Three British professors bark that numbers “serve white racial interests” and are therefore bad:

Led by David Gillborn, a professor at the University of Birmingham, the professors argue that math serves white interests because it can “frequently encode racist perspectives beneath the facade of supposed quantitative objectivity.”

“Contrary to popular belief, and the assertions of many quantitative researchers, numbers are neither objective nor color-blind,” Gillborn and his team assert in their article for the journal Race, Ethnicity, and Education.

Because “data is often used to shut down, silence, and belittle equity work,” we need to replace statistics with “QuantCrit” (“quantitative analysis” + “critical race theory”).

[K]ey tenets of QuantCrit theory include realizing that math tends to legitimate existing racial inequalities, acknowledging that numerical analyses disadvantage minorities, and understanding how numbers play to the benefit of white interests.

This is idiocy on steroids. Complete and utter nonsense. 

So, this is journalism?

Let me get this straight. A US Senator, Dick Durbin, claims that President Trump referred to Haiti, El Salvador, among other nations as shitholes during the recent meeting on immigration reform. Two US Senators, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and David Perdue of Georgia say they never heard the president say such things

“President Trump brought everyone to the table this week and listened to both sides. But regrettably, it seems that not everyone is committed to negotiating in good faith,” they said. “In regards to Senator Durbin’s accusation, we do not recall the President saying these comments specifically but what he did call out was the imbalance in our current immigration system, which does not protect American workers and our national interest. We, along with the President, are committed to solving an issue many in Congress have failed to deliver on for decades.”

So, Durbin, who also thinks the term chain migration is RAAAAACIST somehow, makes a claim. A claim which two other Senators deny. What would journalists do to report this news? Well, they would not do this

What in the Hell is this? April Ryan wants “activism” over remarks that may or may not have been made? Is that journalism? How about CNN “journalist” Chris Cuomo? You have to see this to believe it. H/T The Right Scoop

Good Freaking Grief! How is this douchebag still on TV? Consider Cuomo’s claims that the president called all Mexicans rapists? He never even came close to saying any such thing. But, that is what Cuomo thinks journalism is apparently. Cuomo also makes the completely fallacious claim that Trump defended white supremacists. Again, that is simply a lie. Throw in Cuomo’s claims that the president made disparaging remarks about Nigerians, and Haitians. A journalist would note that these claims have not been substantiated. Of course a journalist would not drag out a whiteboard, and proceed to give America a sermon on what we do or do not do in America. But, of course the sad truth is Cuomo and Ryan, and the rest are maxing out there moral ourage cards because they have an agenda. An agnda that has nothing to do with journalism, or reporting news, or imparting knowledge.

Again, all of this mouth breathing, tantrum throwing silliness is over remarks that may or may not have been made. Personally, I would not be stunned if the president made the remark, nor would I be stunned if Durbin made it up because Durbin is a leftist, and truth means nothing to the left. And while those of us with sense can laugh at this idiocy, we must also mourn the death of TV news, because this orgy of stupidity, and bigotry, and dishonesty is not news, not at all. This is far more about journalists activists pretending to be outraged to push their own policical agenda.

Due process? WE don’t need no stinking due process!

How can the left destroy America if they do not first destroy due process folks………

University of Rochester’s president announced his resignation Thursday under pressure from activists who faulted him for not firing a professor accused of sexual misconduct, even though three separate investigations found no cause to do so.

A former Obama administration official enlisted to probe the charges for a third time concluded that “the complaints’ narrative—framed through the language of sexual predation and retaliatory animus towards women—is largely without factual basis” and that there was “no evidence… of a hostile work or academic environment for any female graduate students.”

Instead, the final report from former Securities and Exchange Commision chair Mary Jo White’s law firm says a federal complaint against professor Florian Jaeger contained misrepresentations, and faulted his accusers for behavior including “engaging in ‘vigilantism’” and “breaching confidentiality.”

See this is how social justice works. It has nothing to do with actual justice, it is about furthering the goals of leftism