Salon-Setting new standards in idiocy


Oh that Pit of Eternal Liberal Stupidity!

In a new updating of the Swedish dictionary that will roll out later this month, the gender neutral “hen” will join its brother “han” and sister “hon” as a third person pronoun to use when, as The Guardian puts it, a person’s gender “is unknown, because the person is transgender, or the speaker or writer deems the gender to be superfluous information.”Oh, language, is there is nothing you can’t do?

Though the Swedish “hen” has been around since the sixties, it never really caught on until just a few years ago, when the country’s transgender community began embracing it. Since then it’s been quietly making its way into the vernacular, getting a previously unexpected boost from preschool and nursery school educators eager to teach young children without the often confusing weight of “his or her” construction. Lann Hornscheidt, professor of Scandinavian languages and gender studies at Berlin’s Humboldt University, told the Washington Post Wednesday that “The introduction of a pronoun which challenges binary gender norms has been an important step, following a more thorough debate over the construction of gender within the last ten years.” Now hen’s ready for its imminent official embrace.

These morons actually focus time on such issues? Call it a war on pronouns I guess.

Indiana Pizzeria forced to shut down by tolerant Leftists

Tolerance? The Left has none

Via The Hill

A family-owned pizzeria in Indiana closed on Wednesday following backlash over its support of a controversial religious freedom law.

TMZ reported that Memories Pizza is suspending its business operations amid uproar over the state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Owner Kevin O’Connor said vitriol toward his restaurant was so intense it was closed until further notice. The eatery began receiving threatening phone calls and social media postings after revealing its support for the law earlier this week.

O’Connor and his family initially inspired public rage by declaring that they would not cater gay weddings on Tuesday. That announcement made Memories Pizza Indiana’s first business to refuse potential customers service for religious reasons under the new law.[…]

Leave it to Melissa Harris-Perry………..

To say something this stupid

Harris-Perry then paused and asked, “Is is possible that our lack of national, common sense gun control laws leads to a situation where it is more dangerous to be a police officer and so police officers begin acting in ways that they expect everyone to be armed?”

In other words, instead of adopting the gun control measures pushed and rejected on the federal level in 2013, we are now seeing a push to repeal gun control and expand concealed carry and could it be that these things make police feel that their lives are in danger?

Good grief, that is painful. If there was any truth to her assertion, we would be reading stories about confrontations between law enforcement and CHL holders. Most police support CHL holders rights. Harris Perry misses the obvious

What Harris-Perry failed to note is that Chicago and New York City–two of the prime focuses of the DOJ report–are not cities with a high rate of concealed carry permits. Moreover, New York City is in a state where the SAFE Act mandates the very gun control measures rejected on the federal level in 2013. But gun control does not impact criminals and criminals are the ones who endanger the lives of police officers.

Police are not getting into shootouts with the father who takes his son out to dinner on the way to a Boy Scout meeting, nor are they in a shootout with the mom who keeps a Glock 42 in her purse to protect her daughter en route to dance class. Rather, they are getting into shootouts with criminals and suspected criminals who do not even read, much less follow, the gun control laws of a given state.

Sad isn’t it?Harris-Perry is so married to the narrative that she cannot see the obvious. Police have a dangerous job, and it is not the law-abiding they shoot, it is criminals, violent criminals who leave the police no choice. These criminals laugh at gun control, and likely at fools like Harris-Perry who bend over backwards to excuse their behavior.

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Wrong store, wrong weapon

The owner of Discount Tobacco & Beer in La Vergne, TN had closed up his store as usual Monday night.  While taking the trash out around 10:35pm, he says a man came from behind the store and asked if they were still open.

When he said the store was closed, the man immediately pulled a box cutter and cut the owner’s neck. The store owner, who has a concealed carry permit, drew his gun and shot the attacker and would-be robber.

The suspect ran from the scene and was found dead a short distance away by a K9 Unit, said Kathy Tyson, a La Vergne Police Department Spokesperson. The suspect’s name is not being released pending notification of his family and the store owner was treated on the scene.

This man’s ability to defend himself would have been severely limited if the Cult of Gun Control ever had their say. Disarming this store owner would have served no purpose but to benefit the armed thug that targeted him