How much do Leftists love children?

So much they see them as propaganda tools

I thought nothing could be more shameless than exploiting clueless teenagers from Generation Tide Pod to attack our constitutional right to bear arms — until they started using kindergartners:

Students across the nation walked out of school Wednesday in honor of the victims of the Parkland shooting last month, including a group of New London [Connecticut] kindergarteners. …

Harbor Elementary’s crossing guard Joyce Powers said she saw the children escorted in two lines by teachers who were carrying signs that read “enough.”

“I thought it was pushing it with that age group,” Powers said. “I don’t think they understood what was actually happening.”

Does the Left care? Oh yes, about their agenda

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Aurora, Colorado

AURORA, Colo. – A good guy with a gun helped stop a bad guy with a gun in Aurora Friday afternoon, according to the Aurora Police Department.

A shooting at the Village East Grocery Store in the area of East Mississippi Avenue and South Peoria Street led police to the crime scene at around 2:09 p.m., where they found a woman suffering from a gunshot wound in the parking lot of the grocery store, according to a press release.

“It is believed that the female victim is the owner of the grocery store and that she sustained her injuries during a robbery of the business,” Aurora Police spokesman Kenneth Forrest said in a statement.

The woman was taken to a hospital where she currently remains in serious, but stable condition.

Forrest said that during the investigation, officers determined that a Good Samaritan confronted the robbery suspect outside of the grocery store and shot him. The suspect then fled the area.

Noted race pimps and agitators rally to support noted Anti-Semitic race baiter

Racists, Anti-Semites, and Leftists oh my!

Several black activist groups are holding a protest on Monday in defense of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite and racist revealed to have close ties to prominent Democratic politicians and activists.

Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panther Party and the National Action Network are among the groups spearheading the protest, the organizers said in a press release.

The groups are protesting a House resolution, introduced by Republican Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita, that formally condemns Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism. The activists instead want lawmakers to pass a resolution condemning President Donald Trump.

Rev. Al Sharpton has been NAN’s president since he founded the group in 1991. Sharpton is also a contributor on MSNBC and hosts “PoliticsNation,” a one-hour weekly show on the network. The NAN and MSNBC did not return requests for comment.

So, they will not only condemn Farrakhan’s fanaticism, and that of his cult of a “church” but they oppose anyone else condemning it? What else should we expect from this bunch of camel dung? The Left, is evil, never forget that.

Terrorist continues to target Austin, Texas with bombs

Whoever doing this is evil, and needs to be put down, hopefully in a very painful manner. Yes, they are a terrorist, or maybe terrorists. They have killed two people already. Be vigilant

Yet another explosion rocked Austin Sunday night after a bomb exploded, sending two men to the hospital.

The two victims were both in their twenties and their injuries were not deemed life-threatening, Austin-Travis County EMS said. They were either riding or pushing bikes when the explosion took place, authorities said.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said at a press event early Monday morning that the explosion was the result of a bomb going off, possibly caused by a trip wire.

“We’re coming back to you very early in the morning because we have a safety message that we want to get out into the community as they wake up in the morning and start about their day,” Manley said, just after 1:30 a.m. in Austin.

“There have been reports in the media that this device was triggered by a trip wire, and we are here to say that that is a possibility. We understand that those reports are out there and it is very possible that this device was a device that was activated by someone either handling, kicking or coming into contact a trip wire that activated the device,” Manley said.

“So that changes things in that our safety message to this point has been involving the handling of packages and telling this community do not handle packages do not pick up packages do not disturb packages. We now need the community to have an extra level of vigilance and pay attention to any suspicious device, whether it be a package, a bag, a backpack, anything that looks out of place and do not approach it.”

The police chief said authorities were waiting for daylight to make a full assessment about a possible trip wire.

If a trip wire was used in Sunday night’s bombing, Manley noted, that would be a change in method from the first three bombings. He urged residents not to touch any suspicious packages or even go near them.

What? No AR-15? You mean evil people can, and will find a means to kill and terrorize? Forgive my sarcasm there but this story does point out the fact that evil people will find a way around laws. Especially laws that are designed to be feel-good, look at us, we care band-aids and nothing more.

Public schools have forgotten their place

The job of a school is to educate, not indoctrinate.  It is their job duty to make the students safety their biggest priority, not to punish students for living their lives

A pair of students in New Jersey were reportedly suspended, one for an entire school week, after officials saw they went to the gun range with family and posted a photo of the outing on social media. From

A New Jersey school district that allegedly suspended two high school students this week over a gun photo taken during a family visit to a private shooting range is facing community backlash and the threat of a lawsuit over district policies.

The photo of four rifles, ammunition clips and a gun duffel bag was shared by one of the students on the social media app Snapchat with the caption “fun day at the range,” according to Lacey Township resident Amanda Buron, a family friend of one of the students.

A screen capture of the image made the rounds among other students and later brought to the attention of Lacey Township High School officials. Buron said the students received a five-day in-school suspension for violating the school’s policy on weapons possession.

Just when you thought zero tolerance could not get any more inane, this school goes nuclear grade stupid

Not only do tyrannical, leftist school administrators believe constitutional rights end once students step onto campus, they apparently also believe they shouldn’t be exercised freely outside of school jurisdiction.

To say someone, or someones need to be fired over this egregious overreach is an understatement 

First of all what student would “report” this. What type of re-education has this student received that would make them think parents taking their kids to a gun range is weird or dangerous? Just what we need younger snowflakes.

The school is not commenting. Perhaps they are going into damage control mode Here is some more

The controversy at Lacey’s high school has drawn the attention of a New Jersey gun advocacy group, which sent a cease and desist letter to the district threatening a lawsuit if its policy remained unchanged and the suspension of the students was not overturned.

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs letter cited the rule stating  students could be suspended for up to a year if they are “reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type for any reasonor purpose on or off school grounds.”

Multiple attempts by NJ Advance Media to reach the students and their families were unsuccessful. Buron said both families are upset at how the incident was handled. Both teens fell behind in Advance Placement courses due to the in-school suspensions, she said.

The wording of the rule is completely irresponsible. It does not define “weapon” and includes when the student is not on school grounds. Again, this is the type of idiocy that ensues when we demonize firearms. We make normal behaviors abhorrent, and instill irrational fears in students.

Then they came for the Union generals……..

Major-General Joseph “Fightin’ Joe” Hooker was not a great general. In fact, he suffered one of history’s greatest defeats at the hand of General Robert E. Lee at Chancellorsville in May of 1863. In that battle Hooker’s Army of the Potomac outnumbered Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia 134,000-57,000. Hooker boasted that Lee would have to ingloriously flee or come out in battle where certain destruction awaited him. Yet Lee and Stonewall Jackson routed Hooker, and might have done more if Jackson had not been wounded late on the second day of the battle. Of course Lee made a lot of generals look bad, so let us not be too tough on Joe Hooker.

Now, though, Hooker is facing a far less honorable opponent. An angry Feminist suffering from Eternal Bitterness Syndrome

CBS Boston reports on the brave crusade of Rep. Michelle DuBois:

A Massachusetts lawmaker wants the “General Hooker Entrance” sign removed from the State House because she calls it a double entendre “misrepresented as respect for a long-dead general.”

Technically she called it a double “entendres” which makes very little sense of something that is completely lacking in sense.

Good Freaking Grief!

Did I say Good Freaking Grief yet? But wait, the idiocy gets more idiotic

“Female staffers don’t use that entrance because the sign is offensive to them,” said DuBois. “Ive seen teenboys tease teengirls about being ‘general hookers’ waiting in line at the entrance.”

Good Freaking Grief!


Why does the Gore Cult of Climate Change hate science?

The SCIENCE is SETTLED! Right? No?

At least not to Think Progress

From the link

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is reportedly planning to further restrict the use of scientific evidence in rule-making. The plans are inspired by efforts championed by one of Congress’ most notorious climate science deniers, House Science, Space, and Technology Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX).

The EPA’s initiative was discussed during a closed-door meeting on March 15 at the Heritage Foundation — a Washington, D.C. think tank known for promoting climate science denial and which was instrumental in influencing Trump’s transition team — E&E News reported Friday.

If adopted, the plan would require the EPA to rely only on scientific studies where the underlying data used by the researchers is made public. The impact would be to impose a dramatic burden on EPA officials effectively limiting their ability to introduce new protections for health and the environment.

So, Think Progress hates science hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Kansas rejects gun control foolishness

Kansas gets it

When students all over the country stepped out of their classrooms on Wednesday, many believed they’d change the world. They thought people would suddenly realize that gun control is essential for whatever reason. Not all thought that, mind you, but a decent number did.

And they were wrong, as the state of Kansas decided to remind them.

Kansas lawmakers rejected a series of gun control measures one by one on Thursday, the day after students nationwide walked out of class to protest school shootings.

The sprawling debate demonstrated the Legislature remains solidly in favor of gun rights.

A shooting in Parkland, Fla., killed 17 people last month. That led to walkouts Wednesday across the country and in Kansas, including at the Kansas Capitol.

Thursday, senators voted against more than half a dozen measures, including:

▪ Prohibiting rifle purchases for people under 21

▪ Imposing a three-day waiting period on some gun purchases

▪ Allowing public colleges to decide whether to allow concealed weapons

Senators did unanimously pass a bill making it a state crime for people convicted within the past five years of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense to have a firearm.

They also passed a bill requiring Kansas to recognize conceal-carry permits from other states, 25-15.

The defeated gun control measures came in the form of amendments to that bill.

In short, they rejected useless laws that would have done nothing to make anyone safer

How many signs/warnings/red flags DID officials miss about Florida shooter?

It just gets harder and harder to believe the level of incompetence that played heavily into this. How many warnings did the police/school /FBI miss?

Eighteen months before Nikolas Cruz shot up Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, staff were so worried about his fascination with guns that they banned him from practicing shooting skills with the JROTC, according to mental health records obtained by the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

A safety plan created by the school for Cruz in September 2016 also prohibited him from carrying a backpack on campus.

The mental health records show counselors were sent to Cruz’s home multiple times in September 2016, the same month the Department of Children and Families conducted its own investigation following up on concerns from the school and from his family.

Other documents show that psychiatrists recommended placing Cruz in a residential treatment facility as early as 2013, the same year he and his brother learned they were adopted. He was 14 years old.

A psychiatric memo dated 2014 from the alternative Cross Creek School that Cruz attended in eighth grade describes him as “moody, impulsive, angry, attention seeking, annoys others on purpose and threatens to hurt others.” It describes him as having a strained relationship with his brother and indicates problems with Cruz’s behavior began in 2004, when he watched his father, Roger, die from a heart attack.

But the bulk of the documents focus on a one-week period in September 2016, when the Sheriff’s Office, DCF and mental health officials were investigating claims that Cruz posed, at least, a threat to himself.

Despite the repeated visits, neither the Broward Sheriff’s Office nor Henderson Behavioral Health, a mental health clinic in Davie that treated him for two years, ordered Cruz hospitalized for observation under the state’s Baker Act, which allows intervention when a person is deemed to be a danger to himself or others.

Go read it all. Again, the missed red flags boggle my mind

Biggest upset ever?

Sixteen seed seed UMBC,that is The University of Maryland-Baltimore County, pulled off a sports shocker by knocking off 1 seed Virginia last night. No 16 had ever beaten a top seed, much less blown them out. 

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Jairus Lyles couldn’t suppress a smile, knowing that a school known more for chess than hoops had finally made it happen — a 16 ousting a 1 in March Madness.

The University of Maryland-Baltimore County stunned the sports world by pulling off the most shocking upset in college basketball history, hammering Virginia 74-54 on Friday night to become the first No. 16 seed ever to beat a No. 1 seed in the men’s NCAA Tournament.

Virginia entered the NCAA Tournament as the No. 1 overall seed after going 31-2 in the regular season, including 20-1 in ACC competition.

Leftist Kamala Harris plays Race Card from the bottom of the Deck of Idiocy

Stop, just stop!

Maniacs target schools in part because they are less likely to encounter resistance in gun-free zones, so arming some teachers would help prevent school shootings. But there is a problem: teachers might shoot students of politically preferred pigmentation out of sheer racism. So says California Senator and presumed presidential candidate Kamala Harris:

Honestly who takes this babbling race baiter seriously? But, yes, she can go deep rin the Pit of Stupidity

( – Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said she’s troubled by the Trump administration’s suggestion that willing teachers should be armed in the classroom.

Part of her objection stems from having young children see teachers “strapped with a gun”; part of it stems from her concern that even trained professionals miss their targets sometimes; and part of it has to do with race.

While questioning David Bowdich, the associate deputy director of the FBI, at a hearing on school safety Tuesday, Harris expressed concern about “having armed teachers as it relates to African-American and Hispanic students.

Does she even believe her own brand of BS? Doubtful, she is doing what Leftists do, she is spewing propaganda.