Everything normal offends the Left

The Left is, at war, with normalcy. Remember that when you read this from Moonbattery

What liberals would eliminate completely, they label as offensive. Per Bill O’Sullivan, Senior Managing Editor of the Washingtonian, that now includes the term “start a family”:

Loathsome words aren’t just clichés, jargon, and grammar lapses. They’re also seemingly benign expressions that spill easily from our mouths and fingertips yet have implications we don’t even think about—until we do.

One of the worst of them: “start a family.”

What this euphemism means is get pregnant—or try to get pregnant, or have a baby, or adopt. So say that. Start a family devalues any couple who doesn’t happen to have kids, for whatever reason. It even sells single people short, who may not have children but do have “chosen” families of friends…

This is an inane claim of course. Saying that a couple is “starting a family” devalues no one. It certainly does not devalue a couple not wanting kids at all. And, no, it does not devalue single people either. Bill O’ Sullivan is either a moron, or demented.

Again, garbage like this is just part and parcel of what the Left is. Everything normal, they denigrate. Family, self-defense, competition, self-reliance, faith, prayer, heterosexuality, parental rights, freedom of speech, all of it is targeted by the Left in one way or another.

Katie Couric, Stephanie Soechtig try to cover up their media malpractice with more lies, fail miserably

Good Feaking Grief could these two con artists be any more condescending?

Katie Couric is upset that an eight-second pause inserted into an interview she did with gun rights activists in the documentary “Under the Gun” has drawn criticism, calling the edit an “unnecessary mistake,” according to an individual with knowledge of her thinking.

The individual spoke to TheWrap and said that director Stephanie Soechtig inserted the pause, which critics are calling an example of “deceptive” and “appalling journalism.”

Awww, poor Katie is upset that she has been exposed in her attempt to smear gun owners. Apparently her partner in fraud has the sads too.Again getting caught as a liar sucks

Soechtig also spoke to TheWrap and stood by the editing choice.

“I would never misrepresent someone’s point of view and I don’t think I did by doing this,” she said. “I don’t think I misrepresented gun owners or the people featured in the film.”

Excuse me? That is exactly what you did! Couric asked a question, and you deliberately omitted the well informed and solid responses of the gun rights group, and replaced them with 9 seconds silent in which that group was made to look like idiots who had no clue how to answer Courics’ question.

In an official statement, Soechtig said, “my intention was to provide a pause for the viewer to have a moment to consider this important question before presenting the facts on Americans’ opinions on background checks. I never intended to make anyone look bad and I apologize if anyone felt that way.”

Your “intent” is damn clear Ms. Soechtig, you intended to perpetuate a false narrative, and got caught! The evidence is very clear! Here is the video

And HERE is the audio 

There is no question as to your intent, none!

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day 2.0 Never bring nunchucks to a gunfight

Via Bearing Arms

The couple, who divorced almost a decade ago, became embroiled in an argument over a hefty phone bill they share for their daughter’s cell phone. The wife says with a history of violence, she has had to take a restraining order out against her ex-husband, and she and her husband have a NO TRESPASSING sign at their home as well.

But on Tuesday night, when the couple returned home from dinner celebrating their anniversary, her ex-husband showed up in a rage and wielding nunchucks.

“If he could’ve got Dave, he would’ve definitely came after me no doubt,” the woman cried. She says her ex, Anthony “Tony” Casada was upset over their daughter’s cell phone bill.

“That escalated (to) all the texting and then it just got worse and worse,” she said.

She says Casada threatened her and her husband, Dave Gregory, the day of the shooting.

“I’m sitting here at the back patio. My wife is sitting here. My dog starts barking. I see his car pull up,” described Gregory.

“My thoughts were, ‘he’s going to try and beat me up or kill me with these nunchucks then go take it out on my wife’,” said Gregory.

But Gregory wasn’t going to let that happen.

“I already had my gun out. I reached for my gun. He gets out of his car, in a rage. You could see it in his eyes,” Gregory said.

“I told him he’s an idiot. I pointed my gun at him. He kept making progress toward me, swinging his nunchucks and that’s when I shot him,” Gregory said.

“I give all my love and appreciation to my husband. He did a phenomenal job and he’d do it again, for his family. That’s the kind of man he is,” Gregory’s wife said.

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Guns are the great equalizer for many intended victims of crime

Police responded to a call where a woman told them someone was acting oddly on her property – rolling around in the yard and pounding on her door. Another 911 caller said a man, who appeared to be very intoxicated, was hiding in one person’s bushes and knocking on another’s door.

While driving around the neighborhood after that call, officers said they found another person who told them he was looking for his “very intoxicated friend who was causing problems.”

Police said that’s when they heard gun shots.

When police got to the home they saw the homeowner applying pressure to a gunshot to Claunch’s neck. The homeowner, who is in his 70s, told police the man approached while he was doing yard work and punched him in the back of the head.

The homeowner said the man continued to beat him and even “mounted” him to hit him.

The man who was shot has since died. 

To be clear, Katie Couric is a media hack with zero credibility

The Washington Free Beacon exposes Couric’s bias on the issue of gun rights

The makers of a new Katie Couric documentary on gun violence deceptively edited an interview between Couric and a group of gun rights activists in an apparent attempt to embarrass the activists, an audio recording of the full interview shows.

At the 21:48 mark of Under the Gun a scene of Katie Couric interviewing members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun rights organization, is shown.

Couric can be heard in the interview asking activists from the group, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

The documentary then shows the activists sitting silently for nine awkward seconds, unable to provide an answer. It then cuts to the next scene. The moment can be watched here:

Now listen to the actual audio. The group in question offers several answers.

Couric did this deliberately. Understand this folks, she, and those making this film, KNOW, they used lies, yet, they refuse to even consider that such a tactic could be wrong. Again, truth is not a value of the Left

Man marries tree, no, I am not making this up

Transspeciesism? Good Freaking Grief!

This May environmental activist Richard Torres married Mexico’s famous 1,000-year-old Arbol del Tule, or Tule Tree, in an Inca ceremony full of smoke and reverence for Pachamama — the mother earth goddess.

People in Oaxaca, Mexico were surprised to find Torres all dolled up, hugging and kissing the tree. It is unclear, at this point, if Torres is experiencing species dysphoria. If he is we should presumably applaud his brave attempts to be close to a tree and be his true self. If not, there are some uncomfortable questions to ask. For instance, is this marriage legal? Has the tree given consent, or is Torres committing sexual assault by slobbering over it? If the tree produces seedlings, can Torres sue its promiscuous heart, since presumably Torres was not able to consummate the marriage?

Not that I’m judging Torres. Heaven forbid! That would be microaggressive, hurtful, and sexist — oh, and speciest too, I suppose. Will the Tule tree be allowed to divorce, or is it forever trapped by our patriarchal rules that privilege males like Torres?

Dave at Moonbatterty has the money quote

Squirrels living in knotholes could be in for a surprise during the honeymoon.


Have I mentioned how awful The People’s Republic of New Jersey is?

Anti-self defense anyone? Matt Vespa at Bearing Arms has the latest dose of draconianism

We all know New Jersey is a bastion of anti-gun sentiment. It’s a deep-blue Democratic state that accepts carry rights, though you need to show a “justifiable need,” which has been the source of ire and mockery from Second Amendment supporters. Arguably, it’s an unconstitutional provision, one that was recently struck down in Washington, D.C., but the fight to put this portion of many “may-issue (anti-gun)” states’ carry laws in the crosshairs has been a steep climb. The Supreme Court has refused to hear arguments in two cases, where this portion was directly addressed. No dice.

Yet, moving away from the legal sphere, you would think that if you dealt with protecting the nation from terrorism, and working at a site that has been threatened by terrorists, would be good enough reason for one to have a concealed carry permit. Well, that’s not apparently what New Jersey thinks, and for those serving in our military to boot (via NJ101.5):

When it comes to firearms, Lt. Col. Terry S. Russell has more knowledge and training than most people in New Jersey. The 27-year U.S. Army soldier holds a senior position at the Picatinny Arsenal in Wharton.

But neither his expertise — nor the fact that he works at a military site that has been under threat of terrorist attacks — were enough for the state to grant him a concealed-carry permit.

In denying his application for a concealed-carry permit, Oceanport Police Chief Daniel W. Barcus said Russell was unable to demonstrate “justifiable need” because there had been no specific attacks or threats made directly on him.

To legally carry concealed firearms in New Jersey, residents have to apply to their local police for a permit demonstrating such a need. But critics of the state’s strict gun laws say this results in very few people other than acting and retired law enforcement officials getting approval for such permits.


“I have been fully trained and qualified, at a minimum annually, to skillfully employ handguns and rifles,” Russell explains.

In addition, he’s been “vetted through the Department of Defense security office every five years for the past 25 years” to have Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information clearance.” An attachment to his application shows that he already holds a concealed carry permit in Texas.

The Left simply does not value self-defense

Bottom-Feeding liar at Raw Story writes fallacious hit piece on Bob Owens

Sarah K. Burris apparently has no ability to be objective, read, or use any facts, or maybe she is just a compulsive liar. Her smear job on Bearing Arms editor Bob Owens is so full of lies and half truths that posterity demands it be corrected. You can read what Gun Free Zone wrote about Burris’s lack of integrity here. It is good, but what the heck, I might as well set the record straight too.

In October 2015, Owens suggested that “radical” Democrats will be hanged because they intend to “start a civil war” against Republicans and those who own guns, according to Media Matters.

Damn Sarah, are you seriously citing Media Marxists? They are a left-wing site dedicated to smearing anyone in the media who is to the right of Lennin. The fact is Owens is correct to assert that the Left is actively seeking to disarm law-abiding Americans. He is also right to note that many Americans would simply not comply with such statist measures such as gun confiscation. Some people, Sarah, treasure their liberties. In fact, this is what Owens wrote

The radical left is getting much louder, much more shrill, and much more insistent in their desire to use force to get their way and impose their ideas on the American people.

If they try such a radical path it would end poorly and quickly.

The military and local law enforcement agencies in the United States that the radical left has been trashing in public since the Vietnam War until now will not take part in any plot to disarm American citizens.

Soldiers, Marines and sheriffs may even defect to actively resist any federal officers from a pool of just over 100,000 who would take on the suicidal task of taking on the military, local police, and a hundred righteously-angry million gun owners, led by over a thousand angry Green Berets that warned President Obama in 2013 not push his luck.

Who is left to carrying out these confiscatory fantasies but the radicals themselves?

Are Cornell University Art Professor Carl Ostendarp or Coppin State writing instructor D. Watkins going to going on raiding parties? Are comedian Amy Schumer and her Senator-cousin Chuck going to kick in doors? Somehow, I don’t see President Mom Jeans picking up a breaching ram and leading by example.

I’m glad that these totalitarians are finally showing their true colors to their fellow Americans, as it will assure a crushing defeat of their anti-American ideals at the ballot box. Perhaps then sane Democrats like Jim Webb can pick up the remains of the Democrat Party and either return it to something President Kennedy would have respected, or start something new.

Of course, we’ve got to get the elections, and these radicals are pushing hard for action, now, and they’re proving with every passing day that reason and constitutionality are the least of their concerns.

We do not want a civil war against the radical left wing of the Democrat Party, but let it be made abundantly clear that if they start one, they will be utterly destroyed by armed free citizens, as the Founders intended.

Owens is not advocating for anything nor is he predicting that such events would happen. As he points out, law enforcement will not carry out such draconian acts, nor will our military

If that isn’t bad enough, Owens is most known for targeting the families of slain African-American youths Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis and Tamir Rice.

Just a few months after Martin was shot by George Zimmerman, Owens called him “a violent, drug-abusing thug who appeared to get off on hurting people” and “a semi-literate violent criminal.” He also slammed the upcoming musical about Martin’s life, saying that it would be “whitewashing a black heart” and which he called an attempt to “whitewash a thug’s death.”

Sarah, what Owens did, and what many others did, myself included, was to share facts about Trayvon Martin, and the case. Martin was a thug who tried to kill someone and paid the proper price for such an action. Of course, the very idea of self-defense seems to give poor Sarah the vapors

Owens declared a year later, “good people … will arm themselves against violent young predators like Trayvon Martin” because “any society that hopes to survive simply has no choice.”

Well Sarah, the choice to defend one’s life, or the lives of their loved ones is human nature frankly. The fact is hundreds of thousands of times every year, Americans use firearms to defend themselves. Owens cites many of these cases at Bearing Arms, as do I at The DaleyGator That is what good people do Sarah. Think for a moment where our society would be if those Americans were not armed? Come on Sarah, stop emoting and think. The right to self-defense is the most basic human right there is. Finally, Sarah, allow me to enlighten you about Bob Owens and his “attack” as you crudely put it on Lucy McBath. Here is what Owens wrote about McBath’s campaign against stand your ground laws and about the needless and tragic death of her son

I feel a great deal of sympathy for Lucy McBath. Her son, Jordan Davis, was murdered by an arrogant and violence-prone thug named Michael Dunn. Dunn is a Florida man who shot into a carload of teens in an argument that erupted over loud music from a car stereo. Dunn will spend the rest of his life in prison for Jordan’s murder and the attempted murders of Jordan’s friends, as he clearly should.

People react differently to tragedy. Some use these life-shattering experiences to redirect their energies to do great good. Unfortunately, Lucy McBath chose a different path. She has become radicalized, and now travels the nation attempting to strip law-abiding citizens of their most basic natural right as a human being, the right bear arms for self defense.

Her decision has led her down a very dark road, and has her associating with some very bad people. As one of the leading faces of the infamous gun control group Moms Demand Action, McBath has become a serial liar, and sadly seems to be more comfortable with her lies as time goes on. If you’re not familiar with this fringe group, you aren’t missing much. Moms Demand Action has repeatedly be hammered for gross dishonesty, committing apparent perjury, deliberately and grossly manipulating data about the number of school shootings, and dramatically inflating their actual numbers along the way to be being ingloriously named the worst astroturfers in the nation.

McBath has spent the majority of her time with Moms Demand Action relentlessly attacked so-called Stand Your Ground laws in specific. McBath asserting time and again that the laws allow citizens to gun down one another with impunity.

Owens, as I, feel tremendous sympathy for this woman’s loss. Michael Dunn deserves his punishment, as Owens points out. But, understand that McBath is using her tragedy to try and destroy basic human rights. She is lying in an attempt to erode the liberties of others. Her campaign, if successful, would not  prevent future tragedies but ensure more. Again, I feel for her loss, but I will not allow her, or anyone else to lie or to strip my right to defend myself and my loved ones away. Should we all give up rights every time a tragedy occurs? Of course not. 

Gina Rodriguez

College reverses course, will not fire ex Army general over “anti-LGBT” comments

Is it not amazing how a bit of outrage can push back the Speech Police?

An all-male college in Virginia has reversed its decision to fire a prominent retired U.S. Army general hours after reports that he was removed over political correctness provoked outcry.

Hampden-Sydney College decided to offer Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin a one-year contract, walking back its decision to fire Boykin after he made controversial comments about transgender bathrooms that angered LGBT activists.

Fox News first reported Thursday that Boykin, an original member of the Delta Force who served as undersecretary of defense for intelligence under President George W. Bush, had been fired after nine years of teaching at the school after criticizing transgender bathrooms.

“The first man who goes into the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery,” Boykin said of the debate surrounding transgender bathroom rules during a speech to conservatives in March.

Once again, Liberalism is an Ideology of Convenience

Noted actor flies 8,000 miles on a private jet, to accept environmental award.

Hollywood’s resident global warming doom merchant is also its foremost fossil fuel-burning hypocrite.

DiCaprio attended the Cannes Film Festival Monday and was seen partying with model Georgia Fowler. Two days later, The Revenant star was in New York, where he received the Fishermen’s Ball’s “Big Fish” award for his commitment to clean water. A day later, DiCaprio was back in France giving a speech at amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS gala.

One week, two continents, and 8,000 carbon emission-powered miles later, Leonardo DiCaprio was already back to his hashtag activism and fighting climate change on social media.

All this from the man who says that “a massive change is required right now, one that leads to a new collective consciousness, a new collective evolution of the human race, inspired and enabled by a sense of urgency.”

Leo is a good actor, and a massive hypocrite. But most of all he is an elitist who preaches one thing to the little people while engaging in behavior he himself says will kill us all. How convenient! How very Liberal!