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Earlier we posted how the Teddinator destroyed Trump in the delegate hunt in Virginia, but he also destroyed the Donald in Arizona.

From Politico:

Donald Trump’s campaign got burned again Saturday in the hunt for loyal delegates to the Republican national convention — this time on turf where he’d recently trounced his rivals in primary elections.

Though the mogul’s campaign showed more muscle than ever in this shadow primary, he walked away in defeat in Arizona — losing about 40 of the 55 delegate slots that were up for grabs on the day. That’s despite a dominant primary win there on March 22 and a furious attempt by supporters to guarantee the election of allies to the national convention.

Instead, it was Ted Cruz who emerged with the bulk of support from the state’s delegates. Though all of Arizona’s delegates are bound to vote for Trump on the first vote at the national convention, most are likely to flip to Cruz if Trump is unable to clinch the nomination.

I highlighted the last pertinent part so Trumpers could grasp that no one is “stealing” delegates. These are the rules, they are being followed. This is the system, the same system that has benefited Trump often times

Just a quick note about the media narrative about “violence” at Trump events

Anyone who knows me, knows I find Trump to be a carnival barking douchebag. And many of his supporters are well intended people, who to me, are falling for political stunts and an empty suit telling them what they want to hear. And yes, some Trump supporters are just fools and nasty people who attack anyone who dares question their “savior”. In short, I detest Trump, his lies, his tactics, are to me beneath contempt. But I value the truth, and the media, and the Left, simply is not telling the truth about these protests or the vermin taking part in them.

But, this nonsense the media has been pushing about the “anti-Trump
protesters” California has to stop. These events are not the fault or doing of Trump supporters, nor are they protests.
These are thuggish actions by thugs. Legitimate protesters do not burn, loot, assault, throw rocks, or damage police cars. They are simply thugs taking advantage of an opportunity to act out their violent impulses.These “protesters” are the very worst types of people who victimize everyone they can, and a good number of them are likely the very same types of trash, yes, I said trash who looted Ferguson, and Baltimore, causing harm to good, decent people. Sadly, I expect more of this type of thing, and not less, is in our nations future. And that will not change unless our law enforcement officers are allowed to do their jobs of protecting and serving.

Team Obama, of course, bears much of the responsibility for neutering law enforcement, and for the rule of law. Rather than being honest brokers about the shootings of Michael Brown, or Trayvon Martin, and others, the Obama administration has turned to race baiting rhetoric far too often. Rather than supporting the officer who justifiably shot Michael Brown, or the armed citizen who shot Martin in self-defense, the Left, again led by Democrats have continued to perpetualte false narratives of innocent “unarmed” Black youths who were “gunned down” by racist police officers or armed vigilantes. Rather than supporting the right of self-defense, the Left, again, led by Obama, has continued to blame gun owners, the NRA, and the millions of Americans who legally carry firearms for “gun violence”.

The fact is we do not have a gun violence issue, we have a gang issue, we have an issue of thug culture, and we have an issue with the Left, and the media excusing bad behavior, like looting, rioting, and burning down businesses and calling for more dead cops, while condeming law enforecement for doing their jobs, and demonizing armed citizens, who use their guns to stop hundreds of thousands if not millions of times annually. Rather than attacking the problem, the left has, again, chosen to attack American values, like law and order, and the right of self-defense.

Rather than strongly condeming rioters and thugs, the left has offered up excuses for such depraved behavior. Rather than shining the light on race baiters and agitators like Al Sharpton, DeRay  McKesson, and many others, the media has largely overlooked the facts, and has even given these miscreants air time to explaig their “grievances”.At the same time CNN, MSNBS, and others have allowed left leaning talking heads to continually perpetuate the lies about their false narratives like “hands up, don’t shoot” without challenging their talking points. The left might spread their egregious falsehoods, but the media is largely complicit in such a campaign. They could easily tell the truth, but choose not to.

So, get ready America, get ready for more thuggery, more violence, and more agitation from the left. The truth is not a value for the Left, and neither is the “peace” they always talk about. The only thing of real value for them, is power

The Council Has Spoken

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

“As an American liberal with impeccable credentials, I would like to say that political correctness is going to kill American liberalism if it is not fought to the death by people like me for the dangers it represents to free speech, to the exchange of ideas, to openheartedness, or to the spirit of art itself.” – Best selling author Pat Conroy

“Those who make conversations impossible, make escalation inevitable.” – Stephen Molyneux

“The idea that you have to be protected from any kind of uncomfortable emotion is what I absolutely do not subscribe to.” – John Cleese

This week’s winning essay,Staely McDaniel Manor’s Progressives: Bayoneting Their Wounded is his account of exactly what goes on in academia at your typical Orwellian White Privilege and Male Bashing conference, this one ironically held in Philadelphia where our freedoms began! Here’s a slice:

As regular readers will doubtless remember, I have often written about leftist ideology. Paramount in leftist thought—such as it is—is the principle that leftist policies, no matter how idiotic on their face, no matter how spectacularly and often they fail, can never be wrong. They’re not wrong; the people who thought they were wrong were mistaken. This unfortunate tendency to double down on disaster was nowhere in greater evidence of late than at the 17th annual White Privilege Conference held in Philadelphia.

I was not aware that there had been 16 prior conferences, but that omission is no doubt due to my white privilege. And to think: I’ve been missing out on 16 years of self-flagellation for working my buns off my entire life and believing the world owed me nothing at all, despite my general blue-eyed, pale-skinned whiteness.

One would think such a conference would be a safe and diversity-friendly place, however, as John Belushi used to say: “but noooooooooooooo! Consider the horrific reality from participants of the conference, courtesy of

Even at the White Privilege Conference, blatant, brutal racism runs amok! It’s just like Democrat-controlled cities: they’re all cesspools of racism, sexism, and violence. And imagine the horror of this:

Certainly no white person of the same gender and approximately the same size, shape and hair color—brown—has ever been mistaken for another white person.And imagine the unimaginable horror of this:

It’s almost unfathomable. POC and indigenous ppl come to their very own white people bashing conference and find themselves unsafe! Who coulda thunk it? But the horror was just beginning:

The disaster of understanding culminated in the keynote speech, delivered by Jim Loewen, a demonstrably progressive sociologist, respected professor of African American Studies and perhaps the country’s leading expert on racism in the deep south during the Confederacy and beyond. Little did Prof. Loewen know, as he was delivering his speech, that his very act of speaking to the audience was cause for concern.

 Imagine the consternation of poor Professor Loewen, a man who doubtless imagined himself an intolerant, politically correct, perpetually outraged progressive, a man ashamed of his own privilege and whiteness, when people at the White Privilege conference, a conference whose premises he unquestionably believed and took to heart, was accused of white supremacy. And for what? Allegedly running over the time allotted for his speech about white supremacy:

But wait a white privileged moment! He didn’t go over his allotted time; so what’s the problem?

Of course. The facts don’t matter. The accused must lay down and accept the death sentence. Aeriel A. Ashlee was completely wrong, but because she’s non-white, she has absolute moral authority and can’t possibly be wrong. The issue is that Professor Loewen is demonstrating his white privilege defensiveness instead of accepting responsibility for what he didn’t do wrong. Progressive ideology cannot possibly be wrong!

But it’s even worse, gentle readers, than we, with our white privilege, can possibly imagine. Professor Loewen used the “N” word!

More at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Andrew McCarthy with First, Let’s Get the Facts on Saudi and Iranian Involvement in 9/11 submitted by Joshuapundit. Commenting about the pending bill in congress to allow the families of victims of 9/11 to sue the Saudi government for what appears to be it’s obvious complicity, he comments that great nations do not address acts of war with lawsuits. That is, unless your president is George W. Bush. He wants us to get the facts about Iranian and Saudi complicity and then decide how to proceed.

For what it’s worth, Iranian complicity in the 9/11 attacks is already proven fact and verified by a US federal court decision, something I wrote about some time ago. That two U.S. presidents, including our current one knew about this and did nothing about it is a clue as to why Iran has no respect for America anymore. Especially when that attitude was underlines by President Barack Hussein Obama’s blatant appeasement of the islamo-fascist regime in Teheran.

Here are this week’s full results. Bookworm Room, GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD, the Noisy Room, the Razor, and The Right Planet were unable to vote this week, but all were not subject to or not affected by our usual two thirds vote penalty for not voting :

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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Your Marxist Moron of the Day

Bob Owens may have found the single biggest idiot walking

Have you ever read something so incoherent that you simply assume that the person who wrote it must have been high out of their minds?

That’s what it felt like to read a recent article on the Huffington Post by Justin Cormi, where he attempts to assert that lawful citizens using firearms for self-defense, like,denies criminals of their constitutional rights, man.

The main problem with the notion of self-defense is it imposes on justice, for everyone has the right for a fair trial. Therefore, using a firearm to defend oneself is not legal because if the attacker is killed, he or she is devoid of his or her rights.

Good Freaking Grief! Talk about nuclear grade stupidity. I have contended for a long time that the left loathes the right of self-defense, and here is proof in the form of Justin Cormi, who must be auditioning for a gig at Salon, where idiocy is a profession.

Watchers Council Nominations 4-27-16

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Then they taxed red meat

Bastards! Dirty Leftist Bastards!

(The Local DK) Saying that “climate change is an ethical problem”, the Danish Council on Ethics (Det Etiske Råd) has called for a climate tax on red meat.

The council said that Danes have an ethical obligation to minimize their climate impact and that a natural place to start would be lowering their red meat consumption. (snip about UN whining about agriculture and GHG output)

The Council on Ethics said that in order to live up to global environmental standards, Denmark should use a ‘climate tax’ to bring down the nation’s meat consumption. The Council said it debated the issue for six months, focusing on whether it should be left up to consumers to make more climate-friendly choices or if government should push them in the right direction by taxing the food products that have the greatest negative impact.

While the council said that “Danes are ethically obligated to change their eating habits” it ultimately decided that simply leaving it up to consumers to lower their meat consumption “will not be effective”.

Statism pure and simple. The Left’s thirst for power and control cannot be slaked

Hillary Clinton confuses gun culture with “thug” culture

Simply pathetic Mrs. Clinton, simply pathetic

Over at Breitbart, Ian Hatchett notes a very revealing statement made by Democrat Presidential contender Hillary Clinton.

“Too many young people, in particular, are turning to guns to settle disputes, grievances, resentments. We have got to help our young people understand, guns are never an answer, and there have to be other ways, and that’s going to take all of us, working in our schools, working through our churches and our houses of worship. We’ve got to break the grip of the gun culture on our young people, because the number one leading cause of death for young African-American men, are guns. It outranks the next nine, together. So, this is a health issue, a safety issue, a cultural issue, and I’m going at it from the very first day. I’m going to keep talking about it, and we’re going to make it clear, that this has to be a voting issue. If you care about this issue, vote against people who give in to the NRA and the gun lobby all the time.”

Clinton is correct in her initial statement that weapons should not be used to settle personal disagreements.

Where  she goes completely off the rails, however, is in her inability—or perhaps her unwillingness—to separate criminal culture from gun culture. This strongly suggests that we have a Democrat front-runner who is either deeply confused and is co-mingling two significant oppositional groups, or even worse, is intentionally smearing roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of the American electorate.

The violent “young people,” and in specific, “young African-American men,”  Mr.s Clinton says are being shot in “disputes, grievances, resentments” all have a very common trait that Mrs. Clinton pointedly refuses to mention. The majority of them are predators with criminal records involved in street gangs which are engaging in violent crime and narcotics trafficking. Because these gang members typically have criminal records they cannot obtain firearms legally, and get them via the black market or via “strawman” purchases via friends and relatives who can (until they are caught) pass a background check.

These people are part of thug culture, not gun culture.

Go read it all my friends. This is nothing more than the latest smear campaign by a Leftist. Demonizing those who disagree with you is the go to strategy for Leftists like Mrs. Clinton. It is deplorable, and, if Clinton possessed a modicum of class or integrity, she would never engage in such boorish behavior. But, I guess this shows once more, that the left, does not value truth