Muslim refugee rapes 10-year-old boy, denies it is a crime

Every Liberal whining about enhanced vetting should take heed

A refugee who raped a ten-year-old boy has claimed he did not know sexually assaulting the child was wrong as it was ‘culturally acceptable’ in his homeland.

Mufiz Rahaman told Sydney’s Downing Centre Court raping children was not seen as morally wrong in his native Myanmar when he pleaded guilty to the aggravated sexual assault of a 10-year-old refugee on Wednesday, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The 20-year-old and his young victim are both stateless Rohingya Muslims – a group of people considered illegal immigrants from Bangladesh by the Buddhist-majority in Myanmar – who came to Australia to flee religious persecution.

Some cultures are simply inferior

Michelle Malkin: Can you say judicial overreach? How about Judicial Activism?

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Frankly, there really is no question if the president has the authority to restrict immigration for national security. The applicable federal law is crystal clear. The “judge”who blocked this order is placing his opinions and feelings above his duty as a judge.

ICE enforcing immigration laws, illegal aliens and media hardest hit

Law enforcement enforcing laws? How will America ever survive? Noted blogger William Teach actually favors enforcing laws. That is like is soooooooo insensitive

Does anyone remember this type of headline while Obama was in office, and federal authorities were raiding workplaces and homes to snatch up illegal aliens? Not from the Credentialed Media. It shows the bias in the media, however, this is actually a good thing with illegals being fearful, as CNN attempts to paint a sob story

After ICE arrests, fear spreads among undocumented immigrants

Across the United States, some unauthorized immigrants are keeping their children home from school. Others have suspended after-school visits to the public library. They have given up coffee shop trips and weekend restaurant dinners with family.

Some don’t answer knocks on their doors. They’re taping bedsheets over windows and staying off social media. Nervous parents and their children constantly exchange text messages and phone calls.

From New York to Los Angeles, a series of immigration arrests this week have unleashed waves of fear and uncertainty across immigrant communities.

Where’s the downside? People who’ve broken the law should be fearful of law enforcement coming by and picking them up, then sending them back to their originating countries. Because they are unlawfully present. And using up valuable resources that would be best reserved for legal citizens.

Of course, the media paints a false narrative (Fake News) here that hard working people are being hunted down in droves, rounded up, and booted back to their native countries. But, even with false narratives the truth comes out

ICE said Friday that about 160 foreign nationals were arrested during the week.

Of those, 150 had criminal histories, and of the remaining arrests, five had final orders of removal or were previously deported.

So, well over 90% of those picked up had, say it with me CRIMINAL HISTORIES! In other words they are the ones that ought to be apprehended. And their crimes? violent felonies

But, the media paints a picture that is misleading as to who is being targeted. Enough! the media has a job, when they do it it is a wonderful thing. When they don’t? Well………

Democrats see their constituents as something to be used, nothing more

They want your vote your money, and yeah, they care more about illegal immigrants than they do about you, laws, or America. Wyblog explains

Three New Jersey Democrats think they’ve found a sure-fire way to sidestep President Trump’s plan to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities — have NJ taxpayers make up the difference.

New Jersey lawmakers from immigrant-rich Hudson County on Tuesday announced a bill that would provide state aid to sanctuary cities denied federal funds for failing to comply with immigration rules.

The bill was introduced in both houses of the legislature on Tuesday by State Sen. Brian Stack, Assemblyman Raj Mukherji and Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro, all Democrats from the 33rd District.

The legislation, S-3007 in the Senate and A-4590 in the Assembly, would allow municipalities or counties denied federal funds to apply to the state Commissioner of Community Affairs for a “dollar-for-dollar” match to compensate for the withheld federal money.

So in short, they wish to first break federal laws, then, when hit with penalties, they want you, the tax payers to bend over for them! After all, they want open borders, and screw you if you disagree. Again, from Wyblog

The mayor of Prospect Park, NJ is, and he’s opening the gates and beckoning the barbarians inside.

Prospect Park Mayor, Mohamed T. Khairullah, signed an executive order to reassure residents that they will be protected from President Donald J. Trump’s executive order to ban green card and visa holders, along with refugees, regardless of any resident’s immigration status.

Break the law, we won’t care!

His name’s Mohamed, so I’m guessing if someone breaks Sharia law, he’ll care, a lot. Immigration law, not so much.

In his executive order, he made it clear that all citizens, regardless if immigrant, refugee, green or visa card holder, are safe in Prospect Park and will not turn anyone to the federal government unless they have committed unlawful actions.

These are the clowns who are supposed to represent the people? Frankly, every city official who deliberately breaks federal immigration laws should not only be thrown from office, but should be arrested and forced to stand trial. 

Governor of Texas: Hell no to sanctuary cities and campuses in Texas

I am very proud to live in Texas, and very proud of our governor, Greg Abbott for his ideological clarity in standing up to the special snowflakes who think borders are silly and racist

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has no sympathy for the sanctuary campus movement, declaring his intention to cut funding for any state school that attempts to make itself a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

In a series of tweets posted on the Republican governor’s account, Abbott assured concerned constituents that “Texas will not tolerate sanctuary campuses or cities,” vowing multiple times that he will cut funding for any state entity that attempts such a plot, which the City of Austin and the University of Texas system have pledged to do.

“Follow the law in Texas. No sanctuary cities. Period,” he added, later appearing on Fox News to defend his stance on the issue.

One of the most cherished dreams of the Left is to do away with borders, national sovereignty, and most of all, America. The left wishes us all to be “equal” you see. Rather than helping countries improve by emulating the United States, and other capitalist nations, the Left always seeks to tear down the United States because “inequality”. It is not “fair” that America is stronger and more successful! So, America must share its success by eliminating its borders. Again because “inequality”. If America offers greater opportunities because of our economic system, then we must throw open our borders to allow people from less successful nations in. This, of course is madness.

If the Left were truly seeking to help Latin American nations they would encourage them to be more like the United States. They would push them to throw off Communism, and corruption, and replace those with free enterprise, and greater liberty for the people. That is how nations succeed, by not standing in the way of ambition and competition. The fact is the more freedom a nation has, the more successful its people will be. But, of course, improving less successful nations is not the Left’s real goal is it? No, because there will still be inequality you see. The egalitarian left cannot not stand that. They seek equality, period! It does not matter if everyone does better in America to them. All they see is America somehow “stealing” from less prosperous nations. America has too much, they say, as if there is only so much prosperity. That is not fair so America must stop being America.

There will always be inequality, of course, it is the natural course of life. And, the fact is this, inequality is not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, inequality in application of laws and natural rights is very bad. The Left, however, fights to redistribute wealth, and to “level” the playing field. This is a fool’s errand. There is no level playing field in the real world. There is only competition, innovation, and differing levels of success, and yes, failures. You cannot change that reality by trying to force some unattainable, one size fits all equality onto successful nations. Nor can you do it by destroying nations by destroying borders.

People are not meant to be equal, they are individuals, unique, different, and crushing individualism by empowering governments to mandate some false equality will never attain anything of worth. And the only equality you will ever achieve will be an equality of depravity.

The Six Things Donald Trump MUST Do As President

Hillary Clinton represents everything that is wrong with the American political class. She epitomizes establishment corruption and wanton criminality, and to ignore her blatantly felonious behavior is to condone it.

Of all the ruinous policies enacted by the previous administration, none is so egregious and universally despised as The Affordable Care Act. It must be eradicated like the cancer that it is and replaced with a free-market-based alternative as soon as humanly possible.

This is the primary reason why Donald Trump was elected president, make no mistake about it, and while its construction will not, in and of itself, put an end to illegal immigration, it will symbolize a seriousness of intent with respect to border security that has been sorely lacking in our government for decades.

When it comes to our nation’s highest courts, there are essentially two types of judges who oversee them, originalists and activists. Activistic judges believe that our Constitution is a “living, breathing” document that they are free to modify from the bench at any time and for any reason they concoct. As for originalist judges, I think Justice Antonin Scalia put it best when he said: “Our manner of interpreting the Constitution is to begin with the text, and to give that text the meaning that it bore when it was adopted by the people.”

Reinvigorating the U.S. economy cannot occur without radically reducing taxes on the companies which make up its foundation. Business taxes amount to taxes on all Americans – be they CEOs, employees, stockholders or consumers – and trillions of dollars have been lost to our economy over the years due to government’s insistence on inflicting punitive taxation upon our nation’s most productive citizens. Adding insult to injury, pro-globalist trade policies like NAFTA have served to accelerate the decline of America’s economic vitality, and any attempts to reverse the trends of the past few decades without addressing these key points will prove futile.

Cutting government spending begins with downsizing the bureaucracies infesting it. This can be done through attrition, which simply means not hiring new federal employees to replace the ones who retire for an extended period of time. Beyond that, there are scores of agencies which should be eliminated entirely, like the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Housing & Urban Development, and the EPA for starters. Furthermore, federal regulations have become so pervasive that reducing their number by 50 percent would still leave the Federal Register with nearly 100,000 pages of growth-killing rules. Yes, certain regulatory powers must be exercised in order to stop bad people from doing harm to the rest of us, but when nanny-state know-it-alls in Washington DC decide to start telling the rest of us how much water we can use to flush our toilets or what sort of bulbs we can screw into our light fixtures, they’ve engaged in the sort of conduct that our founding fathers would have taken up arms to oppose.

By Edward L. Daley