Video-Man wearing stupid bow tie embarrassed on TV

People often ask why I hate sweater vests, and bow ties. My answer is because they make anyone wearing such things look like a complete tool. Don’t believe me? Consider that Rick Santorum, who whines, wears sweater vests a lot. And do I really have to explain why bow ties look stupid? I did not think so. And do not get me started on guys who dress like lumberjacks 


I mean come on!

But, this post is not just about questionable apparel choices by men, no. What this post is really about is Bill Nye, The Science Guy. Nye is an obnoxious ass, and a prominent member of the Gore Church Cult of Climate Change. And he wears bow ties, and he gets owned by Tucker Carlson here!

DICK! Sorry, but Bill Nye is the walking definition of a dick!