School is for education, not indoctrination

Mike McDaniel has some great thought on a teacher in Georgia going SJW

Teaching English involves literature, which is inherently dangerous. Not only are people prone to objecting to what’s actually written, they’re even more prone to objecting to ideas that aren’t so much as implied by a given work.  Add in trying to make literature of the past relevant with the occasional reference to current events, and I often contemplate applying for combat pay.  Then there are teachers who shoot themselves—and every other teacher–in the foot, such as the 7thgrade social studies teacher at Hampton Middle School in Hampton, GA as National reports:

For this assignment, you are writing a letter to the lawmakers of the United States. The purpose of this letter is to pressure lawmakers to have stricter gun laws in the United States. Your letter should contain at least five complete sentences. Make sure that you use proper grammatical skills when writing your letter,’ read the assignment given out by social studies teacher Corey Sanders to his students at Hampton Middle School.

This might be fine if the teacher said write the president on how to handle mass shootings. But the teacher let her inner SJW rule her mind and massive FAIL ensued

A parent of one of the students, William Lee, told Blue Lives [Matter] that his son came home from school “and said he had to write a paper on gun control.

‘I looked at it, and I told my son, ‘No, you’re not doing that assignment,’ Lee said. ‘Then I emailed his teacher the next day and told him that my son would not be writing that.

Lee was not the only parent that objected.  And considering the curriculum focus, they were right to do so:

According to Blue Lives, the purpose of this class was to teach students about Africa, Asia, and the Middle East — so Lee was confused as to how the subject of gun control even came up in the first place. For me, however, that’s not the problem. If a social-studies teacher wants to bring current events into a middle-school classroom, that’s fine with me, but he did it in the completely wrong way.

Well, yes, yes the teacher did. The school, naturally, denied this is something they approve of. Mike wraps up with this and notes that this school might have fudged the truth

Asking students to express their opinions on such issues is legitimate, as long as those opinions are graded on criteria other than whether the teacher agrees with them, but telling students to support a particularly point of view for political purposes is wrong.  In this case, the teacher might have asked kids to construct arguments on both sides of the issue, and graded them only on the effectiveness of those arguments and the quality of their writing, which would have been appropriate.  Unfortunately, this does not seem to be an isolated incident at that particular school, as Fox News reports:

Go read it all, and if you have kids in school, watch out for things like this. Stay vigilant, and, if something like this happens, raise your concerns, and spread the news around to other parents

Social Justice for eight-year-olds

Indoctrination 101

The mother of a second-grader at Hunter Magnet Elementary in Raleigh is upset about a sheet that explained white privilege was sent home with her child.

Amber Pabon said the two-sided sheet was in his folder when he came home last month.

On one side, it discusses white representation in government, the military, media, and education. On the other, it lists examples of white privilege in society.

There we go, “social justice”! This is only one of 11 leftist propaganda points

Step 1: Understand the Importance of Confronting Race Despite the Taboo of Race

Since Trump’s rise has emboldened racists across the country, we don’t hear much about this country being “post-racial” anymore, a concept that dominated the media during the Obama administration. However, the idea of “colorblindness” – that being color conscious is problematic, that you “don’t see race” – was prevalent long before the Obama era, certainly among white circles. (After all, for folks of Color, it’s pretty tough to disregard the concept of race when you are reminded of your race regularly.)

No slant or bias there right? Read it all, it gets worse

Feelings vs thinking the war on critical thinkers

Have you noticed how many people cannot think these days? Prioritizing? Forget about it. Thinking rather than reacting emotionally? No way! Common sense? Bah! Why is this? I would wager that there are so many more people like that today for one reason. More people go to college today. And college is being used by the left to educate, illuminate, indoctrinate students.

Via Moonbattery

Social justice warriors cannot fight white supremacy by making white people uncomfortable with information, because factual knowledge is racist. Good thing they have a weapon easier to wield — “emotion as knowledge”:

Writing in the journal Whiteness and Education, [University of New Mexico] Research Assistant Professor Hope Kitts argues that “valuing emotion as knowledge” is a key way professors can promote social justice, especially if and when students are made to feel “uncomfortable.”

Making students uncomfortable is a key strategy during the process of “interrogating whiteness” and “deconstructing hegemonic white identity,” she writes, asserting that the approach could be carried out in any class, regardless of subject matter.

Math, physics, foreign languages, you name it. The issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution. Woke professors only teach one subject: moonbattery.

By encouraging discomfort in white students, Kitts hopes they will eventually develop “a white identity that itself is critical of whiteness,” which she considers necessary for the eventual dismantling of white supremacy.

In short she supports brainwashing and indoctrinating students to educating them. Thinkers? They must be brow-beaten, shamed and re-educated into emotionalistic robots. Thinking is very dangerous to the radical tenets of leftism. So, for leftism to move forward thinking and contemplation, not to mention knowledge must be replaced by guilt, bitterness, and self-hatred.

In short emotion must be the first reaction. Questioning what you hear? Who needs that? Someone calls Republicans racists? Just react emotionally, become outraged Don’t consider any ideological position or policies just put your mob mentality social justice warrior cape on and rant baby! Someone starts telling you we need “common sense gun laws” don’t question what laws they would support. Do not consider constitutional rights. Don’t you dare do any research about the issue. No, no, just emote baby! We don’t need no stinking facts, research, or thinking!

What is worse than college snowflakes perpetual tantrums?

The colleges which continue to coddle them, excuse their petulant attitudes, and placate them

The University of Nevada, Reno recently sent out a campus-wide message to apologize for an off-duty campus police officer who dressed up as Colin Kaepernick for Halloween.

The school’s Assistant Vice President and Director of University Police Services Adam Garcia penned the missive, saying his officer was “mocking another who has taken advantage of his constitutional right to protest,” according to a copy of the email obtained by Campus Reform.

“Police officers are held to a higher standard and denigrating another—on or off duty—is insensitive for its lack of respect and understanding on how others may negatively view their actions and may be impacted,” Garcia wrote.

Or maybe he just thought it would make a good costume? Or, maybe, maybe he actually was exercising his right to peacefully protest? Either way, the officer was OFF DUTY when this happened, so what Assistant Vice President and Director of University Police Services Adam Garcia is  doing is protest shaming isn’t it? Oh, wait, I forgot, that is a one way street these days

He then went on to note that students have been concerned about their safety in the “current social and political climate,” and that “behavior such as this magnifies unsafe feelings and lack of trust in police, especially when the individual is responsible for the safety of all members of the university, regardless or [sic] color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion.”

If Garcia is arguing that college students are in fear of a costume then he ought to be suggesting they get some counseling, or meds, or maybe they should simply grow up? Oh of course not, Garcia is in deep apology mode here. Get a load of this. you might want to grab a vomit bag first

“At a time when officers should be heightened in their attentiveness to perception by our community, this act seems extremely out of touch with those sentiments and not is not within the spirit of the department’s community oriented policing philosophy,” he added.

Of Adam Garcia, you cowardly fool. Do you actually expect to win something by placating these bullies? And yes, the Snowflakes, cowering in their safe spaces are nothing if not bullies.Everything these miscreants do is designed to intimidate, shame, and coerce everyone to behave as the Snowflakes demand

And anyone with a shred of common sense realizes that all you are doing is encouraging more bullying.

And then the race baiters went after the little children

Never too young to be indoctrinated and embittered!

To get people to hate the greatest country in history, and to embrace sociopathic Black Lives Matter ideology, it helps to start young. From Belleville, Illinois:

Every player on the Cahokia Quarterback Club football team (8 and under) took a knee during the national anthem ahead of Sunday’s game at Little Devil’s Field in Belleville.

Coach Orlando Gooden has been instructing the tots on Colin Kaepernick’s antics, and on the Jason Stockley decision, whereby after many years a white police officer was absolved of murder charges after shooting a drug dealer of politically preferred pigmentation, providing a pretext for days on end of riots

Kids that age are too young to be taught that they are “victims” and that police are hunting them down and that America is a racist hell hole where they have no hope. And yes, that IS the message of BLM, and Colin Kaepernick. The issue here is two fold. First the kids are too young to be targets of any political agitators, especially ones that seek to lie to the kids in order to further their own agenda.

These kids are not getting age relevant information, they are being fed a narrative, a false one.

“One of the kids asked me if I saw (people) protesting and rioting in St. Louis. I said yes; I said, ‘Do you know why they are doing it?’” said Coach Orlando Gooden.

Coach Gooden said his player responded, “Because black people are getting killed and nobody’s going to jail.”

Gooden, who played football at Mizzou, said the kids knew about the Jason Stockley decision.

“I felt like it was a good teaching moment for me to circle the team and have a meeting,” he said.

The coach said he spoke to them about that and other situations that have happened in our country. He then explained why former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the anthem.

“One of the kids asked, ‘Can we do that?’ I said, ‘As long as we know why we’re doing it, I don’t have a problem with any of it.’”

I wonder if the kids really now “why” I doubt it. The fact is if I were the coach I would have told the kids to talk to their parents, and would never have said go ahead and kneel. I would have no injected my beliefs into it at all. Sadly this coach did not do that. 

The fact is this. It is a lie that cops are shooting Black people and no one is going to jail. That is a false narrative pushed by Black Lives Matter. I bet the coach never offered any balance or context to police shootings. Or Black on Black crime, or the disproportionate rate of violent crime in Black communities, gangs, drugs, absent fathers, or the riots that destroy black-owned businesses in the name of “social justice”. It seems he simply followed the narrative, like a good useful idiot.

Frankly, I will say it again, he shouldn’t have talked about any of that with these kids. That is the role of  parents, and people the parents choose to allow their kids to talk to and ask questions of.  

Again I ask where were these teachers when I was in school?

So, a 16-year-old guy gets to play the horizontal bop with his teacher and now gets rewarded with $750,000? Lucky bastard!

This week’s former high school English teacher who now owes a civil judgment of $750,000 for traumatizing a male teen student with eight sex romps in her car and in her classroom is Erin Sayar.

The sex trauma occurred in 2011. Sayar was a 35-year-old English teacher at New York City’s taxpayer-funded James Madison High School — “excellence in education since 1925” — when she seduced Kevin Eng, her then-16-year-old student, and inflicted the sex ordeal on him.

On Monday, at the end of a one-day bench trial, Judge Miriam Sunshine awarded Eng and his family $250,000 in punitive damages and $500,000 in compensatory damages for the eight sex romps, reports the New York Daily News.

Professor vows to wipe out Whiteness in our time

Your Good Freaking Grief Story of the Day

An assistant professor at the University of Iowa has pledged to devote her classes to making her “mostly white” graduate students aware of their “white privilege.”

Jodi Linley, an education professor at the University of Iowa, detailed her extensive commitment to teaching classes that “deconstruct whiteness” in an academic journal article published Monday, arguing that to do otherwise would make her “complicit” in perpetuating white supremacy and white privilege.

“As a white assistant professor of mostly white graduate students who will become higher education leaders, I work to dismantle whiteness in my curriculum, assignments, and pedagogy,” Linley explains, noting that in addition to her “white identity,” she also draws on her “identities as a queer, able-bodied, cisgender woman” with a working-class background to construct her “teaching paradigm.

Linley says her commitment to designing classes that fight white privilege began as soon as she became a professor in 2014, at which point she resolved to “develop courses that both unveiled and rejected” the notion that “neutrality and objectivity are realistic and attainable.”Such “supposedly neutral” curricula, Linley explains, is a type of teaching that fails to take an active stance against racism and other forms of injustice, thereby intrinsically perpetuating “hegemonic racism, sexism, classism, ableism, cisgenderism, and heterosexism.”

So, she is steeped in studying BS basically. Manufactured “identities” and self-pity 

and self-importance. She should be getting therapy not teaching poisoning students

with her hateful rhetoric.