Gun control? It is all about the control

At Bearing Arms, Tom Knighton point out what is at the very core of gun control

Take, for example, this tidbit that surrounded the debate over allowing teachers to carry in Florida.

The fact that teachers could soon be allowed to carry firearms inside schools wasn’t sitting well with gun-control supporters, either.

It bothers me to think as a father of two young boys to tell them to not be aggressive to your teacher,” said Sen. Oscar Branynon (D-Miami Gardens).

The lawmaker told the Sun Sentinel that he and other black fathers across Florida will now have to include teachers when talking to their children about how to act around armed authority figures.

“Please don’t make it dangerous for children who look like my children to go to school,” he said.

Bear in mind that the word “aggressive” has a definite connotation here, and that has nothing to do with challenging a teacher’s assertions in the classroom. Personally, I did that a time or two when I was in school, and it wasn’t a problem in the grand scheme of things.

However, that wasn’t really being “aggressive.”

No, being aggressive to a teacher is to threaten a teacher, to make them fear for their safety in some way, even if not for their life. What Branynon did was basically say that he feels like his boys should have the right to act in threatening ways to their teachers.

In the process, however, he tipped the hand of the entire anti-gun movement.

You see, it’s not about reducing crime. Not really.

What the gun control movement is really about is making it so that people have no means to resist. Not only can we not resist criminals, but also a government that wants to run roughshod over the American people. After all, the politics of people who want to curtail our access to firearms are the same people who want to subvert the entire Constitution.

Bingo! You can note how bullying leftists are. Note the “non-violent protests” that are, well violent. Note the manner in which leftists are quick to resort to issuing threats on social media. Not the manner many leftists talking heads talk over the people they are debating. Note how they operate with a mob mentality many times. Note how thuggish the tactics of the college snowflakes. Are not all of these behaviors aggressive? Yes. Knighton is quite correct, it is about crushing resistance. 

I have written many times how the right to own and carry firearms is the most offensive to the left. That liberty, more than any other screams individualism. And the left, being collectivists, loathe individualism.

Five arrested for straw buying guns for Louisville gang

If convicted these five should be placed under the jail frankly

Contrary to what many gun control advocates claim, criminals tend to get their guns through criminal means. They either steal them, buy them on the black market, or use a straw buyer. A gang in Louisville, KY used that last one to get their hands on some firepower, and now five people who are alleged to have helped have been arrested.

Authorities have arrested and charged five people with buying firearms to fuel a gang in Louisville.

Those suspects, alleged members or associates of the Victory Party Crips gang, used a third party without felony convictions to legally purchase 41 guns, officials say. Police recovered 10 weapons when the suspects were arrested; they say the remaining weapons have been identified but not yet recovered.

Weapons purchased for the Victory Party Crips gang are often used for narcotics trafficking, intimidating other gangs and earning reputation, according to police.

Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad said the arrests could have “a chilling effect” on gang activity which continues to trouble the city.

The investigation started in April on an unrelated indictment, which led police to recover a weapon. Tracing that weapon back, police found a third party purchased all but four guns within normal procedures from River City Firearms, a gun shop in Louisville.

Police traced dozens of guns in this particular investigation but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has traced hundreds of thousands of guns in other crimes.

If we want to punish “gun crimes” then we need to lay the hammer down on straw purchasers, something Team Obama rarely did. Instead Team Obama enabled Eric Holder to arm vicious cartels in Mexico by forcing gun stores to sell weapons to these cartels under the guise of “tracing” the weapons back to cartel heads. That, of course was a massive FAIL. Gee maybe enforcing laws would work better? Why not try that?

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

The Cult of Gun Control spreads the very false narrative that Americans almost never, ever use firearms for self-defense. This hunter, and maybe the grizzly, would dispute such claims

There are some things in life that you just don’t want to experience. I’d prefer not to get severe burns over most of my body, for example. Other examples include sticking my head inside an animal trap, using a home circumcision kit, a long period of lovemaking with Lena Dunham, and being charged by a grizzly with an attitude problem.

One Montana hunter, however, can check that last one off his bucket list.

An elk hunter shot a charging grizzly bear Tuesday morning near the Sun River Canyon west of Augusta on the Rocky Mountain Front.

The encounter took place mid-morning, according to a press release from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

The Great Falls-area hunter, whose name has not been released, apparently surprised the grizzly at the head of Home Gulch, about three miles south of the Sun River Canyon Road, wardens said.

The hunter told wardens he fired a warning shot in the air, but the bear charged him anyway. The hunter shot at the bear, and said he thought he hit it three times. The bear turned and ran, and the hunter left the area and then notified FWP.

An FWP bear management specialist soon flew over the area, but could not see any sign of the bear. FWP game wardens are now on the ground trying to locate the bear.


Statism Hawaii style

Animal shows the latest example of the war on natural rights. 

Hawaii has legal medical marijuana, but be careful, because if you’re a gun owner, and you legally use marijuana, Hawaii proposes to give  you a good one right up the tailpipe.  Excerpts with my comments follow:

Hawaii is one of 29 states that allow medical use of marijuana, but it is the only state that requires registration of all firearms. If you are familiar with the criteriathat bar people from owning guns under federal law, you can probably surmise what the conjunction of these two facts means for patients who use cannabis as a medicine, which Hawaii allows them to do only if they register with the state. This month many of them received a letter from Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard, instructing them to turn in their guns

So, being a medicinal marijuana user strips your right to self-defense away?

“Your medical marijuana use disqualifies you from ownership of firearms and ammunition,” Ballard says in the November 13 letter, which Leafly obtained this week after Russ Belville noted it in his Marijuana Agenda podcast. “If you currently own or have any firearms, you have 30 days upon receipt of this letter to voluntarily surrender your firearms, permit, and ammunition to the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) or otherwise transfer ownership. A medical doctor’s clearance letter is required for any future firearms applications or return of firearms from HPD evidence.”  

So, if your doctor says it is OK you might, might get your right to keep and bear arms back? Of course natural rights do not work that way in Leftism because you possess no such rights comrade. Your only rights the left recognizes are rights the state allows you to have. And, of course, those rights can be suspended at the whim of the state so, really you have no rights do you? Of course, this is all “voluntary” right? Not so much

Voluntarily?  Voluntarily?  Fucking voluntarily?  My ass – the state of Hawaii is using the full force and power of the state government to confiscate the property of law-abiding gun owners.  You know, in direct contrast to every pro-gun control prog who ever bleated “oh, we don’t want to confiscate anyone’s guns!”  Oh, and “oh, registration won’t lead to confiscation!  You’re just being paranoid!”

Paranoid they say? 


Oh, The People’s Republic of Joisey again

Via Bearing Arms

Democrats running for state office are latching onto this as an issue and are wanting to block the opening of the range.

Three Democratic state legislative candidates have denounced a gun range that will be built on Route 23 South, saying a loophole in state law gives people easy access to firearms.

The Planning Board Aug. 28 approved a state-of-the-art gun range with 15 shooting stalls on the former Fuddruckers property. No variance was required so residents within 200 yards of the facility did not have to be notified of the application.

State Legislative District 40 candidates Paul Vagianos, Christine Ordway and Thomas Duch have come out against the shooting range.

At issue are what these candidates claim is a lack of safety precautions that will protect residents in the range’s area.

You see, anyone with a valid license will be able to rent a firearm for use at the range after watching a gun safety video. To these candidates, that’s insufficient because…well, because.

“Municipalities should not approve any gun ranges until Trenton closes this loophole,” Ordway said in a statement. “We must take steps to protect our residents with more than a short safety video.”

Bear in mind that these rentals won’t be taken from the range. They’ll be under the supervision of trained safety personnel at all times in addition to the video. They’ll be indoors, thus making it far less likely for a stray round to actually do anything with the neighborhood around the range.

In short, there’s no loophole. Ordway and her fellow candidates are simply grasping at straws because they’re part of the crowd that thinks guns are bad.

They are opposed to one thing more than any other. The right of self-defense

David Frum, A Leftist in Conservative clothing

Ah yes, David Frum, every Democrat’s favorite Republican. I suppose Frum thinks that if he parrots failed liberal talking points enough, he will be accepted be the Liberal elites. I mean just look at what Frum tweeted after the Virginia shooting

Charles  C. W. Cooke, and others corrected Frum’s talking points lies. Lies which were as absurd as they are false. Frum knows the background checks, which the NRA wanted by the way are required by federal law, Frum also knows if he has read any history that registration has always led to confiscation. Where the Hell got carrying long guns from I cannot say. I mean how idiotic can he be. Concealing a long gun? Good Grief.