Kansas legislature approves Constitutional Carry

Good news, if Governor Brownback signs the law, Kansas will become the fifth state, joining Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming, to allow concealed carry in state borders without a permit. Montana allows concealed carry without a permit outside of cities, and West Virginia recently passed such a law which Governor, Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed. But, as Bob Owens notes, the West Virginia legislature seems to have the votes to override his veto. Owens also notes something about strategy

You’ll note that both Kansas and West Virginia were able to get as far as they have without obnoxious and intentionally provocative open carry demonstrations near schools, in the legislature, or in private businesses that unnecessarily added additional hurdles and gave gun control groups ammunition to fight against us.

Tactics matter.

Firearm rights campaigners in other states need to study carefully how the organizations in Kansas and West Virginia are building coalitions. In both of these states, supporters worked diligently and with resolve, while making sure not to do anything to generate or intensify opposition.

Anyone who looks at trends is well aware of the fact that firearms freedom is spreading in all but the most restrictive and liberty-challenged states. The momentum is on our side and legislators in both major parties know it. We will prevail… as long as some of the more “politically challenged” on our side don’t get in our way.

Yes, tactics matter. Especially if you are supporting what is right, which in this case is liberty. The “in your face” style of some open carriers is not good strategy, it alienates, rather than educates those who might be open to constitutional carry once they have more facts.

*VIDEO* Pajamas Media: Trifecta – ATF Chief Resigns Mid-Scandal



4-Tour Iraq War Veteran Turns Tables On Armed Thug During Liquor Store Robbery (Video)

4-Tour Iraq Veteran Thwarts Thieving Thug – Tell Me Now


A Missouri thief got a lot more than he bargained for when he robbed a store.

The store’s clerk, 54-year-old Jon Lewis Alexander, is a former prison guard and a four-tour Iraq war veteran. Not surprisingly, he thwarted the thief without blinking an eye.

Alexander grabbed the thieve’s gun, while simultaneously shoving his own 9mm handgun into the thug’s mouth. No shots were ultimately fired.

The store clerk reportedly said, “One of the policemen told me later, ‘You’re a lucky man.’ I said, ‘I think [the robber] is a little luckier than I am.’”

The perpetrator has not yet been apprehended.




One of the best pieces on self-defense, gun rights, and gun control I have yet read

Please go read the whole thing, it is, literally, a masterpiece. Mike McDaniel is an eloquent and wise man. And we need more like him. Frankly, it is shameful that Mike is not on CNN and Fox when there is a debate on gun control. He is far better than any talking head I have seen on any network news show. Like I said, go read the whole thing, here is, to me, the best part

Fortunately, most Americans still understand the necessity of the right to self-defense. Women, in numbers previously unimaginable, are coming to that understanding and the understanding that the one tool that secures that right is the handgun, concealed and ready when needed.

This frightens those that prefer delusions and the illusions of safety provided by a state that would use and discard them like a fast food wrapper. And so they redouble their efforts to preserve the illusion of moral superiority and safety and to force everyone to live in their world where women walk, armed only with a misplaced sense of moral superiority, into the dens of the most vicious predators on Earth, people who live the most negative and destructive of male tendencies.

Let them keep their conceits, their luxuries–as long as we can afford them, civilization reigns–but we must maintain the rule of law and those unalienable rights that underlie it. When the right to self-defense, and the most usual and effective means to secure it, falls, so do we all, and the philosophies and moral conceits that matter so much to too many, will matter not at all.

Bravo sir, bravo!

Your Daley Gator Feel-Good Story O’ The Day

Passerby With Concealed Carry Permit Stops Slaughter In Philly – Bearing Arms


If you ask a concealed handgun permit holder why they choose to carry a concealed weapon all of the time, they’ll sometimes dryly reply that it’s because criminals are rarely considerate enough to put their deadly crimes on the intended victim’s calendar.

Such was the case in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania yesterday, when a man with a concealed carry permit heard gun shots as he passed by a barbershop, ran in, and stopped a massacre in the making by shooting a man who had opened fire on employees and customers:

Police say a man likely saved the lives of several people when he shot and killed a gunman inside a West Philadelphia barbershop.

A 40-year-old man was inside Falah Barber Shop Inc. on the 600 block of Preston Street shortly before 3 p.m. Sunday when police say he began fighting with another person inside.

“They were arguing,” said 16-year-old Yusaf Mack who was a customer inside the shop at the time. “They were taking it too far and one of the barbers said, ‘chill out.’”

The fight quickly escalated and the 40-year-old man took out his gun and opened fire on customers and barbers, police said.

“I heard gunshots so I ducked and I ran,” said Mack.

As he was shooting, another man outside heard the gunfire, ran into the shop and took out his own gun, according to investigators. He then opened fire, striking the 40-year-old man once in the chest.

The man who had started shooting at customers and staff in the barbershop was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he died of his injuries.

The concealed carry permit holder turned himself in at a local police precinct after the shooting, and Philadelphia police are conducting a formal investigation. Early indications are that the permit holder likely saved “a lot of people.”

As a general rule, citizens have the right to defend their lives and the lives of others against immediate and proximate deadly force attacks.

No charges are expected to be filed against the concealed carry permit holder.



*VIDEO* Ted Cruz Speech At Liberty University (03/23/15)



Your Quote of the Day

And also your Self-Defense Story of the Day

An 84-year-old Army veteran nearly added an eighth criminal to the tally of thugs shot and killed by citizens  in Tulsa Oklahoma so far this year. Doug Jandebeur was leaving his business and thought that a friend might be playing a prank on him when he heard a voice say, “Don’t turn around.”

Then the guy behind him punched Jandebeur in the side of his head and stole his wallet.

Jandebeur quickly turned the tables on his attacker.

We asked what scared the man off, Jandebeur said, “I pulled out my automatic and was getting ready to ventilate him.”

He pulled his gun out of his left pocket, and that’s when the tables were turned, and the robber was the one afraid.

“Once he saw my gun he decided to leave,” Jandebeur said.

Other than a big bruise on his face, Jandebeur was in pretty good spirits. He said it’s just one more event in his pretty eventful life.

He hopes the guy gets caught and he’s thankful that nearby Video Revolution put up cameras and caught the whole thing on tape, including a shot of the robber’s face.

Footage also shows, earlier in the evening, the guy waited around, hid behind a pillar and waited around some more, until Jandebeur went outside so he could strike, but was caught off guard.

“Anybody who doesn’t arm themselves is asking for trouble,” Jandebeur said.