Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

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A Charlotte, NC man has saved the life of a woman by using his personal firearm to shoot and kill the man trying to kill her in an act of third-party self-defense:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said a man and woman were shot on Pegram Street around 9:30 a.m. Investigators told Channel 9 that the man and woman were driving in a car on Pegram Street and arguing.

During the argument, police said the man shot the woman in the leg, causing her to crash into a telephone pole.

Officers said both people got out of the car and that the man continued to shoot at the woman.

A neighbor was inside his house and heard the dispute happening. Officers said he came outside and shot the man.

The man insider the car who shot the woman and was subsequently shot by the homeowner, is identified as Degarrian Santonia Coleman.

The female victim was identified as Coleman’s own grandmother.

The homeowner who intervened to save the woman’s life has been identified as former Mecklenburg County prosecutor Steve Sellers.

Range Report Time!

It has been awhile since I did one of these. Likely because I have not bought a new gun since i bought my Sig P320. But this last Wednesday I got a great deal from SWFA on a new Springfield XD Mod 2 sub-compact in 9mm. So here we go


The pistol performed flawlessly. Great texturing on the grip, great ergonomics, and I love the fiber optic sights! It is super easy to pick up that front sight, and when I took my time, I had super tight groups, I do tend to start reverting to firing a tad too fast, but that is on me not the pistol. The trigger is solid, maybe not quite as good, to me anyway, as my Sigs’ or my Ruger SR9Cs’ trigger but very good all the same. It has a great, short, reset and makes shooting the pistol easy. As far as recoil goes, the gun feels like a full-size, it handles the recoil very well, which of course makes the gun easier to shoot, and to put multiple rounds down range, and on target if that need arises.

The pistol comes with a mag pouch, a speed loader, a lock, a decent holster easy to draw, and easy to replace the pistol, and two mags. A standard 13-round flush mag, that is great capacity for a sub-compact, and an extended, 16-round mag.

As far as safety features go, it has loaded chamber indicator, and a 1911 style grip safety. Some folks will not like that, but I have no issue with it at all. The XD Mod 2 also comes in .40 S&W and .45 ACP. The 9mm and .40 S&W have 3 inch barrels, the .45 has a 3,.3 inch barrel. 

Overall, I would say anyone looking for a quality carry gun, should definitely look at the XD Mod 2. And, if you are in North Central Texas, look up SWFA, great selection, service, and very competitive prices. Great gun I give it a 9.5 out of 10, I like it that much

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Via Bearing Arms

One of these days criminals are going to learn that armed robbery is not a smart career in a nation where citizens are increasingly obtaining firearms and quality training in defensive gun use.

Wednesday was not that day.

An attempted robbery at a Fort Worth grocery store ended in one of the alleged robbers shot to death by the owner.

It happened at Lincoln Grocery at Lincoln Avenue and NW 16th Street Wednesday around 1:50pm.

The owner, fearing for his life, doesn’t want CBS11 to use his name, but talked to us exclusively.

“Two guys with shotguns come to rob my store. But because they take the money, I shoot them,” the store owner said.

Fort Worth police say three men walked into the store with a shotgun.  One suspect demanded money.  The second one had the shotgun and the third was standing next to the man with the weapon.

Police say the store owner gave his wallet to the first suspect then pulled out a gun and shot the suspect holding a gun.  He died at the scene.

“He grabbed my wallet and got inside to take the money, but I shot them before he take money,” the owner of Lincoln Grocery said.

Mommas, stop excusing your childrens’ crimes

Tamon J. Stapleton is dead. He died while committing armed robbery. Bob Owens offers details on his crime, and the armed citizen that put a permanent stop to Stapleton’s’ life of crime

A female Knoxville convenience store clerk is very lucky that her male friend was at the right place at the right time. The man was sitting in his parked vehicle when he noticed an armed robber force the clerk behind the counter at gunpoint. The male friend retrieved his own handgun from his vehicle and quickly ended the threat:

Officers responded to the Breadbox located on the 6200 block of Asheville Highway around 2:35 a.m after receiving a call that shots had been fired.

When officials arrived, they found Tamon J. Stapleton, 18, dead with a gunshot wound. Police say Stapleton, armed with a 9mm handgun, had entered the store and was forcing the female clerk behind the counter at gunpoint.

A male friend of the clerk, who was outside the store in his parked vehicle, witnessed the attempted robbery, retrieved his handgun, entered the store and fired one shot, hitting Stapleton.

Now, Stapleton’s’ mother wants the guy who did nothing more than likely save the life of his friend charged.

A Knoxville mother believes charges should be filed against the man who shot and killed her son early Monday.

While acknowledging Tamon Stapleton, 18, was “in the wrong” when he tried to rob an Asheville Highway convenience store while armed, the unnamed gunman who killed Stapleton should be held accountable, Joy Stapleton said.

“I feel like the man should be charged,” she told 10News.

Police say Stapleton was robbing the Breadbox store when a friend of the clerk saw what was happening from outside and took action. That action, police say, is justified.

Charged for what? Doing the right thing? I understand a mothers’ anguish over such events, but the truth is, Tamon Stapleton, and no one else is to blame for his demise.

What if her son had killed the clerk?. Sorry again, but Tamon Stapleton is to blame here, no one else. But, Tamons’,mother seems to think we have no right to protect innocent life from predators like her son. Her son, who was seemingly a murder waiting to happen

Stapleton had been in and out of the juvenile system for years, according to records. He was born in April 1997.

“He had a very violent and extensive criminal history as a juvenile,” said DeBusk.

In 2011, officers picked him up for aggravated burglary. The following year, he was accused of attempted and aggravated robbery. He was put in the system a half-dozen times in 2011 alone.

Then in the summer of 2012, he was accused of aggravated assault and curfew violation.

He spent time in the custody of the Department of Children’s Services and at the Mountain View Youth Development Center, a Dandridge facility that houses more hard-core juvenile offenders.

Yet, the mother still would see a man, again, who did nothing but defend innocent life, put away.

She plans to fight for charges against the shooter, but police say the case is closed.

“If the store clerk would have killed him I would have felt different,” said Stapleton. “But because that man came into the store and killed him as he watched this robbery go on…he was not in danger. He could have dialed 911 and then went in to the store. But he didn’t, he just automatically went into the store and shot my son in the head.”

So, if her son were dead at the hand of the clerk that is somehow different? Again, there is a good chance that clerk would be dead if not for the heroic actions of her friend. Again, Tamon Stapleton is dead, and that is a tragedy, a life was wasted. But it was wasted by Tamon Stapleton, not by the man who saved his friend.

DeBusk said the man made the right call in protecting the clerk.

“You don’t have time. He did not have time to make a phone call,” said DeBusk. “He will not be charged because he was acting in good faith at a time when a person was in jeopardy of losing their life.”

Again, sorry for this mothers’ grief, but if she is angry, she should be angry at her son, who chose his own fate.

DHS Agent Stripped Of Gun, Nearly Lost Daughter After Blowing Whistle On Corrupt Visa Program

DHS Agent Says She Was Stripped Of Gun, Nearly Lost Daughter After Blowing Whistle On Immigration Visa Program – Daily Caller


A Department of Homeland Security agent testified Thursday that she nearly lost custody of her 1-year-old adopted daughter and was told that she could not own a personal firearm after she voiced concerns about a little known federal program that grants green cards to foreign investors.

Taylor Johnson, a senior special agent with a division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), testified at a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing alongside several other whistleblowers who claim they’ve faced retaliation for reporting wrongdoing in their agencies.

Johnson, an 11-year veteran of ICE, said she began investigating a U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) program called EB-5. The program grants green cards to foreigners who invest at least $500,000 in U.S. companies.

Johnson testified that during her investigation she uncovered and disclosed gross mismanagement and public corruption that posed “national security risks” and threatened public safety.

“Some of the violations investigated surrounding the project included bank and wire fraud, and I discovered ties to organized crime and high-ranking politicians and they received promotions that appeared to facilitate the program,” Johnson testified.

She said that during her investigation she “discovered that EB-5 applicants from China, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia had been approved in as little as 16 days” and that case files “lacked the basic and necessary law enforcement queries.”

“I found over 800 operational EB-5 regional centers throughout the U.S.,” Johnson said, stating that she found this “disturbing” given that the U.S. allows only 10,000 EB-5 applications per year.

“I could not identify how USCIS was holding each regional center accountable or how they were tracked once they were inside the U.S.,” she added.

Johnson’s testimony comes as the EB-5 program is under intense scrutiny from a damning report released in March by DHS’ inspector general, John Roth. Roth’s report concluded that former USCIS director Alejandro Mayorkas, now the second-in-command at DHS, intervened in an “unprecedented” manner to help expedite EB-5 applications.

Some of those who Mayorkas was in contact with include Nevada U.S. Sen. Harry Reid and current Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Mayorkas met with Reid to discuss an EB-5 application for the Sands Casino, a Las Vegas casino which employed Reid’s son’s law firm.

Mayorkas was in routine contact with McAuliffe who aggressively pushed for EB-5 approval for his company, GreenTech Automotive. Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, was also involved in that deal.

It is unclear if Johnson investigated Mayorkas or any applications involving Reid or McAuliffe.

After receiving complaints from “high-ranking officials” at outside agencies, Johnson’s managers shut down her investigation, she testified. From there, she says she was “subjected to a significant amount of harassment and retaliation.”

Blowback started when she was escorted from her work desk and prohibited from accessing her case files or other personal records.

She also said that her service firearm and credentials were confiscated. But the gun grab went further.

“I was told I couldn’t even carry or own a personal weapon which is a constitutional rights violation,” Johnson said.

Johnson grew emotional during one part of her testimony when she discussed how the retaliation she faced hit home, literally.

“When an adoption social worker tried to contact and verify employment, she was told that I had been terminated for a criminal offense,” Johnson said, her voice shaky.

“I almost lost my 1-year-old child.”





Your Self-Defense Story of the Day Detroit woman defends herself against thugs

Five punks thought it might be easy to rob a cancer-survivor. And without a firearm in her hand………

DETROIT (WJBK) –Three years ago, criminals broke into Dietta Gueye’s house and right after the break-in, the cancer survivor got her concealed license.

It came in handy Tuesday morning.

She was in bed when five men burst through her windows at 2:30 a.m. But they didn’t know that Dietta was locked and loaded and not afraid to start firing.

Dietta got her CPL three years ago when her house was robbed. After hearing the men come in, she grabbed her gun and started firing. 

“Imagine being woke up out of your sleep with somebody (holding) a gun in your face,” she told FOX 2’s Amy Lange. “My first reaction was survival. My first thought was shoot.”

She was tucked into bed and sound asleep, when the first man crashed through her bedroom window. 

It’s likely he nor the men that followed knew she was in there or that she had a gun. 

She said they avoided the backyard, where the dogs were kept and climbed through using a crate to get into the front window. She couldn’t see, and said that they had taken he light bulb from the front porch.

But she didn’t need sight to grab her gun. It was by her side, in her bed.

“As soon as I was able to feel the barrel of my gun – I shot – and I was shooting,” Dietta said.