Racial/Gender Obsession Syndromes strike again

Oh no, no, Gayle King of  CBS News is triggered! She feels, excluded

CBS host Gayle King, pointing to a photo of President Donald Trump and Republican Party leaders taken Wednesday night at the White House, told outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan she felt “very excluded” because they were only white males in the photo.

“When I look at that picture, Mr. Speaker, I have to say, I don’t see anybody who looks like me, in terms of color or gender,” King said, emulating the analogy made popular by former President Barack Obama.

“You were one of the main people that said you wanted to do more for the Republican Party—you wanted to expand the base,” King reminded Ryan. “When I look at that picture, I have to say, I don’t feel very celebratory. I feel very excluded.”

Quick, someone pass me some tissues, this is soooooo sad. Not not sad that King feels “excluded”, sad because she is so hung up on skin color and gender

“I don’t like the fact that you feel that way,” he said. “And we need more minorities, more women in our party, and I’ve been focusing on that kind of recruitment.”

What a missed opportunity for Speaker Ryan. Here is what he should have said

“I am sorry that you base your feelings so heavily on your race and gender. I see you as an individual, not as a member of a group. The fact is skin color and gender do not define people. Their values, principles, and personalities do. I think you should join the vast majority of Americans who are well past caring about their “identities” and are above pigeonholing people based on those identities as if everyone’s thinking must conform to fit that “identity”! God made each of us unique, and I celebrate that. I also celebrate the diversity of thought and ideology that has nothing to do with the identity-obsession the left constantly pushes.”

But, of course he missed the opportunity to say something meaningful and opted for political speak. Very sad.

Someone ought to interrupt Gayle King’s pity party long enough to show her this

Illinois governor contracts Racial Obsession Syndrome cows hardest hit

Ah yes, this is how far we have devolved

Good Freaking Grief. Wanna know why we are so screwed up? Morons like this

The Illinois governor took a big gulp of chocolate milk to demonstrate his love of diversity during a Thursday Black History Month event in Chicago.

Hyatt Hotels diversity and inclusion executive Tyronne Stoudemire poured some chocolate syrup into a glass of milk to show the importance of inclusion and diversity in a company, reports the Chicago Tribune. Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner agreed to drink the chocolate milk, saying he’d be “proud to.” Taking a big sip, Rauner flashed the crowd a thumbs up and said “It’s really, really good! Diversity!”

We are living in the Age of Stupidity folks

Jeep ad causing Offendeditis outbreak

We are becoming a snowflake nation

The head of one of the nation’s largest fish conservation groups says Fiat Chrysler’s Super Bowl ads “glorified” the destruction of aquatic habitat in an apparent attempt to appeal to off-road thrill-seekers.

It’s the second time ads by the automaker have drawn complaints since the Feb. 4 game.

Trout Unlimited President and CEO Chris Wood said Wednesday that one ad gave the impression a Jeep Cherokee was splashing down the middle of a wild streambed.

Fiat Chrysler is defending the ads but says there are no plans to run them again. It says the spot with the Cherokee was shot on a flooded county road and another with a Jeep Wrangler was filmed in a man-made lake with a man-made waterfall on private land.

Wood said many of his group’s 300,000 members and supporters own Jeeps, but the images were upsetting.

“Fish are tough and resilient critters, but they don’t do well with several-thousand-pound vehicles driving over their spawning grounds, tearing up the gravel where they lay eggs,” he said. “Why someone would want to put out the idea that you should buy a Jeep so you could drive it up a creek is incomprehensible to me.”

Good Freaking Grief. This is a commercial, get over it. But if you have noticed, Superbowl ads, which used to be a highlight, have become so sanitized and, frankly boring. Everyone is so ready to be offended and outraged. And companies are so afraid of offending someone. Very sad to see 

You would think an Olympic athlete would be above whining

William Teach lays into Shani Davis, a phenomenal athlete, and, at least in this case a whiny little bitch

The other day, we learned that U.S. Olympic contender Shani Davis pretty much stated that losing a coin toss for the right to lead the U.S. delegation in the Olympics opening ceremonies. What happened during the opening ceremonies? (via Twitchy)

The only “controversy” is Davis acting like a petulant child. Like a poor sport. One of the reasons I love baseball and the NHL is that they won’t tolerate poor sportsmanship on the playing surface. Hit a home run and pose? Get ready for a pitch behind your head. Showboat on the ice? Expect to get run, and possibly have to fight.

Again, shouldn’t an athlete who has obviously worked incredibly hard to be so elite be above this? Come on man!

Oh great, now nature is RAAAAACIST!

Someone fell out of the Tree of Inanity, and hit every branch on the way down

In a recent op-ed for the school paper, a white Pitzer student frets that the colleges’ outdoor programs, though open to all students and well-funded, are “predominantly white spaces” that deny people of color “access to the outdoors.”

The op-ed, written by Malcolm McCann, a freshman at Pitzer College—one of the member institutions of the Claremont Colleges—calls out clubs like Pitzer Outdoor Adventure (POA) and On the Loose (OTL), among the most amply funded outdoor clubs at the Claremont Colleges, for being “predominately white spaces.”

So, how are these clubs preventing access to the outdoors? They aren’t, but white imperialism………..

“Both clubs claim to be accessible: while trips are open to any student wanting to go, not everyone feels the same ease in entering the outdoors,” McCann claims, saying, “This discomfort is unfortunately caused by existing racial boundaries.”

The article contends that white imperialism, as well as the fact that three prominent naturalist figures in U.S. history happen to be white, generate this pervasive racial exclusion.

“Historically, white people in imperialist conquests have appropriated land as their own,” McCann asserts. “North America rightfully belongs to indigenous communities, yet it has been taken away from them by force. Consequently, a false sense of ownership of nature permeates white America.”

Oh the delusion is deep with this one. The fact is nature does not discriminate, but Mr. Whiny Pants does not accept reality because he is too busy throwing a pity orgy

“Similarly, the image of a modern outdoor enthusiasts is white, as is the historical image of a naturalist,” he continues. “The great icons of nature—John Muir, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau—are all white men. At present, most famous rock climbers are also disproportionately white.”

McCann also takes the term “outdoorsy” as another expression of “whiteness” that excludes people of color from outdoor activities.

Pardon me for asking but how in the Blue Hell does an expression prevent anyone from going to a national park, national forest, state park……..? Clue, it doesn’t! The only people who are excluded from outdoor activities exclude themselves. And that is their right.

“This whiteness manifests in the term ‘outdoorsy’—a descriptor for those who spend a significant time in the outdoors, who are equipped with the necessary gear, and who feel connected to nature,” he says. “The image of the ‘outdoorsy individual’ is an exclusive classification that gives white people the authority to venture into the outdoors freely, leaving people of color behind.”

Good Freaking Grief! But it gets worse, because rock climbers use terms others, who do not rock climb, do not understand

The exclusion is further perpetuated by the use of obscure outdoor lingo in descriptions of trips. No one who has never climbed before knows what a tri-cam, a grigri, or an ATC is. These terms are useful for ease of discussion among those who rock climb, yet remain obscure to those who have not.

Hmmm, I am white, love the outdoors, fishing, hiking, boating, but I also have no clue what those terms mean. I am I a victim? Am I excluded? No, I do not recognize that lingo because, brace yourself, I do not, nor have any desire, to rock climb. DUH! Again, McCann should come out of the Pit of Pretend Victims and think. Note, not emote but think critically about the nonsense he writes.

Fake Outrage Syndrome strikes again

Oh no, have you heard the latest outrage? The latest example of Offendeditis? Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, who dares to be both rich and White, used a very old expression when commenting on the NFL protests.

Speaking at a meeting between owners, team executives and Commissioner Roger Goodell, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair reportedly said “we can’t have the inmates running the prison” in response to NFL players taking a knee during the United States national anthem.

On Friday, Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta Jr. of ESPN.com detailed the protest-focused meetings this month, which featured both private gatherings and a separate large session that also included players. They noted McNair’s statement in the owners’ exchange of concerns “stunned some in the room.”

They were stunned, you say? Stunned? Sound s like a bit of hypersensitivity to me. It is s pretty common saying that pretty much everyone has heard. In the restaurant business, I have heard and used that saying, or one very much like it. Anyone who has two brain cells to rub together understands it is not a literal statement. But, today, of course, too many emote first and think, well, never. So the fake outrage followed McNair’s statement

This from a 300 plus pound football player? He had a thousand thoughts over it and wanted to just run home? Maybe cry on his pillows or something? I mean is he serious? Are so many of us that damned whiny and consumed with feelings?

Noted idiot Jemele Hill, who cannot order a salad without seeing RAAAAACISM, had this nugget of stupidity to add

Someone tell me she has never ever heard that saying before this. Of course she has, ad she knows damn well there is nothing racial about it. But she is a social justice warrior, and facts are just slight inconveniences to be ignored at all costs.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman also contracted Offendeditis over McNair”s remark

“I think there are very progressive owners in this league who don’t feel that way,” Sherman said. “But do I think there are some conservative owners who have Confederate flags at their homes and things like that? Yes, yes I do. I don’t think that they feel like there’s anything wrong with that ideology and that Southern heritage, in quotations. But do I think all owners think like that? No, I don’t. I think there are some great owners in this league who have done everything they can to make this world a better place. But do I feel some have that old line of thinking? Yes, yes, and he’s one of them.”

OK then, I have no idea what Sherman is even babbling about there. But he continued spewing inanities, because Social Justice or something

“When you think of people in a certain way, then your analogies go along with that,” he said. “If he was speaking about his family or anybody in that situation, and his kids were running rampant in his home, he wouldn’t say, ‘Man, I’ve got to put my foot down so the prisoners don’t feel like they’re running the asylum.’ He wouldn’t say that because he has love and adoration and thinks of them equally. He thinks of them as people, so he would never use an analogy or a phrase like that. But when you think about people in a certain way, then things like that roll off your tongue effortlessly like they did.”

Actually, Richard, I would wager millions of Americans, some of them very much like McNair, have used that expression about their kids.You see, it is not a literal statement. It is an expression, normal people, that is people not looking to be offended, and who do not spend their time pretending to be victims, understand such expressions are, simply expressions. But this is the age of feelings, and the age of coddling whiners, and an age where being a victim is the highest goal of many it seems.

It has come to this

So now we must change the name of every school, building, street, and anything else if some whiner is unnecessarily aggrieved? Story via The Right Scoop

CBS DFW – A school board in Oregon has voted to remove the name ‘Lynch’ from some school buildings after the name was deemed offensive.

According to reports, the Centennial School Board voted Wednesday night to change the names of three elementary schools in the district.

The move by the school board stemmed from concerns over use of what they deemed to be ‘offensive language.’

According to reports, school district officials said some students and local families had complained that the name “Lynch” made them think of the word, lynch, and the racist connotation behind it.

For now, Lynch Wood Elementary and Lynch Meadows Elementary schools will be temporarily changed to Wood Elementary and Meadows Elementary, pending new names for both schools, KGW in Portland reports. Lynch View Elementary will be changed to Patrick Lynch Elementary school.

The schools were named for the Lynch family that donated the land over a century ago.

This is no longer a slippery slope folks. This is a full out mudslide of PC! We are killing ourselves to appease idiots, whiners, and bullies? God help us. No one thought of simply explaining that this is a family name, of people who donated the land where the school is? And I am sorry but anyone who still complained after an explanation deserves nothing.