Jeep ad causing Offendeditis outbreak

We are becoming a snowflake nation

The head of one of the nation’s largest fish conservation groups says Fiat Chrysler’s Super Bowl ads “glorified” the destruction of aquatic habitat in an apparent attempt to appeal to off-road thrill-seekers.

It’s the second time ads by the automaker have drawn complaints since the Feb. 4 game.

Trout Unlimited President and CEO Chris Wood said Wednesday that one ad gave the impression a Jeep Cherokee was splashing down the middle of a wild streambed.

Fiat Chrysler is defending the ads but says there are no plans to run them again. It says the spot with the Cherokee was shot on a flooded county road and another with a Jeep Wrangler was filmed in a man-made lake with a man-made waterfall on private land.

Wood said many of his group’s 300,000 members and supporters own Jeeps, but the images were upsetting.

“Fish are tough and resilient critters, but they don’t do well with several-thousand-pound vehicles driving over their spawning grounds, tearing up the gravel where they lay eggs,” he said. “Why someone would want to put out the idea that you should buy a Jeep so you could drive it up a creek is incomprehensible to me.”

Good Freaking Grief. This is a commercial, get over it. But if you have noticed, Superbowl ads, which used to be a highlight, have become so sanitized and, frankly boring. Everyone is so ready to be offended and outraged. And companies are so afraid of offending someone. Very sad to see 

You would think an Olympic athlete would be above whining

William Teach lays into Shani Davis, a phenomenal athlete, and, at least in this case a whiny little bitch

The other day, we learned that U.S. Olympic contender Shani Davis pretty much stated that losing a coin toss for the right to lead the U.S. delegation in the Olympics opening ceremonies. What happened during the opening ceremonies? (via Twitchy)

The only “controversy” is Davis acting like a petulant child. Like a poor sport. One of the reasons I love baseball and the NHL is that they won’t tolerate poor sportsmanship on the playing surface. Hit a home run and pose? Get ready for a pitch behind your head. Showboat on the ice? Expect to get run, and possibly have to fight.

Again, shouldn’t an athlete who has obviously worked incredibly hard to be so elite be above this? Come on man!

Oh great, now nature is RAAAAACIST!

Someone fell out of the Tree of Inanity, and hit every branch on the way down

In a recent op-ed for the school paper, a white Pitzer student frets that the colleges’ outdoor programs, though open to all students and well-funded, are “predominantly white spaces” that deny people of color “access to the outdoors.”

The op-ed, written by Malcolm McCann, a freshman at Pitzer College—one of the member institutions of the Claremont Colleges—calls out clubs like Pitzer Outdoor Adventure (POA) and On the Loose (OTL), among the most amply funded outdoor clubs at the Claremont Colleges, for being “predominately white spaces.”

So, how are these clubs preventing access to the outdoors? They aren’t, but white imperialism………..

“Both clubs claim to be accessible: while trips are open to any student wanting to go, not everyone feels the same ease in entering the outdoors,” McCann claims, saying, “This discomfort is unfortunately caused by existing racial boundaries.”

The article contends that white imperialism, as well as the fact that three prominent naturalist figures in U.S. history happen to be white, generate this pervasive racial exclusion.

“Historically, white people in imperialist conquests have appropriated land as their own,” McCann asserts. “North America rightfully belongs to indigenous communities, yet it has been taken away from them by force. Consequently, a false sense of ownership of nature permeates white America.”

Oh the delusion is deep with this one. The fact is nature does not discriminate, but Mr. Whiny Pants does not accept reality because he is too busy throwing a pity orgy

“Similarly, the image of a modern outdoor enthusiasts is white, as is the historical image of a naturalist,” he continues. “The great icons of nature—John Muir, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau—are all white men. At present, most famous rock climbers are also disproportionately white.”

McCann also takes the term “outdoorsy” as another expression of “whiteness” that excludes people of color from outdoor activities.

Pardon me for asking but how in the Blue Hell does an expression prevent anyone from going to a national park, national forest, state park……..? Clue, it doesn’t! The only people who are excluded from outdoor activities exclude themselves. And that is their right.

“This whiteness manifests in the term ‘outdoorsy’—a descriptor for those who spend a significant time in the outdoors, who are equipped with the necessary gear, and who feel connected to nature,” he says. “The image of the ‘outdoorsy individual’ is an exclusive classification that gives white people the authority to venture into the outdoors freely, leaving people of color behind.”

Good Freaking Grief! But it gets worse, because rock climbers use terms others, who do not rock climb, do not understand

The exclusion is further perpetuated by the use of obscure outdoor lingo in descriptions of trips. No one who has never climbed before knows what a tri-cam, a grigri, or an ATC is. These terms are useful for ease of discussion among those who rock climb, yet remain obscure to those who have not.

Hmmm, I am white, love the outdoors, fishing, hiking, boating, but I also have no clue what those terms mean. I am I a victim? Am I excluded? No, I do not recognize that lingo because, brace yourself, I do not, nor have any desire, to rock climb. DUH! Again, McCann should come out of the Pit of Pretend Victims and think. Note, not emote but think critically about the nonsense he writes.

Fake Outrage Syndrome strikes again

Oh no, have you heard the latest outrage? The latest example of Offendeditis? Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, who dares to be both rich and White, used a very old expression when commenting on the NFL protests.

Speaking at a meeting between owners, team executives and Commissioner Roger Goodell, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair reportedly said “we can’t have the inmates running the prison” in response to NFL players taking a knee during the United States national anthem.

On Friday, Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta Jr. of detailed the protest-focused meetings this month, which featured both private gatherings and a separate large session that also included players. They noted McNair’s statement in the owners’ exchange of concerns “stunned some in the room.”

They were stunned, you say? Stunned? Sound s like a bit of hypersensitivity to me. It is s pretty common saying that pretty much everyone has heard. In the restaurant business, I have heard and used that saying, or one very much like it. Anyone who has two brain cells to rub together understands it is not a literal statement. But, today, of course, too many emote first and think, well, never. So the fake outrage followed McNair’s statement

This from a 300 plus pound football player? He had a thousand thoughts over it and wanted to just run home? Maybe cry on his pillows or something? I mean is he serious? Are so many of us that damned whiny and consumed with feelings?

Noted idiot Jemele Hill, who cannot order a salad without seeing RAAAAACISM, had this nugget of stupidity to add

Someone tell me she has never ever heard that saying before this. Of course she has, ad she knows damn well there is nothing racial about it. But she is a social justice warrior, and facts are just slight inconveniences to be ignored at all costs.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman also contracted Offendeditis over McNair”s remark

“I think there are very progressive owners in this league who don’t feel that way,” Sherman said. “But do I think there are some conservative owners who have Confederate flags at their homes and things like that? Yes, yes I do. I don’t think that they feel like there’s anything wrong with that ideology and that Southern heritage, in quotations. But do I think all owners think like that? No, I don’t. I think there are some great owners in this league who have done everything they can to make this world a better place. But do I feel some have that old line of thinking? Yes, yes, and he’s one of them.”

OK then, I have no idea what Sherman is even babbling about there. But he continued spewing inanities, because Social Justice or something

“When you think of people in a certain way, then your analogies go along with that,” he said. “If he was speaking about his family or anybody in that situation, and his kids were running rampant in his home, he wouldn’t say, ‘Man, I’ve got to put my foot down so the prisoners don’t feel like they’re running the asylum.’ He wouldn’t say that because he has love and adoration and thinks of them equally. He thinks of them as people, so he would never use an analogy or a phrase like that. But when you think about people in a certain way, then things like that roll off your tongue effortlessly like they did.”

Actually, Richard, I would wager millions of Americans, some of them very much like McNair, have used that expression about their kids.You see, it is not a literal statement. It is an expression, normal people, that is people not looking to be offended, and who do not spend their time pretending to be victims, understand such expressions are, simply expressions. But this is the age of feelings, and the age of coddling whiners, and an age where being a victim is the highest goal of many it seems.

It has come to this

So now we must change the name of every school, building, street, and anything else if some whiner is unnecessarily aggrieved? Story via The Right Scoop

CBS DFW – A school board in Oregon has voted to remove the name ‘Lynch’ from some school buildings after the name was deemed offensive.

According to reports, the Centennial School Board voted Wednesday night to change the names of three elementary schools in the district.

The move by the school board stemmed from concerns over use of what they deemed to be ‘offensive language.’

According to reports, school district officials said some students and local families had complained that the name “Lynch” made them think of the word, lynch, and the racist connotation behind it.

For now, Lynch Wood Elementary and Lynch Meadows Elementary schools will be temporarily changed to Wood Elementary and Meadows Elementary, pending new names for both schools, KGW in Portland reports. Lynch View Elementary will be changed to Patrick Lynch Elementary school.

The schools were named for the Lynch family that donated the land over a century ago.

This is no longer a slippery slope folks. This is a full out mudslide of PC! We are killing ourselves to appease idiots, whiners, and bullies? God help us. No one thought of simply explaining that this is a family name, of people who donated the land where the school is? And I am sorry but anyone who still complained after an explanation deserves nothing.

Leftist disgrace to education admits Leftists are just thugs

Laws seeking to punish miscreants who bully others with dissenting views would unduly affect Leftists, and this “professor” says that would give him Offendeditis!

A Wayne State University professor recently blasted the Michigan Legislature as a “safe-space for right-wing groupthink” after a pair of free-speech bills were introduced.

In an op-ed for The Detroit News, Dr. John Patrick Leary argues that the supposed “free speech crisis” has been “manufactured” by conservative legislators to punish liberal activists.

Indeed, Sen. Patrick Colbeck recently introduced two bills to protect free speech on campus, the first of which would guarantee students “the fullest degree of intellectual freedom and free expression,” while the second would hand down punishments to students who shut down the free speech of others.

So, to be clear the bill would punish anyone, of any ideological bent, who shut down the free speech of others. See the law would not take “sides” A Conservative could be punished for being a thug who suppresses free speech. Of course, what the professor knows is that it is not Conservatives, or Libertarians, or actual Liberals who conduct themselves in thuggish, totalitarian fashions. It is Leftists. It is not that he supports freedom of speech, it is that he understands his side will be punished because, well Leftist thugs gonna be Leftist thugs.

Hey look, noted Race Baiter with bad hair wants to defend my Irish honor

Well, now looks as if Al “Pimp My Hair” Sharpton is back

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, race hustler Al Sharpton steps up to defend the Irish.

…over the term “paddy wagon!”

Proving the left doesn’t need much of a reason to attack President Donald Trump, the hypersensitive shake down artist took exception with the president’s sardonic humor Friday while addressing police officers in Brentwood, N.Y.

“When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just seen them thrown in, rough. I said, ‘Please don’t be too nice,’” Trump said.

“When you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head you know, the way you put their hand over…,” he added, placing his hand above his head. “Like, ‘Don’t hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody, don’t hit their head.’ I said, ‘You can take the hand away, OK?’”

Sharpton heard this and immediately contracted a severe case of Selective Outrage Syndrome

Wow! Suddenly Al cares about the Irish? Well, Al, my last name is Irish, so allow me to say what my inner Irishman thinks. He thinks you, Al, are a bottom-feeding parasite, and that is on your best day. And, frankly, you can go fuck yourself Al! By the way my inner Scotsman does not think much of you either Al!

Here’s to you Al Look what I found


And here is what I will do a shot, or two of this evening




San Francisco refuses to release videos of attacks on BART riders because

Because public safety is secondary to social justice or something!

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — In the last three months, there have been at least three robberies on BART involving groups of teenagers.

“I think people are genuinely concerned — they are fearful about the stories that have come out about the recent attacks, the assaults, the thefts,” said Debora Allen, who is a member of the BART Board of Directors.

But videos of the attacks are not being released. Why?

Allen told us the agency issued an explanation for why it is being tight-lipped about the thefts.

“To release these videos would create a high level of racially insensitive commentary toward the district,” she was told. “And in addition it would create a racial bias in the riders against minorities on the trains.”

According to a memo distributed to BART Directors, the agency won’t do a press release on the June 30 theft because it was a “petty crime” that would make BART look “crime ridden.” Furthermore, it would “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports.”

There you go, another example of how deeply demented those afflicted with Racial Obsession Syndrome are. Somehow it is better, to them, to protect thugs than to protect citizens. How soon do we see certain crimes being openly excused or simply ignored for the same type of flawed logic?

Hockey legend compliments woman’s great legs, Offendeditis outbreak soon follows

How dare a man notice a woman like US Olympic champion Aly Raisman has nice legs! How dare he compliment her!! That is “cringe worthy”” somehow. Good Feaking Grief

Since when is complimenting someone a bad thing? We have lost our minds

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Liberal Tolerance Inversion Theory!

William Teach brings us the latest example of what I am going to call Inverted Liberal Tolerance. Yes, another of my Liberal Maladies

If the Cardinals, or, say, my LA Dodgers, decided they wanted to do an LGBT day, I wouldn’t approve, but, I, like most conservatives, would simply ignore the issue. We could just skip the game, which would probably be a faaaabulous game, and go a different day. Tolerance. But, the tolerance that Leftists practice never seems to materialize

he St. Louis Cardinals resolved to host Lance Berkman as their “Christian Day” speaker, despite outcry from the LGBTQ community.

St. Louis Pride, an LGBTQ organization, protested the Cardinals’ decision to host Berkman and demanded that the Cardinals cancel his appearance at their annual Christian Day, a post-game event where a public figure, usually a former player as in Berkman’s case, speaks about how Christianity has affected their life.

Berkman drew criticism from the LGBTQ community in 2015 and has been lambasted as a homophobe over his opposition to a Houston city ordinance that would allow transgender people access to bathrooms opposite their biological gender.

See how easy it is folks. Only Liberal can be tolerant, even when they are being intolerant! And, Conservative can never be anything but intolerant, no matter how tolerant they are!

FINALLY! The Inherent Racism of Marble

Another case of R.O.S. (Racial Obsession Syndrome)

A University of Iowa professor recently argued that appreciation of “white marble” used in classical artwork contributes to “white supremacist ideas today.”

Professor Sarah Bond demonstrates in an article published in Hyperallergic that “many of the statues, reliefs, and sarcophagi created in the ancient Western world were in fact painted,” meaning the “white marble” often seen in such pieces of art were intended to be colored.

Of course no person is the color of white marble are they? But hey, people afflicted with R.O.S. are not looking for reason, only imagined offenses and made up victimhood.

Consequently, Bond argues that “the equation of white marble with beauty is not an inherent truth of the universe,” and is thus “a dangerous construct that continues to influence white supremacist ideas today.”

The only beauty associated with such sculptures is the beauty of the art. Again, no person is colored like this guy

Racist? Me?

Good Freaking Grief what is going on in the heads of these Leftists anyway? I mean who thinks such delusional things? Who spends their life looking at everything as somehow racial? Yes, it is easy to mock these folks. They are the lowest hanging fruit on the Blogging Tree. But they really do need help

*AUDIO* Mark Steyn: Trump Vs. The Global Warming Lunatics



Tulsa police officer acquitted in shooting of “unarmed” Black man, Racial Obsession Syndrome ensues

Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby, who fatally shot a man, who refused to comply with officer commands last year has been acquitted. Social Justice Warriors are, of course irate. These SJWs are, as usual ignoring certain facts about the case to push another “hands up don’t shoot” narrative. I will get to those facts in a bit, but first, here is what Clinton C Yates, a writer for The Undefeated  wrote about the acquittal

Another day, another police officer walks free after killing an unarmed black person.

Here he goes, painting police officers with a very broad brush. Yates irresponsibly paints an America where police are hunting down unarmed Black men and getting away with it. This is, to be fair, complete bull excrement

You might remember the case of Terence Crutcher. Last year in Tulsa, he was killed by Officer Betty Shelby after a situation that unfolded outside of his car that was caught by police dash cameras as well as helicopter footage. It shows Crutcher, walking toward his car with police trailing him, guns pointed. Then, Crutcher’s arms come down and shots ring out, leaving him to lie there and die on the side of the road in Oklahoma. She was acquitted on Wednesday.

Of course, the fact is that Crutcher was walking away from officers towards his car, despite their commands to stop. His hands were up, until he got to his vehicle, then they went down, his right hand dropping towards his front pocket and his left out of view, with his body leaning forward as if he might be reaching into his vehicle. Then, officer Shelby fired, fearing, with some good reason, that Crutcher might be reaching for a weapon. Yates might not realize that often when a suspect does not comply, and acts as if he or she might have, or be attempting to get a weapon, then officers do have a right to use force. Here is Shelbys version of that day

At about 7:36 p.m. Friday, dispatchers received a 911 call about an abandoned SUV in the middle of a street, with the driver’s door open and the engine still running, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said Monday. The caller said a man was running from the vehicle, saying it was “going to blow.”

Shelby and another officer were on their way to a domestic violence call when she came across the SUV, Jordan said.

On her way to that call, Shelby saw Crutcher standing in the middle of the road, looking down at the ground, Wood said, adding that she would have stopped and checked up on him had she not been on the other call.

She then saw the SUV parked in the middle of the street, obstructing traffic in both directions, Wood said. The engine was running when she got there, which she found odd because she assumed it was either disabled or broken down, he said.

Wood said “it’s important to remember” that Shelby was on the scene with Crutcher for about a minute and a half before the start of the video clip released by police on Monday.

When Shelby approached the car, the doors were closed, and the windows were open, Wood said. She looked into the passenger’s side to make sure no one was on the floor of the car, and as she was getting ready to move to the driver’s side, she turned around and saw Crutcher walking toward her, Wood said.

Wood said that Shelby then said to Crutcher, “Hey, is this your car?”

Crutcher didn’t respond, simply dropping his head while continuing to look at Shelby, “kind of under his brow,” Wood said. Crutcher then began to put his hand into his left pocket, Wood said, adding that Shelby told Crutcher, “Hey, please keep your hands out of your pocket while you’re talking to me. Let’s deal with his car.”

Crutcher did not respond, Wood said, so Shelby ordered him again to get his hand out of his pocket. He then pulled his hand away and put his hands up in the air, even though he was not instructed to do so, which Shelby found strange, Wood said.

Shelby tried to get Crutcher to talk to her, but he simply mumbled something unintelligible and stared at her, Wood said. He then turned and walked to the edge of the roadway and turned to look at her, his hands still in the air, Wood said. He put his hands down and started to reach into his pocket again, Wood said, and she ordered him again to get his hands out of his pocket.

At this point, Shelby, a drug recognition expert, believed Crutcher was “on something,” Wood said, possibly PCP.

In fact, Crutcher was on PCP, which would explain erratic behavior.

Shelby then radioed in that she had a subject “who is not following commands.”

“You can kind of hear a degree of stress in her voice when she says that,” Wood said.

Shelby then pulled out her gun and had Crutcher at gunpoint as she commanded him to get on his knees, Wood said. She pulled out a gun instead of a Taser because she thought he had a weapon, and she was planning to arrest him for being intoxicated in public and possibly obstructing the investigation, Wood said.

Shelby ordered Crutcher to stop multiple times as Crutcher walked toward the SUV with his hands up, Wood said.

But those orders cannot be heard in the audio from the dashcam video, which starts as another patrol car pulls up to the scene, showing Crutcher walking toward the SUV with his hands up as Shelby follows him, apparently with her weapon drawn and pointing at Crutcher.

As the video from the helicopter begins, Crutcher was “angling” toward his car while Shelby repeatedly commanded him to stop, Wood said. His hands were still in the air.

“As a police officer, you have to wonder — why would someone ignore commands at gunpoint to get to a certain location?” Wood said.

Crutcher’s arms came down, and he turned to face the car, Wood said, and he reached into the driver’s side window with his left hand. That’s when Shelby fired one shot and a fellow officer, Tyler Turnbough, deployed a Taser, Wood said.

Shelby believed that when Crutcher attempted to reach into the car, he was retrieving a weapon, Wood said. In her interview with homicide detectives, she said, “I was never so scared in my life as in that moment right then,” according to Wood.

Police are trained not to allow a suspect to return to their vehicle, or to have their hand sin their pockets where a weapon might be. But, this is not important to Yates, who is focused solely on race. He writes

Where to begin. We’ll start with the trail, as the video shows you the details of the interaction. From there, let’s fast-forward to Shelby’s testimony, in which she states very plainly what the specific threat of police privilege and white supremacy means. Her fear was more important than her victim’s life. Beyond that admission, which was honest, she made an even more important statement about why, following her fear, she chose to shoot: That’s police policy.

Wow, Yates is out in left field here. Where he gets to police privilege, or White supremacy is beyond me. Maybe Yates was on PCP or some other mind-altering drug when he wrote this. Clearly Yates does not grasp the reality of use of deadly force. An officer can use deadly force when in fear for their life, or in fear of the lives of others. The late Bob Owens, laid out the case that Shelby was justified last September

The U.S. Supreme Court case Graham vs. Connor (1989) established that officers who use force must be judged on the totality of circumstances and a standard of “objective reasonableness.” That is, they must be judged on whether a similarly trained person in the same circumstance with the same vantage point and perspective as the officer in question would have a similar reaction, without the benefit of hindsight.

The murder of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller is an especially graphic example of why law enforcement officers never allow a belligerent suspect to return to their vehicle and reach inside. The chilling screams of Deputy Dinkheller have echoed through law enforcement training academies throughout the nation for 18 years as instructors have shown police cadets why it is so important for their safety, the safety of their suspects, and the safety of the public at large that they maintain control over the situation.

That brings us back to the perceptions held by Officer Betty Shelby and Officer Tyler Turnbough as Mr. Crutcher returned to his vehicle, against numerous commands to stop.

Here’s the helicopter’s view of the scene just seconds before Officer Shelby made the calculated decision to fire her handgun and Officer Turnbough then fired his taser either at the same time or split second later.


You’ll note from the photo that Crutcher’s hand is down by his waist at approximately the one o’clock position. We can’t see his left arm (it’s blocked by his body), but he does indeed to be learning forward, as if he’s reaching into the vehicle.

As investigators look into the shooting, they’re quite likely to concur with Officer Shelby that the positioning of Mr. Crutcher’s body and the angle it is leaning does suggest that he’s leaning and perhaps reaching with his left hand. Whether he his actually reaching into the vehicle as Officer Shelby perceives, or it is merely hidden by his body lean and it just appears that he’s reaching into the vehicle is ultimately immaterial.

Terence Crutcher was going to be arrested for being intoxicated in public (and not for the first time), but resisted arrest (again, not for the first time), and appears to be reaching for a weapon (yet again, not for the first time).

I’d argue that under the totality of the circumstances, it is very reasonable for Officer Shelby to suspect that a non-compliant suspect whom she suspected of being intoxicated on PCP was reaching for a weapon when he lowered his hands and leaned hard with his side in a motion that appears consistent from her perspective at the rear of the vehicle with someone trying to reach inside it.

All of this of course, would be wasted on Yates I fear. He is so stricken with the false narratives of Black Lives Matter and with Racial Obsession Syndrome, that he ignores facts.

“She articulated all of the reasons why she believed he was armed and why she took the action that she did that was in accordance with her training. In times of heavy stress and fear and uncomfortability, we revert to our training, and that’s what you want an officer to do. And you want them to handle situations the way they’re trained to handle them,” Jerad Lindsey, chairman of the Tulsa FOP, said earlier this week about Shelby’s testimony. “It takes tenths of seconds for someone to already make the mental decision to pull a weapon and shoot you.”

The last sentence is the most important. What it basically says is the very same logic that police use to justify their decision-making in firing rounds is exactly what’s used against you when you haven’t even done anything. You can talk about the inherent danger of police work and what it takes to protect a community, but the problem with the “blue lives matter” logic is two-fold. One, no one is born a police officer. Secondarily, because it is a job, there are certain risks that simply have to be a part of the accountability scale in order for the entire system to work, if you’re even going to consider fairness a part of the equation. If every encounter is going to be considered life or death, then the logic should apply both ways. Meaning, Crutcher might have thought they were going to try to kill him, too. Otherwise, what you’re openly admitting is: This isn’t fair and doesn’t have to be.

By leaving the judgment to human nature and throwing one’s hands up after that, you’re completely eliminating acknowledgment of the most obvious of factors here: race. Inherent bias, never mind outright racist attitudes and methods, are well-studied and documented components of law enforcement, but they are clearly the defining factor in many cases. To be noted, the window was up.

This man’s blackness obviously made her feel like he was more likely to kill her or her colleagues.

Good Freaking Grief he has gone completely off the rails. That last paragraph is basically incoherent ramblings, with a healthy portion of idiocy. What does it matter tha no one is born a police officer? And, yes, there are inherent risks to police work, so what? Yates seems to believe that police should cede the right to defend themselves, to be “fair”. And I have no clue where he gets the “every encounter is going to be considered life or death” lunacy from. People of all races have millions of interactions with police every year that end up in no one getting hurt. But, again facts matter not to those suffering fron Racial Obsession Syndrome. I leave you with more of Yates babbling foolishness

The point here is that the violence that takes the lives of so many unarmed black people isn’t just accidental or incidental, it’s state-sponsored.

Again, this is the price of people not being versed in critical thinking and common sense isn’t it? Yates is angry, he is emoting and by God facts will not deter him in his outrageously  outrageous outrage. He prefers ignorance and anger to truth. Again, that is sad

Breaking News! Everything said, or done by anyone, at anytime, is offensive to snowflakes and racial agitators on college campuses

If we do not get a handle on the epidemic of perpetual victimhood, we are toast. And by getting a handle on the problem, I mean stop placating and appeasing these miscreants! Here is the latest outbreak of Offendeditis!

The University of Chicago’s Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) fraternity was accused of racial insensitivity for hosting a construction-themed party on the night of Cinco de Mayo.

The president of the fraternity, Clyde Anderson, even clarified in a statement after the fact that the construction theme was intended as an “ironic response” to the ongoing renovations being made on the fraternity’s house.

Oh come on Clyde, don’t pretend that you are unaware that everything done on Cinco de Mayo is RAAAAACIST! And, Clyde, construction outfits? On Cinco de Mayo? How much more blatantly racist can your frat be?

Anderson also pointed out that the party was only coincidentally planned for Cinco de Mayo, noting that “no brothers who wore construction attire had any part of their attire with Hispanic connotation” and “there were absolutely no party decorations or any aspects of the party with Mexican theme or appearance besides the date of the event.”

Ah, so no one wore anything that might be considered Hispanic? Not even any aspects of anything Hispanic was present? RAAAAACIST!! How intolerant and non-inclusive of you Clyde! See Clyde, you must understand that it does not matter what you do on Cinco de Mayo. No matter what you do it will be called RAAAAACIST! But, Clyde, the worst thing you could do is to, well apologize to the Brown Shirts. And, of course, you did that very thing Clyde. You prostrated yourself, and your frat, before a group of bullies. I guess that act of surrender beats actually having balls right Clyde?

Even so, Anderson went on to apologize to his peers who may have been offended by the celebration, expressing his “sincerest apologies to any individual who may have felt discriminated against by the event.”

Oh someone get me a vomit bag, extra large please! There was nothing for any normal, rational person to be offended over. So why not stand up and call them out? Clyde is delusional if he thinks that trying to reach common ground with cultural bullies will get him anything. I mean consider the groups that were like, super offended! Look at the roll call of Leftist agitators and bullies

According to The Maroon, Anderson and his fraternity brothers even agreed to change the time of the event to midnight so that it would technically fall on May 6 rather than May 5, and nixed the construction theme, though some party-goers still arrived in construction-worker garb, resulting in a prompt denunciation of the event from several on-campus student organizations.

What were the groups?

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán (MEChA), the Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS), the Organization of Black Students (OBS), the African Caribbean Students Association (ACSA), the Muslim Students Association (MSA), and the PanAsia Solidarity Coalition (PanAsia).

Quite a collection of malcontents there

“Despite those actions, the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity chapter still held a construction-themed party on May 5, at which some attendees dressed in hard hats and construction vests,” a joint statement put out by six multicultural organizations declared, referencing a meeting between a member of a student group known as “MEChA” and the “organizer” of the event, during which he apparently agreed to change both its time and theme.

“The chapter directly went against their word, and broke their stated values of ‘morality’ and ‘leadership,’ and completely disregarded the concern expressed by MEChA de UChicago and various other individuals and cultural groups on campus,” the statement continues, accusing the fraternity of following through with “a construction-themed party to demonstrate their privilege and authority by blatantly disregarding the concerns of marginalized groups without facing disciplinary actions.”

Oh go fuck yourselves! That is the only proper response to bottom feeders like this. They are the bigots, and must be called out! And allow me to be clear, the people caving to these parasites are actually doing worse damage to our liberties. 

People ask McDonalds to bring back Szechuan Sauce, Racial Obsession Syndrome soon follows

The Left is redefining petty, petulant, pathetic, and likely many other words that start with the letter “P”

In fact, rolling out Szechuan sauce with the original Mulan was itself problematic, though critics were less aware, then, of how the film collapsed millennia of complex Chinese history and culture into a flat, oversimplified pastiche. Maybe they just cared less. Either way, it’s not surprising that the country’s elaborate cuisine and varied flavor profiles were likewise distilled into that catch-all sweet-spicy-sour Chinese condiment — the aforementioned Szechuan sauce — and served up alongside all-American chicken McNuggets.

Clamoring for the simultaneous release of Szechuan sauce and a film inspired by a sixth-century Chinese folktale is the same as asking for Mickey D’s to serve up a rich Hollandaise or Béarnaise in honor of the quintessentially French Beauty and the Beast. Delicious as that situation might be, it has nothing to do with the roots of the legend it purports to celebrate. French cuisine is lauded for its geographical nuances (Normandy gave birth to Hollandaise, while Béarnaise is Parisian; three other French “mother sauces” exist), and reducing it into a single flavor profile would be viewed as disrespectful by home cooks and connoisseurs alike. Because it is.

The same goes for thinking Szechuan sauce could represent all of China — Sichuan (the traditional spelling) is just one of the country’s 34 provinces — but it’s obvious that this instance of cultural and culinary reductionism doesn’t seem to hold as much weight. It’s not hard to imagine why.

Oh good freaking grief, it is sauce! Nothing more! No one, and no culture is being reduced. How many variants of BBQ sauce are there, and BBQ rubs for that matter? Should Southerners examine each ingredient in each rub or sauce and then claim some imagined offense? Maybe we should defend the cultural purity of our BBQ, cornbread, fried chicken, or collard green recipes and preparation? Of course not because again, there are many different ways these cultural dishes are prepared.

In other words, relax, it will all be OK, after all it is only sauce

One thing I note about this piece by Yasmin Tayag stands out in its hypocrisy. Read this paragraph

While we’ve come a long way since Mulan, we unfortunately still live in an age where Scarlett Johansson is our best Japanese actress and Asian men are beat up on airplanes for no reason other than gross ignorance. There’s no telling whether McDonald’s will actually bring Szechuan sauce back, but the last thing Asian-Americans need is a sauce to obscure the diversity of their cultures in the same shade of faceless, nationless, Western-approved brown.

Odd, she is right in noting the diversity of different Asian people languages, cultures, etc. Yet she uses the Asian-American label, which gives an impression that all Asians are the same. Remember Yasmin, consistency matters. But, of course, Liberalism is an ideology of convenience, so consistency, is, well only useful when it is convenient to whatever failed narrative is being pushed. 

Whiny students demand safe spaces University President tells them to grow up

Outbreak of Snowflake Syndrome in 3,2,1……

Students at Northern Arizona University are demanding their president step down because she refused to endorse safe spaces at a recent forum.

During the forum, one student asked President Rita Cheng how she could support safe spaces when she doesn’t “take action in situations of injustice,” citing an incident the previous week “when we had the preacher on campus and he was promoting hate speech against marginalized students.”

Cheng corrected the student, explaining that she doesn’t support safe spaces at all, according to KPNX.

“As a university professor, I’m not sure I have any support at all for safe space,” Cheng asserted. “I think that you as a student have to develop the skills to be successful in this world and that we need to provide you with the opportunity for discourse and debate and dialogue and academic inquiry, and I’m not sure that that is correlated with the notion of safe space as I’ve seen that.”

BOOM! Great response from Cheng. In short, she is telling them that not everyone in the world will agree with them or their views. This is what every university head should be doing

Your MUST READ Post of the Day

Ever wonder just how far the Left could take what I am calling yet another Liberal Malady Identity Obsession Disorder? This far!

(Daily Caller)  The professor, Teresa Blankmeyer Burke of the philosophy and religion faculty at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., espoused her theory of “cultural genocide” earlier this month at Impact Ethics, a website covering bioethical issues.

“Members of the signing Deaf community argue that research which aims to eliminate or cure deafness is a form of cultural genocide,” Burke explains. “The argument goes like this: the use of gene therapy to cure hereditary deafness would result in smaller numbers of deaf children. This, in turn, would reduce the critical mass of signing Deaf people needed for a flourishing community, ultimately resulting in the demise of the community.”

It can’t get worse than that, can it?

“This bias of Hearing culture can be seen in the normative claim that it is better to be a member of the dominant, mainstream Hearing cultural community than to be a member of the non-dominant Deaf cultural community,” Burke writes.

Suffering from hereditary deafness “confers on deaf children a Deaf way of being in the world” with “advantages” that “are not always obvious to members of the Hearing community.”

Withholding medical treatment that might allow children to hear? hey if an adult wants to remain deaf, that is their business. But children? What of their choice? Or will the Left force identity upon them? What is the next stop on the Leftist road to Hell? Objecting to cures for blindness? Paralysis? How far will they go in their moral depravity? Maybe they will start diagnosing the “identity” of children, then force that on the child? Seems pretty sick, but consider how far out from reality the Left is. And given their penchant for desiring control and their hatred of Individualism…………

So now wearing patriotic clothing causes Offendeditis

Let me get his straight. High school students should not wear red, white and blue to their team’s game because refugees, who are being helped by this country, might get offended?

The Valley High School-Des Moines North State Tournament game was one for the ages. “They played hard,” said Morgan Wheat, an assistant coach at Des Moines North. “We had a chance to win at the end. Hats off to Valley, they made more plays.”

Following the matchup, some fans were more concerned with what was happening in the crowd.  Wheat said, “Everything just blows up after the game and I’m still hearing about it this morning.”

Valley students had chosen to wear red, white and blue instead of their school colors black and orange.  “Any normal person, any educated person can look at that and think what the hell are these kids thinking,” said Wheat.

OK, let me to get this straight. Having an American-themed night is now “abnormal” and something only the “uneducated” would do? To believe the idiocy Wheat is spewing we would have to believe that America, and patriotic clothing is somehow inherently offensive to anyone who is “educated”. Perhaps Wheat has been educated beyond his hat size? And, we would also have to assume that because several players from Wheat’s team come from refugee families that they would be bitter and offended that America, the country that has allowed them in, would actually allow Americans to wear patriotic themed clothing. Mr. Wheat it is you who needs to be asked what the Hell you are thinking.

Perhaps Americans are supposed to stop loving this nation because an ungrateful refugee, and yes, any refugee offended by U.S.A. themed clothing being worn by Americans, in America is deeply ungrateful. Maybe we, as a nation should beg for forgiveness and vow only to wear clothing that will not offend the delicate egos of people our nation has reached out to help escape oppression?

News Flash! Sense of humor is now a hate crime or something

Alternate title, Offendeditis outbreak at American University, Feminists and Snowflakes hardest hit

The College Fix reported:

‘Anti-feminism’ posters at American University investigated as a ‘hate crime’

Law enforcement personnel are searching for the person who hung up “anti-feminism” posters around American University’s campus late Tuesday evening.

The posters parody the recent International Women’s Day as “International Nags [sic] Day,” and include the meme “Stop talking and bitching woman on March 8 and make me a sandwich.”

Rather remarkably, as Fox-5 reports, police are investigating this “vandalism” as a hate crime.

A crime alert was issued to the A.U. community which included photos of the suspect:

Here is the super duper extra offensive poster that some people think should be criminalized. Brace yourself, and make sure no children, or small animals can see the horror….

Oh no, how will our republic survive this? At worst this is in bad taste. To me it is funny, partly because it has some possibly inappropriate elements to it. But also because it is true. Feminism has devolved into angry, irrational hyperbole being screamed by perpetually pissed off “victims”. These women who go heavy into Feminism see discrimination everywhere. Hell they cannot order lunch without seeing the “Patriarchy” somewhere in the experience. But, I must say, I would have really liked these posters to be put up as well

A quick note here, I only put the photo of a hot woman drinking beer because men will like it, and Feminists hate anything that men enjoy.

Democrat makes sexist comment about Kellyanne Conway, Nancy Pelosi refuses to condemn him

It must be all that Botox, or maybe Selective Outrage Syndrome?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Sunday refused to condemn Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond’s sexist attack on White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Richmond, referring to a picture of Conway kneeling on the Oval Office couch while taking pictures for the presidents of historically black colleges, said the White House staffer “looked familiar” in that position–a sexually charged joke that even Chelsea Clinton called “despicable.” Pelosi, however, refused to condemn the attack when pressed by Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“Leader Pelosi, the joke was sexist, it was disgusting. Shouldn’t the congressman apologize to Kellyanne Conway? And, honestly, where is the Democratic Party in expressing outrage about this?” Tapper asked.

“I wasn’t at the dinner. I’m just finding out about this. The fact is, I’m still in sort of a state of ‘What is going on here?’ that the person who occupies the White House is a person who was on that Hollywood video, that said the crude things he says about women,” Pelosi dodged. “You all are criticizing Cedric for something he said in the course of the evening — and he maybe should be criticized for that, I just don’t know the particulars.

She sounds like a babbling idiot. Which is to say she sounds like herself. The fact is Conservative women are not protected by the Left because the Left despises women who refuse to “know their place”. Pelosi is part of that misogynist mindset frankly.