Media’s Russia-NRA conspiracy theory in tin foil hat worthy

Doug Powers shuts down the narrative

The Left’s effort to continue to push the “Russia collusion” angle as well as the liberal narrative about the NRA has fused, thanks to NPR, which presented this super-forced gotcha attempt:

Scandalous? Not so much

For the most part, according to the article and the NRA’s statement to a congressman, the NRA made a couple thousand dollars from membership dues and subscriptions from U.S. citizens living in Russia. Not exactly the “NRA’s in bed with Putin” scoop NPR was obviously trying to create.

Narrative FAIL Syndrome!

Alisyn Camerota stunned that Totalitarian Wannabe David Hogg was turned down by some colleges

She fawns over him like he is the second coming

Steven Crowder does not see to impressed by Hogg and his seven inch arms

Maybe Hogg’s rejection has something to do with him being a prickly pinecone shoved deep into America’s rectum. There’s also the matter of him being a monumental dunce. The Hogginator can’t make a case against the Second Amendment without going straight to ad hominem attacks and outright lies. What makes you think he’d be any better at making a case for himself in an admissions essay?

There’s also the matter of little Davey’s melanin content, or lack thereof. Sad to say, even with the best GPA and SAT scores, being a few shades too white is going to set him back. Hogg’s on the record lamenting his white privilege in interviews. I guess he can consider community college his penance. The universities have already met their quota for ultra-authoritarian honky leftist troublemakers. Their policies, not mine.

Alisyn Camerota “fuming” over Hogg’s college woes is further proof of where CNN’s political allegiances lie. They already let Dave get away with spreading lies and calling NRA members “child murderers.” Now, they’re chastising universities for telling their little friend to piss off.

Word to the wise, it’s not journalism if you’re picking sides. CNN is showing no objectivity whatsoever with the gun-grabbing Parkland kids. With all their blatant biases showing, it’s a wonder people still believe CNN is anything other than the fakest of the fake.

BINGO! That, Leftists is truth to power!

Don Lemon vies for Journalism Fail Hall of Shame

Good Freaking Grief what planet does this fool live in?

On Monday night, near the end of his CNN Tonight show, host Don Lemon got into a heated debate with right-leaning CNN political commentator Tara Setmayer after she began criticizing the media for giving the anti-gun Parkland student activists a forum to make incendiary attacks on the NRA and other opponents of gun control.

After she complained that, if you criticize the behavior of some of the students, “all of a sudden you’re the bad guy,” Lemon shot back: “You are the bad guy. Yes, you are, you are. These kids suffered an unimaginable tragedy. You let them vent, and then you move on.”

Continuing to dismiss her concerns about giving air to one side of a political debate without being allowed to respond with appropriate criticism, he soon added: “We’re not elevating them. And they deserve to have every elevation because of what they went through, and we should listen to them because I can’t imagine what they went through.”

So, if you are traumatized, and under the age of 18 then you get to say whatever you want? No matter how false? Not only that, but everyone else must elevate you, and do whatever you suggest because if you don’t you are the BAD GUY! The truth? BAH! Don Lemon don’t need no stinkin’ truth!

Oh no, NRA Tweet causes Offendeditis outbreak

Oh, the tragedy of Offendeditis

First the Tweet that triggered some hack at USA Today

Oh no, the horror!

Unfortunately, USA Today‘s Josh Hafner felt it was necessary to direct everyone’s attention to the tweet. You know, because it was so awful.

On Wednesday morning, as students nationwide protested to mark the one-month anniversary of the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., the National Rifle Association promoted a glamorized image of an AR-15 — the same kind of gun used to kill 17 people in the massacre.

“I’ll control my own guns, thank you,” the NRA tweeted at 11:30 a.m. ET, as students’ walkout demonstrations rippled across the United States.

Many students, such as those at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where last month’s shooting occurred, said they walked out Wednesday to gain visibility as they push for lawmakers to ban assault rifles like the one used in the shooting.

The AR-15 image came from an NRA article praising the weapon as “the musket of its era.” Unlike muskets, which fired about one round every 20 seconds, AR-15-style rifles have become the favorite gun of mass shooters looking to fire about one round every half second.

Several mass shootings have relied on AR-15-style guns, including: Parkland, Sutherland Springs, Texas; Las Vegas; Orlando; and Newtown, Conn.

So, the NRA, which stresses gun safety, AND better background checks, AND harsher sentences for violent felons should just be smeared as a “terrorist” organization that kills kids without ever speaking up on its own behalf? I do not think the Left understands how free speech works

This is what The Huffington Post thinks is “diversity”

Yeah, what about men who identify as left-handed lesbian squirrels? Where is their voice?

The Democrats embrace noted anti- Semite, where is the media?

Jake Tapper asks what the rest of the media ignores. Farrakhan is trash, his “church” more like a cult, the Nation of Islam, is detestable, yet, the media is obviously too busy to take note. And the Democrats who cozy up with Farrakhan get a pass