Oh, I’m sorry, are we supposed to feel bad for Brian Williams?

Williams makes what ten million or so a year? He was, I repeat WAS, the most trusted newsman in America. He really was blessed. Yet, he chose, I repeat CHOSE, to lie like some awkward teenager trying to impress his peers? And not one lie, no, multiple lies, repeated multiple times. Sorry, that guy deserves nothing like sympathy. In truth, he has plenty of $$$$$, and he will resurface in some form sooner or later on TV, although I would bet he is finished at NBC. And, again, he has but one person to blame for that, himself. Donald Douglas has some more on Williams.

As a side note, NBc is choosing to replace Williams with Lester Holt? Seriously, Lester Holt! Why not shake it up a bit, try something, or someone new? I mean look at some names besides Holt, being thrown around

The New York Post reported that Carl Quintanilla and Willie Geist are on the short-list to replace Williams, and the network has taken an interest in bringing in someone younger to do the gig.

Yeah, NO!

“They’re going to need to replace him with someone who has at least 15 years left [in his or her career],” an insider told The Post.

The network could go in a different direction though. Thompson says Williams’ predecessor Tom Brokaw could jump back in the saddle if NBC mimics the way CBS handled Dan Rather’s stepping down.

Talk about a fossil? Brokaw? REALLY?

“They could use the strategy CBS did when they put gravitas-laden Bob Schieffer in to replace the disgraced Rather, and put Brokaw back in the chair to give it some respectability until the smoke clears.”

NBC brass could also tap “Today” show talent, some experts speculated.

“Matt Lauer is the best-known news person on the network,” Steinberg says, “and he has years of experience interviewing everyone from heads of state to celebrities. The question is ‘would he [want] to do it?’”

Lauer? Why on earth would they pick him?

Thompson says Savannah Guthrie, whose popularity has soared since joining “Today,” could be another possibility.

Oh boy, how exciting would that choice be huh? Hell, I can watch my neighbors Chevy rust and have more fun.

“It would be a strategic move especially now that there are again no women in the nightly anchor positions,” he says.

Katie Couric, says Steinberg, is another female to consider even though she has a job as the Yahoo Global News Anchor.

Katie Couric? Why not just stop having NBC Nightly News? No one wants to see that “perky” and by perky I mean phony brain donor any more. In truth of course, NBC is a disgrace, and as long as MSNBC is attached in  any way to NBC, well…. their credibility is nil!

To be honest, I have not watched NBC Nightly News in years and years ( I have not watched ABC World News Tonight or CBS Evening News either) so I really do not care who sits in that chair. But, could NBC earn my viewership with a better choice? Sure, here are a few suggestions.

Brit Hume, because he is Brit Hume! Can you imagine the leftist meltdown over NBC going with a Fox News guy? Millions would watch because Hume is credible, and millions of Fox hating Liberals would hate watch!

Megyn Kelly! Hey news is now ratings driven, and Megyn means ratings!

Harris Faulkner. Great voice, has good charisma, a talented news woman, and lets be honest, once viewers look into her eyes, they cannot look away.

Sharyl Attkisson. Oh yeah, that would be a game changer would it not? Team Obama would go nuts over a real journalist having that gig.

Finally, allow me to dream a bit here. NBC should hire Tamron Hall. She seems very sweet, and has great personality, she has been in the news game a while, and yes, I have an enormous crush on her. She is incredibly beautiful. Color me smitten

TamronH tamron-hall-11_610x397_21



*VIDEO* Eric (The Duck) Holder



Your Daley Gator Birds-Of-A-Feather Story O’ The Day

Dan Rather Backs NBC’s Brian Williams – Big Journalism


Disgraced former TV news anchor Dan Rather has come to the aid of embattled NBC anchor Brian Williams, saying that Williams is an “honest man.” But Williams is caught up in a scandal of his own making after admitting to lying about being in a helicopter downed by enemy RPG fire in Iraq in 2003.

Rather, who was fired by CBS in 2004 after helping to create and air a report that falsely claimed that President George W. Bush had deserted from the Texas Air National Guard, came out in support of Williams on Thursday.

“I don’t know the particulars about that day in Iraq,” Rather told Politico. “I do know Brian. He’s a longtime friend and we have been in a number of war zones and on the same battlefields, competing but together. Brian is an honest, decent man, an excellent reporter and anchor–and a brave one. I can attest that-like his predecessor Tom Brokaw–he is a superb pro, and a gutsy one.”

Rather’s vote of support came after Williams, who has been the chief anchor of NBC Nightly News since 2004, was forced to admit to his audience that he had “misremembered” the facts of the helicopter incident that he claimed he was involved in during an assignment in Iraq in 2003.



Brian Williams: Hey, why are all these chickens in my house?

Can you say coming home to roost?

Michelle Malkin reminds us of what Brian Williams, whose lies about being shot down in Iraq were just exposed, thinks of us lowly bloggers. We just don’t have the credibility of “professionals” like Williams who wear suits instead of bathrobes.

After years of experience in the news business, Williams said he has developed his own “strong BS meter” — he can watch the local news in any city in this country and tell you which anchors went out to dinner that night instead of staying and writing between the 6 o’clock and 11 o’clock news. Williams also said he can tell which anchors write their own copy and who’s just reading whatever pops up on the teleprompter. On The Nightly News, Williams reviews every word of the copy before it goes on the teleprompter. “Any time I’ve kicked a word, it’s because I’ve never seen it before,” Williams said.

The Nightly News attracts between 10 and 11 million viewers each night. But the playing field for prime-time nightly news is in constant motion, with NBC, CBS, and ABC jockeying for the top slot in the ratings game. The tremendous growth of online media — especially blogs — in recent years has altered the face of journalism.

“You’re going to be up against people who have an opinion, a modem, and a bathrobe,” said Williams. “All of my life, developing credentials to cover my field of work, and now I’m up against a guy named Vinny in an efficiency apartment in the Bronx who hasn’t left the efficiency apartment in two years.”

Two points for Brian Williams, or asshole as I call him. First I do not blog in a bathrobe, in fact I do not own a bathrobe, and second, I never made up a story to pretend to be a war hero.

Looks like Dana Milbank is smoking crack again

Delusion at its worst?

On MSNBC’s PoliticsNation on Tuesday, host Al Sharpton touted liberal Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank making a “bold prediction” about the remainder of Barack Obama’s presidency: “…you wrote, quote, ‘If the economy continues on its current trajectory, as most expect, he’ll leave office a popular president and leave the 2016 Democratic nominee with a relatively easy past to victory.'” Milbank doubled down on the prediction made in his Friday column: “Well, it’s not so surprising. He crossed fifty percent today. I think he’s on his way up to fifty-five percent, that puts him in a category not with George W. Bush but with Ronald Reagan.” Sharpton happily replied: “I’ll leave it there, on the Reagan note.” 

Good Freaking Grief!

Johnathan Tobin sets the record straight on “No-Go-Zones” story

Tobin is not a Conservative, remember that as you read this

Last week terrorism expert Steven Emerson erred when he claimed on a Fox news program with Jeanine Pirro that Birmingham, England was a no-go zone that was “100 percent Muslim.” That was an egregious gaffe and, to his credit, Emerson apologized though for his pains he continued to be excoriated by critics who sought to discredit his entire body of work, something that is as unfair as anything he might have said since the credibility of his groundbreaking work studying the growth of Islamist extremism in the United States has never been seriously questioned. But in the following days, the counter-attack against those calling attention to the growth of Islamist extremism in Europe has now gotten to the point where it is no longer possible for anyone to mention the existence of a “no go zone” for non-Muslims anywhere in Europe. But those who are trying to portray the entire topic as a conservative or anti-Muslim meme that must be stamped out are forgetting some important information. It wasn’t Fox News or any conservative outlet that helped popularized the idea of such zones; it was the impeccably liberal New York Times.

The backlash against mention of no-go zones has gotten to the point where CNN anchor Anderson Cooper actually apologized for letting several guests mention them on his program. Though had he interviewed Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo who speciously threatened to sue Fox News for mentioning no go zones in the region of the French capital and had heaped scorn on Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for doing the same, Anderson also did a mea culpa for letting some guests say the dreaded words.

In the wave of the Paris attacks, several guests on this program mentioned ‘no-go zones’ in France. I didn’t challenge them and twice referred to them as well. I should have been more skeptical, I won’t make the same mistake again.

In other words, the push back on this question is no longer limited to obvious mistakes such as those of Emerson, the arbiters of political correctness are now seeking to enforce a ban on the term altogether. To even mention no-go zone is now considered akin to anti-Muslim racism.

This is an astounding development and not just because it reflects the desire of many in the media to change the subject from the explosion of Islamist terror and a rising tide of anti-Semitism sweeping across Europe to the faults of non-Muslims or promote myths about Islamophobia. The switch is all the more astonishing because the discussion of no-go zones in the Paris region was introduced in a New York Times Magazine article dating back to 2007.

In the piece titled “The Battle Over the Banlieues,” David Rief explored the alienation of Muslim immigrants living in grimy Parisian suburbs. But he did not shy away from the fact that many of these places had become all but off-limits to those who did not trace their origins to North Africa. In a piece that explored the aftermath of the violent 2005 riots that rocked the banlieues, as these suburbs are called, the Times Magazine did not hesitate to describe them accurately:

The fact is there are many so-called no-go zones and Islamic extremism is a major issue now in Europe. In part this current crisis arose from European  nations not demanding Muslim immigrants ASSIMILATE. This allowed, and in fact encouraged Muslims to self-segregate, and that gave rise to, well, no-go-zones which are breeding grounds for extremism. We cannot allow the politically correct language police to now stifle this discussion. As Tobin points out, anyone even using the term will now be labelled Islamaphobic and racist. This is a strategy the Left has used for many years now. Intimidating anyone who speaks the truth and sadly the media is all too compliant.

Stupidity runs amok

What do you get when you add years of public school indoctrination with an irresponsible media that takes Racial Obsession Syndrome to new lows, and top it off with Liberal lies about race, the police, and, America in general? You get morons like these miscreants











Oh boy, talk about stuck on stupid! The whole “hands up” BS was born out the Michael Brown shooting. Rather than waiting on silly things like evidence, the Left erupted when Brown was shot. The campaign of lies and propaganda told us he was a gentle giant, a good kid, just a teen, unarmed, and he had his hands up and was gunned down in cold blood. But, of course the evidence, including at least six Black witnesses told a very different story. Brown attacked officer Wilson, tried to take his gun, and was ultimately killed when he charged at Wilson. The forensic evidence, and autopsies agreed with those witnesses, but, who needs facts? Facts will not stop Leftist agitators, and race pimps, and those who emote rather than think. So, we still have people doing the moronic hands up deal going on.

The saddest part is that the people doing this abjectly refuse to listen to any facts or evidence. They are aggrieved dammit! They like being victims, and they obviously prefer walking around ignorant and embittered to being open-minded. Just another piece of evidence that Liberalism is an Ideology for the Pessimistic. I guess being part of the “social justice” crowd just is not the same unless you can act like a royal asshole and make a fool of yourself.