He’s Back! Philadelphia Eagles To Sign Tim Tebow

Glazer: Eagles To sign Tebow In Latest Move Of Frenzied Offseason – Fox Sports


Tim Tebow is back in the NFL. And Chip Kelly’s offseason just got juicier.

The Philadelphia Eagles plan to bring in quarterback Tim Tebow and sign him Monday as they begin their offseason program, FOX Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer reports. Multiple outlets later confirmed the report.

The Eagles are looking for a fourth quarterback for their offseason program. After spending time with Tebow’s quarterbacks coach Tom House, the Eagles are convinced he’s improved a lot, Glazer reports.

Tebow, who hasn’t played in an NFL regular season game since 2012, was brought in for a workout for the Eagles last month.

“I’ve always been a fan of Tim,” Kelly told NFL Network last month. “We bring in a lot of players for private workouts, it’s just he’s the one that everyone keeps talking about. We brought in Terrelle Pryor for a workout and Thad Lewis in for a workout. When players are available for you to work them out, it’s the same thing of going to the veteran combine or going to the super regional combine.

“It’s getting an exposure to a player so that when you have to make a decision and say, ‘Hey, what are we going to do now?’ you say, ‘I don’t know anything about these players. Let’s bring them in and work them out,’ and it may be too late at that point in time. So all we’re doing is just doing our homework.”

The Eagles traded for quarterback Sam Bradford earlier this offseason and signed Mark Sanchez to an extension. Matt Barkley currently sits third on the depth chart.

Tebow hasn’t played in the NFL since he was with the New York Jets in 2012. He was released by the New England Patriots before the 2013 season and spent last year working in television as an analyst for the SEC Network and ESPN.

Despite being out of the league, the 27-year-old Tebow remained one of the most popular players around. He has a legion of fans who follow him because of his strong Christian beliefs.

The former Heisman Trophy winner led Florida to two national titles and was a first-round pick by Denver in 2010. He started 16 games during two seasons with the Broncos, including a playoff victory over Pittsburgh in January 2012. Tebow was traded to the Jets after Denver signed Peyton Manning.

Tebow had some success in Denver, but his inaccurate passing and lack of pocket presence was an issue. His strength has been running the ball or improvising. Tebow has completed just 47.9 percent of his passes for 2,422 yards, 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He has 989 yards rushing, a 5.0 average yards per carry and 12 TDs.



My Super Sunday predictions

Well, here w are, the culmination of another football season. Super Sunday, Seahawks and Patriots, a Katy Perry halftime show, fireworks, way too much pregame show, and yes, the commercials. So what do I think will happen? Hmmmm

The Pats will win because of better coaching, and because Tom Brady knows it might be his last shot at ring #4. And they will win because they will be agitated by all the morons pretending that they are “cheats”. Back in 2006, the NFL, made a decision to allow each team to brings its own footballs to each game. The NFL had to know that the quarterbacks, who all are very particular about the feel, weight, and inflation level of the football would use this rule, and stretch this rule, and bend this rule. The NFL had to know. So, I think it safe to say that most, if not every NFL team likely plays fast and loose with that rule, and thus the amount of air in the balls. That does not shock me. What doers shock me is that anyone is “shocked” that this might be the case. I mean really now. In a game where all teams will do anything to win a championship, why is anyone surprised that rules are bent? Who are the idiots that needed those dots connected for them?

Frankly, I am pulling for the Pats ONLY because of Deflategate, which is a non-story driven by the drama queens in the sports media. Frankly, most of the sports journalism today sounds more like high school girls gossiping to me than actual journalists breaking stories. (But, enough about ESPN’s First Take with Screamin A Smith and failed shock jock Skip Bayless. The show at least has Cari Champion who has a body to lust after, so I guess it is not a complete loss.) Then there are the press conferences, where sports “reporters” ask stupid questions that no actual sports fans care about then pat themselves on the back for asking “tough” questions, EGADS! In fact, I find football so much better when I ignore the useless press conferences with the scripted question and scripted answers. Frankly, I would prefer watching my neighbors Chevy rust than take in any sports press conference.

So, I am not taking in the press conferences, or the incessant pre-game babbling from former players saying the same things repeatedly. And I will skip the halftime show most likely. Katy Perry is quite attractive yes,  but her music is not in my wheelhouse and to be honest I will be watching the Super Bowl to watch, wait for it, FOOTBALL! I do not need a halftime show, or a three-day long pregame show. I love football, and this game should be very good.

Of course there are the commercials which used to be great. I say used to be because in recent years the ads all seem tame and boring because all the corporations are afraid of offending some whiner or another. Seriously, where have the funny spots gone? I guess PC killed them, Hell it has about killed all free expression so why not commercials too right?

And to top it all off NBC is broadcasting the game, which means we might get a lecture in Liberalism from noted anti-self-defense midget Bob Costas at some point. OH boy!

So, enjoy the game, and Katy Perry’s body, which is nice even if most of her music sucks, and heck you might even see a decent commercial, which will draw outrageous outrage from some whiny group somewhere. 

Ed Thinks Up A Way To Improve The NFL Post-Season – A JV Super Bowl

Although I have essentially boycotted the NFL this season – due to the fact that it has become a politically correct nightmare in recent years – I am hopeful that one day the people who run it will regain their senses and begin acting like real men again. Should that happen, I have devised a little scheme that I believe could help to enhance the professional football fan’s post-season experience.

First of all, get rid of the Pro Bowl altogether. It is, and has always been, a completely pointless game that people only watch out of sheer boredom, so just END IT already!

Secondly, replace it with a game between two actual NFL teams – not a one-time collection of individual super stars – that can be incentivized to play the game as if it wasn’t some sort of half-assed practice scrimmage.

Here’s how my plan works:

Take the two best, non-playoff teams from both the AFC and NFC respectively – four teams total – and pit them against each other in two initial “bowl games” during the post-season.

Example: this year’s contestants would be the Houston Texans, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the San Francisco 49ers.

The AFC’s bowl game could be named for the best coach that the conference has ever produced, Chuck Noll, while the NFC’s could be named for its greatest coach, Vince Lombardi.

The winners of these two games would then play each other in a sort of JV version of the Super Bowl. It could be named after the place where America’s first wholly professional football game was played, Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

So how would this work exactly?

Well, the first two games could be played on the Monday and Tuesday nights immediately following the league’s divisional playoff games.

The “Latrobe Bowl” could be played two weeks later on the Sunday between the conference championships and the Super Bowl.

The incetives to win this game could be A.) player bonuses equal to – say – half those of the Super Bowl champions, and B.) an additional first round pick in the following college draft for the team’s general manager. Oh, and C.) the coach could get a nice trophy for his display case.

The losers could get free bus tickets home… and maybe some Arby’s gift certificates.

And that’s it! That’s my brief outline for improving the NFL post-season picture.

Feel free to express your own thoughts on this subject in the comments section below.


Yet Another Reason Why I Have Grown To Hate The NFL (Video/Pictures)

RGIII Enters NFL Event with A ‘Know Jesus’ T-Shirt On The Right Way, Leaves With It Inside-Out – Independent Journal Review

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was told by an NFL representative to flip his ‘Know Jesus, Know Peace’ t-shirt inside-out at a press conference over his dislocated ankle on Sunday, reportedly because it was not a Nike t-shirt.


Here is RGIII walking into the presser on crutches to discuss his injury:


Now, let’s see what he’s wearing when he takes the podium, in a before-and-after shot:


Now let’s assume that argument is legitimate. Then why were these policies not applied to Redskins teammate Ryan Kerrigan, who wore a non-Nike t-shirt to the press podium?


That would be a ‘Five Four Clothing’ t-shirt being worn by a Redskins player at the same press conference, according to CSN Washington. JP Finlay provides us with a better look:


Finlay reached out to the league and got a different story: NFL players are forbidden from wearing t-shirts with personal messages on gameday.

It’s unclear if the “personal message” that RGIII was displaying was the trigger for the message to turn the shirt inside-out or face a fine, given the background of being fined for wearing Adidas shirts to gameday press conferences.

If there’s anything we know from the past few weeks of spousal abuse and child abuse stories coming out of the NFL, maybe letting a little personal message like RGIII’s go would have been a wise thing to do.

Certainly, there will be cases where the NFL did not censor or fine players for personal messages on gameday coming out in the future. Another thing is likely – the ignored apparel or messages will be of the politically correct, NFL-approved kind.



Related article:

(09/12/14) Edward L. Daley: Thank God For College Football…

…because I can no longer watch the NFL. I’m finished with the league and its insistence upon inundating its audience with socio-political claptrap at every turn.

For a long time now I’ve put up with a free agency system and salary caps that have resulted in teams losing many of their best players to rivals year after year. I’ve tolerated the ridiculous rule changes and the gradual feminizing of the game I love. But this recent inclination to preach to me and all my fellow football fans about political and social issues whenever some thug player does something immoral or unlawful in his private life, is the final straw that has broken this aging camel’s back.

I saw this trend toward increasingly inappropriate behavior coming several years ago when players on a number of teams began wearing pink shoes and gloves in order to help raise awareness about breast cancer. Now I ask you, who the hell wants to be constantly reminded of cancer while watching a sporting event? Anyone?!?

Look here, if you’re a multi-millionaire football player or team owner who wants to spend his free time supporting worthy causes, then God bless you! That is a noble endeavor, to be sure, but please leave your pet projects OFF THE PLAYING FIELD!

Now, you may well ask what cancer awareness has to do with the recent Ray Rice incident, or any similar scandal that has permeated the industry of late.

My answer is simple. It has nothing to do with Ray Rice’s behavior off the field in exactly the same way it has nothing to do with professional football games.

Get it?

As for those pretentious, hollier-than-thou sports commentaters who’ve decided that it’s somehow their duty to waste countless hours mindlessly chattering about things like gun violence and spousal abuse – as if your average 5-year-old boy didn’t know that it’s wrong to go around punching out girls – instead of talking about football, SCREW YOU TOO!

I can’t speak for every football fan in America, but I bet I speak for the vast majority of them when I say that I don’t tune into an NFL game to hear some barely literate ex-jock lecture me on the importance of treating women with respect, or analyze to death the psychological makeup of a guy who gets off watching dogs tear each other to shreds.

I watch the NFL Channel and other sports networks in order to see my favorite teams play ball, and occassionally get scores and injury updates from around the league. On the off chance that some key player gets in trouble and is suspended for however long that may prove to be, all I need to know is that it happened. What I don’t need to hear is anyone’s opinion about why it happened, how many times similar things happen every day in America, or the cultural significance of such events. That’s NOT NEWS! That, my friends, is egotism run amok. THAT is claptrap.

Instead of you so-called sports reporters gibbering like monkeys about the latest cause celebre, how about sharing with fans like me some inside dope about why the Pittsburgh Steelers can’t seem to rebuild their once-dominant defense in any significant way – or is that too freakin’ relevant to your job description?

Former President Ronald Reagan once said: “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me.” What he meant by that should be fairly obvious to most people, but I’ll try to clarify his sentiment just in case some of my readers don’t get it. What Reagan was saying is that he hadn’t changed substantially from who he’d been as a much younger man, but that an institution he once admired and had always identified with HAD changed in ways which left it fundamentally at odds with his worldview.

I, of course, am no Ronald Reagan, so please excuse me if my farewell to an institution that I once admired and identified with is somewhat less diplomatic in tone.

Today’s NFL is but an ever-fading shadow of its former self. It is increasingly more money-driven and arrogant than ever before, and it has completely lost touch with the fans for which it owes its very existence. The media personalities who surround it are even more clueless, but that’s hardly surprising considering the general nature of mainstream journalism in the 21st century.

Suddenly, the words “tits on a bull” leap to mind, but I won’t belabor the point out of respect for the few truly good news reporters out there – sports or otherwise – who understand what people actually expect them to do, and then seek to fulfill those expectations to the best of their abilities.

Now, getting back to the NFL itself, the thing that pisses me off as much as anything else about the modern league is the complete lack of loyalty exhibited by many of its players. These all-about-the-Benjamins bellends don’t give a square shit about anybody but themselves, so they can just go learn French for all I care.

Again, “tits on a bull”… but I digress.

In the final analysis, The National Football League has proved to me beyond all reasonable doubt that it is no longer worthy of my emotional investment or my kind attention.

So, go ahead and stick a fork in me, NFL. I’m done!

Sincerely, Edward L. Daley


Doug’s NFL Picks Week 3

Week 2 10-6

Season 21-11

Week 3

Falcons over Bucs

Colts over Jags 

Dolphins over Chiefs

Panthers over Steelers

Bills over Chargers

Cowboys over Rams

Eagles over Redskins

Giants over Texans

Saints over Vikings

Bengals over Titans

Ravens over Browns

Lions over Packers

Pats over Raiders

Cards over Niners

Seahawks over Broncos

Jets over Bears