President Obama loves him some Trayvon Martin

How can anyone, with a clear conscience, hold up Trayvon Martin, who was killed while trying to murder an innocent man?

The relevant portion begins at 6:20 or so

It is really sad that the civil rights movement, which changed America for the better has been hijacked by race baiters.

Sweden tackles its rape crisis by renaming RAAAAACIST birds!

Sweden is now the rape capitol of the West, and they are, apparently more concerned with more “tolerant” bird names.

Via NRO:

Sweden’s Ornithological Society has changed the names of a bunch of birds because they were concerned that the old names sounded racist.

For example: Any bird whose name contained the word “neger” (negro) had that word changed to the word “svart” (black), according to an article in The Local.

“We kept getting more and more questions from translators of Swedish TV programs and books wanting to know what exactly different bird names were or meant, so we decided to compile a list and while we were doing that we decided to change the names of any birds that could have stirred up a debate,” said Anders Wirdheim, information officer at Sweden’s Ornothological Society.

The bird previously known as “Zigenarfågel” which means “gypsy bird” will now be called “hoatzin,” even though that English word is already used to describe a type of tropical pheasant found in swamps and forests.

Good grief, Nuclear Grade Stupidity

Liberalism is an ideology for the intellectually stunted

The beauty of this is I do not even have to illustrate how devoid of reason, and depth the Left is, they do that themselves

In solidarity with local and global efforts to affirm the value of black lives, several UC Berkeley students painted the Big C red, green and black early Monday morning to represent the Pan-African flag.

Six members of the Black Student Union, or BSU, set out to paint the Big C — a large emblem of the letter C nested in a hill near campus — before 5 a.m., according to Gabrielle Shuman, co-chair of political affairs for the BSU. The gesture was intended to express solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, a term used widely in recent nationwide protests against police killings of unarmed black men.

“It’s just a proud moment for us to be able to see, ‘Wow, we claimed that space,’ ” Shuman said. “Obviously, painting some colors isn’t going to drastically change anything — it’s not going to solve all our problems or necessarily accomplish all of our goals. For us, this is really a symbolic thing.”

That says it all. It will not change anything. It is an empty, and pointless act that is far more about these buffoons feeling good about their own intellectual shortcomings. Never mind the lie behind the #BlackLivesMatter. Forget that police are not ruthlessly gunning down innocent Blacks. Forget that the vast majority of violent Black murders are committed by other Blacks. Forget that nothing these fools have done will change anything for the better. They are satisfied that they can pat themselves on the back for perpetuating the myth that RAAAAACISM is still rampant in America while failing to do a damned thing that actually helps Black people.

*VIDEO* Bill Whittle: Racial Racket Ball



Columnist Charles Blow stricken with severe case of Racial Obsession Syndrome UPDATED! I am now blocked by Charles Blow

Charles Blow has gone full scale nuclear grade race baiting after his son was detained, briefly by Police at Yale University But, what did the police do wrong? You decide

Yale police released this statement on the incident:

“Earlier this evening, Yale police responded to emergency calls from undergraduates in Trumbull College, one of twelve residential colleges on the Yale campus.  Several students reported that an individual had just entered their rooms under false pretenses, pretending to be looking for someone. Students in Trumbull College have been the victims of burglary this week, and a person matching the physical description of the individual, as well as the story of ‘looking for someone’ has been seen several times in the college.  (See this report from the Yale Daily News.)

“Tonight, when students spotted him, they called police and described him as a tall, African-American, college-aged student wearing a black jacket and a red and white hat. This was the description that Yale police used as they converged on Trumbull and attempted to track down the suspect. During the efforts to locate and detain the suspect, a Yale College student, who closely matched the description of the suspect, was briefly detained and released by Yale police. The suspect, who was seen fleeing Trumbull College, was arrested shortly thereafter in Berkeley College (a residential college adjacent to Trumbull College) and will be charged with felony burglaries.

“An internal review of the incident will be conducted by the YPD Chief’s office.”

Blow, though, is convinced this was RAAAAACISM and went on a Twitter tangent

So, his son fit the description of  a suspect, was in the same area, and the police questioned him, briefly it would seem, and said have a nice day when they realized he was not their man. Again what exactly did they do wrong? Who wants to bet Blow milks this for all he can get out of it. Go ahead Charles, ring that RAAAAACISM bell, scream police brutality, oppression and so on. I mean obviously your son, who attends YALE is a victim of discrimination.

Of course I am blocked by Charles Blow now. In fairness I might have been blocked already, but, again, this is how Liberal play.

NBC News Launches Website Exclusively For Blacks – Can Water Fountains And Bathrooms Be Far Behind?

NBC News Launches Website For Black People – Breaking911


Ahhh, yes.

The day has come, where black folks and white folks don’t have to read news from the same website.

NBC news has a new website and social media accounts geared towards the African-American community.

According to a letter from the editor:

“NBCBLK covers stories by, for and about the black community. Our product is meant to elevate America’s conversation about black identity, politics, and culture.

We share positive, solution-based journalism and report on challenging issues that communities of color face today. NBCBLK taps NBC News journalists around the world to tell these stories, and we curate reports from NBC News platforms – Nightly, Today Show, Dateline, and local affiliates among other NBC outlets.”

What do think?



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