Did ISIS threaten to commit suicide at college campus?

First the story via The Right Scoop


The Youngstown State rock was defaced this weekend and police are investigating the source of the pro-ISIS messages, WBNS Channel 10 reports.

University spokeswoman Shannon Tirone says staff discovered the messages when they arrived on campus Monday morning. The messages on the rock outside of the Kilcawley Center read: “We are coming,” ”France Deserves Destruction” and “YSU supports ISIS.”

Tirone says employees painted over the messages with white paint and some students plan to re-paint the rock with an American flag.

At this time it is not believed to be a credible threat to the school or to the area, but it is disturbing to say the least.

It is, I think, worth nothing that this message in support of terrorism and wishing destruction on a group of people has not received any national attention. I invite you to ponder with me what may have happened on this university campus if the message spray-painted on this rock were anti-Muslim instead of anti-France.

Likely just a sick stunt, but consider the message “We are coming”. Given all the retired and active duty US military, CHL holders (over 12 million), many with significant training, and law enforcement here in America, the “we” referenced on that rock would not last very long. 

Donald Perot?

Smitty sums up my fears

1-It’s blatantly obvious to even the most casual observer that Her Majesty’s best shot is a 1992 reprise.
I’ve long suspected that DJT is just an incendiary mercenary. I also suspect that Her Majesty has sufficient dirt (irrespective of what she gave away via Chappaquaiddick) to bend pretty much anyone among the elite to Her Royal Will.

2-The September détente between DJT and the GOP always looked like a convenience; DJT gets his ratings, and the GOP liquidates some smaller players.

3-The question moves to when DJT has his Ross Perot ephiphany. The reason will be some sort of kerfuffle with the GOP.  Given that, how many of his anti-elite supporters are willing to play the Perot game again? I’ve said that I’ll vote Trump as a heckler veto of Jeb, because #NoMasBush. Short of that, though, He Of The Ridiculous Hairstyle can pound sand.

I am in total agreement with Smitty on this. I have never trusted Trumps intentions to do anything but serve his own ego, and interests. Time will tell if my fear is justified

Irony defined by DC Police Chief

First there is the fact that Washington DC has draconian gun laws

Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier lords over a city where snotty white liberals have denied the entire population the right to bear arms in any practical sense, in which it is almost impossible to get a concealed carry permit.

Now to the irony, the anti self-defense chief is telling DC residents this

Now she’s finally admitting to residents that police won’t be there for them in a terror attack. D.C. residents are on their own, and if you can’t fight, you’re screwed.

Confronted with the rash of school and workplace “soft-target” shooting scenarios that now include possible terrorist acts like those in Paris, police departments are no longer preaching the passive approach of calling 911. Active shooters like the terrorists in Paris call for more active responses, including running away, hiding or actually attacking the attacker, says Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier. Anderson Cooper reports on the new advice departments are giving civilians, and the new ways they are training their officers to respond to these active shooters on the next edition of 60 Minutes on Sunday, Nov. 22 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

“Your options are run, hide, or fight,” says Lanier. “If you’re in a position to try and take the gunman down, to take the gunman out, it’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there,” she tells Cooper.

In recent years, mentally ill gunmen and now terrorists have killed victims indiscriminately, their aim to kill as many as possible, rather than taking hostages. These events call for more active approaches, she says. “That’s kind of counterintuitive to what cops always tell people, right? We always tell people, ‘Don’t…don’t take action. Call 911. Don’t intervene in the robbery’…we’ve never told people, ‘Take action.’ It’s a different…scenario.”

Wait… Lanier refused to admit that citizens need guns to have a chance of surviving the confrontation she’s encouraging, didn’t she?

She apparently wants you to charge an AK-wielding ISIS member with a stapler, not a Glock.

There you are folks, this is how deep the Lefts foolishness runs. They tell you the best way to survive a terror attack, then deny you the best tool to have in such a dire situation

Your Sunday Links

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Can’t a White guy even eat a taco anymore?

As Darleen Click notes, no!

In related matters, don’t you dare be caught White-While-Eating-Foreign

But, food is appropriated when people from the dominant culture – in the case of the US, white folks – start to fetishize or commercialize it, and when they hoard access to that particular food.When a dominant culture reduces another community to it’s cuisine, subsumes histories and stories into menu items – when people think culture can seemingly be understood with a bite of food, that’s where it gets problematic.

It’s also harmful when the dominant culture controls the economic and material resources to produce that food for their own consumption and profit.

There are some people who just did not receive enough beatings as a child.

Amen! I do have a question, does this mean I can become offended when a Yankee, or a Feminist, or some other non-Southerner eats fried chicken, collards, cornbread, peach cobbler, or BBQ? Maybe I too am a victim of “cultural appropriation”? Or maybe I just have a life, so I do not have to obsess over pretending to be a victim? Yes, option two sounds right. Besides, I would love to watch a feminist or two, wearing aprons, in a kitchen, try cooking some Southern food. Can you imagine how offended they would be? And, that would make them happy, because Feminists are only happy when they feel aggrieved, victimized, offended, and outraged!

No, actually, there is no limit to what the Left will get offended over

You might think, reading this blog, that I will one day run out of outrageously outrageous things the Loony Left gets butt hurt over, but, of course, you would be wrong!

Take what William Jacobson found for example. Yoga, now, is cultural appropriation, and must be stopped!

Now they’ve gone too far. Someone tell me this is a hoax, and we’ve all been had.

Progressive or Parody?

But, I fear this report from The Ottawa Sun is not a joke.

Free Ottawa yoga class scrapped over ‘cultural issues’:

Student leaders have pulled the mat out from 60 University of Ottawa students, ending a free on-campus yoga class over fears the teachings could be seen as a form of “cultural appropriation.”

Jennifer Scharf, who has been offering free weekly yoga instruction to students since 2008, says she was shocked when told in September the program would be suspended, and saddened when she learned of the reasoning.

Staff at the Centre for Students with Disabilities believe that “while yoga is a really great idea and accessible and great for students … there are cultural issues of implication involved in the practice,” according to an email from the centre….

The centre goes on to say, “Yoga has been under a lot of controversy lately due to how it is being practiced,” and which cultures those practices “are being taken from.”

The centre official argues since many of those cultures “have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy … we need to be mindful of this and how we express ourselves while practising yoga.”…

Acting student federation president Romeo Ahimakin …. said the student federation put the yoga session on hiatus while they consult with students “to make it better, more accessible and more inclusive to certain groups of people that feel left out in yoga-like spaces. … We are trying to have those sessions done in a way in which students are aware of where the spiritual and cultural aspects come from, so that these sessions are done in a respectful manner.”

Scharf offered a compromise, suggesting she change the name from yoga to “mindful stretching,” since that would reflect the content of the program and would “literally change nothing about the course.”….

According to email correspondence between Scharf and the centre, student leaders debated rebranding the program, but stumbled over how the French translation for “mindful stretching” would appear on a promotional poster, and eventually decided to suspend the program.

So, is this story parody? I mean at first glance a reasonable person would say, “Come on man! Not even Lefties would go this far!” But then, you might think of all the other moronic things the Left has flamed up over and you realize it is no longer even possible to parody the Left.

Why would student “activists” demand campus police not wear protective vests?

Again, the face of leftism exposed for all to see its hideous and deranged nature

Students at Occidental College who have occupied an administration building this week have demanded that campus safety officers stop wearing bulletproof vests.

The demand is one of fourteen presented to the administration by the students, who call themselves “Oxy United for Black Liberation.” Other demands include the resignation of university president Jonathan Veitch, the creation of a Black Studies program, and hiring “physicians of color” to deal with injuries “associated with issues of identity.”

The demand for campus safety officers to stop wearing bulletproof vests is a strange one. The full demand is: “Immediate demilitarization of Campus Safety. Includes, but is not limited to: removal of bulletproof vest from uniform, exclusion of military and external police rhetoric from all documents and daily discourse, increased transparency and positive direct connection to the student body.”

Once again, this demand is akin to the Black Lives Matter thugs war on cops

The effect of removing bulletproof vests would simply be to make public safety officers more vulnerable to attack. It is also unclear how a campus police would exclude “police rhetoric” from internal communications, under student supervision.

The demands appear to be shaped by the ideology of the Black Lives Matter movement, which began last year in response to alleged incidents of police violence against black people, including the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown as he attacked a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Black Lives Matter has demanded radical changes in policing across the country–often, according to both federal and local officials, to the detriment of public safety in urban communities.

The students have given the university until Friday to consider their demands. Meanwhile, they plan to continue occupying the three-story administration building.

Once more, the demands that police make themselves easier targets is pretty simple to understand. The BLM thugs do not want anyone to get in the way, including law enforcement. Their goal is to destroy individual officers moral, and to destroy local police departments eventually. The end game? A National Police Force. See more centralization of power is part of the Marxists agenda. And, to be certain, BLM is aligned with Marxism. Wanna take a guess what they would attempt to do with such centralized power?

Reading these cretins list of demands reveals the typical calls for racial indoctrination, and leftist theology, including of course lots of “re-education” But one demand is especially puzzling and reveals how racial identity is being used by the left

13-Hire much-needed physicians of color at Emmons Wellness Center to treat physical and emotional trauma associated with issues of identity.

Excuse me? What physical injury requires a doctor of a specific race? What physical injury would be caused by ones race? Please explain how people of color are physically different than White people are.

Some people simply are unfit to ever be near children

A teacher banning little boys from playing with Legos, to promote, wait for it, gender equality

Legos introduce young boys to the joy of building things with their hands, and help them develop the skills this requires. Consequently a social engineer bans them:

A kindergarten teacher in Bainbridge Island, Washington, has banned boys from playing with Legos as part of the fight for gender equality.

The Bainbridge Island Review reports Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary School kindergarten teacher Karen Keller intentionally excludes boys from playing with Lego building blocks. Allegedly, this is in [an] attempt to help girls.

That is how liberals help people — by holding down other people. When they manage to impose utopia, it will be like the grass on a well-manicured golf course, each blade cut down to the height of the shortest.

As would be obvious in any civilization that has ever existed, boys are more drawn toward and more suited for building things. This is due to inherent biological differences, including differences in spatial skills.

In order to remedy this disparity, Keller originally tried to entice girls to play with Legos by offering them in girly colors, pink and purple. When the girls were not interested in playing with the toys — but the boys were — Keller decided to ban boys from playing with the Legos entirely.

She doesn’t tell the boys about the ban…

Keller told the Bainbridge Island Review, “I always tell the boys, ‘You’re going to have a turn’ — and I’m like, ‘Yeah, when hell freezes over’ in my head.

Another Leftist trying to change nature. Let kids be kids for goodness sake. Leftism truly is an ideology for abusers

The Bastards behind Black Lives Matter UPDATED!

They do not seek justice, of reconciliation. They seek control, and power, and ultimately, the abject destruction of law, order, and liberty. Anyone who dares stand up to these Marxist bullies will be targeted for destruction. If you do not believe me, ask one Emily Faz. H/T Moonbattery

Woe be to those who offer resistance to the oppressed:

Emily Faz, a senior at [Georgia Southern University], shared a November 14 Washington Times article on Monday that reported on how some Mizzou protesters and Black Lives Matter activists were upset that the Paris attacks were stealing the media spotlight.

Faz wrote above the link, “I swear if I see this B.S. at Southern I will make you regret even knowing what a movement or a hashtag is, and you’ll walk away with your tail tucked.”

Nice to see they still make Southern belles with a bit of starch.

She continued on to say, “The whole black lives matter movement is misguided and out of hand. Maybe no one likes or takes y’all seriously because no one can see past your egotistical bullsh**. Some people might just look past it, but fair warning I am not one. All lives matter, that has always been the case, and you [are] part of the problem if you think [otherwise].”

Now she’s done it. To say that all lives matter, not only black lives, is regarded as a serious thought crime:

The GSU NAACP staged a “Black Out, Walk Out” on Tuesday in response to Faz’s post and issued demands to the school. Those demands included hiring more black professors and expanding the African Studies program. … Some of these student activists called for Faz to be expelled and the school president, Jean Bartels, issued a statement on the matter and acknowledged the numerous calls for disciplinary action to be taken against the offending co-ed. Bartels appeared to conclude Faz’s post was protected by the First Amendment and could not result in punishment. However, the young student appears to have lost her job at the local Wild Wing Cafe franchise over the controversy, according to Everything Georgia. Some activists had urged supporters to call the restaurant about Faz prior to her dismissal.

They must have called Wild Wings Café at (912) 681-9453.

Zero dissent is tolerated. Those who dare disagree are punished.

Please understand that thugs are thugs. Their methods may differ, but their mentality of entitlement is the same. Their morality is not the same as ours, their sense of “tolerance” does not exist. In the case of Black Live Matter, and I am talking of the leaders driving it, their means, to them are unimportant. Only the ends matters to them.

Found an update on COED the restaurant, which received many calls demanding that Emily be fired, says she has not been terminated. Here is their message


I would hope that everyone understands that whatever her job status, the thugs on her campus demanding she be expelled, and that demanded she be fired are still exactly what I called them, bullies! 

Another day, another hate crime hoax

Via Weasel Zippers


Via College Fix:

Add another tally mark under the hate-crime hoax scorecard.

A student at the Michigan-based Delta College was arrested recently after posting on Yik Yak “I’m going to shoot every black person I can on campus. Starting tomorrow morning,” MLive reports.

EDB“The message triggered an investigation and police security response that led to the arrest of a Delta College student living in SVSU housing,” the news outlet added. “Emmanuel D. Bowden, 21, is charged with making a false report or threat of terrorism.”

“The message triggered an investigation and police security response that led to the arrest of a Delta College student living in SVSU housing,” the news outlet added. “Emmanuel D. Bowden, 21, is charged with making a false report or threat of terrorism.”

Again, if there is so much racism out there, why do they have to fake it?

Mike McDaniel on the Lunacy of Leftism

Great piece by Mike on how “equality” has gone berserk

“Federal education authorities, staking out their firmest position yet on an increasingly contentious issue, found Monday that an Illinois school district violated anti-discrimination laws when it did not allow a transgender student who identifies as a girl and participates on a girls’ sports team to change and shower in the girls’ locker room without restrictions.

Education officials said the decision was the first of its kind on the rights of transgender students, which are emerging as a new cultural battleground in public schools across the country. In previous cases, federal officials had been able to reach settlements giving access to transgender students in similar situations. But in this instance, the school district in Palatine, Ill., has not yet come to an agreement, prompting the federal government to threaten sanctions. The district, northwest of Chicago, has indicated a willingness to fight for its policy in court.

Lunacy, as I said is where the Left is taking their definition of equality, which basically tends to trample the rights of the majority, and rejects cultural norms so as to elevate the “rights” oddballs to a superior position. McDaniel nails it here

This case, of course, refers to the 72nd Amendment, guaranteeing freedom of choice in bathroom usage for all, as well as the 71st Amendment, which secures the right to have one’s way in all things, particularly if that way is in opposition to the realities of nature and culture, and the 70th Amendment, which guarantees the right never to be uncomfortable or distressed, particularly if the stressor doesn’t actually exist.

What’s that you say? There are no 70th, 71st or 72nd Amendments?! Then where did the Feds get the authority for this decision? Oh. Right. It’s the Obama Administration. They don’ need no stinking Amendments!

In a letter sent Monday, the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education told the Palatine district that requiring a transgender student to use private changing and showering facilities was a violation of that student’s rights under Title IX, a federal law that bans sex discrimination. The student, who identifies as female but was born male, should be given unfettered access to girls’ facilities, the letter said.

“All students deserve the opportunity to participate equally in school programs and activities — this is a basic civil right,” Catherine Lhamon, the Education Department’s assistant secretary for civil rights, said in a statement. ‘Unfortunately, Township High School District 211 is not following the law because the district continues to deny a female student the right to use the girls’ locker room.

There is a famous aphorism in constitutional circles: “My right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins.” Are some people born into the wrong body? I don’t know; no one does. Are some people merely confused, suffering from some delusion or psychiatric ailment that makes them think they are the opposite gender, or something else? Yes. There is no doubt about that. There is also no doubt about this: no parent in their right minds wants someone sporting a penis and testicles showering with their adolescent daughter. I suspect adolescent daughters might well agree with their parents on this if nothing else. What that person thinks themself to be isn’t the point.

Go read it all, and pay close attention to the part about what this school did do to attempt to accomodate the guy, girl, whatever. But that simply was not enough. The Left does not want to have equality, they want, apparently, to turn every norm in America upside down. In this case everyone not only MUST accept a trans-gender student, they must bend over backwards, and bow to that student so as not to offend him. And, if this means every teenage girl in the school is stressed because a boy is in the locker room, to bad! If their parents are offended, too bad! equality, as perversely defined by Liberals, must be given credence over everything, and everyone, or else!

North Dakota caves in to PC Nannies, changes names of sports teams to “Fighting Hawks”

Why not just go all in and call them the Climate Change Hawks?

Wednesday’s news that the University of North Dakota’s new nickname would be Fighting Hawks was greeted matter-of-factly by some UND players and coaches.

The mascot received 57 percent of the vote compared to 43 percent for Roughriders in the two-name runoff. The new nickname replaces Fighting Sioux, which was retired by the state Board of Higher Education in 2012 after the NCAA deemed it “hostile and abusive” and said the school could not host playoff games if it kept the controversial moniker.

“I think this name underscores the tremendous competitive spirit of our athletic teams, our student athletes and the entirety of the University of North Dakota, expressing our state spirit and the fact that UND continues to ascend to new heights on a daily basis,” President Robert Kelley said of Fighting Hawks. 

Good Freaking Grief. Other schools have changed their names in recent years so as not to “offend” hypersensitive types that are perpetually offended anyway. Syracuse went from Orangemen, to Orange, because men are sexist pigs or something. St. Johns went from Red Men to Red Storm for the same reason. But what of those who have lost loved ones in storms? What about their “safe spaces”? What about their trigger points?

In reality of course, these name changes are all just part of the Stalinist Left erasing American culture. Sadly, it is almost always a very vocal, and very small minority (that word has also been banned by some colleges, because “minority” is racist or something) that causes such changes. They succeed because too many college leaders, CEO’s, and politicians are afraid of being called the “R” word, so they cave in not knowing that they are paving the way for greater erasures and erosion of everything American.

I wonder how many of these “anti-Muslim incidents are staged?

Call me skeptical………….

Muslims around the U.S. are facing backlash following the deadly attacks in Paris, including vandalism to mosques and Islamic centers, hate-filled phone and online messages and threats of violence.

Advocacy leaders say they have come to expect some anti-Muslim sentiment following such attacks, but they now see a spike that seems notable, stirred by anti-Muslim sentiment in the media.

“The picture is getting increasingly bleak,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations. “There’s been an accumulation of anti-Islamic rhetoric in our lives and that I think has triggered these overt acts of violence and vandalism.”

He said the rise in the level of anti-Muslim sentiment is reflected by some GOP presidential candidates, governors and others speaking out in opposition to the U.S. accepting more Syrian refugees.

Hooper said the council is seeing an increase in anti-Muslim incidents since Friday’s attacks in Paris that killed 129 people and wounded more than 350.

Ah yes CAIR which has ZERO credibility. Just hide and watch folks, a good number of these “acts of violence and vandalism: will prove fake