Obama: If we do not do something about Climate Change now…………..

Oh good Freaking Grief, there he goes again

(USA Today) President Obama made an ever-more-urgent plea for nations to take action to address climate change Monday, repeatedly telling representatives of Arctic nations meeting in Alaska that “we’re not moving fast enough” to address the challenge.

Kicking off a three-day Alaska trip meant to focus attention on how the Arctic climate affects the rest of the world, Obama used near apocalyptic imagery to drive home his call to action. The result of inaction will be catastrophic in economic and security terms, he said, as more drought, wildfires, floods, leads to more refugees, more conflict and scarce resources.

In Alaska, he said, raging wildfires are helping to thaw the permafrost, releasing carbon dioxide trapped underneath into the atmosphere — “a negative feedback loop, a cycle, warming leading to more warming, that we don’t want to be a part of,” Obama said.

There’s little point in attempting to rebut this, as hysterics caught up in cult-like talking points will never ever listen and see the reality. Nor will they modify their own behavior to match their talking points.

As he has done over the past week, Obama also escalated his criticism of “people who are denying the science of climate change.”

“The time to heed the critics and the cynics and the deniers of climate change is past,” he said. “The time to plead ignorance is surly past. Those who want to ignore the science are increasingly alone. They’re on their own shrinking island.”

Go read the rest. The fact is if we do “nothing” now, the Leftists will keep on predicting DOOM, certain DOOM, did they mention DOOM? And they will keep on being wrong

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

You criminals might want to leave the pizza guys alone. H/T Bearing Arms

You would think that with the number of times this year that pizza shop employees have engaged armed robbers either in the stores, outside the stores, or out on delivery runs, criminals would switch to less ornery targets.

You can now add a Virginia teen to the least of morons who had to learn the hard way.

Police say a Norfolk pizza delivery driver turned the tables on a teen robbery suspect.

Officers were called to the 900 block of Galt Street around 9:30 p.m. Sunday for the report of a shooting.

The investigation revealed a 15-year-old tried to rob a Chanello’s pizza delivery driver at gunpoint. But, the driver also had a gun and shot the teen.

Investigators charged the 15-year-old with robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. He will remain at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital until he recovers from his injuries.

Of course, a 15-year-old cannot buy a gun, so how on earth did the gun control laws not stop him? HMMMMMM

Shocker! Suspect in ambush death of deputy has long criminal history, could not legally obtain firearm

Another fail for gun control advocates who think criminals obey laws

A serial criminal has been arrested in connection with the ‘senseless’ and ‘cold-blooded’ killing of a sheriff’s deputy who was shot dead during a gas station ambush.

Darren Goforth, a 47-year-old father of two, was pumping fuel into his patrol car at a Chevron station Friday night when a man crept up behind him and opened fire.

Shannon J Miles, 30, who has a long criminal record which includes firearms offenses, was arrested on Friday night and has been charged with capital murder. He is being held in Harris County Jail and is expected to be arraigned on Monday.

After Goforth fell to the ground, the suspect allegedly kept firing bullets into his body in what colleagues described as a ‘cold-blooded and cowardly’ execution.

No definitive motive has been put forward for the killing – but Harris County sheriff Ron Hickman pointed the finger at the Black Lives Matter protest group for their ‘out of control rhetoric’ against law enforcement.

Read more:

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Just another reason to say Muck Fexico!

It is too bad America is not the imperialistic nation the Left insists we are. If we were think how much better off Mexico and its people would be? And, as an added bonus, we would not have to hear the corrupt, race pimping, leeches that run Mexico whining!

We had better drop the idea of putting an end to the birthright citizenship nonsense that combined with chain migration is allowing millions of unskilled peasants from Third World countries to climb aboard the welfare gravy train. Texas tried it, and got a stern warning from Mexico:

The Mexican government is warning that Texas’ denial of birth certificates for U.S. children born here to undocumented immigrants stands to imperil the relationship between Mexico and the Lone Star State.

The concern was raised in an amicus brief filed Monday evening to lend support to immigrants parents who sued Texas after being denied birth certificates for their U.S.-born children, even after showing their “matrículas,” the ID cards issued by the Mexican Consulate to undocumented immigrants. …

The families who are suing say that Texas is violating the 14th amendment and that the state is superseding federal immigration laws.

The sad fact is that Mexico is NOT our friend, as it does not respect our sovereignty our laws, or our liberties

Guess what some racist Black radicals were urging the night before the racist in Virginia slaughtered two White people?

Via Allen West

Here is the transcript

An unidentified black man said “when those mother f**kers are by themselves, that’s when when we should start f***ing them up. Like they do us, when a bunch of them ni**ers takin’ one of us out, that’s how we should roll up.”  He said, “Cause we already roll up in gangs anyway. There should be six or seven black mother f**ckers, see that white person, and then lynch their ass. Let’s turn the tables.”

They conspired that if “cops started losing people,” then “there will be a state of emergency.”

He speculated that one of two things would happen, “a big-ass [R’s?????] war,” or “ni**ers, they are going to start backin’ up.”

Notice that the caller on the radio show also seems to be referencing a “race war” — like Flanagan did in his suicide note/manifesto faxed to ABC News the next day.

He said, “We need to turn the tables on them. Our kids are getting shot out here. Somebody needs to become a sacrifice on their side.

“Find a mother f**ker that is alone. Snap his ass, and then f***in hang him from a damn tree. Take a picture of it and then send it to the mother f**kers.”

We “just need one example,” and “then people will start watchin’.” This will turn the tables on s**t, he said. He said this will start “a trickle-down effect.” He said that when one white person is hung and then they are just “flat-hanging,” that will start the “trickle-down effect.” He continued, “Black people are good at starting trends.”

Another black man spoke up saying they needed to kill “cops that are killing us. The first black male said, “That will be the best method right there.”

This is where the media could play a vital role. Why not report this. They certainly would if a tape of White people calling for mass murder was brought to light.

It has come to this now! Wonder Woman lunch box deemed too violent

The first question is how do such incredibly stupid people earn positions where they have any authority?


So characters who use “violence” to solve problems are bad. this is more of the Lefts inane obsession with the notion that all violence is bad. Again, this is about indoctrinating kids that self-defense, or defense of others is bad.

Why do gun control cultists lie?

Because they have to! Bob Owens exposes the lies of the DC police chief

Emily Miller of Fox 5 has been one of the few journalists attempting to holding government officials responsible for the outbreak of murders in the nation’s capital, and their attempts to pass the buck onto law-abiding gun owners in other parts of the country where citizens still have a practical right to bear arms.

D.C. is in a murder crisis this year. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Police Chief Cathy Lanier have been saying that “high-capacity guns” are a major cause.

But police sources tell me that they don’t track the capacity of seized guns, so they have no reason that is the cause for the spike in homicides.

“Guns continue to make their way into the hands of violent criminals,” said Bowser. “Unfortunately some of those guns have high-capacity magazines that inflict maximum harm.”

“Multiple of our cases have high-capacity magazines and multiple rounds fired making the shots more lethal,” said Chief Lanier.

Last week, I asked the chief to back up her claim.

“In D.C., over ten rounds is high capacity, but your department doesn’t trace what kind of magazine size guns have. I’m asking when you say high capacity, where are you getting that information?” I asked.

“From the guns that we’ve recovered,” Lanier responded.

“So I’m talking about 100-round drum magazines — that would be high capacity.”

She also added, “High-capacity magazines are magazines that are designed to enhance the normal capacity of a firearm.”

And yet, despite Lanier’s claims, Miller notes the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department has no documentation to support her claims, because magazine capacity isn’t one of the data points that the city tracks when a firearm recovered at a crime scene is cataloged.

God bless Emily Miller, one of the few journalists who are honest about gun issues

Enhance capacity? Many compact and sub-compact pistols come with a standard magazine, and an extended magazine as well. My Ruger SR 9 C for example has a 10-round mag, and also a 17-round mag. What the devil is she bleating about enhancing “normal” firearm capacity? the pistol is designed to accept either magazine, so both are normal, in that sense. The  Chief is just using scary verbage to shift the blame to guns, rather than on criminals. And, as long as she blames guns, she will never do anything to curb the violent crime rate in DC.

EPA chief: Why yes, our new regs are going to make lower income folks take it in the ass

But it is OK, it is all about the “collective good”

(MRC) While discussing the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, administrator Gina McCarthy admitted who would be hit the “hardest” by the federal climate regulations.

“We know that low-income minority communities would be hardest hit,” McCarthy said.

Power to the people? More like pain to the people

One estimate from NERA, which opposes Obama’s Clean Power Plan, has energy costs rising 12-17%. The Energy Information Administrationestimates a 4% increase by 2030. Remember, any increases in energy costs circulate through the economy. The end user isn’t just paying more for energy at home, but also in the cost of goods and services, as they pay more.

Now, in worse case scenario, this could make the average bill rise $240 a year. Cult of Climastrology members will certainly think this is no big deal, as they sip cocktails at fancy parties, but, for poor people, this is real money. Especially as other costs rise.

(Prospect Magazine) But energy efficiency programs won’t save low- and fixed-income families. While the median family spends about 5 cents out of every dollar on energy costs, low-income families spend about 20 cents of every dollar. 

Just bend over and say Marxism!

Noted Islamo-Communist Representative loves him some indoctrination

Is there a more disgraceful member of Congress than Keith Ellison?

The more deranged and nefarious the propaganda, the earlier you have to start ramming it down people’s throats if you don’t want them to cough it back up — particularly if they are the victims of the malevolent lies being advanced.

To this end, and to cash in on what they view as a vital market niche, two authors, Duchess Harris and Sue Bradford Edwards have written “Black Lives Matter (Special Reports).”

The target audience for the “one-stop reference” with an introduction by [ultra-left Muslim congresscritter] Keith Ellison is students from sixth grade to high school, trumpets an email sent to The Daily Caller.

The book introduces “nonblack children” to “antiblackness,” “antiblack violence” and “terror” “in U.S. law and society,” declares a gushing review by The Feminist Wire.

Don’t worry, though, the book explains how “black people have been killed with impunity” “since time immemorial” in a way that is not “emotionally overwhelming 6-12th graders who are learning about the movement, and its inheritance, for the first time.”

These Communist agitators should be nowhere near children frankly

Only a person educated beyond their hat size could be so incredibly stupid

Stuck on Stoopit!

Everett D. Mitchell is the Director of Community Relations at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also an attorney, pastor, and community leader. 

At a recent panel discussing “Best Policing Practices,” Mitchell said that police should stop prosecuting individuals who shoplift from Wal-Mart and Target.

His reasoning? He simply does not believe that police have any justification to engage in policing practices with thieves who steal from Wal-Mart or Target because they are big box stores with insurance:

“I just don’t think they should be prosecuting cases for people who steal from Wal-Mart. I don’t think that. I don’t think that Target, and all them other places – the big boxes that have insurance – they should be using the people that steal from there as justification to start engaging in aggressive police behavior.”

He begins his speech by advocating legal relativism – the notion that communities should decide for themselves which laws be enforced and which laws are not in order to better recognize what safety means for the specific community.

Well, he is a special kind of stupid isn’t he? Watch and see stupidity in action

So, to follow this buffoons logic to to its  natural end, if someone breaks in his home, and robs him, he should not press charges if he has home owners insurance? What if someone seeking “social justice” steals from his shopping cart? Is that OK with him? Of course, he never imagines such things happening to him, after all, he is an elite.

You, drop your salad before you kill Mother Earth

Now, salads, yes salads are unsafe for the environment

At the Washington Post, our moonbat overlords have pointed the finger of righteous condemnation at yet another dietary staple. This time it is not sugar, not salt, not meat, but something you would never expect them to condemn:

It occupies precious crop acreage, requires fossil fuels to be shipped, refrigerated, around the world, and adds nothing but crunch to the plate.

It’s salad, and here are three main reasons why we need to rethink it.

Salad vegetables are pitifully low in nutrition. The biggest thing wrong with salads is lettuce, and the biggest thing wrong with lettuce is that it’s a leafy-green waste of resources. …

When we switch to vegetables that are twice as nutritious — like those collards or tomatoes or green beans — not only do we free up half the acres now growing lettuce, we cut back on the fossil fuels and other resources needed for transport and storage.

Save the planet, skip the salad.

So, to be clear it is lettuce that is evil, not tomatoes, or cucumbers, or collards according to the Cult of Climate Change. BTW, my grandfather grew collards, and turnips, and mustard greens as well. My grandmother made the best collard greens , and the best cornbread known to man, I KNOW  a little something about collards! They take up as much ground as lettuce does. Oh, and, of course no one puts collards in a salad, OK a radical environmentalist or a heathen, but I repeat myself, might, but not a normal person.