What happens When the Washington Post fact checks Gun Control Cultist Enator Chris Murphy


The rookie Democrat Senator from Connecticut has attacked your natural right to bear arms for self-defense at every turn, and has shown that he isn’t above deception to push his tyrannical views. Unfortunately for him, Murphy went so far with his latest howler that even the rabidly anti-gun Washington Post Fact Checker felt compelled to call him out in public.

Which Chris Murphy lie did the Post Fact Checker target?

This one:

“Since Sandy Hook there has been a school shooting, on average, every week. How on earth can we live with ourselves if we do nothing?”

— Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), speech on Senate floor, June 24, 2015

…Murphy’s speech on gun violence focused on Sandy Hook, mass shootings and the need to talk about anti-gun violence policy. He shared an eye-popping statistic: Since the shooting at Sandy Hook, there has been one school shooting on average per week. Is that really the case — that there have been somewhere around 128 school shootings since December 2014?

The answer of course is a resounding “No.” Instead of using reputable sources, Murphy used the repeatedly debunked “school shooting report” from Moms Demand Action/Everytown, which has been debunked by every major news outlet who addressed their claims.

There are many ways to define school shooting. But applying the “reasonable person” standard, as is the standard at The Fact Checker, it is difficult to see how many of the incidents included in Everytown’s list — such as suicide in a car parked on a campus or a student accidentally shooting himself when emptying his gun and putting it away in his car before school — would be considered a “school shooting” in the context of Sandy Hook.

Lawmakers have a responsibility to check out the facts in the reports they use, especially ones that come from advocacy groups. If they are aware there are definitions that are disputed, or that are defined in other ways depending on who uses them, it is incumbent on lawmakers to clarify exactly what they are talking about and not mislead the public. In particular, lawmakers should rely more on official government statistics, such as from the FBI, rather than misleading metrics cobbled together by interest groups.

Of course, Murphy and his fellow Gun Control Cult members do not value truth, and they know that they can sway some by telling egregious lies. 

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The Supreme Court has done it now

The problem with the Left is this. They never accept “victory” graciously. They never can, because, let us be honest here, the Left is Totalitarian by nature. American Christians are about to find that out

The most activist Supreme Court in history just kicked it up a notch.

God help us, but same-sex “marriage” is now the law of the land.

Let me tell you how this is going to play out.

See what the progressive fascists are doing with the Confederate flag? See how they’re erasing it from every nook and cranny of America? See the defacement of Confederate monuments? Hear the calls for censorship of classics like Gone With The Wind?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Because the rainbow-shirts are coming. And they’re coming for us.

I figure the first church burning is only hours away.

Within days it’ll be impossible to say the words “homosexual” and “sin” in the same sentence anywhere in America.

Now, you might say that is over the top, and simply hyperbole. But, please consider how the Gay Marriage activists have gone about destroying private businesses who did not care to cater a Gay wedding, or bake a cake for a Gay wedding. Do you seriously think these activists will now be merciful, or sated? You really think they will not go about forcing churches, and pastors to perform Gay weddings? You think they will not attack and try to mute what they call “hate speech”?

Fact this fact, the Left has track record of hijacking causes, and then perverting them to pursue power and move closer to a Leftist Utopian America. This will not be any different. And, it will not be just religious folks who are attacked. Anyone who dares defend a church against these attacks will likely suffer the wrath of the intolerant Rainbow Shirts. Remember the first rule of Leftism, You dare not question Leftism.