What will the Feminists say about this

I think noted Conservative male Mike McDaniel might be trying to stir the hornets nest here

Penis shaped lipstick? Feminist Outrage Syndrome in 3, 2, 1….


For the modern young woman that has everything… 

AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL BEAUTY AND PENIS ENTHUSIASTS: Lipsticks shaped liked penises exist in the world.

Well, I think we know that Feminists are NOT fans of penises, or the men they are attached to. To Feminists, the penis is an evil toll of the Patriarchy, which, of course, exists almost exclusively in the minds of perpetually bitter Feminists. I cannot believe McDaniel would poke these angry Feminists with, well, the rods of Patriarchy!

Yep. Here’s the beauty product you’ve been waiting for all your life. They’ve actually been around for a few years now, but they’re suddenly popping up on Instagram all over again.

I mean. There’s really not much to say other than this: these are lipsticks shaped like penises. They have tiny veins etched along the side. They come in plenty of colours that would not be healthy for an actual penis to be. Some of them have a touch of shimmer.

And here is the line that will surely enrage Feminists to unseen levels

The lipsticks are mostly sold as cute little hen do gifts, because everyone loves to celebrate the joy of matrimony by smearing a dick on their lips.

OH! The Feminists declare all sex between men and women as rape, and hate matrimony, which is to them more victimization of women as well. How dare McDaniel victimize these Feminist warriors with these tiny penises!

NBA player killed after kicking in man’s apartment door

Very sad story here. But, unless some new details emerge, this player caused his own death. Bob Owens has the story

NBA guard Bryce Dejean-Jones was shot and killed in a home invasion on Saturday.

Bryce Dejean-Jones of the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans forced his way into the wrong apartment in Dallas early Saturday morning, and earned a bullet for his thuggish behavior.

NBA player Bryce Dejean-Jones was shot and killed early Saturday after he broke into a Dallas apartment he believed was his girlfriend’s and instead startled a man he didn’t know, according to police and his agent.

The 23-year-old New Orleans Pelicans guard “kicked open the front door” to a unit in the Camden Belmont Apartments, just east of Central Expressway and Fitzhugh Avenue, about 3:20 a.m., police said.

NBA player Bryce Dejean-Jones was shot and killed early Saturday after he broke into a Dallas apartment he believed was his girlfriend’s and instead startled a man he didn’t know, according to police and his agent.

The 23-year-old New Orleans Pelicans guard “kicked open the front door” to a unit in the Camden Belmont Apartments, just east of Central Expressway and Fitzhugh Avenue, about 3:20 a.m., police said.

The player then kicked in, or was trying to kick in the bedroom door. The resident retrieved a firearm, called out to the intruder, who did not respond and fired, killing Dejean-Jones.

If everything in the report is true, then I can think of nothing else the resident of the apartment could have done but protect his life. A stranger kicking in your front door, then kicking in your in the process of kicking in your bedroom door would certainly cause you to fear for your life

Watchers Council results

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

“Do not live in shame as a prisoner. Die, and leave no ignominious crime behind you.” – Field Service Code issued by Tojo, 1941

“Shall I tell you what the real evil is? To cringe to the things that are called evils, to surrender to them our freedom, in defiance of which we ought to face any suffering.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“Ending wars is very simple if you surrender.” – P.J. O’Rourke

This week’s winning essay,The Glittering Eye’s Apologize For What? is his reaction to calls by the usual suspects for President Obama to follow his usual practice and issue and apology for the bombing ogf Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Here’s a slice:

There’s been quite a bit of speculation about what President Obama will say when he visits Hiroshima next week. Some say they think that the president should apologize. This report from ABC News should provide a taste:

A group representing Japanese survivors of U.S. atomic bombings urged President Barack Obama to hear their stories and apologize when he visits Hiroshima next week.

Two leaders of the Tokyo-based nationwide group told a news conference Thursday that many survivors still want an apology, though they have long avoided an outright demand for one out of fear that it would be counterproductive.

Toshiki Fujimori, a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bombing, said he found it awkward to hear local and central government officials say they are not asking for an apology.

“I suspect there was a pressure (not to seek an apology) to create an atmosphere that would make it easier for Obama to visit Hiroshima,” Fujimori said, declining to identify where the pressure was coming from. “But many of the survivors don’t think they can do without an apology at all.”

Apologize for what? For saving the lives of millions of Japanese? That’s how many would have been killed in the invasion for which the Japanese were preparing. Not to mention the tens or even hundreds of thousands of Americans who would have been killed.

For many years I thought that our use of atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been a ghastly mistake. Then I applied what I knew of the Japanese culture of the time and realized that we had, literally, no other way to communicate to the Japanese that the war was over and they had lost. Only the emperor could have told the Japanese people that and the only way of communicating that reality to the emperor was through demonstrations so graphic and awful they could not be denied.

James Gibney, writing at Bloomberg, arrives at the same conclusion:

After reading this book, though, I found it hard to argue with what Yamashita told me: “Had the bombs not been dropped, and had the Allies invaded as they were planning to, it would have been horrible beyond belief.” The numbers support him: As many as 150,000 civilians may have perished in the battle for Okinawa alone, for instance. Never mind the Allied servicemen who might have died — including perhaps my father, a battlefield interrogator in U.S. naval intelligence who went on to join a cadre of postwar Japanologists. Spare a thought for the Japanese boys and girls training to throw themselves under advancing U.S. tanks with bombs strapped to their chests.

More at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Robert Trcinski in the Federalistwith Imagine No Possessions, Imagine Venezuela submitted by The Glittering Eye. Admittedly, John Lennon’s stupid little paean to socialism, atheism and anarchy is an easy target, but Tracinski does a great job of destruction on it by giving us a good look at a place where Lennon’s ‘vision’ is being practiced.

Here are this week’s full results. Only Fausta, The Daley Gator and Angry White Dude were unable to vote this week, but none were affected by the 2/3 penalty for not voting:

Council Winners:

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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Take a peek at what far-Left scum is behind “Under the Gun”

Yes, Katie Couric lied, as did her director, but that should not be any surprise. the media will never do any “documentary” on firearms, self-defense, concealed carry, or any other issue concerning guns in a fair fashion. Independent Sentinel looks at who was behind “Under the Gun”

Documentary is defined as a movie or a television or radio program that provides a factual record or report.
There were people behind this who are on the far-left of gun control – the ‘partners’:

Americans for Responsible Solutions; Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence; Everytown for gun safety [Michael Bloomberg]; Sandy Hook Promise; Moms Demand Action; Violence Policy Center; Purpose Over Pain; Jessi’s Message; WAVE; Arizonans for gun safety, Maine Moms Demand Action; Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun violence; San Diego Chapter Brady Campaign; There’s Gun Sense; God Before Guns; Michigan Million Mom March Chapter; OCACV; Organizing for Action [Obama’s PAC]; Manhattan Chapter Brady Campaign; NYAGV.

Bloomberg actually has a fake ‘news service’ to run alongside the activities of his anti-gun groups like Everytown.

The documentary was the official selection at Sundance [Soros-funded], San Francisco, HotDocs, and winner of  Boulder International Film Festival.

The film is being praised  and that’s not an accident.

Mother Jones, the Soros-funded far-left online publication wrote about the film, “Masterfully crafted…the details are mind-boggling […] the film is nothing if not comprehensive.” They had quotes from the usual Sandy Hook parents, and even an alleged Republican who is a licensed gun dealer, repeatedly claiming the facts bear out their point of view.

So, in short a vipers nest of Leftists did a massive hatchet job on gun rights, gun owners, gun dealers, and created a infomercial for gun control. And, for those waiting for the rest of the media to do its damn job, and expose this fraud, I hope you enjoy crickets chirping.

Brian Williams liars gonna lie!

Brian Williams says that the United States used nukes “in anger” Williams is many things, a disgrace to journalism, a serial liar, and, apparently a failed historian as well. Independent Sentinel has the latest from Williams

Disgraced for lying in the past, journalist Brian Williams is back and is apparently missing some historic facts. Being opposed to nuclear weapons is a good thing, but saying they were used in World War II in anger is a disgraceful manipulation of facts.

President Truman used the two bombs to end the war and he did it with great hesitation. The Japanese brought us into the war, they tortured and slaughtered the prisoners of war, and they would not end the war, even knowing another million could die.

Hiroshima was not only a city, it was also a military base.

Truman stated that his decision to drop the bomb was purely military. A Normandy-type amphibious landing would have cost an estimated million casualties. Truman believed that the bombs saved Japanese lives as well. Prolonging the war was not an option for the President. Over 3,500 Japanese kamikaze raids had already wrought great destruction and loss of American lives.

The President rejected a demonstration of the atomic bomb to the Japanese leadership. He knew there was no guarantee the Japanese would surrender if the test succeeded, and he felt that a failed demonstration would be worse than none at all. Even the scientific community failed to foresee the awful effects of RADIATION SICKNESS. Truman saw little difference between atomic bombing Hiroshima and FIRE BOMBING Dresden or Tokyo.

The ethical debate over the decision to drop the atomic bomb will never be resolved. The bombs did, however, bring an end to the most destructive war in history.

Williams has zero credibility, and the company that still employs him, NBC (No Bleeping Credibility) has none either frankly.

Being a “victim” pays well it seems

Witness the devolution of reason. Witness a nation that rewards lying, sniveling whiners and faux victims 

You had to know it wouldn’t be long before the trans-insanity started targeting taxpayers’ wallets:

A “transmasculine” teacher at an Oregon elementary school has been awarded $60,000 by her school district as compensation for harassment she claims to have suffered on the job, including being referred to by the wrong pronoun.

According to The Oregonian, Leo Soell was born a woman, but now prefers to identify as “transmasculine” and “genderqueer,” meaning she does not consider herself to be male or female. After getting breast cancer in late 2014, she had her breasts amputated to create a more masculine appearance and changed her name to Leo.

After returning to work, Miss Soell accused other teachers of “harassing” her by not embracing her new gender identity.

The school conducted an internal investigation after Soell complained, but found no proof of harassment.

Eventually, Soell was able to cut a deal with the school to have her referred to by her preferred pronoun, “they,” but Soell said the harassment didn’t stop, so she finally hired an attorney and prepared to file an official complaint.

So, the school, eager to escape a shakedown, collapsed

Eager to avoid meeting a similar fate, district officials agreed to pay Soell $60,000 in compensation for her emotional distress, and they also agreed to adopt a whole battery of new policies to make the district more transgender-friendly. Among other things, the new policy will require all teachers to refer to their co-workers by their preferred names and pronouns, and it will also ensure transgender employees and students have their bathroom needs met. Teachers who refuse to comply with the pronoun command may be fired, the school district warns.

We are going to continue to see such tactics as long as colleges, businesses, and government continues to reward these vultures for their phony grievances

Everything normal offends the Left

The Left is, at war, with normalcy. Remember that when you read this from Moonbattery

What liberals would eliminate completely, they label as offensive. Per Bill O’Sullivan, Senior Managing Editor of the Washingtonian, that now includes the term “start a family”:

Loathsome words aren’t just clichés, jargon, and grammar lapses. They’re also seemingly benign expressions that spill easily from our mouths and fingertips yet have implications we don’t even think about—until we do.

One of the worst of them: “start a family.”

What this euphemism means is get pregnant—or try to get pregnant, or have a baby, or adopt. So say that. Start a family devalues any couple who doesn’t happen to have kids, for whatever reason. It even sells single people short, who may not have children but do have “chosen” families of friends…

This is an inane claim of course. Saying that a couple is “starting a family” devalues no one. It certainly does not devalue a couple not wanting kids at all. And, no, it does not devalue single people either. Bill O’ Sullivan is either a moron, or demented.

Again, garbage like this is just part and parcel of what the Left is. Everything normal, they denigrate. Family, self-defense, competition, self-reliance, faith, prayer, heterosexuality, parental rights, freedom of speech, all of it is targeted by the Left in one way or another.

Katie Couric, Stephanie Soechtig try to cover up their media malpractice with more lies, fail miserably

Good Feaking Grief could these two con artists be any more condescending?

Katie Couric is upset that an eight-second pause inserted into an interview she did with gun rights activists in the documentary “Under the Gun” has drawn criticism, calling the edit an “unnecessary mistake,” according to an individual with knowledge of her thinking.

The individual spoke to TheWrap and said that director Stephanie Soechtig inserted the pause, which critics are calling an example of “deceptive” and “appalling journalism.”

Awww, poor Katie is upset that she has been exposed in her attempt to smear gun owners. Apparently her partner in fraud has the sads too.Again getting caught as a liar sucks

Soechtig also spoke to TheWrap and stood by the editing choice.

“I would never misrepresent someone’s point of view and I don’t think I did by doing this,” she said. “I don’t think I misrepresented gun owners or the people featured in the film.”

Excuse me? That is exactly what you did! Couric asked a question, and you deliberately omitted the well informed and solid responses of the gun rights group, and replaced them with 9 seconds silent in which that group was made to look like idiots who had no clue how to answer Courics’ question.

In an official statement, Soechtig said, “my intention was to provide a pause for the viewer to have a moment to consider this important question before presenting the facts on Americans’ opinions on background checks. I never intended to make anyone look bad and I apologize if anyone felt that way.”

Your “intent” is damn clear Ms. Soechtig, you intended to perpetuate a false narrative, and got caught! The evidence is very clear! Here is the video

And HERE is the audio 

There is no question as to your intent, none!

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day 2.0 Never bring nunchucks to a gunfight

Via Bearing Arms

The couple, who divorced almost a decade ago, became embroiled in an argument over a hefty phone bill they share for their daughter’s cell phone. The wife says with a history of violence, she has had to take a restraining order out against her ex-husband, and she and her husband have a NO TRESPASSING sign at their home as well.

But on Tuesday night, when the couple returned home from dinner celebrating their anniversary, her ex-husband showed up in a rage and wielding nunchucks.

“If he could’ve got Dave, he would’ve definitely came after me no doubt,” the woman cried. She says her ex, Anthony “Tony” Casada was upset over their daughter’s cell phone bill.

“That escalated (to) all the texting and then it just got worse and worse,” she said.

She says Casada threatened her and her husband, Dave Gregory, the day of the shooting.

“I’m sitting here at the back patio. My wife is sitting here. My dog starts barking. I see his car pull up,” described Gregory.

“My thoughts were, ‘he’s going to try and beat me up or kill me with these nunchucks then go take it out on my wife’,” said Gregory.

But Gregory wasn’t going to let that happen.

“I already had my gun out. I reached for my gun. He gets out of his car, in a rage. You could see it in his eyes,” Gregory said.

“I told him he’s an idiot. I pointed my gun at him. He kept making progress toward me, swinging his nunchucks and that’s when I shot him,” Gregory said.

“I give all my love and appreciation to my husband. He did a phenomenal job and he’d do it again, for his family. That’s the kind of man he is,” Gregory’s wife said.

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Guns are the great equalizer for many intended victims of crime

Police responded to a call where a woman told them someone was acting oddly on her property – rolling around in the yard and pounding on her door. Another 911 caller said a man, who appeared to be very intoxicated, was hiding in one person’s bushes and knocking on another’s door.

While driving around the neighborhood after that call, officers said they found another person who told them he was looking for his “very intoxicated friend who was causing problems.”

Police said that’s when they heard gun shots.

When police got to the home they saw the homeowner applying pressure to a gunshot to Claunch’s neck. The homeowner, who is in his 70s, told police the man approached while he was doing yard work and punched him in the back of the head.

The homeowner said the man continued to beat him and even “mounted” him to hit him.

The man who was shot has since died. 

To be clear, Katie Couric is a media hack with zero credibility

The Washington Free Beacon exposes Couric’s bias on the issue of gun rights

The makers of a new Katie Couric documentary on gun violence deceptively edited an interview between Couric and a group of gun rights activists in an apparent attempt to embarrass the activists, an audio recording of the full interview shows.

At the 21:48 mark of Under the Gun a scene of Katie Couric interviewing members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun rights organization, is shown.

Couric can be heard in the interview asking activists from the group, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

The documentary then shows the activists sitting silently for nine awkward seconds, unable to provide an answer. It then cuts to the next scene. The moment can be watched here:

Now listen to the actual audio. The group in question offers several answers.

Couric did this deliberately. Understand this folks, she, and those making this film, KNOW, they used lies, yet, they refuse to even consider that such a tactic could be wrong. Again, truth is not a value of the Left