Golden State coach Steve Kerr: Gun Control Fanatic

NBA coach Steve Kerr  illustrates just how deeply ignorant most gun control advocates are

Speaking this week on a podcast hosted by San Jose Mercury News sports columnist Tim Kawakami, Kerr made an impassioned plea for gun control.

USA Today has the transcript:

“I just have to get this off my chest,” Kerr said “Our government is insane. We are insane. And what bugs me is this adherence to the right to bear arms, you know. That was back in 1776. People didn’t own automatic rifles. You had to have a musket in case the Redcoats were coming, the British were coming. And the beautiful thing about the Constitution is they left open amendments to change things because things change over time.

Oh good freaking grief where to start. First off Kerr regurgitates the “automatic weapons” lie. But he also shows his open disdain for self-defense “what bugs me is this adherence to the right to bear arms”. So, it is natural rights that Kerr really despises it would seem. Funny, I would imagine Kerr would stand up and say that freedom of speech is not outdated. But, really Mr.Kerr, did we have podcasts, blogs, 24 news networks, Facebook, or Twitter back in the days of the Founders? I suppose we could make an argument that the Founders never envisioned those mediums either, so, maybe we need to drop our adherence to free expression too? Of course any thinking person would reject such a foolish idea wouldn’t they? Of course they would.

“I kind of think that our forefathers would not have OK’d automatic weapons to be sold to everybody if they existed back then. Let’s have some checks. It’s easier to get a gun than it is to get a driver’s license. It’s insane. And as somebody who’s had a family member shot and killed, it devastates me every time I read about this stuff — like what happened in Orlando — and then it’s even more devastating to see the government just cowing to the NRA and going to this totally outdated Bill Of Rights, right to bear arms. If you want to own a musket, fine, you know, but come on. The rest of the world thinks we’re insane. We are insane.

Wait, we sell automatic weapons to everyone now? And we have no background checks either? In what alternate universe does Kerr reside? One where the Bill of Rights, you know those “outdated” principles are according to Kerr “insane”. It tell you what is truly insane. A buffoon, who is speaking from total ignorance  advocating for a destruction of one of our founding principles. Mr. Kerr should take a wee bit of time, do some research. He will find that Americas homicide rate, and violent crime rates are dropping, and have been for  twenty plus years, even as the number of privately owned firearms has gone up and up. Yes, even as millions and millions of Americans carry concealed firearms for self-defense, the number of accidental firearm deaths, violent crime, homicides have fallen, and continue to fall.

And an odd thing about Kerr’s rant is this. He mentions a family member killed by a gun. But he fails to mention that his father was killed by an Islamic terrorist, in Lebanon.

The gun-control issue hits home for Kerr because in 1984, as he alludes to above, his father was shot twice in the back of the head and killed by members of the Islamic Jihad while serving as the president of the American University of Beirut in Lebanon.

Hmmm, maybe it is just me, but why isn’t Kerr speaking out about Islamic terrorism? Why is he blaming our Bill of Rights for the actions of Jihadists in Lebanon? Why? Because Kerr is a typical member of the Cult of Gun Control. He is a non-thinking, emotionally driven loud mouth ranting and raving out of complete ignorance. An uniformed man who has no grasp of reality, and no appreciation for natural rights. He is a perfect example of how foolish otherwise successful, talented people can be. This is what we get when we eliminate critical thinking from our education system. Most of all he is a useful idiot for those that would strip away every liberty we have and, yes, Mr. Kerr that would include your right to speak.

Just ten more weeks, until……….

College Football! Looks like I am not the only one excited by this, as Diogenes, who is OK despite being a LSU fan, notes there will be some great match ups week one


I cannot wait. Here are some other intriguing contests

Oklahoma at Houston

Kansas State at Stanford

Missouri at West Virginia

UCLA at Texas A&M

Georgia at North Carolina

Arizona at BYU

OK, lets get it going

Hawaii goes full blown Communist

Via The Right Scoop

Welp it looks like our island friends are well on their way towards becoming a police state:

While the issue of gun control has made little headway in Congress, Hawaii this week enacted a series of gun laws, one of which the governor says makes it the first state to put firearm owners into a database.

That database, which is called the “Rap Back” system, is operated by the FBI and would notify police when a gun owner is arrested for a crime anywhere in the United States.
“This will allow county police departments in Hawaii to evaluate whether the firearm owner may continue to legally possess and own firearms,” the Hawaii governor’s office said in a statement.

Note it says “arrested” for a crime, not “convicted” of a crime. I find this query speaks volumes

During the public comment process regarding the bill, opponent Quentin Kealoha asked: “Why are law-abiding citizens exercising their constitutional right being entered into a criminal database? Would you enter people exercising their right to free speech into a criminal database?”

Oh don’t worry, the Statists will try to go there eventually


DaleyGator DaleyThought- Taking Batshit Crazy to New Levels

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Were Orlando Police ordered NOT to engage terrorist at Pulse nightclub?

According to one officer this is what went down

Orlando police officers entered the Pulse nightclub as the attack by a radicalized Muslim gunman was in progress, but were told not to engage the shooter… instead, the officers waited on the SWAT team.

That’s the account of Officer Brandon Cornwell, who was among the first officers to enter the nightclub by breaking through a large glass window as Omar Mateen was still firing his weapon, The Washington Post reported.

The Post reported:

After an initial burst of fire between Omar Mateen and a security guard at the Pulse nightclub, a group of five or six police officers arrived on the scene within minutes, broke through a large glass window and entered the club as the killing of 49 people was underway inside, according to a Belle Isle, Fla., police officer who was among the first responders.

Officer Brandon Cornwell, 25, said the ad-hoc team spent the first seconds in the dimly lit club “trying to locate exactly where the shooter was — we kept hearing people scream and shots fired.”

He and the other officers followed the sounds to the bathroom area, where Mateen was now holed up. But instead of entering the bathroom, the officers aimed their assault rifles toward the area and were told by commanders to hold their position as the sounds of gunfire stopped, according to Cornwell. And so they waited “15 or 20 minutes — could’ve been longer” — until the SWAT team arrived, he said. Cornwell never saw Mateen.

We will see what other information comes out. Bob Owens thinks heads should roll over this