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The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

“Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.” – John Harrington

“…Give the devil his due” – Shakespeare- “Henry The Fourth”

“GRAPESHOT, n. An argument which the future is preparing in answer to the demands of American Socialism.” – Ambrose Bierce, “The Devil’s Dictionary”

This week, we had a tie in the Council Category between Joshuapundit’sAMessage For France – And For Us which was my reaction to what happened in Nice and what is happening around the world and Bookworm Room’sThe Devil And Gun Control .

I got off some pretty good riffs as well as some decent perspective in my piece, but I have to give pride of place to Bookworm’s wickedly imaginative idea of a dialogue between Satan and one of his minions!

Here’s a slice:

Gun control proponents have a problem. Irrefutable data shows that, since 1992, as American gun ownership has gone up, crime has gone down. When pressed about the dramatic decrease in crime, the best that the Left can do is to point to anything but the increase in privately held weapons:

“Possible reasons for the decline include the country’s high incarceration rate, an aging population and an increased use of security cameras and cell phone videos capturing incidents.”

If gun grabbers were forced to grapple with the fact that the increase in guns tracking precisely with the decrease in crime, they’d also have to acknowledge that all the aging Americans, the imprisoned Americans, and the video cameras are irrelevant. Why? Because if more guns really meant more crime, as they insist, the 300 million guns in America today would more than offset age, imprisonment, and video.

The fact is — as even the CDC was forced to admit — that guns are used defensively as often as 1.2 million times a year. This short John Stossel piece gives a very down-and-dirty explanation for the fact that, while guns are a problem when they’re in criminal hands, they’re not a problem in the hands of law-abiding citizens (and, in America, most citizens are law-abiding or at least non-violent)[take the link for the video]:


So what do you do if you desperately want gun control, but the data refuses to cooperate? Well, I can imagine Lucifer and his chief minion having a meeting that goes something like this:

The scene: A well-appointed office in Hell. Satan, in a snazzy red suit is seated behind a heavy oak desk. Standing in front of the desk, facing him, is Jezebeth, a pimply young demon, who’s one of his primary Earth operatives. The year: 2009.

LUCIFER: Jezebeth, you know and I know that too much freedom is good for human souls and therefore bad for our business. Without an all-controlling government, there’s so much less scope for the corruption that fills our Hell halls. After all, every time a petty official is given the power to control a person’s activities, we’re going to start seeing all sorts of wonderful bribery and other graft.

JEZEBETH: Oh, I agree, Satan the Supreme, I agree.

LUCIFER: Don’t interrupt again. We’ll take the groveling as given. Now where was I? Oh, yes. It’s very hard to empower a corrupt, despotic government when the people are armed. Those bureaucrats may crave power, but never enough to put themselves on the wrong side of an armed citizenry. You understand, then, what we have to do: We have to take guns away from Americans.

JEZEBETH: Your Supreme Evilness, you know that we’ve been working in America for years to get guns out of people’s hands. We’ve arranged with our earthly operatives to ensure that every single time more than two white people are shot with a gun in the same event, that our friends in the Democrat party blame guns and demand gun control. But it’s just not working. People keep getting more and more guns — and let me tell you, 9/11 didn’t help us at all. Neither did Hurricane Katrina. Those people we couldn’t sway directly or through our media imps actually realized that, when there’s a crisis, that non-damned NRA was right all along — when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

LUCIFER: Stop babbling, Jezebeth, and focus here. I know that your team has been pushing gun control for years, but you’re failing. We need to brainstorm here. The problem, as I see it, is that the more that ordinary Americans get guns, the fewer guns crimes there are. It’s devilishly hard to convince people to give up their guns when they’re feeling safer. We have got to make them feel less safe.

JEZEBETH: Well, your Evil Lordship, I have been thinking about this and I’ve got an idea. How about if we increase the violent crime rate so that people feel less safe?

LUCIFER: How in the Hell are you planning to that, Jezebeth? I just said that the problem is less crime.

Much more at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Gavin McInnes in Taki’s Magazine with Oops, We Started A Race War submitted by The Watcher .

He has quite a few interesting things to say about race relations, cime, #Blacklivesmatter and a few other juicy topics.

Here are this week’s full results. Only Daley Gator was unable to vote this week but was not affected by the usual 2/3 vote penalty:

Council Winners:

Non-Council Winners:

See you next week!

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Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Guns can serve as an equalizer for intended victims who are at sever disadvantages. Those who are handicapped, attacked by criminals who are stronger, or attacked by multiple attackers can turn the tables.

When will criminals learn? If you break into someone’s home, you shouldn’t expect to make it out alive.

Especially when your ‘victim’ is armed.

Police in Mobile, AL were called to an apartment complex on Texas Street shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday morning to investigate a shooting.

Mobile Police Department said three armed robbers, Deidra White, 24, Donald Denson, 19 and Eddie Hardy, 19, broke into an apartment in an apparent armed robbery attempt. The tenant heard the home intruders and grabbed his firearm for self defense. After a confrontation and a shootout in the apartment, the intruders fled on foot.

But not without a little parting gift for their efforts.

Hardy, who suffered a gunshot wound courtesy of the armed (and obviously better trained) tenant, was driven to a local hospital by his partners in crime where police say he died from his injuries.

Again, this story ends very differently if the Cult of Gun Control had their way

Yes, #NeverTrumpers, You Are In Fact Morally Responsible For The Hillary Clinton Presidency You’re Agitating For (Ace Of Spades)

Yes, #NeverTrumpers, You Are In Fact Morally Responsible For The Hillary Clinton Presidency You’re Agitating For – Ace Of Spades

Sorry, I was on Twitter. I felt it was necessary to dispel the widely-held myth, adored by #NeverTrumpers, that somehow attacking Trump relentlessly does not aid Hillary Clinton, and that they are not choosing Hillary Clinton by choosing to be NeverTrump.

All choices have consequences. By supporting Trump, I am responsible for the consequences of a Trump victory – and those consequences could indeed be dire.

But a childish morally-unserious fantasy has infected the #NeverTrump not-so-intellgentsia, that they can agitate for Hillary Clinton – by relentlessly disparaging Trump – and somehow, they are not responsible for the consequences of the Hillary presidency they are bucking for.

They’ve dreamed up this self-pleasing, responsibility-evading dreamscape in which those who plump for Trump are responsible for the outcomes of a Trump presidency, but, for no explanation thusfar discoverable, they are not responsible for the outcomes of the Hillary presidency they’re agitating for.

I tried to explain to them that there is no such thing as a consequence-free choice – all choices have consequences, both on the upside and the downside – and both the upside and downswide consequences must be considered by any adult, intellectually-serious person in making his choice.

But they like this idea that, like little children, they are free to gambol and play in the fields and this does not even perturb the leading edge of a butterfly’s wing, and so they just keep teling me “No you’re wrong” without saying why I’m wrong.

Which, seriously, is a rather important part of any argument beginning with the words “You’re wrong.”

I ask people: When you knocked Obama in 2012, and wrote posts and comments noting his flaws, did you think you were doing nothing to improve Mitt Romney’s chances of winning the presidency?

If so– why the fuck did you bother?

Of course, this is silly; everyone knows that when one buys ads attacking a candidate, one is helping that candidate’s opponent win.

The #NeverTrumpers are filling their blogs, magazines, and Twitter timelines with nonstop political advertising (free) against Trump, and maintain, just because they say so and because it pleases them to think so, this does exactly nothing to help Hillary, and they are therefore not responsibe for her election.

Or let me put it this way: I am not hoping for Trump to get into some serious international snafu by supporting him. Yet I know that is a very real possibility if he’s president.

Should this happen, I can’t just say “But I didn’t want trump to screw up so badly.”

People would say – no, but you knew the risks in supporting him, and you supported him anyway; you are therefore morally responsible for this.

Yet the #NeverTrumpers claim that the obvious, inescapable outcome of their position – that Hillary Clinton will be the president – is not their responsibility, just because they didn’t intend that as a pirmary matter.

No, but they were completely aware it was the natural and inevitable consequence of their position.

So why would a Trump supporter be responsible for a foreign policy catastrophe he didn’t even know for a fact would happen, when a #NeverTrumper claims to be innocent of the Hillary Presidency they know beyond a shadow of any doubt is the direct and inescapable consequence of the NeverTrump posiition?

They’re responsible for it. They don’t want to be, but they are.

I don’t particularly want to be on the hook for a Trump presidency, but, being a morally serious person who has not yet delegated my thinking to the Twitter Hivemind, I recognize that by taking the action of lending him my support, I am responsible for the conseqyences of that act.

Why do the childish #NeverTrumpers mewl that they, alone in the universe, are not responsiblee for the consequences of their own choices?

I understand the #NeverTrump impulse. I’ve expressed it myself. After Trump’s boorish, vulgar, half-insane attack on Cruz’s wife, I announced “I’m done” with Trump and vowed to never vote for him.

I understand #NeverTrump, emotionally. I think there’s merit in the position.

However, we have difficult choices to make. And difficult choices should be treated as what they are – difficult, hard choices requiring moral seriousness and rigorous cost-benefit analysis.

They should not be made – artificially and falsely – into easy-breezy decisions where one just says “I will do everything I can to make sure Trump is defeated, and I shall never give a thought to the prospect of a Hillary presidency, and I should never allow my shoulders to feel the burden of the consequences of the choice I am making.”

Real men – and tough-minded women – do not go fleeing tough choices by simply hallucinating an “Officer Dimes, please come and save me” miracle solution.

Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be president in November.

If you think Hillary would be a better president – or if Trump is so repulsive to you you cannot support him even if you think Hillary would be worse – fine. I respect your opinion.

We all have different brains. We all have different priorities.

But what I must insist you cannot do – what i will not permit you to do – is fantasize that while a Trump supporter is resonsible for the gaffes and disasters of a President Trump, you are somehow innocent of the purges and witchhunts of a President Hillary.

Trump supporters will own the consequences of a Trump presidency – and Hillary supporters, both those who declare it proudly and those who wish it secretly – own the consequences of a Hillary presidency.

Adults accept the consequences of their choices.

Only children run from them, or cross their fingers behind their backs and claim that’s a charm insulating them from the consequences of their choices.

Some decisions are hard. They should be respected as being hard.

And no, Officer Dimes is not coming to save you from the dilemma you face.


*LIVE STREAMING* Republican National Convention – 07/21/16


Motivational Speaker Brock Mealer
U.S Representative Marsha Blackburn
Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus
Liberty University President/Pastor Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel
Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka Trump
American Businessman/Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump


Click on the image above to watch the Republican National Convention live.

Alternate Stream 1 – Right Side Broadcasting

Alternate Stream 2 – Breitbart

Alternate Stream 3 – Live Donald Trump


Egg Cars?


Hyundai has developed a solution — the E4U:

Hyundai’s egg-shaped vehicle sets itself apart by sitting atop a horizontally-spinning semisphere that is used for propulsion instead of wheels. The driver stands on a small platform and directs the vehicle by tilting it so that different sides of the semisphere contact the ground. Tech-On says this is similar to the way a helicopter works, with two rear wheels providing stability and friction to act like a helicopter’s tail rotor.

Other details are scant, but another “interesting” feature is the that the top of the vehicle can be removed and worn by the driver as an eye-catching helmet. This is dominated by a large clear visor that seems more fitting for higher speeds than the walking pace the concept is currently capable of.

Hyundai is based in South Korea, but this concept is so absurd that it would be amazing if the US government has had no role in funding it.

So, wanna see one of these MoonBatMobiles?


Another attempt to ambush police fails

This one in Columbus Ohio, Bob Owens has the details

Shots were fired in Columbus, Ohio last night in another apparent attempt to ambush police officers.

A large section of Columbus, Ohio was under lockdown last night after police were shot at by a man with a rifle.  The police were responding to a call about shots fired near Columbus circle.  When they arrived at scene, they came under fire.  Police cordoned off a large section of town, including a long stretch of Cleveland Avenue.

Based upon reports for various media sources, the would-be cop-killer appears to have randomly fired shots into local businesses and vehicles to lure police into the area, and then engaged officers as they arrived on the scene. Fortunately for the responding officers, the suspect was unable to make any hits.

The suspect is still on the loose.

Hope they catch this terrorist soon, before he has another opportunity to commit an atrocity

Your Daley Gator CCW News Update For Thursday 07/21/16

Christie: Cruz’s Speech ‘Awful’ And ‘Selfish’, He ‘Richly Deserves’ Reputation He Has On Capitol Hill – Breitbart

During an interview on CNN on Wednesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie criticized Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) speech at the RNC as “awful” and “selfish.” And “why Ted has so, so richly deserved the reputation that he’s developed on Capitol Hill.”

Christie said Cruz’s speech was “awful” and “selfish.” And that Cruz “signed a pledge, and it’s his job to keep his word. And I think you the performance you saw up there is why Ted has so, so richly deserved the reputation that he’s developed on Capitol Hill.”

He added, Every one of us signed a pledge, and our words should matter, and that’s what disgusts people out in your audience about politicians, that they give their word and then they think that’s negotiable…

Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage At Convention For Not Sticking To His Pledge To Endorse The GOP’s Nominee – Daily Caller

At the conclusion of Sen. Ted Cruz’s Wednesday speech at the Republican National Convention, the crowd in the Quicken Loans Arena booed the Texas senator loudly for not endorsing Donald Trump.

At one point during his speech, Cruz said, “And to those listening, please, don’t stay home in November. Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.”

By the end of the speech, the crowd appeared to become restless and disgruntled that Cruz did not endorse Trump. When it was clear that the endorsement would never come, and as the Texas senator was signing off, the boos eclipsed Cruz’s remarks.

Earlier in the day, just as Cruz admitted that the Republican Party “now has a nominee” that was not himself, Trump’s plane did a flyover of his event, silencing the booing crowd.

Massachusetts Attorney General Bans Sales Of All New AR-15 “Assault Weapons” – Daily Insider

After the usual “assault rifles” are “weapon of war” used by “mass murderers” anti-AR agitprop, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey dropped this bombshell at The Boston Globe.

The Massachusetts assault weapons ban mirrors the federal ban Congress allowed to expire in 2004. It prohibits the sale of specific weapons like the ColtAR-15 and AK-47 and explicitly bans “copies or duplicates” of those weapons. But gun manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to define what a “copy” or “duplicate” weapon is. They market “state compliant” copycat versions of their assault weapons to Massachusetts buyers. They sell guns without a flashsuppressor or folding or telescoping stock, for example, small tweaks that do nothing to limit the lethalness of the weapon.

That will end now. On Wednesday, we are sending a directive to all gun manufacturers and dealers that makes clear that the sale of these copycat assault weapons is illegal in Massachusetts…

Anti-American, Leftist Protester Sets Himself On Fire While Trying To Burn American Flag Outside RNC – WCBS

Police arrested 17 people Wednesday after a melee broke out during a flag-burning in the streets outside the Republican National Convention.

It was the most turbulent protest since the four-day convention began on Monday. The chaos briefly prevented delegates and members of the media from getting into the Quicken Loans Arena for the night’s proceedings.

The melee brought to 22 the number of people arrested during the convention, far fewer than some law enforcement authorities had feared.

“Right now, I think so far, so good,” Police Chief Calvin Williams said Wednesday night. “We’re still out there, we’re still vigilant, to make sure we finish this day and the last day tomorrow on a positive note.”

Among those arrested was Gregory “Joey” Johnson, whose torching of the flag at a GOP convention three decades ago led to the landmark 1989 U.S. Supreme Court decision that said flag-burning is speech protected by the First Amendment.

Moments after the flag was set on fire, officers charged in to put it out with an extinguishing spray that some in the crowd thought was pepper spray because of similarities in the design of the canisters and the eye irritation caused by the fire-suppression substance.

“You’re on fire! You’re on fire, stupid!” a Cleveland officer shouted at a protester while firing the extinguishing spray…

Obama Regime Issues Another Pass To Cabinet Official For Lawbreaking – Hot Air

After Hillary Clinton walked scot-free despite having evidence of multiple violations of federal law in mishandling national-security information, why would anyone expect Barack Obama to hold other Cabinet officials to the legal standard? Julian Castro won’t get prosecuted or even punished by his boss for politicking on the job despite the conclusion from the Office of Special Counsel that the HUD Secretary violated the Hatch Act. Why? Because he’s really sorry, according to White House spokesman Josh Earnest:

“I think, to his credit, Secretary Castro acknowledged the mistake that he made,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

“He owned up to it, and he’s taken the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again,” Earnest told reporters.

“I think that’s the expectation that people have when you make a mistake, particularly in a situation like this.”…

Milo Suspended Permanently By Twitter Minutes Before ‘Gays For Trump’ Party At RNC – Breitbart

Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been suspended from Twitter once more just 20 minutes before his “Gays for Trump” event takes place at the Republican National Convention.

The justification for the suspension is currently unknown, although it could be as a result of Milo’s run-in with Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones on the site. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey publicly reached out to Jones late on Monday evening after she complained about “abuse” on the platform. Milo was suspended despite the fact that he sent no abusive tweets to the actress.

BuzzFeed gleefully reported that the suspension is permanent, citing a statement from Twitter promising a clampdown on “targeted abuse.” Milo has also received a message from Twitter confirming that that his ban is permanent, copied below.

The statement also promises to tackle “hateful” conduct, in the wake of widespread media condemnation of racist tweets sent to Leslie Jones. However, it remains to be seen whether Twitter will take any action against Jones’ own racially hateful tweets, seen below and archived here.

— Lord have mercy… white people shit

– Leslie Jones (@Lesdoggg) February 9, 2015 —

In a comment, Milo said “With the cowardly suspension of my account, Twitter has confirmed itself as a safe space for Muslim terrorists and Black Lives Matter extremists, but a no-go zone for conservatives.”

“Twitter is holding me responsible for the actions of fans and trolls using the special pretzel logic of the left. Where are the Twitter police when Justin Bieber’s fans cut themselves on his behalf?”…

Idiot Playing Pokemon Go While Driving Slams Car Into Parked Police Cruiser – American Mirror

A cop’s bodycam caught a distracted driver ramming his cruiser – and getting out with the game still in his hand.

Video released by the Baltimore Police Department shows three officers standing on the sidewalk talking at about 3:30 am on Monday.

Moments later, a car can been seen streaking towards them, ramming their cruiser just feet away at a high rate of speed.

Accord to Baltimore police, the driver said he was “looking down, playing the Pokemon Go game when he struck the patrol car.”

Video from the officer’s bodycam shows the driver exiting the vehicle, illuminated cell phone in hand…

Retired Warship Takes 12 Hours To Sink After U.S. Navy Bombards It During Weapons Testing Exercise – Daily Mail

It was a retired war ship hit with over 5,000 pounds of high explosives.

However the USS Thach, which was bombarded from the air, sea, and even underwater last Thursday during a missile-testing exercise, did not go down without a fight, taking 12 hours to finally sink to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

The Rim of the Pacific Exercise, also known as SINKEX or the sinking exercise, takes place every two years, and involves stripping an old frigate of its weapons, ammunitions and fuel.

It is then used for Navy target practice, with ships, submarines and aircraft from the US, Canada, Australia, and the Republic of Korea all taking aim.

But the latest, the USS Thach, which was retired in 2013, turned out to be quite hardy.

The ship was towed to an area 55 miles north off the coast of Kaui and then bombarded.

According to Popular Mechanics, the ship was first hit with a harpoon missile from a South Korean submarine.

Next, the Australian frigate HMAS Ballarat launched another Harpoon, and an Australian SH-60S helicopter shot it with a Hellfire missile.

The US maritime patrol aircraft then hit it with Harpoon and Maverick missiles.

However that was merely the beginning.

The cruiser USS Princeton then hit it with yet another Harpoon missile, while an American SH-60S Navy chopper hit it with more Hellfires…

Rupert Murdoch Reportedly To Remove Roger Ailes As Fox News CEO – Washington Times

Rupert Murdoch and his two sons have decided to remove Roger Ailes as CEO of Fox News following a sexual harassment lawsuit by former anchor Gretchen Carlson, New York Magazine reported Monday.

The three are in agreement that the 76-year-old executive should go, but they haven’t agreed on the timing, the magazine reported, citing anonymous sources.

Lachlan Murdoch, executive chairman at parent company 21st Century Fox, is in agreement with his father that no action should be taken against Mr. Ailes until after the Republican National Convention concludes this week in Cleveland, the magazine reported.

James Murdoch, CEO of 21st Century Fox, thinks Mr. Ailes should be given a choice this week to resign or face being fired, the report said…

Mother And Three Daughters Stabbed By Muslim Man In France Because They Were ‘Scantily Dressed’ – Daily Mail

A mother and her three daughters were reportedly stabbed while on holiday in France because they were ‘scantily dressed’.

A knifeman attacked the woman and her three daughters, aged eight, 12, and 14, in the village of Garde-Colombe near Laragne-Monteglin, in south-east France, at around 10.30 this morning.

The attacker, named locally as Moroccan-born Mohamed Boufarkouch, was later arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and remains in police custody.

Local reports suggest the Boufarkouch attacked the victims because they were ‘scantily dressed’. The victims are believed to have been wearing shorts and t-shirts at the time.

It is also understood that the victims were known to the attacker and his family as they were staying next door to each other in the holiday camp.

The victims, who have not been named, were attacked while eating breakfast at the holiday camp.

Local mayor Edmond Francou, told Le Parisien that the attacker was on holiday with his own family, including two children, from their home in Yvelines, near Paris.

At a press conference today, the Prosecutor said so far there was no motive…

Michelle Obama, The Only Person On Planet Earth With ‘Values, Hard Work, And Respect’ – Truthfeed

The liberals are scared of Melania.

Can you blame them?

She’s a smart, gracious, beautiful woman with a compelling message.

Donald Trump loves his country, his family, and all Americans.

She smooths out those “Trump lumps” effortlessly.

Melania’s speech last night at the GOP convention was compelling and her delivery was flawless.

She was a hit…

Afghan Refugee Shot Dead After Slashing Attack On German Train – Fox News

Multiple people were injured after a teenage Afghan refugee went on a slashing spree armed with an axe and knife on a train in southern Germany on Monday night before he was shot to death by police, officials said.

Wuerzburg police said on their Facebook page that three of the victims suffered serious injuries and one was slightly injured. Another 14 people were being treated for shock.

Bavaria’s top security official, state Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, told Germany’s ARD television that the attacker had been identified as a 17-year-old Afghan refugee.

Herrmann said initial information was that the suspect came to Germany as an unaccompanied minor and had lived in the Wuerzburg area for some time, initially at a refugee facility in the town of Ochsenfurt and more recently with a foster family.

He said authorities were still investigating the motive of the attack and were looking into reports that the suspect had yelled out “an exclamation” during the rampage.

He was responding to reports that some witnesses had heard the suspect shout “Allahu Akbar” (“God Is Great”) during the attack.

The train was on its way from the Bavarian town of Treuchtlingen to Wuerzburg, which is about 60 miles northwest of Nuremberg…




*LIVE STREAMING* Republican National Convention – 07/20/16


Talk Radio Host Laura Ingraham
American Businessman Phil Ruffin
Former Astronaut Eileen Collins
Pastor Darrell Scott
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz
Donald Trump’s Son Eric Trump
Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich
Indiana Governor/Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence


Click on the image above to watch the Republican National Convention live.

Alternate Stream 1 – Right Side Broadcasting

Alternate Stream 2 – Breitbart

Alternate Stream 3 – Donald Trump Speeches & Events


Watchers Council Nominations

We bleed again, along with France. And Marianne, the symbol of the French Republic weeps…along with the civilized world. But the shame is ours.

How many more of these atrocities are we going to allow? How long will we put up with it as business as usual, as part of daily life? When will we realize that those stupid candlelight vigils, cartoons, hashtags and banners are meaningless drivel?

When is the civilized world going to revolt against this slaughter? And when will we insist that our craven, smug incompetent leaders stop tolerating this madness in the name of ‘diversity’ and stop importing this contagion to our shores? Are we deaf, dumb and blind? Or slaves?

Enough. By G-d, enough.

Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.Then we vote on the best two posts, with the results appearing on Friday morning.

Council News:

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It’s a great way of exposing your best work to Watcher’s Council readers and Council members while grabbing the increased traffic and notoriety. And how good is that, eh?

So, let’s see what we have for you this week….

Council Submissions:

Honorable Mentions:

Non-Council Submissions:

Gavin McCleod/Taki’s Magazine Oops, We Started A Race War Submitted by The Watcher

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