Illegal Alien Arrested After Allegedly Kidnapping And Raping 13-Year-Old

Mexican Illegal Alien Arrested For Allegedly Kidnapping, Raping 13-Year-Old – Big Government


While outfits like the Immigration Policy Center say Americans ought to stop believing their lying eyes and understand that the more illegal immigrants stream across the border, the more crime rates fall, the reality is much darker.

On Thursday, Michigan police arrested a Mexican illegal alien, 23-year-old Aurelio Hernandez-Gomez, after finding him with a 13-year-old Florida girl who had last been seen two days before her ordeal.

Cops acted on a tip that led them to a Hartford home where Hernandez-Gomez hid the girl while assaulting her.

Michigan authorities charged Hernandez-Gomez with one count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, meaning they believe he raped or otherwise penetrated the girl after incapacitating her or otherwise rendering her helpless. They have not released further details, such as whether or not the victim was related to the alien suspect. Hernandez-Gomez is being held on $150,000 bond in a Paw Paw Michigan jail and will be back in court on Wednesday.

Florida authorities plan to charge him with interference with child custody and felony kidnapping, according to WZZM 13, after Michigan ships him back to Polk County, Florida at an unspecified date. U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement has been notified, but it’s unclear how they will proceed.

Hernandez-Gomez hails from Chiapas, Mexico, where the sexual age of consent is 12.


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Illegal Alien Arrested For Repeatedly Raping Pre-Teen Girl In North Carolina – Gateway Pundit


This didn’t get much press…

An illegal alien Luis Rey Sanchez-Reynosa was arrested in late June for repeatedly raping and molesting a preteen girl in North Carolina.

UFP reported:

On June 29, police in Durham arrested Luis Rey Sanchez-Reynosa, 32, of Liberty Street, after he reportedly raped and molested a girl under the age of 13, over a period of several weeks.

Sanchez-Reynosa has been charged with two counts of rape of a child, two counts of indecent liberties with a child and one count of sex offense with a child.

Sanchez-Reynosa is currently being held at the Durham County Jail on $750,000 bond, as well as on an ICE detainer.



Zimmerman Prosecutor Indicted For Allegedly Falsifying Arrest Warrant, Complaint

Zimmerman Prosecutor Indicted For Allegedly Falsifying Arrest Warrant And Complaint – Before It’s News

Florida State’s Attorney Angela Corey has been indicted by a citizens’ grand jury, convening in Ocala, Florida, over the falsification of the arrest warrant and complaint that led to George Zimmerman being charged with the second degree murder of African-American teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.


The indictment of Corey, which was handed down last week (see, charges Corey with intentionally withholding photographic evidence of the injuries to George Zimmerman’s head in the warrant she allegedly rushed to issue under oath, in an effort to boost her reelection prospects. At the outset of this case, black activists such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who whipped up wrath against Zimmerman, demanded that he be charged with murder, after local police had thus far declined to arrest him pending investigation.

Following Corey’s criminal complaint charging Zimmerman, legal experts such as Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz condemned her for falsely signing an arrest affidavit under oath, which intentionally omitted exculpatory evidence consisting of the photographs showing the injuries Zimmerman sustained, and rushing to charge him with second degree murder under political pressure. Dershowitz called her actions unethical and themselves crimes (

Larry Klayman, a former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor, a Florida lawyer since 1977, and now the “citizens’ prosecutor” presided over the Ocala grand jury and said this: “The Supreme Court has confirmed that the grand jury belongs to the American people, not the three branches of government. (504 U.S. 36, 48 (1992) (quoting United States v. R. Enterprises, Inc., 498 U.S. 292, 297 (1991)).

By indicting Florida State Attorney Angela Corey, the people are exercising their God given rights, recognized by our Founding Fathers, to mete out justice when the political and legal establishment subverts the rule of law. Hopefully, this indictment will serve as a warning to the political and legal establishment that they are not above the law.

Ironically, Corey will now be tried and likely convicted for her alleged crimes – which resulted in Zimmerman being charged under false pretenses, now coming home to roost during Zimmerman’s on-going trial. Corruption cannot be tolerated, particularly by law enforcement officers who are elected by the people to serve their ends, not the law enforcement officer’s political ends.”

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Chicago Man Allegedly Caught Raping Pit Bull During Tour Of Pound

Gerardo Perez Allegedly Caught Raping Pit Bull During Chicago Pound Tour –

A Chicago man has been arrested and charged with forcing himself upon a pit bull dog during a tour of a local pound.


NBC Chicago reports that 50-year-old Gerardo Perez allegedly assaulted the animal on May 29 at the Chicago Animal Care and Control Facility on S. Western Avenue. A worker claims to have caught Perez violating the dog in a cage in a restricted area of the pound. He was reportedly on all fours next to the dog, “appearing to have had just had sex with the animal,” prosecutors allege.

Perez then allegedly made “inculpatory statements” about the incident, according to pound employees. He was arrested and Friday and is being held on $80,000 bail.

Perez is the latest person to be arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting dogs.

Last month, 24-year-old Jeffrey Edward Bynner of Ash, North Carolina was charged with ‘crimes against nature’ for allegedly having sex with a chihuahua.

Also last month, Stephanie Mikles, a 45-year-old Maryland school employee, was charged with ‘unnatural and perverted acts with her family dog.

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Likely Obama Supporter Jailed After He Was Allegedly Caught Masturbating During Employment Interview

Likely Obama Supporter Jailed After He Was Allegedly Caught Masturbating During Employment Interview – Weekly Vice

Willie Merriweather, a 53-year-old South Carolina man, was jailed Monday after he allegedly masturbated during an interview at a local staffing agency.


According to the Aiken Department of Public Safety, Merriweather reportedly entered the staffing agency and was seated for an interview when the incident took place.

The interviewer told detectives that she was gathering personal information about the applicant, such as his name and date of birth, when she looked down and noticed that his penis was fully exposed and in his hand.

When the woman confronted Merriweather about his exposed penis and ordered him out of the building, Merriweather tried to argue that “it fell out.”

Police who were called to the scene located Merriweather a short time later and brought him down to police headquarters for an interview.

“The suspect did state that while he was talking to the victim, his penis fell out of his pants,” according to a police affidavit. “The suspect claims that he must have forgotten to zip his pants.”

A second employee from the staffing agency told detectives that they were familiar with Merriweather and that he always seeks out a female employee to interview with.

Detectives learned during the interview that Merriweather had a warrant issued for his arrest in connection to a similar incident that occurred on January 31.

During the previous incident, Merriweather was at another employment agency attempting to get an interview when the employee turned around and allegedly saw Merriweather masturbating with his genitals “completely exposed.”

Merriweather reportedly fled from the building when he was approached by a supervisor.

Merriweather was booked into the Aiken County Detention Center and charged with two counts of indecent exposure.

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Child Abuser Jailed After He Allegedly Hogtied His 11-Year-Old Daughter To Death

Child Abuser Jailed After He Allegedly Hogtied His 11-Year-Old Daughter To Death – Weekly Vice

Kenneth Stoddard, a 35-year-old Florida man, was jailed Wednesday after he repeatedly hogtied his 11-year-old daughter to a bed post.

The assault, investigators say, caused the little girl severe brain damage and eventually led to her death.


According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, emergency responders were called to the family’s home last Wednesday when the little girl stopped breathing and became unresponsive.

The victim, identified as 11-year-old Melissa Stoddard, was rushed to Doctor’s Hospital of Sarasota She was then transferred to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg where doctors determined that she had suffered severe brain damage. Melissa Stoddard passed away five days later.

The county medical examiner’s office determined that the girl died from hypoxia. The report also noted that the girl had ligature marks on her upper arms, wrists, ankles and thigh area.

Florida DCF officials removed 5 children from the home, some of which told investigators that the girl was “hog tied” to a board and her mouth was covered with duct tape on a regular basis. The children also stated that the victim was sometimes tied up and then placed into a filthy family pool as punishment for bad behavior.

Kenneth Stoddard and his wife, Misty Stoddard, told investigators that they tied the girl up to keep her from harming herself or her siblings.

Misty Stoddard told DCF investigators that she thought the victim was “faking” when she went to check on her and found her unresponsive. When she checked again a few minutes later and saw that the victim was still unresponsive, she reportedly called 911.

Detectives noted in their report that Misty Stoddard gave several conflicting accounts of what happened prior to the little girl’s death. At one point in the interview, Mrs. Stoddard stopped answering questions and demanded to speak to an attorney.

A 15-year-old sibling told detectives that he was asked to help his mother remove a board from the house that was used to tie the victim down – even as the ambulance was en route to their home. The sibling also stated that he was instructed to bring scissors to cut the victim free and to dispose of the board in a wooded area across the street.

During a search of the home and immediate vicinity, investigators found two restraint boards, several rolls of duct tape and a helmet that had restraint straps tied to it. Clumps of used duct tape were found in and around areas where the little girl was bound.

Kenneth Stoddard was booked into jail and charged with aggravated child abuse. Charges in his case may be upgraded since the little girl passed away after his initial arrest.

Authorities have not indicated why Misty Stoddard has not yet been arrested, however the investigation is continuing and additional charges in the case are expected.

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CA Student Sues School After Allegedly Being Suspended For His Politics (And He Has Video Evidence)

California Student Sues School After Allegedly Being Suspended For His Politics (And He Has Some Noteworthy Video Evidence) – The Blaze

A California conservative at Fresno State University is suing his school after allegedly being put on disciplinary probation because of his politics.


The school’s leadership – particularly University President John Welty – is reportedly outspoken in its support for liberal policies like the DREAM Act. The school’s newspaper took things so far last May that they published a poem that begins: “America, the land robbed by the white savage.”

Neil O’Brien is active in student government, and has made no secret about his opposition to the DREAM Act. He decided to ask the professors in the Chicano and Latin American Studies Department – at least one of whom seems to be a faculty advisor for the paper – what they thought of the poem.

Fox News has more on what happened next:

When O’Brien approached the professors separately in their offices, the same thing happened in each case: they said they didn’t want to talk with him. Openly recording the encounters on a video camera, O’Brien told them he just wanted to ask questions. They again told him to leave, and closed their doors.

What happened next is what got O’Brien in trouble: The professors called the police. According to police reports, the professors said that O’Brien had been “threatening” and “harassing” them. Police took O’Brien in for questioning, but decided not to file charges after watching video he took of the incident (which O’Brien has posted online here.)

Though the police chose not to pursue the matter, the school seemingly felt that punishment was still warranted.

Fox News continues:

O’Brien’s troubles continued when he was called into the Dean’s office and told he would face a disciplinary hearing in which he would not be allowed to have a lawyer present.

In the disciplinary hearing, O’Brien says he repeatedly asked his questioners to watch the video of the incident – but they refused, even though he brought a DVD with the footage to the hearing.

University Vice President Paul Oliaro ultimately gave O’Brien disciplinary probation for a semester – which forbade him from serving as the president of a student group he formed (a chapter of Young Americans For Liberty) and banned him from going “within 100 feet of the Chicano Latin American studies faculty or staff or their offices or classrooms in which they are teaching.”

“You can see that even though the video completely exonerates me, I still went through all this hell,” he told

In O’Brien’s opinion, the only conclusion is that he is being reprimanded for his politics.

“I can’t think of a reason besides that they just don’t like conservatives, and just don’t like to answer questions on anything,” he remarked.

O’Brien’s lawyer, Brian Leighton, added: “What these professors can’t stand is that Neil shows up to all these university meetings… and he says what he thinks.”

School representatives say they cannot provide details on the case, since it has to do with disciplinary action against a student, but insist that personal politics were unrelated to O’Brien’s punishment.

“Fresno State strongly values and supports the First Amendment rights of all students, faculty, staff and administrators. We encourage individuals to exercise their freedom of speech, provided they do so in an appropriate manner,” the school’s spokeswoman Kathleen Rhodes Schock commented.

Though this ​is​ related to politics, it should be noted that a quick Google search reveals O’Neil seemingly had a website called “” about the “lies, crimes, and possible cover-up” of the school’s president Pedro Ramirez, who was found to be an illegal immigrant in late 2010. The website has not been updated since May.

But O’Brien remains firm: “This school is totally Orwellian… I just want to share my opinion when I disagree, and I shouldn’t be treated like a criminal for it.”

Here is O’Brien’s video – the one that school professors called the police on him for saying he was “threatening” and “harassing” them. Skip to about 13 seconds:


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Delaware Daycare Workers Arrested After ‘Shocking’ Video Allegedly Shows Toddlers Forced To Fight

Delaware Daycare Workers Arrested After ‘Shocking’ Video Allegedly Shows Toddlers Forced To Fight – New York Daily News

Three employees of a Delaware daycare were arrested Monday after police say a ‘disturbing’ cell phone video allegedly captured two toddlers participating in an organized fistfight.

The Hands of Our Future LLC Daycare in Dover also had its license suspended pending a hearing, CBS 3 in Philadelphia reported.

Three of the center’s employees – Tiana Harris, 19; Estefania Myers, 21; and Lisa Parker, 47 – are accused of forcing two 3-year-olds to strike one another in the head and face repeatedly last March.

“It’s shocking, disturbing and infuriating to watch this video that shows the two children whaling on each other,” Dover Police Capt. Tim Stump told The News Journal. “These are our most precious cargo and to have adults responsible for caring for their well -being to have them behave as such is sickening.”

While the footage was not released publicly, police said one of the children could be heard yelling, “He’s pinching me,” and then a worker responding, “No pinching, only punching,” CBS reported.

“Clearly one of the children is crying and does not want to continue on and he is pushed back into the fray by one of the adults,” Stump told the station.

Court records say Parker allegedly forced one of the toddlers who was being hit to “continue in the physical altercation,” while Harris and Myers allegedly looked on laughing and spurred on the slugging, according to The News Journal.

Police met with parents Monday to answer questions about the incident. It wasn’t immediately clear what injuries the tots may have suffered.

Parent Cristyl Slack told CBS that her 4-year-old daughter was at the daycare on the day of the fight.

“That pissed me off just because I feel if my daughter is around anything, I should have known that day,” Slack said.

“It’s very disturbing to think anything like that could go on,” another mom, Amy Bickerling, told The News Journal. “I know these teachers. I go on all the field trips. I’ve never seen anything irregular.”

Police were shown the video by a man while investigating an unrelated incident.

Harris, Myers and Parker were each charged with assault, endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangering and conspiracy, according to reports.

The daycare’s owner couldn’t be reached for comment Monday.

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