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Not too long ago, someone commented that although they loved the political content here, my Daley Babes offended them. One reason was I “only” featured “19-year-olds”. Well I have featured women of all ages, like this lady, who is 42. I feature a wide range of women, because there are many different types of beautiful/cute/sexy/desirable women. If anyone is offended, well, too bad. Yes this blog is foremost about politics, but, I like to offer humor, sports, and yes, hot women too. I hope a wide variety of readers can find something to enjoy here. that is why Ed and I do this


DaleyGator DaleyBabe Rina Nagai and Some Rule 5 Linkage

Bob Belvedere leads us off with his Rule 5 Saturday

Donald Douglas is a bikini expert

Reaganite republican has a look at some vintage HAWTNESS

Proof Positive has a look at more vintage sexiness

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Miss K likes Redheads

Wine, Women AND Politics goes very NSFW

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Fritz has Sinbad’s women

William Teach has fun using pics of hot women to mock members of the Gore Church Cult of Climate Change, oh and he has the Sunday Pin Up too

Act Well Your part, new to our blogroll, has Hot Chicks, NSFW

Angry Mike, why IS he angry? Has Girls + Guns and we know what that equals

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Feral Irishman has a cat and a hot girl doing, ah, well………..

Rio Norte has a thing for gals with lots of ink

Conservative Hideout has Gals with Guns

Look for updates later

DaleyGator DaleyBabe Natasha Marley and some Rule 5 links

Kurt leads off with his version of Rule 5

Angry Mike has two words for us SMOKIN HOT!

Proof Positive has women of PETA, plus a Best of the Web Post, and his Friday babe is Claudia Jordan, and he also has a vintage babe, one of the all-time beauties, Natalie Wood

Uncoached has their PM Portfolio

TC Mag has a video of a bikini malfunction, slightly NSFW

Soylent has Scarlett Fever, NSFW 

Smoking Jacket has Lovely Lady Links 

Miss K has a contest between under boobs, and sweater puppies 

90 Miles has Late Night ladies

Fritz features Cassidy Freeman 

Donald Douglas has his Zimmerman Verdict Riot Babes

Animal Magnetism has some lovely Asian gals 

Bob Belvedere has no Rule 5 BUT he does have a story about a cow killing a man by…………

Mandatory has Kari Nautique

Wirecutter has a naughty doll

I Love Bacon: Now ThAT is a guarantee

Hookers and Booze has an extra hooker?

Heavy has the 20 hottest pics of Katheryn Winnick

Conservative Hideout has the fabulous Girls and Guns post up!

EBL has the stunning Jessica Alba

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Postal Dog brings us up to date on hot Lesbian shower scenes 

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Guyism previews Hooters Miss International

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Feral Irishman has your good morning lady

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Pitsnipes remembers Amanda Bynes before she went nuts 

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Reaganite Republican likes Miss Germany

Classic Liberal has Rule 5 to honor Extremists

The Other McCain has last weeks Rule 5 round up

The Chive celebrates lovely backs

Busted Coverage has Jenny dell, whoever she is, in a bikini

Brosome has Barbara Palvin

BMG  thinks bikinis improve everything

Barn O Rama has Priscilla Caripan 

The Right Way has a Friday Babe 

Theo notes how hot Sharapova is and has Sunday Totty to boot

Wine, Women and Politics has some NSFW ladies

A Nod to the Gods has some more NSFW hotness

Pics, Links, Babes, and the best Conservative/Libertarian posts from around the web

For your Saturday Night, Sunday morning, afternoon, and evening, the best of the DaleyGator Blogroll

90 Miles from Tyranny tells the cheatingest town in America

Chris Wysocki mocks Dear Leader, hope the IRS does not come after him

Old Virginia honors Alvin York

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Adrienne shares my disdain for certain activists

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Astute Bloggers asks if Justice Roberts was blackmailed


Pam Gellar has more appeasement of Muslim foolishness

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Blazing Cat Fur has the latest reason for home schooling

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Bob Owens: When was the last time you REALLY read the Declaration of Independence?


Bring the Heat why hockey rocks and soccer is for sissies

Bob Belvedere has his classic Rule 5 News for the week

Captains Journal looks at doctors asking about guns in your home

Matt has his Facebook links post up, it is always a must read

Bill Quick: What would Jefferson say?

Daily Smug: Melissa Gilbert blames NRA


Daniel Greenfield: Government IS the new race

Doug Giles: Why do Liberals think Chic-Fil-A is worse than radical Islam?

Doug Powers: President DOH!

Doug Ross: Larwyn’s Links

EBL: Bocci Ball Babes!

Fuzzy Logic: Yes America has a leader, and he  is the problem


Gateway Pundit: Isn’t it time to stop worrying about offending radicals?

Grouchy Old Cripple: Check out these funbags

I Own the World: You do not have to be insane to be Lawrence O’Donnell, but it sure helps

BC is talking about secessiom

It Ain’t Holy Water has a biker babe


Legal Insurrection: Harassmentapalooza

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Maggies Notebook: Oklahoma gives Sharia the finger

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Michelle: Weiner has an underage girl problem

Moonbattery: OUTRAGE


Steve: 15 freaking years?

Proof salutes Lauren Holly

Jill has Trey Gowdy’s opinion of the IRS

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Reaganite Republican Assumes the Boston Bombers were not Verizon costumers


Rio Norte: It is ALL about control

Say Anything: Then they came for your cell phone

Sentry Journal: Maybe I should invest in Reynolds Wrap after all

Sister Toldjah: I looked up “tool” in the dictionary, and Martin Bashir’s picture was there

Subject to Change has some nice Rule 5

Teresa has Ireland Baldwin in a bikini


That MR. G Guy: What in the Hell is Lindsey Graham smoking?

Last Tradition reminds us what we will miss if we surrender bikinis

Lonely Conservative: What kind of sick freak photo shops kids to make them look fatter?

The Other McCain: Al Gore has some nerve, and a lot of crazy followers

The Right Way pokes Penguin fans after Boston swept them

Theo Spark has Saturday Totty


Valley of the Shadow: Elvira was pretty hot

Weasel Zippers: Lawrence O’Donnell really is a prick isn’t he?

Western Hero reveals his Disco past

Zions Trumpet: The Bikinis that Ate Islam

A Nod to the Gods has some nice ladies in motion

The Chive has hot girls in the middle of nowhere

Double Trouble brings us NSFW beauty


Feral Irishman: Boy Little Red Riding Hood was hot

Funtasticus has babes in body paint


Gunaxin has gals with donuts

Guns and Bikinis has a gal losing her bikini

Guyism has Genevieve Morton’s best Instagram shots

Hookers and Booze, need I say more?


Izismiles has babes on the street

Wirecutter has an interesting babe

Miss K has some gals with attitude

Soylent has some serious Corsetage NSFW!

The Bella Twins rock Uncoached


Barn-O-Rama overwhelms us with Underboobs

And to close us out, one more pic



DaleyGator DaleyBabe Nana Nanaumi salutes the best Rule 5 Blogs out there

This blog, obviously is excluded. I do not want to seem to arrogant or conceited.

This is not a count down, these are not in any certain order

This is merely a list of the blogs I consider the best at “babe-blogging” or Rule 5 as invented  by the first entry, The Other McCain who has this week’s Rule 5 post up. Note, I apparently was brain dead yesterday, as I FORGOT to submit my entries! So, no DaleyGator DaleyBabes this week. DOH!!

Next is American Power, where Donald Douglas does some fine Rule 5 work, like this post where he sneaks in a photo of the beautiful Natalie Morales

No Rule 5 greatness salute would be complete without Bob Belvedere! Great work at Camp of the Saints

William Teach at Pirates Cove has his “If all you see” series, where he pokes fun at the members of the Gore Cult of Climate Change, and his Sunday Sorta Blogless Posts which are legendary

Theo Spark ranks among the elites. If there is ever a Mt. Rushmore of Babe-Blogging, Theo will be there

Soylent Green might be the best NSFW blogger,that still covers politics

Hookers and Booze, what more do I need to add?

Hell on Earth is another Hall of Famer

Guns and Bikinis, the name says it all

The Feral Irishman is a great blog, with bits of NSFW sprinkled throughout

A Man, A Dog, and A Gun features a new babe every week

A View From The Beach always squeezes some Rule 5 in

Jamie Jeffords is a model of consistency

I’m a Man might not stick out as a big Rule 5 blog, but it is

Pitsnipes Gripes brings the Rule 5

Proof Positive is a,ways a source of quality babeage

Randys Roundtable? His babes are Tart, yet Sweet!

Reaganite Republican Rocks the Rule 5

The Classic Liberal is a Rule 5 mad man!

I must apologize for over looking Zion’s Trumpet my bad.