Surrendering to Islamists in the UK

Via Big Fur Hat. I will never understand the weak-willed who are only too happy to be bullied by intolerant people. Subway removes ham and bacon from stores in UK

Pamela Geller

Unbelievable. Any where the West and Islam conflict, it’s the West that must submit. “Muslim demands”? Where have we heard that before?

I would never eat a fry from these dhimmis. The UK really is being transformed right before our eyes.

It’s laughable, for Subway explained its decision by saying it had to balance animal welfare concerns with “the views of religious communities.” Halal slaughter is vicious (more here).

Their business should suffer.

105-Year-Old Woman Attributes Long Life To Bacon Consumption

The Secret To A Long Life? Bacon, Says Feisty 105-Year-Old Woman – New York Daily News

She’s discovered the fountain of youth, and it’s crispy and delicious.


105-year-old Texas granny Pearl Cantrell credits bacon – and lots of it – with helping her live a long, happy life.

“I love bacon, I could eat it for every meal – and I do!” Cantrell, of Richland Springs, told local NBC affiliate KRBC-TV. “I don’t feel as old as I am, that’s all I can say.”


The lively lady, who recently celebrated her birthday, received a special visit from the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile after the company learned of her love for cured, fried meat. Riding “shotbun,” she took a spin around the town, population 332, to the cheers of her friends and neighbors.

Cantrell’s 105 years haven’t all been smooth sailing: She raised seven children, outliving three of them, and has worked hard her entire life.

“I would go to the field and work till dinner, then come home to fix dinner, then I would go back out to the field and work again until supper,” she told the station.


“She’s taught us to work hard and to get up every morning and think about living. She’s never thought about dying,” her daughter added.

Science doesn’t find the same life-giving properties in bacon. In fact, a recent study linked regular consumption of it and other processed meats to an increased risk of premature death.

But if bacon really is the secret to a long life, Cantrell is in luck: Oscar Mayer gave her a free supply of it, promising more on the way.

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Duane Lester: We have a right to eat bacon!

I like his reasoning

The government has a Constitutional obligation to secure my rights. In other words, when something threatens or limits my rights, government is there to issue the limiter a Liam Neesom level throat chop.

And having established my right to bacon, Muslim deli owners have no right to deny me access to a delicious bacon sandwich just because their holy book tells them not to eat it.

They have no right to force their religious beliefs on me. The federal government has a Constitutional obligation to secure my right to bacon, and I think the best way to do this is for Congress to pass a law mandating all restaurants to serve bacon.

I have come to this conclusion using the logic displayed by liberals in the last few months. According to regulations handed down by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Americans have a right to contraception, so all insurance providers must provide it without a copay. This means that any religious organization with religious objections to the use of contraception is mandated by force to violate their beliefs and comply with the law.

Apples and oranges, you say? I can’t compare a woman’s health care rights to my love of bacon.

Oh yes I can. See, rights are rights. There is no hierarchy. You don’t say, “Well, this right is more important than that right, so this right takes priority.”

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The Triumphant Return Of The MOST Conservative Cyber-Radio Talk Show Ever!

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