Best of the Blogs Your Merry Christmas Edition

1389 leads off with some “hot” Liberal women?

90 Miles From Tyranny sums up government competence

A Conservative Edge: Chaos

Uncoached has some Santa’s that might weird you out

TC Mag has a vicious hockey hit

Soylent Siberia has a great cartoon

A Time for Choosing: When Liberals start bashing PC….

Kurt has some thoughts on gun control

Fritz offers up Santa’s helpers

Miss K has patience

Knuckledraggin has a WTF Christmas gift idea

I Love Bacon: What kind of juice?

Act Well has proof that JFK would never be a Democrat today

All American Blogger: Now the Statists want to tax your meat

Aleister: Hey, that Pajama Boy IS that big of a Douche Bag!

Hookers and Booze checks in with, well, what you might expect

Gunaxin has NFL Cheerleaders celebrating Christmas

Funtasticus has Friday Wild Girls

Donald Douglas has the true radical nature of ObamaCare

Among the Joshua Trees has some Rule 5 Gina Elise style

An Old Broad has some trifecta for us

Feral Irishman knows how to beat the Blues

Egotastic has Beyonce in a Bikini

Double Trouble has SEXY

Andrew Klavan is a national treasure

Angry Mike sees a worse 2o14

COED has Miss Coed Jacky Kvicky

The Chive has Photos of the Week

Busted Coverage has the hottest NBA dancers

Bearing Arms has a gun review

Blacikmailers has inked girls

Blazing Cat Fur has your Islamic Extremism story of the day

A Nod to the Gods has one angry cat!

Zion’s Trumpet has an idea about what is wrong in America

Wyblog: Governor Christie has a dream….

Barb will upset the Left by telling them about a good guy with a gun

Bluegrass Pundit: GLAAD, meet Backlash

Wreck the Halls? Why not says Bluebird

Wizbang: School bans poster because it might be religious

Wine Women and Politics: Sultry

Weasel Zippers has your surrender money moment

CM Blake has a common thread to mass shootings

Bob Belvedere: PRUDES!

Captains Journal: Another good guy with a gun

Confederate Gray: Erasing our history

Vodka Pundit: News you can use

Theo Spark has yet another ad from Karls Jr.

Conservative Hideout:  Liberals love to spend Other People’s Money

Daily Pundit: Moral Retardation defined

Daniel Greenfield: Friday Roundup

The Right  Scoop Gay TMZ founder defends Phil Robertson

The Other McCain: Chris Hayes and Butt Sex just kinda go together

Lonely Conservative: Defining Liberty

Dead Citizens Rights: The shame of the American Studies Association

Clash daily: The right to offend

Doug Powers: Hey Joe Biden, stop humping that ladies leg

Doug Ross Laryn’s Links

Teresa has pets celebrating Christmas

Wyatt Earp: American Hustler

Subject to Change: Look at the idiots they put on TV

Stogie gets downright philosophical about Duck Dynasty dust up

EBL has some Duck Dynasty related Rule 5

Fire Andrea Mitchell: Cracker Barrel can kiss my ass

Grandpa John: Obama Claus?

Rio Norte: Why Liberals fail history

Regular Right Guy: Can this bloodsucker save Obama?

Reaganite Republican: Around the Righty Blogs

Randy has a Tart for us

Grouchy Old Cripple has Saturday Boobage

Guns Save Lives: NH CHL holder 1 Carjacking thug 0

He’s Pretty Fly: Out Obama Care, In OOPS Care

Hogewash: Thanks!

Proof Positive has Friday Babe! and Links a Plenty

Protein Wisdom has the War on Liberty

Political Hat: Fighting back against race baiters

Big Fur Hat: If Karl Rove wants to know what he can do with that whiteboard…

I’m 41: Glenn Beck does not like Christie much does he?

It Ain’t Holy Water: Pajama Boy better not touch these nuts

Political Clown Parade has another take on Pajama Boy

Pitsnipes has sexy hitch hikers

Pirates Cove: NY Times realizes Obama Care sucks

At Legal Insurrection, it is Kangaroo Court Week

Lowering the Boom: Obama then: Catastrophic health plans suck! Obama now: Sure go buy a catastrophic plan!

Maggies Notebook: These new light bulbs make me madder than a Gay dude at a Robertson family reunion!

American Perspective has a solution to anti-gun nuts and their butt hurts!

Old Virginia has some useful history

Nice Deb has Saturday Movie Matinee

Steve: Happy Solstice you Druid Freaks

Michelle: Beware the Gay Thuggery

Moonbattery: Yes, Republican women are hotter


Your Sunday Night Salute to Great Blogs and Hooters Girls

This post was inspired by this post at 90 Miles From Tyranny

The first Hooters opened October 4, 1983, in Clearwater, Florida.

I was working weekends at a hardware store called Scotty’s to support my College habit.  I delivered the lumber for the first Hooters I ever saw or heard of in my Florida City….
See Them Here:

Hooters Girls of Orange County

I visited that Hooters quite a bit, so I can say I was a Hooters fan from the start, and that post got me thinking about Hooters and how much Feminuts hate Hooters, and how Hooters can agitate the feelings of overly Social Conservatives. So, In honor of Hooters here are the best links from the blogs, and some Hooters Girls too!

American Power has a great video of some Hooters Girls

American Power also has a decent Rule 5 round up, although he did miss someone special, Ayhum

90 Miles also has a gal, with a gun

William Teach has a look at some border security “pitfalls” and his awesome Sunday Blogless Pinup Post

1389 Blog has the four Arabic words EVERY Infidel should know

A Herd of Turtles has some cool pics, and more cool pics

Kurt P salutes Serena Williams


A View From the Beach offers up some Amber Heard

Adrienne: For once I agree with Bill Maher

All America Blogger has your Weekend Links

Robert tells the GOP what they should do now

Aleister has video of Gutfeld trashing Jim McDermott

Among the Joshua Trees salutes Lingerie


Angry Mike likes the Asian ladies NSFW

Animal Magnetism likes the Reds

Astute Bloggers has the story of the UK appeasing Islamists 

Pam Gellar has a story of Obama copying the UK

Bare Naked Islam shows how radicals pay back Christian tolerance

Blazing Cat Fur laughs at the “Inclusive Garden”

Barb reminds us that there is a price for freedom

Bluegrass Pundit has angry bees vs Syrian Rebels

Bob Owens looks at those “high-capacity” guns

The Brenner Brief looks at another Hollywood star attacked for not demonizing guns


Bring the Heat celebrates 5 years of blogging

Wicked Thoughts has a Jeep for sale

Uncoached has Hannah Flattery

TC Mag has an idiot, on a bike, getting his just desserts

Soylent has giraffes doing the trapeeze

Smoking Jacket has Vivian Chau, OW!


Miss K has a funny vodka ad

Maxim presents Bria Murphy

Wirecutter is looking for Leprechauns

Jenna Dewan Tatum is featured at Mandatory

Izismile has 50 funny photos

Hookers and Booze has about what you would expect

Heavy has Jamie Pressly

Guyism has an unfortunate news anchor

Guyspeed has a Babe of the Week

Guns and Bikinis has BOOBIES!

Gunaxin has Poppy Montgomery


Bob Belevedere has a very curvy Rule 5

Captain’s Journal looks at the Church and Gun Control

Bill Quick: Christie or Walker for President?

Daily Smug: Bloomberg you dirty rat!

Sultan Knish: The End of the World

Doug Giles: Biden’s Utimate Gaffe

Doug Powers: Chelsea Clinton’s amazing statement


Doug Ross: The GOP really does suck

EBL has a must see video

Gateway Pundit tells us it is time to laugh at a racist asshole

Big Fur Hat: How did the Pilgrims ever survive?

I’m 41: How to stump a Leftist tool

It Ain’t Holy Water: Good dog

FHM: The greatest car ever made?

Alexander Wang - Backstage - Fall 09 MBFW

Feral Irishman: Wolf chases motorcycle

Double Trouble: random hotties

COED: Isabelle Leong is quite fetching

The Chive: Life is Awesome!

Barn O Rama has a cool gorilla

A Conservative girl talks about Paula Dean, and PC

Laughing Conservative: Snowden flying to Cuba?

Legal Insurrection: Lawmagedon!


Maggies Notebook exposes the Casino Kickback

American Perspective has the best golf video evah!

Moonbattery wonders when Jamie Foxx will be in hot water

Motor City Times has Sunday Links

Nice Deb has Judge Pirro’s take on IRS bonuses

Old Virginia: Nullification anyone?

Pitsnipes has advice on manners

Political Clown Parade: Obama’s Contras


Proof has the Best of the Web, and Friday Babe

Randy has his Thursday Tart

RR has some Orwell wisdom

Rio Norte: Why “Yes we can” Blows

Sentry Journal A Round at the Link


 Wyatt Earp: He had 140 pound balls


Classic Liberal has some knowledge with Rachel Nichols

Lonely Conservative: My Mr. President, that is a mighty big carbon footprint you have there

The Other McCain: Attention Whores make lousy moms! Also Perverts, Degenerates and Sociopaths



The Right Way has a Friday Babe

Theo has a Bedtime Totty and salutes the Israeli Navy

Wine, women and politics has Geezer Gone Wild!

Zion’s Trumpet: Sharia, is EVIL

Wyblog: Amnesty plus!



Dirty Damned lawsuits!

Stacy McCain asks us to remember that Jihadists are using the courts to attack and silence those who expose them. The lawfare attack on Blazing Cat Fur being a great example

“Zionist” is becoming a synonym for “Anyone Who Doesn’t Want to Liquidate Israel,” as Kathy Shaidle explains:

As we’ve known for some time, Canadian Muslims have been putting together a lawfare case designed to silence my husband’s blog, BlazingCatFur.
Now they’ve admitted this online at a Khomenist site, asking for donations to support The Man Who Is Suing Us in separate actions related to Canada’s Human Rights Commissions.
They specifically say they are targeting my husband because he is a “Zionist.” . . .

Read the rest at Five Feet of Fury and hit their tip jar — I did.

Remember, it is Blazing Cat Fur today, it is in Canada today, but if this deplorable tactic works, it might be your blog tomorrow. This is an assault on Western culture and values, and never forget that! Hell this is already happening here, as McCain notes often. Miscreants like this douche nozzle want to shut us up

Patterico comments on the habits of sociopathic monsters: “I have seen this exact pattern play itself out, again and again.” One of his commenters offers a helpful comparison:

Like Richard Dawkin’s attacks on religion – completely irrational and hateful but he justifies it by claiming that he’s opposing something hateful and irrational.

Time to help out Blazing Cat Fur

Blazing cat Fur is one of my favorite blogs, and now they are under attack by a Fascist named Richard Warman. Evil Blogger lady has the deatils

Mark Steyn explains why we need to resist bullies like Richard Warman:

During my battles with the Canadian “human rights” regime, we relentlessly exposed the corrupt relationship between the Commissars and Canada’s self-appointed Hatefinder-General, Richard Warman. See here andhere, among many other places. I also spoke about him when testifying to Parliament. Almost as soon as the truth about his Nazi website postings became known, Warman began suing. He sued Ezra Levant, with whom I’ll be appearing on Saturday, as well as Kate McMillan, Kathy Shaidle, Free Dominion and anyone else who got in his way. At the time, many people asked me why he hadn’t sued me, both for columns that appeared in Maclean’s and for posts such as this one at SteynOnline. 

Well, the reason he didn’t sue me is because (a) Maclean’s is a corporate entity with very deep pockets and (b) SteynOnline is based in the United States, where no court would give him the time of the day. So considerably more vulnerable Canadians have had to bear the brunt and serve as proxy targets for Warman’s shakedown racket. He is nowsuing Blazing Cat Fur merely for linking to “far-right web site” SteynOnline, and demanding half-a-million dollars for damage to his “reputation”. “Lame,” says Instapundit. Warman will not win, but please go over and drop a few bucks in the Cat’s kitty for his legal defense fund. The disgusting Warman has already been rebuked by a CHRT judge for his dress-up Nazi activities, and we owe the exposure of that not to his doting stenographers at The London Free Press but to a few plucky bloggers like Cat Fur. Do help out if you can. (More on this from Mrs Cat Fur. See also Cat On A Hot Trudeaupian Roof – and some cartoon advice for both Warman and the Prophet.) 

As for being a “far-right web site”, during the period Richard Warman is suing over, SteynOnline featured my acclaimed obituaries from The Atlantic Monthly, my column from The Irish Times (one of the most liberal newspapers in Europe), interviews with Oscar-winning songwriters, and baking advice from Martha Stewart. By contrast, during the same time-frame, Stormfront member Richard Warman was busy posting racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments all over Nazi websites. You be the judge. As they say at NPR, maybe he should see a psychiatrist.

American PowerInstapunditZilla of the Resistance, and other bloggers are calling out for us to help.   

We are at war, ideological war with the Left my friends. When one of us is attacked we all need to strike back!


More moral retardation courtesy of Sharia Law

Via Blazing Cat Fur comes a story that is beyond the ability of any rational person

British Muslim mosque leaders are agreeing to carry out secret marriages with child brides as young as 12 in the UK, it emerged today. In an undercover investigation, a Shi’te mosque leader agreed to marry a 12-year-old girl so long as she was a willing participant.

A Sunday Times journalist visited the Husaini Islamic Centre in Peterborough – the ‘first Shi’te mosque in the whole of Europe’ – posing as the father of a 12-year-old girl.

According to the newspaper, the reporter was told by Imam Mohamed Kassamali that ‘under sharia [Islamic law] there is no problem’ in marrying a12-year-old.

Sharia is evil, period! And any religion that allows such depravity is a cult of fanatics frankly!

Oh Canada! Man arrested for walking his dog, near Muslims!

Blazing Cat Fur has the story

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Simply unbelievable. The West damn well better wake up or we are toast! The video shows clearly that the police are more afraid of “offending” radical Muslims than enforcing the law.

Also see what Blazing Cat Fur has here about the Islamist who sparked this incident

What to say after four years of blogging? How about thanks! Updated through the weekend

A simple word, thank you. To those who link us here, who comment, to those who read this blog every day, thank you! Here is a salute to our blogging allies for all their help, and inspiration since 2008.

Lance Burri AKA Troglopundit

RS McCain is STILL on that Brett Kimberlin watch!

Chris WQysocki: A mandate, a tax, a penalty and John Roberts walk into a bar…..

Zilla rocks!

Zion’s Trumpet is doing fine work. Today he imitates a famous NFL coach, Jim Mora. “Free? Don’t talk about free! Free?”

BC at I’m a Man, I’m 41 has been very kind, and has a great clip of Reagan

Ted has two words for Obamacare proponents

Adrienne links often, and we thank her

Robert, like Ed and I, always lets you know what he thinks

Aleister has a great cartoon

Donald Douglas has been great to us, and has a thing for Erin Andrews, who can blame him

Blazing Cat Fur is another good friend to us, and who else would bring us news of the newest wacky Leftist demographic Mud Rasslin Trannies for Palestine!

Bring the Heat has linked us for a long time, and that is good, because where else would you read about things like Laser-Induced Plasma Channel to Destroy Targets With Lightning

Bunkerville is a supporter of this blog, and NOT a member of the John Roberts Fan Club 

The Busy Post has become a good friend too, and wonders when the Obama Administration will just demand we turn over our wallets

CM Blake offers up another take on Justice Roberts

Bob Belvedere is a no-nonsense, unapologetic Conservative who likes hot women, no wonder he likes Ed and I

The Conservative Hideout is an awesome friend to Ed and I, and a great defender of liberty!

Of course there ARE those blogs who really SHOULD link us but, for some reason do not. But I would not want to mention their names just to maybe get them to link us and help increase our traffic or anything. So, I will NOT mention Bill Quick or Pete, Da Tech Guy either. Nor will I say the name Doug Ross, no matter how good a job they do at that blog. And Jim Hoft? Nope! No linky love from the Gateway Pundit either. And an Instalanche or two? Is that too much to ask? Even inclusion on William Jacobson’e blogroll is beyond us. And, heartache of all heartaches for me? No linky love from My Blogging Role Model.

Sitting on the Edge of My Sandbox links us, and has a game Justice Roberts can play

Jamie Jeffords? A fine blog for fans of politics, sci-fi, or babes

GD 44 links us thanks!

Thanks to Steve Burri, he is a creative funny blogger

Hungry for some good blogging fruit? Head over to the Frugal Cafe

Full Metal Patriot asks the SCOTUS the eternal question WTF?

Big Fur Hat has linked a few times, which we appreciate

Jake Finnegan linked us often, I wonder where the Hell he is?

King Shamus links us regularly and keeps us aBREAST of the new dining fad

The laughing Conservative is always good for some political humor

The LIberal Guy, who is not really Liberal, links us and we thank him, but he really needs to watch his bikini wearing pics

Maggie is a fantastic buddy to us, and  a damn fine blogger!

The Mind Numbed Robot is a great friend, and I miss his fine blogging

Moonbattery blogrolls us, cause we are cool like that. And connects another dot in the Fast & Furious/Gun Control scheme

Steve at Motor City Times is a long time linker, and he gets the irony of November

Obi’s Sister? She is OK, for a Georgia fan

Wiiliam Teach links us every Sunday, and other days too, and he keeps the light on those Warmist types

Pitsnipes Gripes is a great source for laughs and babes

POH Diaries reminds us not to forget the Stupid Factor

PJM ponders a statement Justice Roberts made in his decision

Proof Positive always has outstanding link-a-rounds

Jill has a great post up regarding Roberts and taxing powers

Randy sums the Congressional Black caucus up in one word-DISGRACE!

Reaganite Republican has face palms

Rio Norte has a great line

Saber Point offers the argument for null…….

Sentry Journal ponder whether Roberts got it right or…….

Say Anything finds the bombshell about Fast and Furious

Pat Austin has two words for us, Resolve and Determination

Wyatt Earp: It is hard out there for a legend

Teresamerica: Islamic Supremacy in Michigan

Forget about the Brett Kimberlin saga? Not That Mr. G Guy

The Classic Liberal has been linking us a long time, thanks!

The Lonely Conservative has a map you really need to read

The Right Way has his Friday Babe

Theo Spark reminds us to say clean

Thanks to Valley of the Shadow for the links

Milton Wolf, who is kicking ass with his video spots reminds us that it is up to us to kill the Obamacare Bill

Feral Irishman, what a cool blog, so much political INcorrectness

Hell on Earth is a Rule 5 legend

Guns and Bikinis has a sick sense of humor

Knuckledraggin.. Women and Parking

Hookers and Booze

Soylent Green has some NSFW pics, and also great posts that make you think, and are still NSFW

UPDATED! Bill Quick links and we thank him!

Sunday’s Best of the Blogroll Updated throughout the day

Picked fresh from the best blogroll in existence, here are the links that will make you smile, cry, think, and get you angry, oh, and there will be babes too!

Smitty at The Other McCain asks, and answers the question of the day. Why IS Eric Holder still AG?

Paul Lemmen uses the word of the day, TWATWAFFLE!

The Evil Blogger Lady, who seems nice enough to me, in an evil way, is all about odd dining habits

BC of I’m a Man, I’m 41 diagnoses me with Jungle Fever. To which I reply, I love beautiful women of all colors

Nathan Martin has moved! Here!

The NeoSexist features Natalie Portman on her birthday

Roxeanne de Luca: Chevy Volts still suck! 

Stacy on the Right takes a Wisconsin Victory lap

Truth Before Dishonor has some sexy musicians, and has a thing for the fiddle player! I cannot blame him

1389 Blog hails good news from Canada

A Man , a Dog, And A Gun considers Amanda Peet slighlty NSFW

Kurt P: You damned dirty penguins!

View FRom the Beach has Crazy naked Canuck women

Adrienne: My but that Obama fellow is kind of, ah, uninspiring isn’t he?

Duane Lester: I won, I won!

Robert: You know, when I think of Wisonsin, I think of Hope, and Cheese, and not that fake Obama Hope, which stinks like old government cheese!

Aleister has Lanny Davis ripping Team Obama

Donald Douglas: DUDE! also Minka Kelly!

An Old Broad: A picture really is worth…..

Astute Bloggers: More headache inducing PC from our schools

Zion’s Trumpet has the smoking hot Gaby Elizalde CALIENTE!

Wyblog: Obama just does not get it does he?

Woodsterman has a great way to correctly honor Obama

Milton Wolf tells us how to know if we are racist

American Perspective: Hey TSA, READ THIS!

So, What Would the Founders Think?

Western Hero has BBQ!

Barking Moonbat: Humpty Dumpty goes PC!

Blazing Cat Fur has a story that will break your heart

Blogsense by Barb has Special Operations Speak

Bring the Heat honors a warrior

Bunkerville has Mark Levin audio

Bob Belevedere: Carlotta Champagne

Conservative Hideout: Sunday Links

Copious Gasser has Hope Dworacyzk

Da Tech Guy: Is the GOP like Gen. Braxton Bragg?

Daily Pundit: Who really cares about what Peggy Noonan says?

Daniel Greenfield: What Clinton knows

Doug Powers: What Salma Hayek is too sexy, Sheila Jackson Lee is to stupidity!

Doug Ross: Democrats suck at governing

Dustbury: Give me a woman with a sitar!

Troglopundit has motivators madness!

Richard McEnroe: Rockstar Babe video!

Theo Spark has video featuring April Rose Oh my

The Right Way likes Brooklyn Decker

The Lonely Conservative ponders the state of the Democrats

The Last Tradition has a beautiful woman, Dambisa Moyo making Bill Maher look like a moron

The Hostages BIG Boob Friday!

The Classic Liberal brings us Hotties for Paul

That Mr. G Guy: Whither self-defense?

Teresamerica has body painting hotness

Wyatt Earp: Winnie Cooper is single

Sister Toldjah Obam is not Liberal ENOUGH?

Sentry Journal: Ben Franklin would approve these links

Say Anything: TSA Tyranny

Saberpoint: Who is funding Kimberlin?

Jamie Jeffords: Carolina Ardohain

Gateway Pundit: Those nutty Netroot types

Rio Norte Line: The wonders of universal health care

Dan Riehl: What did Charlie Crist swallow, and when did he swallow it?

Reaganite Republican has Sunday funnies

Randy has his Thursday night Tart –Bree Conden

Postal Dog, has been sick, but still does some babe blogging

Jill: Hollow Man 

Public Secrets. Really Mr. President?

Proof Positive Shilba Shetty!

PJM: Let me tell you something Ms Pelosi!

Political Jungle: Where is Al Sharpton?

POH Diaries: Woman charged with malicious castration, like there is any OTHER kind?

Pitsnipes loves Asian women

Pirates Cove: Your Sunday Blogless Pinup 


Paco sums up the Obama campaign nicely

Irons in the Fire: Take a Midol and shut the Hell up!

Old Virginia: Bill Press, you just hate America

Nice Deb: Shame on Obama and his leaks

King Shamus on Obama’s dirty joke

Motor City Times: RVs as art?

Moonbattery: David Axlerod dodges, ducks, and dodges some more

William Jacobson: MSNBS’s heart break lampooned

Wirecutter: Yes it is inappropriate, that is why it is so funny

Feral IrishmanL A Scotsman, a Brit, and an Irishman walk into a bar…

Pork Eating Crusaders unite!

Via Blazing Cat Fur comes the newest in military fashion

With tensions at an all time high in Afghanistan following the Koran burnings, the urination video, and the killing of 16 civilians attention is now falling on a long line of “Infidel” apparel and gear.

Exhausted from how they feel they’re being perceived, troops have taken to wearing patches and carrying items that label themselves infidels and offer translation in local dialect.

In the Muslim world an infidel means literally “one without faith” who rejects the central teachings of Islam. tracked down Clayton Montgomery at Mil-Spec Monkey, a large online seller of infidel gear, who says his most popular item by far is the “Pork Eating Crusader Patch.”

The patch includes an image of a knight in a Crusade’s tunic, eating what appears to be a large ham hock, and lest there be any confusion — a translation in Arabic.

Blazing Cat Fur: The Vetting: CNN Implodes Over Obama/Bell Video

The media leftists have no journalistic principles do they? The ditz, AKA Soleded O’Brein is so busy defending Obama by trying to smear her guest that she looks like exactly what she is,a useful idiot. The first panelist to speak,whoever the Hell he is, apparently only cares about skin color,and that Joel Pollack is “White” and must be a racist somehow. Funny that, as Blazing Cat Fur points out

They even accuse Joel Pollack of being racist. A Jewish South African, who’s married to a black (or mixed) South African, with a mixed child? Oh yeah, that just screams racist.”

Get ready for eight more months of these “journalists” acting as snipers for Obama. It is truly sad that people like O’Brein spent so much time and effort to get to where she is, yet throws out all that work, as well as every shred of cedibility she might have, to shill and cover for Obama.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Adrienne has more as does Breitbart

It’s been established that Barack Obama counseled his fellow Harvard law students to open up their hearts and minds to Derrick Bell because he was speaking “truth.” A 1990 New York Times book review of Bell’s “And We Are Not Saved The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice sheds light on just how racialist was Bell’s alleged truth, which Barack Obama embraced. Bell didn’t only de-legitimize white critics based upon race, he de-legitimized his white liberals colleagues, as well, seeing them as incapable of being anything other than oppressors. (Emphasis mine.)

”Even liberal white scholars … have to imagine that they are not oppressors. Black people have stories and experiences that provide the basis not only for their lives but for their scholarship.” Does he then consider it impossible for white scholars to understand and to teach on this issue? “It’s not that they can’t, but they do face barriers to their ability to explain the reality of racism in America.”

Racialism is so woven into the thinking of Bell, and many believe Barack Obama, any white individual, regardless of ideology or personal attribute lacks the ability to understand and relate racism in America. Consequently, the notion of racial quotas is not simply based upon some idea of equality of opportunity, they must be imposed as white’s are inferior to blacks in an area Bell and Obama see as critical. While we like to think of equality as color blind, that is not the view Bell shared as a “truth” Obama embraced and encouraged others to do, as well.

Another radical with close ties to Obama. And, another incident of the media covering it up. So the media not only does not look into these stories, they not only IGNORE them when they are faced with them. The media actually attacks those that do look into them.

A Rule 5 Round Up fit for Super Sunday!

Maggie has Kelly Brook, and lots of links too

RRR has BIKINIS by the bunches!

Guns AND Bikinis, kinda says it all

Knuckledraggin has Rule 5 Irony

Hell on earth has Jessica Burciaga

A Man A Dog And A Gun features one of my all time faves Salli Richardson

A View From The Beach, new to our blogroll, has another fave Liz Hurley

Donald Douglas has Gwyneth Paltrow

Barking Moonbat has some Reds for us

Blazing Cat Fur has Joanna Lumley

Load Heat presents Kate Beckinsale

Bob Belvedere has a great Rule 5 Saturday

Dustbury has Drew Barrymore

Jamie has Alison Brie

Full Metal Patriot has Christina Hendricks

Postal Dog notes this lady’s sexy eyes

Big Fur Hat pokes some fun at our VP

Mad Mad Mad World uses Rule 5 to poke fun at Madonna

Jake Finnegan features Kylie Minogue

Laughing Conservative has a video of two attractive women discussing, um sausage

American Perspective has a Rul5 5 Round up, with lots of fun links

William Teach asks if all you see is a girl in a bikini?

POH wants some perspective, and Giselle

Proof positive has a great Friday Night Babe

The Astute Blogger has some fine patriotic women

Another new addition to our blogroll Valley of the Shadow has some Rule 5 awesomeness

The Classic Liberal uses Rule 5 to honor “doing your own thing

The Feral Irishman has bubble bath fun

Pitsnipes features beautiful eyes

Randy has a Tart for us all

Wyatt has Christina Hendricks Fever

Teresa has Lea Michele

The Last Tradition brings us a girl named Georgina

The Other McCain, who started all this Rule 5 madness has a great aggregation!

Say Anything offers us some more great links to ladies

Theo reminds us that girls need no pants

Lance has issues with Ask Men’s list of hotties

Woodsterman has no apologies for Rule 5

Chris closes us out

Another day, another example of how wacky the Left is

Courtesy of Blazing Cat Fur

The term formerly known as “blind spot” is now to be known as “blank spot” according to the Babbleloons, as in;

“Such ‘blank spots’ [Editor’s note: a substitute phrase for the ableist term ‘blind spots’] are gaps in knowledge resulting from our social location. Therefore, this assignment challenges us to think critically about our blank spots, or the things we have been conditioned not to understand.”

Ableists? Good grief, is there any group of people the Left will not try to make into a victim group? Is there no limit to their victim pimping? Now people who have no “handicaps” are bad, oppressive bigots, or Ableists! I think we have our first Marxist Moron of 2012.

More lunacy here

Ah yes, Rule 5 is in the eye of the beholder The post to be updated through the weekend

Rule 5 blogging, is a wondrous thing, it brings traffic, and sometimes controversy too. This week, I will poke around at my favorite blogger’s Rule 5 posts, and prove that Rule 5, is, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

American Perspective asks if these legs are Rule 5 worthy. I must say no, at least not to my eyes.

King Shamus notes that courage can be HOT!

The Mind Numbed Robot has been slacking in the Rule 5 department of late. Dude, it isn’t March anymore!

Kurt introduces us to Michelle Ryan

Always on Watch thinks that Blogoversarys are sexy? Hmmm

Robert thinks that Allen West is presidential, ladies think he is hot I bet. Allen West that is

Donald Douglas, noted pervert has the ultimate example of brains, beauty, and class Michelle Malkin, as she tears down the “Donald” as the fraud he is

Blazing Cat Fur honors Rule 5 nudity, but only because it offends radical Muslims! Hell on Earth joins in that fun, as does The Last Tradition and Mean Old Meany,

Steve shows us that nature can be stunning too

The Godfather of Rule 5, Stacy McCain , also points out that it can offend Feminuts!

Bob Belvedere, Rule 5 master has an impressive list

Cubachi goes Royal Wedding on us!

Jamie has Mila Kunis

The Feral Irishman wants us to spell HOT

Mike goes retro with Jaclyn Smith!

Full Metal Patriot has Kate Middleton on his mind

Wirecutter falls in love

William Teach thinks we might need an eye exam

POH goes Neve Campbell on us

Proof Positive goes vintage!

Randy has his Thursday Tart

Tersamerica has Anna Serradilla

That Mr. G Guy goes the guns and babes route!

The Classic Liberal has Kate Upton

Theo has TOTTIES!

How about some weekend linky love?

Taking a tour around the old blogroll to see what everyone else is up to, especially of interest is their babe blogging, and this post will be updated throughout the weekend so keep checking back! If you don’t you will miss lots of babes like this one

A Trainwreck in Maxwell has a thing for gardening babes!

Adrienne has Kirstie Ally, plus some guy with some dance moves for the ladies

Duane Lester notes the ugly tone that Democrats call tolerance, Aleister adds another example for us

Ann Althouse ponders who we are fighting for in Libya

American and Proud has some humor for us all

Donald Douglas offers some Rule 5 blogging that doubles as a smackdown to Sharia assbackwardsness

Clifton is celebrating two years of blogging

We pause the linky love to bring you this hotness via Beyonce!

Blazing Cat Fur wants you to suck on a what?

Who knew that turkey burgers could be so, well, SMOKING HOT! Blogmocracy knew!

Is Haley Barbour hot, or just a RINO? Bluegrass Pundit ponders this age-old question

Bring the Heat brings us the beauty of Jessica Burciaga

Brutally Honest poses a brutal possibility to consider!

Bob Belevedere ponders the obsession of another blogger for this Latin babe, Juliana Moreira

Carol, opens up her Closet of blogging excellence and reveals her crush on Mark Steyn

COED offers up a gal named Cody Cameron awwww

John Carey thinks patriotism is what made Patrick Henry quite the babe magnet in his day

Daniel Greenfield has a linkfest of his own that is well worth a look, and speaking of well worth a look!

Doug Powers considers Sarah Palin vs Bil Maher, call it the Babe vs the Douchenozzle

Jamie Jeffords has the adorably sexy Vanessa Hudgens

Fire Andrea Mitchell has Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, a perfect example of how beauty might be skin deep, but stupid goes al the way to the bone!

Mike of Fishersville, thinks cheerleaders are good!

Fleece Me is hyped about BASEBALL!

Fortress Outpost features large breasts and large guns!

Fountain Abbey has memories of some Seventies babes

Fuzzy Slippers might not be the biggest fan of this handsome Republican

Full Metal Patriot has the first trailer for Captain America

Gateway Pundit: TAX HIKES KILL JOBS!

Guyism has a three-way fight between some worthy babes!

Billy Bob offers up Veronika Zermanova!

I Own the World has a MUST SEE photo shop!

Si Vas Pacem has a beauty queen, who can shoot!

JWF: Media Matters Marxists skewered by Red Eye!

And now, another babe

Jefferson’s Rebels has a babe with a good idea!

King Shamus has Babes from Brazil! Oh yes!

Knuckledraggin has a GIANT |DOG!

LCR has a girl, in a bikini, attacking BK!

Maggies Notebook is getting good at this Rule 5 thing. Consider her featuring a new Bond Girl!

American Perspective has the ever hot Shakira

The soon to be added to the blogroll Observatorium adds Kristen Bell

Mean Old Meany is just begging to be called RAAAAACIST for this post!

Michelle takes some good shots at the Worm who is also a Weiner! Also continue to pray that Michelle’s cousin is found safe!

That crazy robot dude has SWEATER PUPPIES! YEAH!

Van Helsing has a different birth certificate controversy!

And now this update from yet another babe!

Steve: Government over reach anyone?

Nice Deb thinks John Stossel is kinda sexy I think

Carol saw her beloved Blue Devils lose, and now, my Gators FINALLY found a way to choke a win away!

A belated congrats to my favorite Dawg fan!

William Teach has an eye test for climate change nuts

POH Diaries has you showing up to court drunk story

Proof Positive has a Friday Night Babe!

Jill has a Suzy Boggus video

This just in from Natasha Yi

Randy: Would strippers make golf less boring?

Say Anything has links! And more links!

Sentry Journal: It is about Morals!

Pat is blogging about BEER!

Soylent Green has a HOT teacher!

Wyatt has a story of lust, a spurned woman, and a gun!

That Mr G Guy has a sexy water ad

The Classic Liberal brings us Emmy Rossum loveliness

The Other McCain features the NON Babe Nina Totenberg

Theo has a bonus babe that stuns!

Lance Burri helps pimp my quest for 500,000 hits!

If I forgot anyone please let me know, and to close I offer yet another babe!

Late Sunday Rule 5? Why the heck not?

Better late than never? Where babes are concerned SURE!

The Reb leads off with some top heavy bikini babe, and follows with Daisy Duke, and, as usual, there is more than just attractive women in every post at The Reb!

Theo has a bonus babe and Sunday’s Tottys! He also reminds us of the importance of hydration!


Aleister has the hots for Tammy Bruce. I do not know how well that might work out though

Demi Lovato nude? In a sex tape? The noted perv Donald Douglas is ALL Over that. And yes, he is looking at the movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman too. AND Lucy Pinder, AND Winona Ryder!

Blazing Cat Fur features hot German farmers?

Bob Belvedere has, Lucy Pinder,  A deadly Playmate, and another Playmate named Petra

Cassy defends Hooters from the Feminuts~ And offers photographic eviodence as to why Hooters Girls beat Bitter Old Feminuts! Doug Powers defends the Hooters Girls too

Cold Fury checks in with two, OH MY GOD PASS THE EYE BLEACH!

Matt has some Universal Rule 5

Da Tech Guy throws his hat in the ring!

Dustbury offers up the lovely Angie Harmon

Jamie has Eve Myles

Mike of Fishersville, is celebrating silic0ne!

CATFIGHT! at Fountain Abbey

Hell on Earth has BIKINIS!

Hookers and Booze? OFFENSIVE!

JWF: Leggy models are GREAT!

Shamus: Neetu is NEETO!

Knuckle Draggin: Babes with guns and cleavage!

LCR: Baywatch Basbes and the TSA!

Maggies Farm: OH DFER!

American Perspective:  Katy Perry!


William Teach: BABES and LINKS!

Proof Positive: Hey ladies check out my BACON! Also Guys, check out Carme Electra!

Soylent Green: YEP, as a matter of fact I am posting nudie pics!

Wyatt: Mariah Carey is pregnant

The BlogProf: To Hell with whales, Save Hooters!

The Classic Liberal: Michelle Monaghan!

Lance: That Katy Perry is an attractive girl!

Yankee Phil: I am ALL ABOUT Rule 5!

Rule 5 Sunday Link-A-Round!

The Other McCain’s Smitty always did a fine job on Sundays, but, since he is serving all of us in Afghanistan, God bless him, I will do my best to help fill the void of hotness!

Bob Belvedere has Raquel Welch and Jennifer Aniston as well as honoring Turkey Day with vintage hotness!

Stacy McCain ponders looking up Kate Middleton’s skirt and the Purple Bikini that ate Mexico. He also has video of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! He must be stunned that Auburn will soon win a National Championship! I offer Stacy my condolences and ask him to remember three letters! S.E.C.!

Wizbang threatens us all with the Rule 5 equivalent of germ warfare, nude photos of Sandra Bernhard! Please NO!

Noted pervert Donald Douglas is always a great source of Rule 5 hotness! Consider his Nude Cheryl Cole video and his flashback to a Lee Meriwether as Catwoman crush, and of course is all over Jennifer Aniston’s Purple Bikini! Oh, and did I mention his Jennifer Grey videos?

Who the Hell is Alizee Jacotey? I have no idea, but Blazing Cat Fur knows!

Bring the Heat brings the hotness of Amber Tamblyn nice

Jamie Jeffords has Mila Kunis!

Fountain Abbey has hotness, with an odd twist

Brea Bennet stars at Hell on Earth

Booze and Hookers features some nice behinds

Kind Shamus offers eye candy for men and women

Knuckledraggin My Life Away combines hotness, humor and social commentary all in one post!

That wild and crazy Robot Dude has a wild and crazy babe!

Paco checks in with Lucy!

Dan Collins has some random hotness!

LOTS and LOTS of HOTS at Pirates Cove!

Proof Positive had a Friday Night Babe!

Soylent Green has some after turkey feasting for your eyes

Wyatt has your WTF moment of the day: Harry Potter lingerie?

Mike has Adriana Lima explaining government de4struction

Theo has hot chicks with guns!

Lance offers up Rule 5 humor!

The Reb? Always a sure shot at Rule 5 greatness there!

Chris has Autumn Reeser

Yankee Phil has his own Rule 5 linkfest!

And that, my friends is the end!