The 25 Best Blogs Now

This is my list of the 25 most important blogs to follow right now, right now meaning in these times. These blogs are leading the charge against Obamacare, runaway government power grabs, entrenched politicians who care nothing about the Constitution, those who would take our guns, those who would impoverish us all in the name of fighting climate change, radical race baiters, and radical Feminists, and yes, the Islamization movement that would have us bow to Sharia Law. In short these are the 25 best blogs to read if you love America, our Constitution, and liberty! 

No, I did not include this blog, although I think it is right up there with those I did list.

As an aside, ALL the blogs on my blogroll rock, and deserve special mention for fighting for our founding principles, so no offense at all is intended to those not listed here. WE appreciate all they do

Click the links to check out what these blogs are covering

American Power

The Other McCain

Pirates Cove

Weasel Zippers

Camp of the Saints

Gateway Pundit


I Own the World

Theo Spark

The Right Scoop

Lonely Conservative

Conservative Hideout

Nice Deb


Bearing Arms

90 Miles From Tyranny

Blazing Cat Fur

Daniel Greenfield

Doug Powers

Intellectual Froglegs

Maggies Notebook

Legal Insurrection

American Perspective

Michelle Malkin

Protein Wisdom


Hey look kids, Dear Leader wants you to ignore those “bloggers”

Chris has the correct response

Please do not adjust your set, state-run media will tell you everything you need to know. Bloggers?We’re the enemy. Your president said so today.

… now that the government has reopened and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio …

Spoken like a true Marxist there Mr.President, but i echo what Mr. Wysocki says

You don’t get to supercede the First Amendment. Not today. And not tomorrow. I don’t care how much of a dictator you fancy yourself to be. In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, I paid for this microphone. And no pissant community organizer is gonna take it away from me. 



Most Influential Bloggers?

Ed and I have been named as two of the most influential bloggers around. The Lonely Conservative, Mind Numbed Robot, Matt at Conservative Hideout and William Teach have all been influenced by us in one way or another. So, now I have to answer some questions, nominate some other bloggers, and post this. The rules

According to whoever came up with this little exercise, there is no actual voting, it’s just a fun way to bring recognition to other blogs and bloggers that are out there.

Here are the rules:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you

3. Answer 7 questions decided up by your nominator

4. Nominate ( no limit of nominations ) other bloggers for this award and link back to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the award requirements.

Post THIS spiffy award!


Now for the questions I am asking of the bloggers I nominate

1. Why did you start a political blog, and when?

2. Who is the one person still living that you would most like to meet and chat with?

3. Which historical figures do you most admire? Name the top 5

4. Would you replace Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts if given the opportunity, and if so why and replace with whom?

5. If you were governor of your state, what would be your first action?

6. Who are your biggest crushes in the blogosphere/media/sports media?

7. If you could go back and change history, would you?

Now, the questions asked of me.

1. Why did you start a political blog and when?

I started this blog in June 2008. I had been writing op-ed columns for some internet sites and local papers since 1996 and I was burned out on that, too much structure. I needed something different, and I started reading Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air, which was a lot better when Michelle ran it by the way. She inspired me to  start blogging, which is why I refer to her as my  blogging role model. I wanted to do the blog with somebody, and one name popped into my head, Edward Daley. We had known each other since around 2000, and I knew how talented and passionate Ed is. He was my first choice.

2. Who is the one person still living that you would most like to meet and chat with?

Several names come to mind. Michelle Malkin obviously, also Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and Mark Steyn. But the one person would be Dennis Prager I think. Fascinating, and wise man.

3. Would you replace Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts if given the opportunity, and if so why and replace with whom?

Hell yes, he is a traitor in my view. He knew what was right, and went the political route. There is no American I loathe more than him, he is a disgrace. My replacement pick would be Clarence Thomas.

4. If you could visit one nation you have never visited before, what nation would that be?


5. What is something you would collectively change about humanity?

I would want people to care about character, depth and substance rather than style and image.

6. If you could stand up in front of the elected GOP leadership, what would you tell them?

I would assert to them that they must BELIEVE in Conservative principles, and stop trying to make the media and Democrats like them. The Democrats are NOT our friends. I would also tell them to look at the political candidates the media and Democrats attack, those are the candidates they fear the most. Also I would try not to curse but it would be hard, as stupidity really agitates me.

7. If you could change any law or practice in the USA, what would it be and why?

So many to change, so little time. I would try to end all laws that attempt to supplant personal responsibility and choice with governmental rules.

Now on to the blogs I find influential. 

Pirates Cove

The Lonely Conservative

Camp of the Saints

The Other McCain


Protein Wisdom

American Power

Conservative Hideout

I Own the World

Maggies Notbook

I’m a Man I’m 41


Motor City Times

Nice Deb

Zion’s Trumpet

Reaganite Republican Resistance

Proof Positive

Theo Spark

Randys Roundtable


And now, Ed injects his own thoughts into the mix.

1. Why did you start a political blog and when?
I’ve created several political blogs since around 2002, but none of them really took off due to my complete unwillingness to market them or even share their content with anyone other than my cat. Basically, my personal sites were just depositories for links to other websites that I liked, and I would occasionally post my own op-eds on them along with whatever other weird crap I’d created… pictures, parody song clips, videos, etc.

Then one day several years back I was chatting with Gator Doug on a political forum he was running, and he asked if I’d like to be a contributor to his new blog. For some strange reason he had already decided to include my last name in its title, so I figured I’d post a few things on it in order to seem a little less like the ungrateful jackass that I usually am.

For the first year or so I only dropped by the site maybe two or three times a week and posted articles on it even less often. Over time, however, I began to realize that The Daley Gator really didn’t suck as much as I’d first suspected, and if I just started getting into the habit of posting regular articles on it, it might end up sucking even less.

Not long after that day I figured out that you can actually get OTHER people to read your blog if you take a few minutes to tell them that it does, in fact, exist. Then I figured out that things like facebook and twitter could be used as tools to spread the site’s content around the web, thereby driving even more traffic to it.

Anyway, I think that answers the question… or, perhaps not, still it does answer a few questions that were never even asked, so I feel satisfied.

2. Who is the one person still living that you would most like to meet and chat with?
Hmmm… Well, I supposed that would have to be Newt Gingrich, or “The Newtster“, as I like to call him. I’d love to sit down with him and ask one or two questions which have haunted my mind for a while now, questions like: how the hell does an obviously brilliant man like you end up co-starring in a global warming PSA with Nancy freakin’ Pelosi?! Did you have a minor stroke or something during the last decade that escaped my notice? Oh, and why is it that every single RINO idiot who’s ever run for president has had a better campaign organization than you did in 2012?

3. Would you replace Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts if given the opportunity, and if so why and replace with whom?
It depends. Do I also get to throw his sorry ass off the court completely along with every other smarmy, activistic douchebag currently infesting it? If so, then yes… yes I would.

As for whom I’d replace him with, only one name immediately comes to mind… Mark R. Levin Esq.!

4. If you could visit one nation you have never visited before, what nation would that be?
My first choice would have to be Ireland, because – a.) I have an Irish name. b.) I like Guinness Stout. c.) In Ireland they speak a language which is not entirely dissimilar to English. And d.) I’ve always heard that Irish chicks put out.

5. What is something you would collectively change about humanity?
The inexplicable need most folks seem to have for asking me silly questions.

6. If you could stand up in front of the elected GOP leadership, what would you tell them?
To quote the famed, American real estate magnate, Donald Trump, “You’re fired!”

7. If you could change any law or practice in the USA, what would it be and why?
Just one? Holy crap! Uh… okay, so I guess I’d change the law that bans me from swatting people I disapprove of over the head with a rolled-up newspaper whenever I see fit. I mean, sometimes ya just gotta blow off steam, right? Am I right?!


Okay then, I guess this is the part of the excercize where I post my nominees for the 2013 “Most Influential Blogger” award. Oh sure, I could compile an extensive list of websites that fit the bill, but frankly, I’m much too lazy to do that, so instead I’ve decided to limit my selections to only two.

They are:

Pat Dollard, because nothing gets by this patriotic American.


Weasel Zippers, because with a name like Weasel Zippers, it has to be good.


5 Reasons Why The Daley Gator Should Be Your Conservative Blog Of Choice In 2013

1.) The Daley Gator is run by two genuinely conservative (aka God-fearing, gun-owning, anti-abortion, leftist-hating, oil-loving, RINO-bashing, Tea Party-supporting, Obama-mocking, Constitution-respecting, America-defending, law-abiding, border-securing, fiscally responsible) men… of mostly Irish heritage.

2.) The Daley Gator is way cool! Doug and I post the most interesting news and opinion articles, videos, and hot chick pictorials that you’re likely to find anywhere on the net, and the only times we find ourselves lacking in these respects is when we’re either too drunk, hungover, crestfallen or pissed off to bother… and that’s not very often.

3.) We’re classy sons o’ bitches! Hell, we OOZE class. In fact, The Daley Gator is so chock full o’ class that once you’ve left this site, the class that’s rubbed off on you’re clothes will linger long after you’ve washed them… and in rare cases, our classiness has been known to clean a viewer’s apparel all by itself. True story.

4.) The Daley Gator exists for the sole purpose of helping conservative Americans (see definition above) take back their country from the vile, pernicious, immoral, military-hating, putrid, tax-and-spend, treasonous, violent, corrupt, gun-grabbing, parasitic, baby-killing, self-loathing, hypocritical, racist, moronic, evil leftists among us. If that’s not a noble endeavor, then I don’t know what the word noble means.

5.) Doug and I are too damned old to give half a shit about offending people anymore… and to tell you the truth, I don’t think either one of us ever worried much about being offensive to society at large when we were young. For the most part, society can bend over and kiss my royal, Irish ass! I, like my good friend Doug, am all about individuality, and if you’ve got a problem with that concept, I suggest you turn your sorry self around and get the fuck outa here!

In conclusion, The Daley Gator is a really good news-and-information blog, and it was one before I – Edward L. Daley – came on board more than two years ago. It’s a good blog because the folks behind it are good Americans who know the difference between right and wrong, between good and evil, and who possess more than their fair share of intelligence, education, morality and wisdom.

Join us in this new year as we strive to reclaim our common birthright for ourselves and our progeny.

And may God bless us, everyone.

Poll: What Do You Think Of The Daley Gator’s NEW Blog Layout?


If you just read one blog….

Of course it should be this one, but, Matt has a great blog Conservative Hideout, and he has some great links to share to whet your political appetite. Also check out Sentry Journal, for John’s tale of your neighbor’s campaign signs. Say Anything has tons of great links too Captain’s Journal looks at Christians, guns, and self-defense

Just some ideas for some Sunday evening reading

Rule 5 Weekend with Vanessa Veasley. Saluting the bloggers that give us linky love

Time to salute those bloggers that are a big part of this blogs growth. Ebony hottie Vanessa Veasley lends a hand.

 Bob Belvedere has a bevy of beauties

Reaganite Republican has Andrea Tarantos, and her great legs

The Eye has Rachel Bilson

Woodsterman salutes T-shirts!

Randy has Nicky Whelan WOW!

Theo Spark has wenches and Saturday Totties

Donald Douglas likes Miranda Kerr in cotton lingerie

Pirates Cove loves to use hot women to stick it to Warmists

Proof Positive salutes an all time beauty Vivien Leigh

A Man A Dog and a Gun has Kate Beckinsale

Fritz offers us Demi Lovato

Hell on Earth finds some true beauties, Veridiana Freitas is no exception

Zion’s Trumpet has Rachel Burr impressive

The Feral irishman likes redheads

Pitsnipes Gripes has some eye-opening ladies

Rio Norte has Georgina Dorsett

Say Anything has lots of links, and many of them are Rule 5 Gold!

The Right Way has the Friday babe

More updates later so check back

DaleyGator DaleyBabe Nana Nanaumi salutes the best Rule 5 Blogs out there

This blog, obviously is excluded. I do not want to seem to arrogant or conceited.

This is not a count down, these are not in any certain order

This is merely a list of the blogs I consider the best at “babe-blogging” or Rule 5 as invented  by the first entry, The Other McCain who has this week’s Rule 5 post up. Note, I apparently was brain dead yesterday, as I FORGOT to submit my entries! So, no DaleyGator DaleyBabes this week. DOH!!

Next is American Power, where Donald Douglas does some fine Rule 5 work, like this post where he sneaks in a photo of the beautiful Natalie Morales

No Rule 5 greatness salute would be complete without Bob Belvedere! Great work at Camp of the Saints

William Teach at Pirates Cove has his “If all you see” series, where he pokes fun at the members of the Gore Cult of Climate Change, and his Sunday Sorta Blogless Posts which are legendary

Theo Spark ranks among the elites. If there is ever a Mt. Rushmore of Babe-Blogging, Theo will be there

Soylent Green might be the best NSFW blogger,that still covers politics

Hookers and Booze, what more do I need to add?

Hell on Earth is another Hall of Famer

Guns and Bikinis, the name says it all

The Feral Irishman is a great blog, with bits of NSFW sprinkled throughout

A Man, A Dog, and A Gun features a new babe every week

A View From The Beach always squeezes some Rule 5 in

Jamie Jeffords is a model of consistency

I’m a Man might not stick out as a big Rule 5 blog, but it is

Pitsnipes Gripes brings the Rule 5

Proof Positive is a,ways a source of quality babeage

Randys Roundtable? His babes are Tart, yet Sweet!

Reaganite Republican Rocks the Rule 5

The Classic Liberal is a Rule 5 mad man!

I must apologize for over looking Zion’s Trumpet my bad.

What to say after four years of blogging? How about thanks! Updated through the weekend

A simple word, thank you. To those who link us here, who comment, to those who read this blog every day, thank you! Here is a salute to our blogging allies for all their help, and inspiration since 2008.

Lance Burri AKA Troglopundit

RS McCain is STILL on that Brett Kimberlin watch!

Chris WQysocki: A mandate, a tax, a penalty and John Roberts walk into a bar…..

Zilla rocks!

Zion’s Trumpet is doing fine work. Today he imitates a famous NFL coach, Jim Mora. “Free? Don’t talk about free! Free?”

BC at I’m a Man, I’m 41 has been very kind, and has a great clip of Reagan

Ted has two words for Obamacare proponents

Adrienne links often, and we thank her

Robert, like Ed and I, always lets you know what he thinks

Aleister has a great cartoon

Donald Douglas has been great to us, and has a thing for Erin Andrews, who can blame him

Blazing Cat Fur is another good friend to us, and who else would bring us news of the newest wacky Leftist demographic Mud Rasslin Trannies for Palestine!

Bring the Heat has linked us for a long time, and that is good, because where else would you read about things like Laser-Induced Plasma Channel to Destroy Targets With Lightning

Bunkerville is a supporter of this blog, and NOT a member of the John Roberts Fan Club 

The Busy Post has become a good friend too, and wonders when the Obama Administration will just demand we turn over our wallets

CM Blake offers up another take on Justice Roberts

Bob Belvedere is a no-nonsense, unapologetic Conservative who likes hot women, no wonder he likes Ed and I

The Conservative Hideout is an awesome friend to Ed and I, and a great defender of liberty!

Of course there ARE those blogs who really SHOULD link us but, for some reason do not. But I would not want to mention their names just to maybe get them to link us and help increase our traffic or anything. So, I will NOT mention Bill Quick or Pete, Da Tech Guy either. Nor will I say the name Doug Ross, no matter how good a job they do at that blog. And Jim Hoft? Nope! No linky love from the Gateway Pundit either. And an Instalanche or two? Is that too much to ask? Even inclusion on William Jacobson’e blogroll is beyond us. And, heartache of all heartaches for me? No linky love from My Blogging Role Model.

Sitting on the Edge of My Sandbox links us, and has a game Justice Roberts can play

Jamie Jeffords? A fine blog for fans of politics, sci-fi, or babes

GD 44 links us thanks!

Thanks to Steve Burri, he is a creative funny blogger

Hungry for some good blogging fruit? Head over to the Frugal Cafe

Full Metal Patriot asks the SCOTUS the eternal question WTF?

Big Fur Hat has linked a few times, which we appreciate

Jake Finnegan linked us often, I wonder where the Hell he is?

King Shamus links us regularly and keeps us aBREAST of the new dining fad

The laughing Conservative is always good for some political humor

The LIberal Guy, who is not really Liberal, links us and we thank him, but he really needs to watch his bikini wearing pics

Maggie is a fantastic buddy to us, and  a damn fine blogger!

The Mind Numbed Robot is a great friend, and I miss his fine blogging

Moonbattery blogrolls us, cause we are cool like that. And connects another dot in the Fast & Furious/Gun Control scheme

Steve at Motor City Times is a long time linker, and he gets the irony of November

Obi’s Sister? She is OK, for a Georgia fan

Wiiliam Teach links us every Sunday, and other days too, and he keeps the light on those Warmist types

Pitsnipes Gripes is a great source for laughs and babes

POH Diaries reminds us not to forget the Stupid Factor

PJM ponders a statement Justice Roberts made in his decision

Proof Positive always has outstanding link-a-rounds

Jill has a great post up regarding Roberts and taxing powers

Randy sums the Congressional Black caucus up in one word-DISGRACE!

Reaganite Republican has face palms

Rio Norte has a great line

Saber Point offers the argument for null…….

Sentry Journal ponder whether Roberts got it right or…….

Say Anything finds the bombshell about Fast and Furious

Pat Austin has two words for us, Resolve and Determination

Wyatt Earp: It is hard out there for a legend

Teresamerica: Islamic Supremacy in Michigan

Forget about the Brett Kimberlin saga? Not That Mr. G Guy

The Classic Liberal has been linking us a long time, thanks!

The Lonely Conservative has a map you really need to read

The Right Way has his Friday Babe

Theo Spark reminds us to say clean

Thanks to Valley of the Shadow for the links

Milton Wolf, who is kicking ass with his video spots reminds us that it is up to us to kill the Obamacare Bill

Feral Irishman, what a cool blog, so much political INcorrectness

Hell on Earth is a Rule 5 legend

Guns and Bikinis has a sick sense of humor

Knuckledraggin.. Women and Parking

Hookers and Booze

Soylent Green has some NSFW pics, and also great posts that make you think, and are still NSFW

UPDATED! Bill Quick links and we thank him!

Can you believe I almost forgot our Blogiversary?

Yep, on this day, June 28th, 2008 this blog was relaunched on WordPress and this was my first post. I knew when I started that I wanted to do  a blog with someone. And one name came up immediately, Edward Daley. I could not ask for  a better friend, or blogger than Ed. At the time, Ed, nor I knew much about blogging, and some might say we still don’t :), but, we learned. We learned the example of others, we learned a lot because of the generosity of others, and slowly, we grew, and today, we are still growing. Thanks to all those who have helped. I will be doing some posts this weekend, and early next week celebrating The Daley Gator’s four years.

So, here is to us! Thanks to our readers, those who link us, and to those that inspired us, and still do.

Fear and Loathing in DC?

Stacy McCain reports on the latest news regarding a certain lying terrorist, and asks the musical question. If threatening Conservative bloggers is wrong, why does the GOP not want to be right

“Where are those spineless Republican bastards in Congress when we need ‘em, huh?” I shouted, trying to explain to a couple of young Beltway professionals the concept behind National Day of Blogger Silence. “They expect us to carry their message and fight their fights, and here we’ve got bloggers getting SWATted and bloggers going to jail and not a single Republican on Capitol Hill has said a f–king word! Not so much as a g–d– two-minute floor speech or a two-sentence press release statement!”

A couple of passersby on the sidewalk glanced over at the patio of the Pennsylvania Street bar where I was, uh, exercising my First Amendment rights — not to say ranting like a madman — earlier this afternoon. Having come to Capitol Hill for a meeting, I’d bumped into these two D.C. professionals who are young friends of mine, though not quite protegés, although one of them was someone whom I once advised to stay away from the Culture 11 debacle. She didn’t listen, and now doesn’t even mention on her LinkedIn profile her involvement in that infamous New Media catastrophe. But I digress . . .

Monday, or yesterday if you prefer, Ali Akbar, was targeted by certain miscreants for daring to talk about those aforementioned miscreants, his mother’s house was photographed, the address was given, and friends of Ali were named as well. Needless to say, Mr. Akbar was none too pleased, declaring this WW3!

Monday afternoon I was off the grid when Ali Akbar called to tell me that “Breitbart Unmasked” had published a photo and the address of his mother’s home in Texas in a viciously mendacious attack on theNational Bloggers Club. While I had no Web access at the time, I was able to send a Tweet from my cell phone, and pardonnez mon français.

Does the phrase “Don’t mess with Texas” ring a bell? Maryland courts have been incredibly lenient with the Kimberlin/Rauhauser axis, but Ali assures me that Texas won’t take too kindly to the purposeful harassment of one of its law-abiding citizens. Ali’s mother has harmed no one, and whoever thought up this sick stunt might find themselves prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law — Texas law. IYKWIMAITYD.

Yes, Texas IS not Maryland, it is different here. This also touches a nerve with me because I live near Dallas, which is near Ft. Worth, which is where Ali’s mom’s house is located. An Ex-Con, who has also done stellar blogging about the Miscreant Intimidation Squad, is NOT AFRAID to post where he lives as he makes clear to the douche nozzles photographing his house. Oddly enough, he lives in Pinellas Park, which is near Tampa, where I was born, and raised, and lived until 1995. In fact, I remember delivering appliances to the apartments where he resides. I guess it is a small world. An Ex-Con also posts these words, which I think sum it up

Point one: The thing to remember is that this is not about me or my family, it is about thuggery and intimidation to silence free speech.

My second point: I am not important in this situation. I stole their thunder so I now am a zero, without value.

Circle the wagons around those that make a difference. I am old and disposable. Ali, Stacy, Liberty Chick, Aaron, Patrick, all of them are young and important players in this effort. Circle the wagons on them.

Contribute to the National Bloggers Club fund started for this purpose. Blog about them, their efforts regarding the publishing of factual information about a public figure. This is where the forward edge of the battlefield exists, not in a backwater in Florida with a broken old man.

Move forward, defeat the foe, those that would silence each and everyone of us. Rally to the commanders listed above and give them your support.


Another way to support bloggers attacked by Brett Kimberlin!

Via Stacy McCain, whereabouts unknown

The National Bloggers Club has been a valuable ally in supporting and defending bloggers targeted by harassment and intimidation. Today is “Everybody Blog Brett Kimberlin Day.” I join with National Bloggers Club president Ali Akbar in sincerely requesting that readers concerned about defending First Amendment rights online visit the club’s special site,, and please give generously. Fellow bloggers can help by including the image and link in their coverage of the Kimberlin case.

– Robert Stacy McCain, Whereabouts Unknown

Happy Blogaversary to Wyblog!

Go tell Chris Wysocki congrats! Way to go Chris! We here at The DaleyGator are coming up on our 4th, and Chris has been a great friend to Ed and I.

Five years. Five years ago today I started this blog.

You’re welcome!

Stats — 2385 posts, a little over 800,000 hits, almost 1,300 Twitter followers, and my Networked Blogs / Facebook “likes” stuck at 99. Would it be too much to ask for one more Facebook liker? Just one. Please?

Click the damn button!

Or maybe it’s stuck at 99. Kinda like the odometer on an old Pinto.

I used to obsess about my stats. Now I’m calmer. Or so the voices in my head tell me.

Rambling, I am.

Glad you’re here though. Five years is a long time. On the internet it’s an eternity, considering the click-click-click and click some more mantra of most web surfers. (Do we still call people “web surfers?” Or is there a new, hip term now? Nobody ever accused me of being hip!) So thanks for sticking around, and coming back.

Know what’s cool? When someone comes up to me in the supermarket and says “love your blog.” Alas there’s also the “Wysocki, you ignorant slut!” contingent as well; but enough about my wife.

I’m kidding dear!


In an effort to calm a fellow blogger…….

I will remind Adrienne not to get too upset over this

Okay – my outrage meter just went up…

about 1000 notches.

What kind of woman proudly declares her desire to kill her own baby and demands that you pay for it?  This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve witnessed in a long time.  Sad and pathetic women acting out their part as useful idiots…

More at Zombie:   “Unite Against the War on Women” march, Los Angeles

Just remember Adrienne, these are not real women, they are Feminuts!

The second annual DaleyGator MUST READ Blog Awards!

There are some blogs that you MUST READ every day. And yes, Ed and I think our blog here is a MUST READ blog, but, our collective humility, which next to our wit, charm, and good looks is our greatest attribute prevents us from blowing our own horn.

So, without further ado, here are your MUST READ blogs for 2012! And no, they not ranked, they are simply in order that I found the easiest to do. And if you are not on the list, and think that you should be, then by all means let me know, I certainly do not mean to slight, or insult anyone.

Blazing Cat Fur

Riehl World View

Maggies Notebook

Pundit & Pundette


Adrienne’s Corner

All-American Blogger

American and Proud

American Glob

American Power

Camp of the Saints

Conservative Hideout

Daily Pundit

Daniel Greenfield

Doug Powers

Don Surber

Gateway Pundit

Hot Air

Jake Finnegan

King Shamus

Legal Insurrection

Michelle Malkin

Mind Numbed Robot 


Motor City Times


Pirates Cove

POH Diaries

Political Junkie Mom

Pot Luck

Proof Positive

Randys Roundtable

Reaganite Republican Resistance


Say Anything

Sista Toldjah

So it Goes in Shreveport

Support Your Local Gunfighter

The Classic Liberal

The Lonley Conservative

The Other McCain

The Right Scoop

Theo Spark


Verum Serum

Weasel Zippers

Western Hero


Wolf Files



Excuse me, but didn’t you used to be Charles Johnson?

Ah, Charles Johnson, of Little Green Football fame, or lack of fame these days it seems. He used to be a big time blogger, one of the elites of blogging I suppose you might say. But then, well, he decided he should hate Christians, Southerners, Conservatives, anyone who did not completely agree with his narrow-minded view of the world. And POOF! Just like that he ceased to be relevant, except to himself of course. Stacy McCain, who is SILL relevant, has more

The terminal stage of narcissistic personality order:

Happy Thanksgiving to all LGF readers.
On this day, I’d like to thank 2007 me, who woke up and realized that the “counter-jihad” bloggers were in truth a bunch of bigots and fascists. And I’d also like to thank the 2009 me, who realized that the Republican Party was dangerously off the rails, and publicly jumped off their runaway right wing train. . .

It is sad that Johnson got so full of himself, that, well, he destroyed himself. As Stacy concludes……

……..for those readers whose reaction to such news is, “Oh, you mean Little Green Footballs is still online?”

If you didn’t discover the blogosphere until after 2007, of course, your reaction is probably, “Charles Who?”

He used to be somebody important, believe it or not.

Want to get your ass booted from my Blogroll?

Then go ahead and post BS like this

There is simply no, zero, excuse for hinting that Whites are more “evolved” than Blacks. Yes, the crime discussed was terrible, and I hope the perpetrators get every thing they deserve. But, to post that “we need the Klan”? Sorry, that does not fly here! There is absolutely no room for moronic statements or hyperbole like that here!

The DaleyGator third Blogiversary link fest updated through the weekend

To all those blogs that have linked Ed and I, and offered advice, friendship, and who have served as role models, this link fest is for y’all! THANK YOU!

Steve at Motor City Times, who links often

William Teach, who always includes us in his Sunday Pin-Up round up. Without him, how would we know why the Vikings have never won a Superbowl.

The POH Diaries, which links us AND does  a great job exposing the radical pals of our president

A Trainwreck in Maxwell, Kurt links us and is dead on target here

Adrienne is another gator admirer,and has GREAT, or should I say GERT news!

Robert links often, and always provokes thought, which is good

Aleister deserves thanks, and has a look at Marxists thugs pretending to be what they clearly are not

Donald Douglas, is a guy I want to hang out with sometime after all he has Heidi Klum nude

Clifton links us and shares my disdain for politicians who are old news

Dave C, links and contributes here thanks!

Babalu, one of the first blogs to blogroll us, keeps eyes on that fat bastard Castro

Bring the Heat always brings us traffic! Thanks!

Bob Belvedere is a great friend of this blog, and like Ed and I hates Douche Nozzles

Carol is another long time buddy, where is she?

Matt, and the crew at Conservative Hideout offer tremendous content, and they like Ed and I, so you KNOW they are cool

Jamie Jeffords has been very kind to us, he enjoys babes, and is an OK guy, however, he is a Gamecock fan, so this week, I have to pull for my Gators to pluck his team.

The Feral Irishman appreciates the finer things in life, like this blog, hot women, and the greatest drummer EVAH!

Fleece Me? Great blog, thoughtful, and never boring

The Founding Bloggers are always sending us traffic, and we appreciate that, and the fine work they do

Government Mess blogrolls us, and questions the intellect of Turbo Tax Timmy!

Grandpa John, is always a fun visit

Hell on Earth lists us as a favorite, and appreciates natural wonders too

Shamus enjoys life’s joys, cold beer, and our blog of course!

Wirecutter honors our political INcorrectness, and has an example of something that just ain’t right!

Liberal Guy predicts Rick Perry will, you know……..

Maggie’s Notebook has been kind in linking us as well

Makes My Brain Itch rolls us

The Robot dude? A great ally!

How great is the Daley Gator? Even Dawg fans link us

Pixie Place, thanks

To the Lovely Ladies at Pot Luck? THANKS!

Proof Positive links often, and has a great picture that will make you smile

Jill has been so gracious and sweet, I think Ed and I are tied for second favorite guy, behind Mark Steyn of course!

Randy links us AND shares our disdain for Nancy and her fake face

Right Klik which i do not visit often enough, includes us in their blogroll

Stogie, who shares my Southern pride looks at a surrender monkey

Say Anything confirms that EVERYTHING is Sarah Palin’s fault

Sentry Journal? A daily must read

Sister Toldjah? Classy, lovely, smart, and a true Belle

Another great Southern lady, even if she is an LSU fan, is Pat Austin, she takes some great road trips

Soylent Green loves the lovelies, and links us too. SMART!

Wyatt Earp, links us, and asks Delta Airlines WTFingF ?????

That Mr. G Guy is a place you need to visit

Russ, my friend, thank you!

Mike, my buddy, at The Classic Liberal, always makes me think, even when we differ. But on the SPLC, we are in total agreement

What can I say about Stacy McCain and Smitty? Those two are national treasures, and have been very helpful, and kind to Ed and I

Theo Spark is maybe the best blog going, those folks have content, variety, humor, babes, cool pictures, and on and on

Lance Burri? Great blogger!

The Reb? Links us and is worth a read

The Western Hero, is an intellectual gold mine

The Wolf Files, a great source for any blogger, and a fan of Ed and I

Wyblog, the creation of chaos from the mind of Chris Wysocki, is a great friend for us, and we thank him!

Then from the Land of Czars, Obama brought forth a Propaganda Czar!

And their name was Jesse Lee!

The White House is stepping up its rapid response media operation, creating a communications position to respond to unfavorable stories on the Web, the Huffington Post reports.

HuffPo’s Sam Stein writes that Jesse Lee, a member of the Obama administration’s new media department, will take on a new role in replying — at times aggressively — to stories that paint the administration in a bad light.

In a preview of what his duties may be, Lee blasted Fox News commentator Glenn Beck in a White House blog post, accusing Beck of lying and engaging in a “partisan attack to boost ratings.”

Hmmm, I wonder how Jesse will handle the “Progressive” media types?

Lee is also expected to deal favorably with the “progressive media,” according to the memo.

Well, that comes as a shock now doesn’t it? I also wonder how soon he starts coming after bloggers?

Welcome to the blogroll!

Randy’s Roundtable, is a new addition to the blogroll. Fine blogging going on over there, and here is an example, Energy Independence

1. Stop buying from the enemies, just quit. It will bankrupt the Mullah’s in no time.(we can’t make up for the shortfall is a liberal/enviro nut lie.)
2. Open the U.S. spigots. Alaska, Wyoming, North Dakota, Texas, Offshore.
3. Build a damn refinery, 1976 was the last one.
4. Nuke up.
Some agree.
My state has plenty.
Its time to make the Mid East irrelevant.

I love it! Just apply some common sense, and presto!! Now if only our leaders had that much common sense!