Dear Liberals, even Bob Beckel gets it

Gets what you wonder? This!

Via Politico:

Fox News analyst Bob Beckel defended his comments about temporarily prohibiting Muslim students from entering the country Tuesday saying it wasn’t a position he takes lightly.

“My point is not to suggest that there’s a cell of 70,000 people here. What I’m suggesting is that those students coming from those countries where [they] harbor resentment against the United States, if we could save one Boston marathon event or one child’s life by saying we’re going to take a two-year hiatus from countries that we know do not like us and know from whence terrorism is coming,” Beckel told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on her show.

On Monday evening’s edition of “The Five,” which Beckel co-hosts, he suggested “cutting off” Muslim students from coming into this country for some time, in response to the Boston bombing.

“I think we really have to consider, that given the fact so many people hate us, we’re going to have to cut off Muslim students from coming to this country for some period of time so that we can at least absorb what we got, look at what we’ve got and decide whether some of the people here should be sent back home or sent to prison,” Beckel said Monday.

We area  sovereign nation, and therefore possess every right to determine who we give visas to. 


Bob Beckel is your Daley Douchebag

I have to ask, what does Beckel bring to any debate? I mean besides possible drunkenness? This guy is a buffoon, a walk behinder who spews Liberal talking points. What he is not even bright enough to make up his own lies? When I look at Beckel, I ask how this walking poster for birth control ever made it anywhere, except the local bar of course! Any doubts as to the absolute lack of character this ass hat has are washed away in this clip.


What do Democrats do when the race card, and class warfare card, and the gender card max out?

Romney has all the momentum right now, the “gender gap” among women is fading fast, the overplaying of the Race Card has gone belly up like an Obama’s green energy money pit, and Joe Biden is being Joe Biden. Even famed walk behinder Bob Beckel is facing reality So, what are desperate, power-hungry Democrats to do? They double down on their right to cheat! The Other McCain has details of how the Democrats are going all out in their war on honest elections

As polls continue to show surging momentum for Republicans ahead of Election Day, left-wing groups allied with the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign have orchestrated a nationwide attack on conservative-led efforts to prevent vote fraud.

Maryland Democrat Rep. Elijah Cumming has sent letters to Houston-based True the Vote requesting “specific documents about the manner in which True the Vote and its affiliated organizations have been challenging the registration of thousands of voters across the country based on insufficient, inaccurate and faulty evidence,” Politico reported yesterday.

Cumming’s letter is one of the most recent attacks in the Left’s carefully coordinated war against True the Vote, which has pledged to deploy 1 million volunteer observers to prevent vote fraud in the 2012 election. True the Vote has been targeted by threats of investigations, lawsuits and criminal prosecution. As Brentin Mack of the left-wing Nationmagazine wrote today, “civil rights lawyers and government officials … are striking back against” the group. Democrats and their allies perversely claim that it is somehow illegal for True the Vote to help prevent criminal violations of election law.

Go read the rest, and always remember what i say about Democrats. When they see by any means…. they mean it.


Separated at birth! Bob Beckel and Tommy Boy!

Smitty at The Other McCain is on fire!

Oh, the vagaries of fate! How the one can grow up with at least a modicum of Falstaffian humor, whereas the other couldn’t crack a joke if it was written on an eggshell and he sat on it.

Take a look, courtesy of AmericanInfidel on Twitter, at Beckel Boytrying to say something, anything(!) in response to Allen West:

Click the link for more hilarity!

Your Daley Douchebag #2 is…………

Bob Beckel, who, apparently has never had an original thought. All he can do is parrot whatever the DNC spoon feeds him

Beckel, who characterized Obama as “the greatest economic president since Roosevelt,” criticized the GOP for not having the “guts” to put increasing revenue through taxes on the negotiation table in ongoing deficit talks.

Good Freaking Grief! Maybe Obama is the most obviously Communist president since FDR, but seriously! How high does unemployment have to get before the sad truth dawns in Beckel? Obama is an absolute economic disaster!

Frankly Mr. Douglas, I never liked Bob Beckel either

Donald Douglas highlights Bob Beckel, who is nothing more than a trained parrot for the Democratic Party, and his raging case of Assholitis! Beckel who is, and always has been a world-class asshole, recently he tried to  intimidate Pam Gellar, what a pathetic excuse for a man, as the video at the link makes VERY CLEAR!

Which reminds me of something. I like Sean Hannity well enough, but one thing I detest about his shows, radio and TV, is the frequency that Blowhard Beckel ia a guest. What exactly does he offer anyone? He is nothing more than a walk behind ass kisser parroting the Democratic Party lies. I doubt the guy has ever had an original thought in his  life. I also would not be shocked to learn that the only time this bag of puss takes a dump is when the DNC grants him permission.

Seriously, reading a cereal box offers more mental stimulation than listening to Beckel regurgitate the same talking points. Beckel is a classic example of what is wrong with political debate today, he, like most talking heads sounds like a robot, rather than a person arguing for his ideals.

Which is why I often ignore talking head shows. There is no “there” there. Hint to Hannity, and the rest, try giving people with a voice some slots. Donald Douglas, Stacy McCain, Bob Belevedere, and several more bloggers I could name are FAR more deserving than retreads like Beckel, or Carville, or Peggy Noonan, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Etc. It is originality, and sincerity that we crave. Where is it?