Trace Adkins: Yeah, I am a proud descendant of Confederate soldiers, so what?

I admire Adkins for not cowing to the Political Correctors who will do anything so as not to offend anyone at any time! 


English: Replica of South Carolina Sovereignty...
English: Replica of South Carolina Sovereignty/Secession Flag. Used in article Flags of the Confederate States of America. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Trace Adkins refuses to apologize for using an earpiece emblazoned with the Confederate flag during a national TV appearance.

The burly country crooner sang during the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting special, telecast Wednesday on NBC. He used an earpiece decorated with the Southern flag during his performance, a decision which caused some Twitter users to express outrage over his decision. 

Adkins addressed the matter on his blog.

“As a proud American I object to oppression of any kind.

To me, the battle flag represents remembrance of my Southern lineage – I am a descendant of Confederate soldiers who followed that flag into battle.

I advocate for the preservation of America’s battlefields and honest conversation about our Country’s history.

To those who view the flag as a symbol of racism, that was not my message and I did not intend offense.”


Standing strong! I, like Adkins will not shy away from defending my heritage, EVER! Anyone who disagrees, contact me, we can chat about it, but I will not allow PC, or biased history, yes, some taught by good Conservatives to silence what I know is the truth! Just as I will defend America to the last, I will also gladly defend my ancestors that wore gray.


What type of low life desecrates a war memorial?


Stories like this hit close to home for me

The Confederate Memorial Park near Point Lookout was vandalized last week with a spray-painted swastika on the base of a statue of a Confederate prisoner of war. A noose was placed around the statue’s neck and there was also a racial epithet spray-painted on another section of the memorial.

“I’m highly upset about it,” said Michael Daras, who lives nearby. His son, John, noticed the swastika on Thursday, but did not notice the noose until Friday when he visited the site.

“It shouldn’t be desecrated that way,” Michael Daras said, who was born in England and raised in Washington, D.C.

The memorial park was dedicated on Sept. 6, 2008, and cost more than $250,000 along with $100,000 worth of materials, said Jim Dunbar, chairman of the Confederate Memorial Park.

Awful, absolutely awful. Like I said this hits close to home, I had an ancestor, a Great-Great-Grandfather Allan Dean McWhorter, of the 4th South Carolina Cavalry was held at Point Lookout, and went blind while there. Oddly enough, another Great-Great-Grandfather  Lt.William A. Allen, of the 56th Georgia lost an eye at Vicksburg. The problem, however, is that such desecrations are all too common, as Richard G. Williams points out


In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of articles and blog posts comparing Confederate soldiers to Nazis. It is an intellectually dishonest comparison with ideological and political motivations. Those promoting such an interpretation should be pleased with this bit of news. Evidently they’re having some success in getting their message out:
The Confederate Memorial Park near Point Lookout was vandalized last week with a spray-painted swastika on the base of a statue of a Confederate prisoner of war. A noose was placed around the statue’s neck and there was also a racial epithet spray-painted on another section of the memorial. (Story here.)

Beyond the obvious desecration of this memorial, I have a personal connection as my great-great Grandfather, Morris (aka “Maurice”) Coffey, was a prisoner at Point Lookout. This is disgusting. Fortunately, many are on to this twisting of history for the sole purpose of dishonoring Confederate soldiers:

Even the venerable Robert E. Lee has taken some vicious hits, as dishonest or misinformed advocates among political interest groups and in academia attempt to twist yesterday’s America into a fantasy that might better serve the political issues of today. The greatest disservice on this count has been the attempt by these revisionist politicians and academics to defame the entire Confederate Army in a move that can only be termed the Nazification of the Confederacy. Often cloaked in the argument over the public display of the Confederate battle flag, the syllogism goes something like this: Slavery is evil. The soldiers of the Confederacy fought for a system that wished to preserve it. Therefore they were evil as well, and any attempt to honor their service is a veiled effort to glorify the cause of slavery. ~ From Born Fighting by Virginia Senator James Webb (Page 208, emphasis mine).

Thus, any attempt to “glorify slavery” should be fought and one would be justified in desecrating monuments honoring Confederate soldiers. So, yes, academia is partly responsible as their Nazi comparisons and constant Confederate bashing encourages this type of thing. 

So sad, so very sad


Something that breaks my heart


Is that some Conservatives, whom I agree with on issue after issue, have a lack of understanding about the War Between the States, the causes of it, and the history of it. frankly, I expect historical ignorance from Liberals, but from Conservatives? No, I do not expect that, not at all. Here is a video you should watch that will challenge many of the pre-conceived notions you may have about the War Between the States. After you watch it, check out the new blog that Stogie has started Confederate Gray

As I said, it breaks my heart that so many, including some Conservatives look at the war as nothing more than a fight against, or for slavery. It breaks my heart that so many view the common Confederate soldier as nothing more than the enemy of freedom somehow. It breaks my heart that the history has been taught in such an atrocious manner in many cases. It breaks my heart that my ancestors, who fought for their homes and freedom are often demonized. And yes, it breaks my heart that Lincoln is lionized as a hero who “saved” America, and that his violations of the Constitution are heralded as wonderful and necessary by the same folks who are today, struggling beside me to preserve our beloved Constitution.