Yoko Ono is a deeply disturbed human being, and so is her new clothing line

Yoko Ono has issues, deep issues, she broke up the Beatles, and now, she is bringing her complete lack of talent to fashion. 


Yoko Ono 4 - Echo of Moscow
I have a passion for bad fashion


The Lonely Conservative is amazed that anyone would design crap like this. I am amazed that anyone would buy such garbage. I mean these outfits make sweater vests look manly. Of course, I imagine Andrew Sullivan might think these pants are cool


Oh my gosh, this is horrible. Look at these clothes Yoko Ono has designed for men.

Those pants cost $335.00 and that thing on the right is called a “bell board,” whatever that is.



Now that is just not fair

That is what I thought when I read this headline at Maggie’s Notebook

Michelle Obama Dressed Like a Street Walker at Nickelodeons Kids Choice Awards

I just could not believe that the First Lady would dress like a street walker, I mean we all are aware of Michelle Obama’s struggles with fashion sense, but it is patently unfair to compare what she wore with the attire of a hooker. There is no way a hooker would EVER wear anything this awful! Maybe Maggie should have said that Michelle was dressed like she shopped at Liberace’s garage sale.