Flash Mob Thieves Torment NYC Venders, Force Some To Shut Down (Video)

Flash Mob Thieves Torment NYC Venders, Force Some To Shut Down – Right Scoop

This video is very disturbing because at the moment there seems to be no answer to these thieving flashmobs who could care less about who they hurt in the process of stealing whatever they can from these NY venders:



CBS NY – Violent, thieving mobs have been making headlines across the country for the past few years, and now they have hit New York City.

And Maurice Dubois reported in this CBS 2 investigation, the teen mobs have left neighborhoods worried as businesses take matters into their own hands.

Judson Bennett, 78, recently ran into a violent group of teens – often described with the once-benign term “flash mob” – as he made his daily trip to buy a newspaper at his favorite news team.

“I’m approaching the newsstand, and then suddenly there is a tremendous force behind me,” Bennett said.

Bennett ended up with a broken arm.

“I was taken completely by surprise,” he said.

In New York and across the country, the mobs of kids – 20, 30, 40 or more – appear out of nowhere and suddenly charge a newsstand or convenience store.

They ransack, steal and wreak havoc with no consideration for customers, such as Bennett, who get in their way.

“They assemble, they do whatever it is that they’re going to do, and then they disassemble in a matter of minutes,” said Jon Shane, assistant professor of criminal justice at John Jay College. “By the time somebody recognizes what is happening or is injured, if the police are able to respond, it’s slow.”

Raj Shmara owns a newsstand at Broadway at 55th Street. Shmara said his newsstand has been targeted seven different times by mobs of teens. During an attack just last week, the kids threw a bottle at an employee who had to be hospitalized.

“They cost me a lot,” he said.

The increase in attacks and their violent nature has many people concerned.

“I think it needs to be addressed,” said Gale Spitalnik. “It’s awful.”

“It’s disturbing to have that kind of activity happening in New York City,” said Greg Lukasiewicz of Nutley, N.J.

“It’s against the law,” said Edvin Brown of Brooklyn. “They should address the problem [like] they address every other issue.”

The man who manages the newsstand where Bennett was injured said it has been attacked four times in just the past few weeks.

“It’s hard to earn a living, and then they come here and destroy everything, and then they leave,” he said. “It’s sad.”

As quickly as they arrive, the newsstand victims said, the teens are gone — along with thousands of dollars in goods and damages.

Teens have destroyed the newsstand on 57th Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues so many times that the manager has been forced to shut down completely in the afternoon so he doesn’t lose any more money.

“All our displays are broken,” he said.


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Flash Mob Denver… Black And Hispanic Gang Members Assault White Shoppers At Mall

Flash Mob Denver… Black And Hispanic Gang Members Assault White Shoppers At Mall – Gateway Pundit

And the hits keep on coming… A black and Hispanic mob pummeled 4 white shoppers outside a mall in Denver on Sunday.


CBS Local reported:

Police are asking for the public’s help tracking down a large group of violent teenagers.

They say 10 to 15 young people – described as black or Hispanic and both male and female – attacked four white men on the 16th Street Mall at about 10:45 p.m. on Sunday.

Denver police say the men were standing on the mall near Arapahoe when they were approached by the group. After a conversation, the group turned violent and they attacked the men.

Two of the four victims left the scene before they could be questioned. The Denver Post reported that two of the victims suffered minor injuries.

“It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was – why such a large group of young people came together and assaulted these individuals,” said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

The motivation behind this crime is really unclear? REALLY? Hmmm… I wonder how “unclear” it would seem to Mr. Jackson if the gang in question was made up of white kids and the victims were all minorities.

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Flash mobs right in my back yard now

The incident in this story went down about ten minutes from my front door. I have been in this store. This hits about as close to home as possible

Dallas store clerk attacked by group of young people

The clerk told reporters, “At first, I thought I would be able to get back into the store, and once they got me on the ground, I thought they were going to kill me.”
WFAA reported, via Free Republic:

It was an ordinary night, August 26, at the Exxon Tiger Mart at South Polk Street and Interstate 20 in Dallas.

C.J. Thomas, the store’s clerk, was behind the counter when a rush of customers came through the door at 10:12 p.m.

“There was more coming in than going out,” Thomas said. “Once they realized how many were in there, one of the students started throwing stuff and screamed out. Everything after that went crazy.”

Store surveillance cameras from different angles show bottles being thrown.

Seconds later, Thomas ran to the front door. He tried to close it, but he couldn’t hold back the crowd.

Some of them grabbed drinks, chips, and other items and began pushing their way out. Thomas said he tried to stop some people from stealing.

“In the process of them walking out, tried to stop a student with a lot of things in his hands and when I tried to do that, he shoved me out into the parking lot and swung at me,” Thomas said.

Thomas then says several men then pulled him to the ground and started kicking and punching him.

“I was terrified,” he said. “At first, I thought I would be able to get back into the store, and once they got me on the ground, I thought they were going to kill me.”

This type of thuggery is growing more common all the time now. Law enforcement has got to crack down on this. Someone is going to get killed in one of these.

Two must read posts

Silver Fiddle at Western Hero is simply awesome. Seriously, when I declare a blog a must read, I mean it and Western Hero is a definitive must read. Here are two great examples. First Silver Fiddle applauds the efforts of the Mayor of Philadelphia, who is practicing some very serious straight talk.

We should all stand up and applaud Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter for telling it like it is to the wayward youth of his city

Here’s his message:

“Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer,” Mr. Nutter, the city’s second black mayor, said in an angry lecture aimed at black teens. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

“If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ‘cause you look like you’re crazy,” the mayor said. “You have damaged your own race.”

He also delivered a message to parents:

“The Immaculate Conception of our Lord Jesus Christ took place a long time ago, and it didn’t happen here in Philadelphia,” Mr. Nutter said. “So every one of these kids has two parents who were around and participating at the time. They need to be around now.”

The mayor told parents, “If you’re just hanging out out there, maybe you’re sending them a check or bringing some cash by. That’s not being a father. You’re just a human ATM. … And if you’re not providing the guidance and you’re not sending any money, you’re just a sperm donor.” ( Washington Times)

Finally, he told violent gangs in no uncertain terms that the city is coming after them. They better listen up. This is the city where Mayor Frank Rizzo firebombed a block of row houses going after leftwing radicals.

This is a black man delivering a message to the black young men of his city, but the message transcends race, gender and life’s station. We all need to pull our damned pants up, and pull out heads out. 

Excellent! Now, Silver Fiddle talks about what is in my mind, our most sacred natural right, that of self-defense.

What happened to the British bulldog?

Stripped naked, unable to fight back. An apt metaphor. Cameron’s government is talking water cannons when they should be deploying machine guns and restoring the right to keep and bear arms.

This is not a slap at Great Britain. It’s a lament. We’re not far behind.

The End of Progressivism

Is it any wonder looters on Main Street and Wall Street are running rampant? They’ve lived off of government-confiscated loot for so long now, can you really blame them for cutting out the middleman?

Self-Defense: An Inalienable Right

The 2nd Amendment isn’t for hunting.  It’s for shooting people who are threatening your life, liberty and property.

When the progressive constituency turns rabid, ordinary citizens must have the means to defend themselves. The absolute right to bear arms is a logical extension of the natural rights to life, liberty and property.

Statesmen from ancient Rome to the American Revolution laid the foundation in law for the right of self-defense. America’s founders were influenced by these classic philosophic teachings and the European tradition derived from them.

“Civilized people are taught by logic, barbarians by necessity, communities by tradition; and the lesson is inculcated even in wild beasts by nature itself,” wrote the great Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero.

“They learn that they have to defend their own bodies and persons and lives from violence of any and every kind by all the means within their power.” ( Claremont Institute)

Think we should surrender our self-defense rights to the state?

 OK, then riddle me this: Does the family of a murder victim have a legal right to sue the state for failing to use its police powers to prevent the murder?

American courts have ruled again and again that police have no duty to protect individuals from deadly assault. The only alternatives for a person in such danger are to rely on the mercy of criminals or to carry a gun illegally. No one should be forced to break the law to exercise a basic right. (Claremont Institute)

Your only recourse is to your natural right of self-defense. Take that away (violate it) and you have deprived a free person of the fundamental right to life. Welcome to progressivism!

Go read the rest, it is full of something that our Founders had, and that most of our current crop of political leaders seem to have never had, wisdom!

20 Black Guys Invade Department Store, Steal Thousands In Merchandise As Manager Watches Helplessly

20 Black Guys Invade Department Store, Steal Thousands In Merchandise As Manager Watches Helplessly – Gateway Pundit

A flash mob theft spree occurred Monday at a pricey store on Dupont Circle in Washington DC. See if you can figure out what the media missed in their coverage.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A group of 20 men stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandize from a pricey Washington DC store on Monday.

WJLA reported:

Just before 6 p.m. Monday, a group of nearly 20 young men enter the trendy – and pricey – G Star Raw store at Connecticut Avenue and R Street near Dupont Circle and began helping themselves to whatever they wanted.

The store is down Connecticut Avenue from the National Zoo and this incident occurred about an hour after the stabbing there.

During their minutes long flash mob theft spree, video, exclusively obtained by ABC7 News, shows the suspects hunting through the merchandise as if they were looking for the right size, sometimes even leisurely. Other kids can be seen outside on cell phones and appear to be acting as lookouts for the police.

Just wondering… when did it become taboo to report the race of a criminal flash mob?

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