Ed’s List Of College Football Bowl Games That Probably Won’t Suck



Saturday, 12/17/16
3:30 PM – Houston vs San Diego State


Thursday, 12/29/16
9:00 PM – Oklahoma State vs Colorado


Friday, 12/30/16
2:00 PM – Stanford vs North Carolina


Friday, 12/30/16
8:00 PM – Michigan vs Florida State


Saturday, 12/31/16
11:00 AM – LSU vs Louisville


Saturday, 12/31/16
3:00 PM – Washington vs Alabama


Saturday, 12/31/16
7:00 PM – Ohio State vs Clemson


Monday, 01/02/17
1:00 PM – Western Michigan vs Wisconsin


Monday, 01/02/17
5:00 PM – USC vs Penn State


Monday, 01/02/17
8:30 PM – Auburn vs Oklahoma


Monday, 01/09/17
8:30 PM – Washington or Alabama
vs. Ohio State or Clemson


Ed’s Top 25 NCAA Football Teams After Week 13

Alabama: 12-0
Opponents: USC, Western Kentucky, Ole Miss, Kent State, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Bye, LSU, Mississippi State, Chattanooga, Auburn
PF: 52, 38, 48, 48, 34, 49, 49, 33, 10, 51, 31, 30
PA: 6, 10, 43, 0, 6, 30, 10, 14, 0, 3, 3, 12
Official Ranking: 1st


Western Michigan: 12-0
Opponents: Northwestern, North Carolina Central, Illinois, Georgia Southern, Central Michigan, Northern Illinois, Akron, Eastern Michigan, Bye, Ball State, Kent State, Buffalo, Toledo
PF: 22, 70, 34, 49, 49, 45, 41, 45, 52, 37, 38, 55
PA: 21, 21, 10, 31, 10, 30, 0, 31, 20, 21, 0, 35
Official Ranking: 13th


Ohio State: 11-1
Opponents: Bowling Green, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Bye, Rutgers, Indiana, Wisconsin, Penn State, Northwestern, Nebraska, Maryland, Michigan State, Michigan
PF: 77, 48, 45, 58, 38, 30, 21, 24, 62, 62, 17, 30
PA: 10, 3, 24, 0, 17, 23. 24, 20, 3, 3, 16, 27
Official Ranking: 2nd


Clemson: 11-1
Opponents: Auburn, Troy, South Carolina State, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Boston College, NC State, Bye, Florida State, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, South Carolina
PF: 19, 30, 59, 26, 42, 56, 24, 37, 54, 42, 35, 56
PA: 13, 24, 0, 7, 36, 10, 17, 34, 0, 43. 13, 7
Official Ranking: 3rd


Washington: 11-1
Opponents: Rutgers, Idaho, Portland State, Arizona, Stanford, Oregon, Bye, Oregon State, Utah, California, USC, Arizona State, Washington State
PF: 48, 59, 41, 35, 44, 70, 41, 31, 66, 13, 44, 45
PA: 13, 14, 3, 28, 6, 21, 17, 24, 27, 26, 18, 17
Official Ranking: 4th


Michigan: 10-2
Opponents: Hawaii, UCF, Colorado, Penn State, Wisconsin, Rutgers, Bye, Illinois, Michigan State, Maryland, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio State
PF: 63, 51, 45, 49, 14, 78, 41, 32, 59, 13, 20, 27
PA: 3, 14, 28, 10, 7, 0, 8, 23, 3, 14, 10, 30
Official Ranking: 5th


Wisconsin: 10-2
Opponents: LSU, Akron, Georgia State, Michigan State, Michigan, Bye, Ohio State, Iowa, Nebraska, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue, Minnesota
PF: 16, 54, 23, 30, 7, 23, 17, 23, 21, 48, 49, 31
PA: 14, 10, 17, 6, 14, 30, 9, 17, 7, 3, 20, 17
Official Ranking: 6th


Oklahoma: 9-2
Opponents: Houston, Louisiana Monroe, Ohio State, Bye, TCU, Texas, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Kansas. Iowa State, Baylor, West Virginia, Bye
PF: 23, 59, 24, 52, 45, 38, 66, 56, 34, 45, 56
PA: 33, 17, 45, 46, 40, 17, 59, 3, 24, 24, 28
Official Ranking: 7th


Penn State: 10-2
Opponents: Kent State, Pittsburgh, Temple, Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, Bye, Ohio State, Purdue, Iowa, Indiana, Rutgers, Michigan State
PF: 33, 39, 34, 10, 29, 38, 24, 62, 41, 45, 39, 45
PA: 13, 42, 27, 49, 26, 14, 21, 24, 14, 31, 0, 12
Official Ranking: 8th


Colorado: 10-2
Opponents: Colorado State, Idaho State, Michigan, Oregon, Oregon State, USC, Arizona State, Stanford, Bye, UCLA, Arizona, Washington State, Utah
PF: 44, 56, 28, 41, 47, 17, 40, 10, 20, 49. 38, 27
PA: 7, 7, 45, 38, 6, 21, 16, 5, 10, 24, 24, 22
Official Ranking: 9th


Oklahoma State: 9-2
Opponents: SE Louisiana, Central Michigan, Pittsburgh, Baylor, Bye, Texas, Iowa State, Kansas, West Virginia, Kansas State, Texas Tech, TCU, Bye
PF: 61, 27, 45, 24, 49, 38, 44, 37. 43, 45, 31
PA: 7, 30, 38, 35, 31, 31, 20, 20, 37, 44, 6
Official Ranking: 11th


West Virginia: 9-2
Opponents: Missouri, Youngstown State, Bye, BYU, Kansas State, Bye, Texas Tech, TCU, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa State
PF: 26, 38, 35, 17, 48, 34, 20, 48, 24, 28, 49
PA: 11, 21, 32, 16, 17, 10, 37, 21, 20, 56, 19
Official Ranking: 14th


Navy: 9-2
Opponents: Fordham, UConn, Tulane, Bye, Air Force, Houston, Bye, Memphis, South Florida, Notre Dame, Tulsa, East Carolina, SMU
PF: 52, 28, 21, 14, 46, 42, 45, 28, 42, 66, 75
PA: 16, 24, 14, 28, 40, 28, 52, 27, 40, 31, 31
Official Ranking: 20th


South Florida: 10-2
Opponents: Towson, Northern Illinois, Syracuse, Florida State, Cincinnati, East Carolina, UConn, Temple, Navy, Bye, Memphis, SMU, UCF
PF: 56, 48, 45, 35, 45, 38, 42, 30, 52, 49, 35, 48
PA: 20, 17, 20, 55, 20, 22, 27, 46, 45, 42, 27, 31
Official Ranking: 25th


Boise State: 10-2
Opponents: Louisiana Lafayette, Washington State, Bye, Oregon State, Utah State, New Mexico, Colorado State, BYU, Wyoming, San José State, Hawaii, UNLV, Air Force
PF: 45, 31, 38, 21, 49, 28, 28, 28, 45, 52, 42, 20
PA: 10, 28, 24, 10, 21, 23, 27, 30, 31, 16, 25, 27
Official Ranking: Unranked


Troy: 9-2
Opponents: Austin Peay, Clemson, Southern Mississippi, New Mexico State, Idaho, Bye, Georgia State, South Alabama, Bye, Massachusetts, Appalachian State, Arkansas State, Texas State
PF: 57, 24, 37, 52, 34, 31, 28, 52, 28, 3, 40
PA: 17, 30, 31, 6, 13, 21, 21, 31, 24. 35, 7
Official Ranking: Unranked


USC: 9-3
Opponents: Alabama, Utah State, Stanford, Utah, Arizona State, Colorado, Arizona, Bye, Californa, Oregon, Washington, UCLA, Notre Dame
PF: 6, 45, 10, 27, 41, 21, 48, 45, 45, 26, 36, 45
PA: 52, 7, 27, 31, 20, 17, 14, 24, 20, 13, 14, 27
Official Ranking: 10th


Florida State: 9-3
Opponents: Ole Miss, Charleston Southern, Louisville, South Florida, North Carolina, Miami (FL), Wake Forest, Bye, Clemson, NC State, Boston College, Syracuse, Florida
PF: 45, 52, 20, 55, 35, 20, 17, 34, 24, 45, 45, 31
PA: 34, 8, 63, 35, 37, 19, 6, 37, 20, 7, 14, 13
Official Ranking: 12th


Florida: 8-3
Opponents: UMass, Kentucky, North Texas, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, LSU-Postponed, Missouri, Bye, Georgia, Arkansas, South Carolina, LSU, Florida State
PF: 24, 45, 32, 28, 13, 40, 24, 10, 20, 16, 13
PA: 7, 7, 0, 38, 6, 14, 10, 31, 7, 10, 31
Official Ranking: 15th


Louisville: 9-3
Opponents: Charlotte, Syracuse, Florida State, Marshall, Clemson, Bye, Duke, NC State, Virginia, Boston College, Wake Forest, Houston, Kentucky
PF: 70, 62, 63, 59, 36, 24, 54, 32, 52, 44, 10, 38
PA: 14, 28, 20, 28, 42, 14, 14, 25, 7, 12, 36, 41
Official Ranking: 16th


Stanford: 9-3
Opponents: Kansas State, Bye, USC. UCLA, Washington, Washington State, Notre Dame, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon State, Oregon, California, Rice
PF: 26, 27, 22, 6, 16, 17, 5, 34, 26, 52, 45, 41
PA: 13, 10, 13, 44, 42, 10, 10, 10, 15, 27, 31, 17
Official Ranking: 17th


Virginia Tech: 9-3
Opponents: Liberty, Tennessee, Boston College, East Carolina, Bye, North Carolina, Syracuse, Miami, Pittsburgh, Duke, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Virginia
PF: 36, 24, 49, 54, 34, 17, 37, 39, 24, 20, 34, 52
PA: 13, 45, 0, 17, 3, 31, 16, 36, 21, 30, 31, 10
Official Ranking: 19th


Nebraska: 9-3
Opponents: Fresno State, Wyoming, Oregon, Northwestern, Illinois, Bye, Indiana, Purdue, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Minnesota, Maryland, Iowa
PF: 43, 52, 35, 24, 31, 27, 27, 17, 3, 24, 28, 10
PA: 10, 17, 32, 13, 16, 22, 14, 23, 62, 17, 7, 40
Official Ranking: 23rd


Houston: 9-3
Opponents: Oklahoma, Lamar, Cincinnati, Texas State, UConn, Navy, Tulsa, SMU, UCF, Bye, Tulane, Louisville, Memphis
PF: 33, 42, 40, 64, 42, 40, 38, 16, 31, 30, 36, 44
PA: 23, 0, 16, 3, 14, 46, 31, 38, 24, 18, 10, 48
Official Ranking: Unranked


Temple: 9-3
Opponents: Army, Stony Brook, Penn State, Charlotte, SMU, Memphis, UCF, South Florida, Cincinnati, UConn, Bye, Tulane, East Carolina
PF: 13, 38, 27, 48, 45, 27, 26, 46, 34, 21, 31, 37
PA: 28, 0, 34, 20, 20, 34, 25, 30, 13, 0, 0, 10
Official Ranking: Unranked


Screw The NFL!


……………And just so Gator Doug doesn’t bitch at me…




Leftist Louisiana Governor: No More LSU Football If Budget Isn’t Balanced – His Solution? More Taxes

Louisiana Gov. Edwards: Balance Budget Or No LSU Football Next Year – CNS


In a televised address to the state Thursday, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) said that “you can say farewell to college football next fall” if the state doesn’t fix a near $2 billion budget deficit for the next fiscal year.

“If the legislature fails to act and we are forced to proceed with these cuts the LSU Ag Center and parish extension offices in every parish, and the Pennington Biomedical Research Center will close by April 1st and the LSU main campus in Baton Rouge will run out of money after April 30th,” Edwards said. “Many students will not be able to graduate, and student athletes across the state at those schools will be ineligible to play next semester. That means you can say farewell to college football next fall.”

Edwards noted in his speech, as found on NOLA.com, that the LSU system is not the only one in danger. Thanks to the $940 million budget deficit that Louisiana faces this fiscal year and the $2 billion budget deficit for the next fiscal year, the Southern University System, University of Louisiana System and the Louisiana Community and Technical College System are in the same boat.

“Without legislators approving new revenue this special session, some campuses will be forced to declare financial bankruptcy, which would include massive layoffs and the cancellation of classes,” stated Edwards.

According to Edwards, the budget deficit threatens other universities the state’s healthcare system and the New Opportunity Waiver program, a program for families with developmental disabilities.

To help bridge the gap Edwards said he plans to increase alcohol and cigarette taxes and also intends to add an extra penny to the state’s four cent sales tax, which he claimed isn’t permanent.

“I am proposing this penny as a bridge that will give us time to stabilize and restructure our state’s tax code,” remarked Edwards. “When that restructuring is complete, this penny sales tax will be removed.”

Alongside tax increases, Edwards called for reducing tax credits, suspending corporate tax deductions and making further cuts in an effort to stabilize the budget. Edwards said this would include a hiring freeze and more than $160 million in cuts in government spending.

He also proposed using $128 million from the rainy day fund and $200 million from non-coastal BP payments.



Ed’s List Of The College Football Bowl Games That Probably Won’t Suck (2015-2016)

Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl
3:30 pm
BYU Cougars vs. Utah Utes

Military Bowl
2:30 pm
Navy Midshipmen vs. Pittsburgh Panthers

Russell Athletic Bowl
5:30 pm
North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Baylor Bears

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl
12:00 pm
Florida State Seminoles vs. Houston Cougars

Capital One Orange Bowl (Playoff Semifinal)
4:00 pm
Clemson Tigers vs. Oklahoma Sooners

Goodyear Cotton Bowl (Playoff Semifinal)
8:00 pm
Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Michigan State Spartans

Outback Bowl
12:00 pm
Northwestern Wildcats vs. Tennessee Volunteers

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl
1:00 pm
Michigan Wolverines vs. Florida Gators

Fiesta Bowl
1:00 pm
Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Ohio State Buckeyes

Rose Bowl
5:00 pm
Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Stanford Cardinal

Allstate Sugar Bowl
8:30 pm
Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. Ole Miss Rebels

Valero Alamo Bowl
6:45 pm
TCU Horned Frogs vs. Oregon Ducks

CFP National Championship
8:30 pm
Orange Bowl Winner vs. Cotton Bowl Winner


NCAA Football: Top 20 Teams After Week 14

Clemson Tigers – 13-0
Alabama Crimson Tide – 12-1
Michigan State Spartans – 12-1
Iowa Hawkeyes – 12-1
Houston Cougars – 12-1
Oklahoma Sooners – 11-1
Ohio State Buckeyes – 11-1
North Carolina Tar Heels – 11-2
Stanford Cardinal – 11-2
Notre Dame Fighting Irish – 10-2
Florida State Seminoles – 10-2
TCU Horned Frogs – 10-2
Northwestern Wildcats – 10-2
Oklahoma State Cowboys – 10-2
Temple Owls – 10-2
Florida Gators – 10-3
Navy Midshipmen – 9-2
Toledo Rockets – 9-2
Oregon Ducks – 9-3
Baylor Bears – 9-3


Psychopathic Leftists Investigating High School Football Coach Because He Likes To Pray After Games

Bremerton Football Coach Investigated For Post-Game Prayers – KING


The Bremerton School District is investigating a football coach for praying after high school football games. District policy states “school staff shall neither encourage nor discourage” students from praying.

Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy, who is still coaching, said he always prays after games on the 50-yard line. He said sometimes he’s alone, sometimes players join him.

“I never asked anyone,” Kennedy said. “They just all showed up one day and the next thing I know, the other team was showing up with us.”

KING 5 spoke to Kennedy at Monday’s JV football game, He’s the assistant head coach for Bremerton High’s varsity team and the head coach for the JV squad. After Monday’s game, Kennedy still prayed on the field, and a large crowd made up of players and parents from both Bremerton and its opponent took part.

“I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps, and it’s been about protecting the freedom of other people,” he said. “It’s about the freedom, and people can believe whatever they want. I’m just exercising my right. The game is over, and I just thank god for every one of these young men that are out here.”

It’s not yet clear what promoted the district investigation, but many in the stands at Monday’s game assumed it came as the result of a complaint or concern about the separation of church and state.

“It’s freedom of religion, not freedom from religion,” said Bill Bailey, who was actually cheering for Bremerton’s opponent to win the game, but says he supports Kennedy’s post-game prayers completely. “If they don’t like it, they don’t have to participate.”

The district would not comment on the ongoing investigation, except to say that Coach Kennedy has not been fired or placed on administrative leave. News of the investigation spread online over the weekend, sparking protest on a Facebook page called “Support Joe Kennedy.”

Kennedy told KING 5 he’s not worried about losing his job. Instead, his team remains his top priority.

“I don’t really worry about all that nonsense,” he said. “The only thing I worry about is the kids. It’s not about what my beliefs are, it’s about believing in each other. It’s about the sport that we love.”

Parents in the stands on Monday told KING 5 they’ve watched Kennedy pray after every game for years. Some didn’t seem to understand why it’s all of a sudden become an issue.

“Maybe there are some people who don’t go to church and don’t want their kid exposed to it, but you can’t stop it for everyone,” said Wanda Stone. “He doesn’t tell the kids that if they don’t come out and pray they’re not going to play. The kids are voluntarily going out there.”

A rally in support of Coach Kennedy is planned for Friday – the day Bremerton High School’s varsity team takes the field.

The prayer Kennedy prayed after Monday’s game lasted only about 13 seconds.

“Lord, I just want to lift up all these warriors that came out here to compete today,” he prayed. “I don’t care what their beliefs are. We do believe in this sport. We believe in football, we believe in a team and competition. It’s all about the game. In your name, Amen.”

Many who bowed their heads with him also said “Amen” and cheered when he finished praying.

District policy states that staff members can’t encourage or discrouage a student from engaging in non-disruptive oral or silent prayer. So there’s nothing wrong with students or student athletes praying, it’s just a question of what role the teacher or coach is playing in that prayer. It appears that is what the district investigation will try to determine.

It’s not yet clear when that investigation will be complete.



5 Of Top 8 College Football Teams Go Down To Defeat

Week Of Upsets Turns College Football Upside Down: Who Is No. 1? – Bleacher Report


It was advertised as must-see, the first meaningful – and potentially impactful – week of the youthful college football season. Oftentimes these instances provide more sizzle than steak, Week 6 was a glaring, glorious exception. It was madness. It was historic.

Take that AP Top 25 Poll from last week and toss it in the nearest wastebasket or fireplace. It will do you no good now. After 11 ranked teams (that’s almost half) fell in one weekend, we’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

It began with No. 2 Oregon on Thursday night. The Ducks, even as more than a three-touchdown favorite coming off a bye and playing at home, were unable to hold off Rich Rodriguez and the Arizona Wildcats.

Texas A&M, the nation’s No. 6 team heading into Week 6, fell to Mississippi State in Starkville, albeit as a slight underdog. And to ensure that the entire state of Mississippi had something to celebrate, Ole Miss took out Alabama – the No. 3 team – prompting a field takeover for the ages.

Just as the chaos of Oxford was setting in, TCU took out No. 4 Oklahoma following a blitz of touchdowns and turnovers. And, to cap off a day of carnage, Utah took down No. 8 UCLA on a missed last-second field goal.

The result is pure, unaltered chaos and the first major shakeup of a season that still has so much more to give. Given the scenario, it also makes the search for the nation’s No. 1 team a taxing task.

As for the unbeaten contenders worthy of consideration, let’s explore the options.


Until further notice, this is the No. 1 team. Florida State has acquired that label, and it didn’t change on Saturday. Now, despite the label, the Seminoles haven’t looked the part of the nation’s top team for much of this season, although one of the alternatives to winning ugly is losing outright. (See: Above.)

Florida State started slow once again against Wake Forest – one of the country’s most anemic offenses – but quickly pulled away after some initial struggles. The defense played its best game, albeit against a unit it should look good against, and the offense eventually picked up the pace.

But Jameis Winston, at least by the absurd standards he set last year, has struggled. The offensive line has had issues. The defense, at times, has looked vulnerable.

And yet, Florida State still has more overall talent than just about any other team. It simply comes down to putting it together. More importantly, it comes down to staying unbeaten, and the Seminoles have managed to do just that.

Until that changes, regardless of the style points attached, Florida State isn’t going anywhere.


It’s no longer just a really fast, talented offense. The Auburn defense has taken enormous strides in 2014, something that was evident in an ugly win against Kansas State earlier this year and on Saturday in a blowout win against LSU.

The Tigers, having put it in cruise control for much of the season, showed off their next level against Les Miles’ youth-infused group on Saturday night.

Quarterback Nick Marshall showed the full range of skills that make him (and this team) dangerous. With multiple touchdowns passing and rushing on Saturday, Marshall showcased his advanced versatility that will continue to keep defenses honest. He also has a lovely buffet of weapons around him.

If Marshall’s defense can come close to matching the production it has delivered early on, this team will be incredibly difficult to beat.

With many meaningful conference games on the horizon – including an enormous tussle against Mississippi State next week – Auburn will have ample opportunities to validate its inclusion in this discussion.

Speaking of…


It’s time to start viewing Mississippi State as more than just a good story. And really, this conversation should have started before Week 6.

Following its dominating 48-31 victory over Texas A&M – and it wasn’t even that close – the Bulldogs have thrown their name in the ring when it comes to consideration for the top team in the country.

We don’t hand out October Heismans, thankfully, but you could make the argument that quarterback Dak Prescott would be your winner if the award was handed out Saturday. That’s a fancy way of highlighting his incredible production, and his five-touchdown game against A&M was an extension of what he’s done all season.

Add in running back Josh Robinson – maybe the nation’s most underrated back – and offensively this group has been sensational. With the defense playing the way it is, particularly up front, it’s hard to find any glaring holes with this roster.

With Auburn on deck, the celebration will be short. The Bulldogs, no longer content with a “nice” season, are on the verge of something far greater.


When you beat Alabama, you get noticed. That’s not the only reason why Ole Miss warrants your consideration as the nation’s top team, although it’s a fabulous place to start.

The Rebels’ 23-17 victory over the Crimson Tide was a good synopsis of what they’ve done all year. The defense might be the best in the country or, at the very least, one of the most athletic.

The offense, led by quarterback Bo Wallace, hasn’t been embraced quite the same way. After Wallace threw two fourth-quarter touchdown passes on Saturday, however, that might change. Still, the reputation surrounding his inconsistent play will continue, even if he’s tired of hearing it, a sentiment echoed in his comments, courtesy of The Clarion-Ledger’s Riley Blevin:

Like its in-state rival, Ole Miss won’t have to wait long to back up this talk. Hugh Freeze’s team will visit a hungry Texas A&M next week, as the SEC West gauntlet continues.

We’ve been waiting for Freeze’s recruiting success to develop into something more. With no ceiling in sight yet, it would appear that this time is now.


Baylor: The Bears offense was stagnant for much of the first half against the Texas Longhorns, although the defense stepped up and has been better than anticipated. With Oklahoma’s loss, Baylor is suddenly the favorite in the Big 12. There’s plenty of work to be done – including a road game against the Sooners along with a lively and alive TCU squad – although the Bears have done more than simply survive.

Notre Dame: At this point, perhaps it’s a stretch to anoint the Irish as the nation’s top team. And yet, Notre Dame’s victory against the Stanford Cardinal in brutal conditions highlighted the various ways this team can win. It’s so much more than quarterback Everett Golson; this defense has played fabulously thus far.

An Array of One-Loss Teams: We’re breaking the rules here, but it’s important we do so. Look at your calendar. It is early October. So much can and will happen over the next few months, which is something this sport has taught you time and time again.

A loss isn’t the end of the world, especially with the debut of a four-team playoff. While it can be an enormous, telling setback, the beauty of it all is the finish line is still nowhere in sight.


Given the limited sample size that suddenly seems exponentially larger, give me Auburn as the nation’s No. 1 team after six weeks of college football.

The programs listed above – as well as others not mentioned – could all make strong cases as the top team in the country. With Auburn becoming more balanced each week, however, I’ll give the Tigers a slight edge at the moment.

But, as chaos looms, we’ll see how long this lasts.



*VIDEOS* With Only 3 Weeks Left Until NFL Pre-Season Begins, Here’s A Little Something To Fill The Football Gap








2013/2014 College Football Bowl Games Worth Watching

Las Vegas Bowl

Saturday – December 21st – 3:30 p.m. ET

Fresno State Bulldogs vs. USC Trojans


Russell Athletic Bowl

Saturday – December 28th – 6:45 p.m. ET

Miami Hurricanes vs. Louisville Cardinals


Chick-fil-A Bowl

Tuesday – December 31st – 8:00 p.m. ET

Duke Blue Devils vs. Texas A&M Aggies


Capital One Bowl

Wednesday – January 1st – 1:00 p.m. ET

Wisconsin Badgers vs. South Carolina Gamecocks


Rose Bowl

Wednesday – January 1st – 4:30 p.m. ET

Stanford Cardinal vs. Michigan State Spartans


Fiesta Bowl

Wednesday – January 1st – 8:30 p.m. ET

UCF Knights vs. Baylor Bears


Sugar Bowl

Thursday – January 2nd – 8:30 p.m. ET

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Alabama Crimson Tide


Cotton Bowl

Friday – January 3rd – 7:30 p.m. ET

Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. Missouri Tigers


Orange Bowl

Friday – January 3rd – 8:30 p.m. ET

Clemson Tigers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes


BCS National Championship

Monday – January 6th – 8:30 p.m. ET

Florida State Seminoles vs. Auburn Tigers


Doug’s NFL picks Week 1

I vow to kick Ed Daley’s backside this year! Here we go

Broncos Bash Ravens

Pats Pound Bills

Seahawks soar past Panthers

Da Bears Best Da Bengals

Browns Batter Dolphins

Lions Maul Vikes

Colts Clobber Raiders

Chiefs Chop Jags 

Bucs Blast Jets

Saints Stun Falcons

Steelers  stomp the Titans

Rams Roast Cards

Niners Pound the Pack

Cowboys corral the Giants

Redskins rap the Eagles

Chargers charbroil the Texans

So we differ in five games, whoever does better (ME) in those wins the week


Dougs NFL picks Week 14

And here is week 14

Skins over Ravens

Broncos over Raiders

Browns over Chiefs

Steelers over Chargers

Colts over Titans

Jags over Jets

Vikings over Bears

Falcons over Panthers

Bucs over Eagles

Bills over Rams

Cowboys over Bengals

Niners over Dolphins

Giants over Saints

Seahawks over Cards

Pack over Lions

Pats over Texans

Season 122-69

Week 13 10-6 Bleh!

Week 12 8-8!

Week 11 14-0! WAHOO!

Week 10 10-4

Week 9 11-3

Week 8 6-8 UGH

Week 7 picks 10-3

Week 6 Picks 9-5

Week 5 picks 8-5

Week 4 picks 10-5

Week 3 picks 7-9 UGH

Week 2 picks 8-8 UGH

Week 1 picks 11-5


Ed Redesigns The NCAA Division 1 Football League – Includes Playoffs Configuration

Division A
Boston College
Division B

Division A
Ohio State
Penn State
Miami (OH)
Division B
Bowling Green
Division C
Notre Dame
Kent State
Ball State

Division A
South Carolina
North Carolina
Wake Forest
Division B
North Carolina State
West Virginia
East Carolina
Virginia Tech

Division A
South Florida
Florida Atlantic
Florida International
Division B
Florida State
Miami (FL)
Georgia Tech

Division A
Middle Tennessee
South Alabama
Division B
Division C
Western Kentucky
Arkansas State

Division A
Iowa State
Eastern Michigan
Division B
Northern Illinois
Michigan State
Western Michigan
Central Michigan

Division A
Louisiana Tech
Southern Miss
Division B
Mississippi State
Ole Miss
Oklahoma State

Division A
Utah State
Brigham Young
Colorado State
Kansas State
Division B
Boise State
Air Force

Division A
Texas A&M
Texas State
Southern Methodist
Division B
Texas Tech
San Jose State
Division C
North Texas

Division A
Oregon State
Arizona State
New Mexico State
Division B
Fresno State
Washington State
Division C
New Mexico
San Diego State

Note: during the regular season, each team will play 3 games in their division, 3 games in their region but outside their division, and 6 games in other regions.



First Round
The 24 divison winners will play 12 games in 6 days (over 2 consecutive weeks). Each matchup will be based on win/loss records and schedule strenghts so that No. 1 plays No. 2, No. 3 plays No. 4, No. 5 plays No. 6, etc.

Second Round
The 12 remaining teams will play 6 games over 3 consecutive days. Each matchup will be determined by first round performances based on winning points margins – and in cases of ties in that regard – strength of opponents based on regular season rankings.

No. 1 plays No. 4, No. 2 plays No, 7, No. 3 plays No. 6, No. 5 plays No. 10, No. 8 plays No.12, and No. 9 plays No. 11.

Third Round
The 6 remaining teams will play 3 games over 3 consecutive days. Each matchup will be determined by combined first and second round performances based on winning points margins – and in cases of ties in that regard – total net yardage.

No. 1 plays No. 3, No, 2 plays No. 5 and No. 4 plays No.6.

Note: these 3 games will called the Orange Bowl, the Sugar Bowl and the Cotton Bowl respectively.

Fourth Round
The 3 remaining teams will be ranked by combined first, second and third round performances based on winning points margins – and in cases of ties in that regard – total net yardage.

No. 1 will have a week off while No. 2 plays No. 3 to determine who meets No. 1 in the national championship game.

Note: this game will be called the Rose Bowl and will be played on New Year’s Day.

National Championship
No. 1 pays No. 2.

Note: this game will be called the Camp Bowl – named for Walter C. Camp, the father of American football.