Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson Destroys “Gay Marriage” Argument (Video)

Watch This Anti-Gay Conservative Obliterate The Homosexual Argument – Mr. Conservative

Liberal ideology has led to society’s continued loosening of its morals and principles and the argument of homosexuality is indicative of such. Given that many people relate their beliefs to religious contradictions, some aren’t able to legally justify their argument – until now.

Most recently, a fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, Ryan T. Anderson, not only successfully argued why homosexuals aren’t applicable to the same rights given to that of heterosexual couples, but he completely dominated the conversation. Arguing that even by law homosexuals aren’t considered the same when it comes to marriage, Anderson went on to share why homosexuals can never really get “married” – at least according to all standards.

Although in some states homosexuals can be offered marriage certificates, Anderson states that they aren’t really married as marriage is only applicable between a gender compliant couple – a heterosexual union. As marriage is entered into for a handful of reasons, perhaps one of the largest, is procreation – and that’s where the gender compliance comes into play.

As homosexuals aren’t able to have children, their union is therefore disqualified as a marriage, and in such, not recognized to receive the same benefits of those that do enter into a genuine marriage – a man and a woman. Instead, their belief is only degrading the sanctity in marriage to include something that falls outside the bounds of its definitions and can only go downhill from there.




*VIDEO* Senator Ted Cruz Speaks At The Heritage Foundation’s Resource Bank Meeting

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Even New Yorkers Aren’t Happy With Obamacare… They Must Be Racist Teabaggers (Video)

Real People Respond: What Does Obamacare Mean For You? – The Foundry


Obamacare opens today. What does that mean to you?

Since Heritage launched our billboard in Times Square promoting the message to defund Obamacare, the response has been overwhelming. We’ve received thousands of text messages from concerned Americans wanting more information about this unaffordable law. It is raising premiums, hurting small businesses, and digging America into more and more debt.

When we asked some of those concerned citizens how Obamacare would affect their lives, we received many worried answers. We wanted to share these responses with our readers, as many of you can relate to the challenges ahead if Obamacare is not defunded immediately.

The answers came from a variety of perspectives – and all are worthy of being heard by Congress and President Obama before it’s too late to turn back.

What does Obamacare mean for you?


“Idk [I don’t know], but my premium just went up almost $100.”

“I am angry, frustrated and scared. It is a catastrophe.”

“Scared. I have great insurance now but that could all change and that is not helping an already slow economy.”


“DISASTER. My husband took $700 pay cut thanks to NObamacare. Pay cut is monthly amount. We are STRUGGLING to keep our home, keep gas & all others.”

“A disaster for everybody that breathes.”

“This is gonna be a train wreck. Sad day for the USA.”

Decreased Care

“…definitely the end of great health care as we have known it.”

“It means our healthcare is no longer going to be first class, long waits to be seen by a doctor, older people dying because of lack of care, sky high premiums, government snooping into my life…”

Invasion of Personal Freedom

“Gov’t interference & control of my private business & increased taxes”

“It means my freedom has been wrenched from me. I should not be forced, by coercion, by my government in regards to healthcare. If Congress is exempt, so should we be.”

“The beginning of loss of my freedom to choose. The beginning of a lot of chaos in the health care business and current care. The fear of premiums going even higher and benefits even lower. The beginning of a lot more government bureaucracy.”

Financial Struggle

“That means we are the middle class and are going to pay much more in premiums and copays. It is going to crush us. It is going to cause our family of 8 to just barely survive.”

“It has already affected my family. My husband’s work which is in coal mining has laid off 180 men. Our health insurance deductible has doubled. I am all for defunding Obamacare.”
“Closing our small business”

No Insurance

“No insurance… will not be able to afford. Too high already!”

“Nothing. I can’t pay for it so I’ll be an outlaw.”

What about you? Leave a comment below.

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*VIDEO* Senator Ted Cruz Gives Major Foreign Policy Speech At Heritage Foundation (09/11/13)

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*VIDEO* Debunking The Defund Obamacare Myths (Heritage Foundation)


The most galling thing about David Brooks?

Hmmm, tough one, there is his incredible ability to turn out bad columns on a regular basis. His willingness to bend over backwards to be the Republican the Left likes A.K.A. the Useful Idiot. Then there is his habit of bashing Conservatives that actually stand for something while Brooks stands for nothing. Smitty has a post up mocking Brooks, and there is one sentence from Brooks latest NY Times snoozer that struck a nerve.

Two things are constant, and there are three things rivaling the sunrise for invariance: death, taxes, and the codpiece-like dumbness of David Brooks:

Over the past month, the Republican Party has changed far more than I expected. First, the people at the ideological extremes of the party have begun to self-ghettoize. The Tea Party movement attracted many people who are drawn to black and white certainties and lock-step unity. People like that have a tendency to migrate from mainstream politics, which is inevitably messy and impure, to ever more marginal oases of purity.
Jim DeMint, for example, is leaving the Senate to go lead the Heritage Foundation. He is leaving the center of the action, where immigration, tax and other reforms will be crafted, for a political advocacy organization known more for ideological purity and fund-raising prowess than for creativity, curiosity or intellectual innovation.

Note that last highlighted portion. Especially the criticism of the Heritage Foundation. Brooks is mocking a group that actually HAS an ideological compass? Brooks, who has no ideological balls whatsoever? What we have is a little man with a little brain, a man who has done nothing of real note, a man who stands for whatever he thinks will ingratiate him to Liberals. And this man is mocking men and women who actually believe in fighting for their principles (which Brooks dismisses as ideological purity)? Damn that makes me angry! What bugs me most here is that it was ideological purity that gave birth to this nation. Our Founders were not like Brooks, they knew right from wrong, they knew what they stood for, and they risked their very lives to give birth to this nation. Of course, David Brooks would never take a stand, lest he not get invited to Beltway cocktail parties. Call me an ideological purist, but I resent men of honor being dismissed by walk-behinders like Brooks!


Jim DeMint to resign from Senate

Byron York gives us the story

Conservatives are stunned at news that Jim DeMint, one of the truly conservative stalwarts in the Senate, has decided to resign in order to join the Heritage Foundation.  DeMint will leave the Senate in January.

DeMint, 71, was elected in 2010 for a term that will last through 2016.  His successor will be appointed by South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley.  Haley’s choice will serve in the Senate until a special election in 2014.

DeMint’s departure is not only a blow to conservatives and Republicans.  Even though he had said that this would be his last term in the Senate, DeMint had obviously signed on to serve through January 2017, and now he’ll be leaving four years early.  What about that commitment to the people of South Carolina?

“Obviously we have a big rock star bench in South Carolina, and Jim’s always been about bringing new leaders in,” says a member of DeMint’s circle.

Happy for Sen. DeMint, and I pray that his replacement will be as stalwart as he has been.


Your “I should have known” post of the day

The campaign slogan “Yes We Can” Obama used last election was taken from a Communist! Who does this surprise?

President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dolores Huerta, a labor union founder whom he credited with coining the “yes, we can” that marked his 2008 campaign.

“Dolores was very gracious when I told her I had stolen her slogan, ‘Si, se puede.’ Yes, we can,” Obama said during the Medal of Freedom ceremony today. “Knowing her, I’m pleased she let me off easy, because Dolores does not play,” he joked.

Huerta, with Cesar Chavez, founded the United Farm Workers. “Without any negotiating expertise, Dolores helped lead a boycott that forced growers to agree to some of the country’s first farm worker contracts,” Obama said during the ceremony today. “And ever since, she has fought to give more people a seat at the table.”

Huerta is also an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), asHeritage Foundation’s Lachlan Markay notes. DSA’s website explains that its “policies require the support of a majoritarian coalition of trade unionists, people of color, feminists, gays and lesbians and all other peoples committed to democratic change” in order to begin “transforming the power relations of global capitalism.”

Gee, another Leftist who is tight with Obama? Who could have seen that coming? Just ask yourself this. What if the media actually REPORTED this, and the other numerous ties Obama has with Leftists/Marxists/Communists? Maybe they will get around to covering those ties, as soon as they are done covering Romney’s barber skills that is.

Please read THIS POST Ed Daley did at the same time I was doing this one


April 30: George Washington becomes the first ...
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No,not to me, like Alesiter I still call this holiday George Washington’s Birthday!

The Heritage Foundation would like to have a word with you…

It’s Washington’s Birthday, Not Presidents Day

February 22 is the birthday of George Washington — the man who, more than any other, made possible our republican form of government.

The third Monday in February has come to be known, wrongly, as President’s Day. America’s political leaders should take this occasion to remember Washington’s deeds, recollect his advice, and again call the holiday celebrating him by its legal name: Washington’s Birthday.

*VIDEOS* CNN/Heritage/AEI Republican Primary Debate – 11/22/11

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*LIVE STREAMING* CNN/Heritage/AEI Republican Primary Debate: Washington, DC – November 22, 2011 – 8pm EST




CNN Live Stream – Link 1

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This is the best GOP candidate?

Well, the self-appointed Czar of the GOP, Ann Coulter is infatuated with Mitt ” I still LOVE Romneycare” Romney

NRO’s Katrina Trinko reports:

“You have seen a lot of candidates look at their biggest vulnerability, call it a mistake, and ask for forgiveness,” Romney continued. “In my case that wouldn’t be honest.”

He affirmed that he believes the health-care program was the “right thing” for Massachusetts then, although he conceded that it hasn’t “worked perfectly.”

“If it hurts me politically, it’s a consequence of the truth,” Romney added. “I am not going to walk away from that. It’s right for states to come up with their own solutions. I doubt other people are going try and follow the one we put together. Maybe learn from our experience. Maybe come up with something better. But the wrong course is to have the federal government impose its will on the entire nation.”

So, it is right for a State to FORCE its citizens to buy a product,but not the nation? OK Mitt, if that is your take, I applaud you sticking with it. It is refreshing to see you STICKING to a position for a change. As for me, and most Conservatives, it is wrong for a state or the federal government to do it!

UPDATE! Hot Air has this from the man who, well, KNOWS about Romneycare

Well, Jonathan Gruber would know, wouldn’t he?  After all, he advised both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on health-care reform.  In an interview yesterday with Capital New York, Gruber vented his frustration with Romney, claiming that he’s lying about the differences between RomneyCare and ObamaCare:

He credited Mitt Romney for not totally disavowing the Massachusetts bill during his presidential campaign, but said Romney’s attempt to distinguish between Obama’s bill and his own is disingenuous.

“The problem is there is no way to say that,” Gruber said. “Because they’re the same [expletive] bill. He just can’t have his cake and eat it too. Basically, you know, it’s the same bill. He can try to draw distinctions and stuff, but he’s just lying. The only big difference is he didn’t have to pay for his. Because the federal government paid for it. Where at the federal level, we have to pay for it, so we have to raise taxes.”

Not that Gruber is much happier with Newt Gingrich, either.  He claims that Gingrich backed the same kind of system in the past, as did the Heritage Foundation, only to abandon it for political reasons:

Gruber said Republicans were actually less opposed to the mandate, which is going to be under scrutiny by the court, than they were to other provisions of the health care bill, given that the mandate was an essentially conservative idea that had currency with conservative intellectuals in the early 1990s. I asked about the difference between this plan and the kind that was espoused by former House speaker Newt Gingrich back then (and, briefly, in May of this year).

“Zero difference,” he said. “This is, to my mind, the most blatantly obvious case of politics trumping policy I’ve ever seen in my life. Because this is an idea, that four or five years ago, Republicans were touting. A guy from the Heritage Foundation spoke at the bill signing in Massachusetts about how good this bill was.”

Well, Mitt, at least you van say that Newt is as bad as you are on this.

Let me ask again, THIS is the best the GOP can do? I think not!

*VIDEO* Heritage Foundation: Government Overregulation Threatens Economic Growth

Rush loved Rick Perry’s RLC speech | The Right Scoop

Audio at The Right Scoop

Aha, the new message on the Left will be, Rick perry cannot possibly win, since he is a Texan! Pathetic, and totally predictable. The fact is this. Perry scares the Holy hell out of Liberals because he,, unlike Obama, knows how to create jobs and grow the economy. In other words Perry will destroy Obama in  2012, so the media has to try and hamstring him early.

Note, Perry is the Anti-Obama

Texas Gov. Rick Perry today signed a law that will free Texans from the federal government’s impending incandescent light bulb ban:

The measure, sent to Gov. Rick Perry for consideration [he subsequently signed it], lets any incandescent light bulb manufactured in Texas – and sold in that state – avoid the authority of the federal government or the repeal of the 2007 energy independence act that starts phasing out some incandescent light bulbs next year.

Texas wasn’t the first state to explore this kind of legislation: South Carolina has advanced a similar bill and, last year, the Arizona legislature passed a bill to the same effect — but Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed it.

Few issues illuminate the consumer will to choose — and the disparate faith in consumers of liberals and conservatives, as revealed by proposed policies — as clearly as the federal government’s light bulb ban. As Heritage Foundation energy analyst Nick Loris puts it, “Consumers can make intelligent decisions on their own without the government forcing choices upon them.”

Perry trusts people to make their own choices, Obama, well, he trusts only the government.