An important anti-drug message from hot Indonesian girls

Leave it to Fritz to find this

Back in 2000, I took a cruise, and, I spent some time at a bar on the ship. I also gambled, if any overly social Conservatives wish to condemn me. But, the bartender at this bar was from Indonesia, she was very cute, and, worked on the ship with her husband, I believe his name was Lucky Bastard or something. He was, like her from Indonesia. In my conversations with her, I asked her what Indonesia was like. She said it had so much natural beauty, but for her, it was no longer home. Her exact words have stayed with me. She said that Indonesia had been ruined by Muslims, and she, nor her husband wished ever to return. In short, Sharia Law has stolen her beloved homeland. I will never forget the deep, unspoken sadness in her eyes.

In short, and allow me to be very clear here. Sharia Law is evil, inhumane, and absolutely incompatible with Western values, and liberty. Some examples

Woman, 60, lashed for selling alcohol

And Sharia is growing

Dating, acting like normal couples? Forbidden!

And yes, dear Feminists, it is women who are hardest hit Yet you remain silent? WTF?

Allow me to repeat. Sharia Law has no place in any civilized society

The wrong way to handle threats from Islamist’s

Let me lay it out, there is but one proper response to threats from Radical Muslims. that response is not, “oh, we are sorry we offended your 7th Century minds” Nor is it “OK we will cut out bikinis from the Miss World contest”.

Contestants at this year’s Miss World beauty pageant will not wear bikinis in the parade in a bid to avoid causing offence in Muslim-majority Indonesia, organisers confirmed Wednesday.

The 137 women taking part in the September contest will swap bikinis for more conservative attire, such as traditional sarongs, for the beach fashion section.

The contest is being held on the resort island of Bali, where foreign tourists flock in their millions and the beaches are packed with women sunbathing in skimpy swimwear.

Of course, the idiots running the show were only to happy to prostate themselves

But Miss World Organisation chairwoman Julia Morley insisted that none of the pageant’s contestants would wear a bikini.

“I don’t want to upset or get anyone in a situation where we are being disrespectful,” she told AFP from London.

“We treasure respect for all the countries that take part in the pageant,” she said, adding the final outfits had not yet been finalised.

Organisers are treading carefully after a number of music acts to recently visit Indonesia provoked controversy due to performers’ outfits.

This act of useless appeasement worked about as well as a screen door in  a submarine

Islamic hard-liners vowed Thursday to stop the “immoral” Miss World beauty pageant taking place in Indonesia even after organizers agreed this year’s contestants would not wear bikinis.

The Hizb ut-Tahrir group slammed the show as like “selling women’s bodies” and threatened to hold demonstrations against it, while a group in the province where the final is due to take place also voiced strong opposition.

More than 130 women will compete in the September event, with some rounds on the resort island of Bali and the final in Bogor outside Jakarta. Bogor is in West Java province, parts of which are considered a stronghold for radicals.

Organizers confirmed on Wednesday the contestants would not wear bikinis during the beach fashion section, to be held in Bali, and would instead wear more conservative attire such as traditional sarongs.

However, the concession was not enough for hardline groups in Indonesia, where some 90 percent of the 240 million population are Muslims.

“Supporting this event is the same as supporting the selling of women’s bodies,” said Ismail Yusanto, spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia, who also warned the group may organize protests.

“Women are lowering themselves by allowing themselves to be turned into objects, to be stared at and have their bodies measured.”

Hardline group the Islam Reformist Movement (Garis), which is affiliated with prominent radicals the Islamic Defenders Front, also said the bikini ban was not enough.

“They will still wear outfits that will encourage sex and immoral acts,” said Chep Hernawan, the head of Garis which has its base in West Java province.


What a shocker! Caving into these miscreants does not work. In other words, the proper response is NEVER EVER apologies, or appeasement. The proper response is this.


And, if bikinis offend radical Muslims, then, by all means, allow me to further offend

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Your Sharia Backaswardsness post!

Indonesian Muslim leaders afraid of Valentines Day

Via Bangkok Post:

The deputy mayor of Depok in West Java has called on parents in the city to tell their children not to celebrate the “day of love”  and instead concentrate on more religious activities.

Idrus Abdul Somad said that parents should take their children to Islamic events on Valentine’s Day, such as celebrating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed.

“Those who love the disciple are good people,” Mr Idrus was reported to have said on Tuesday, according to the Jakarta Globe.

“Many people translate Valentine’s Day as expressing [love] to their lover.

“Therefore please forbid your children from celebrating Valentine’s Day.”

The secretary of the Depok chapter of Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia’s largest Islamic organisation, also called on Muslims to not celebrate the day.

“Valentine’s Day is often misunderstood by teenagers as the moment to express love and affection which ends up to a sex party,” Raden Salamun Adiningrat said.

The leader of Mummies Against Valentines Day apparently shares the dread



The great question of our day?


I think Blazing cat Fur has it right, dead on right. The greatest threat to the West is….

“Men with atavistic minds seeking to replace western civilization with lslam and Islamic law, Sharia, are the biggest single threat there is to the survival of the western world…to the survival of freedom, democracy, secularism, pluralism and everything else westerners value and hold dear…to the survival of every western country there is…to the survival of non-Islamists everywhere, especially Christians and Jews.

I say men with atavistic minds because under Islam women aren’t permitted to have minds, atavistic or otherwise…

Read the rest at Canada Free press


What happens when you cater to barbarians?

Ask the Christians in Indonesia

(Jakarta Post) — Another Christian house of worship has been sealed off in Aceh Singkil district, bringing the total since last week to 17 and marking a new low for religious intolerance in the taunchly Muslim province, a rights group said on Wednesday.

Agusta Mukhtar, a spokesman for the group Pro-Democracy People, said it was regrettable that the local authorities had sealed off the buildings following a protest on April 30 by hard-line groups including the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), which oppose the buildings.

“The religious peace here has been shattered by this anarchistic action that seeks religious domination for an inflexible faith,” he said in a statement. “This is a dark time in the history of religious freedom and tolerance in Aceh.”

Sixteen of the undung-undungs, small houses of worship not categorized as churches, were sealed off by district officials last week, on the pretext they had been built without proper permits. Another was closed off on Tuesday.

The authorities insist that only one church and four undung-undungs may be built in the entire district, despite one-sixth of its population of about 120,000 being Christian — the highest proportion of any district or city in Aceh.

Agusta blamed the authorities not just for acquiescing to the hard-liners, but also for failing to promote religious tolerance at the grassroots level to prevent hard-line sentiment from taking root.

Appeasement has never and will never work! The ONLY thing these types of people understand is force! Let what is happening in Indonesia serve as a lesson to other nations. This is what always happens when immigrants are not forced to assimilate! This is what happens when any group is allowed to intimidate others. If anyone is forced to close their houses of worship it should be those that carry out acts of violence and terrorism against other faiths.

Someone asked me the other day why I love to see terrorists killed

I answered that dead terrorists are a good thing, it makes the world a better place frankly. I do not think this person grasped my feelings. For me it is simple, terrorists are evil. Yes, evil IS real, it does not matter if you believe in God or not, evil exists. Child molesters are evil. Rapists, serial killers, they are EVIL. Stalin? Mao? Hitler? Che? Pol Pot? EVIL! And yes, terrorists are EVIL! Show me the button to press to eradicate Hamas, Hezbollah, the  Taliban and I will jump up and down on it! And if you do not grasp why I feel that way, then read this! Religion Of Peace Beheads A Nine Year Old Boy

If you have a strong stomach click this link.

Live Leak – More than than 4000 people from police and teachers to monks and children have been killed in the past 7 years by Muslims in southern Thailand, but hardly a word in the mainstream media. In Southern Thailand Muslim gunmen continue killing and threatening innocent citizens. The Muslim insurgents have threatened to kill 20 teachers and have distributed fliers that said, “WANTED: 20 Deaths of Buddhist teachers.” Muslim terrorists object to the education system which teaches Buddhist culture that is not acceptable in Islam. The attacks are intended to force Buddhists to leave the region because Muslims want to create an independent Muslim nation in the three southern provinces.

In 2000, I went on a cruise, and one of the bartenders was a beautiful girl from Indonesia. Not surprisingly, I spent quite a bit of time at her bar. We talked a lot, and I asked her about Indonesia, and if she missed it. I will never forget her answer. She told me that her country was beautiful, filled with wonderful people, but, that she would never return. You see, Indonesia had been ruined for her, by Muslims. It was not safe anymore, it was not home anymore. Radical Islam had ruined it, so, this young woman and her husband, yeah, all the pretty Asian girls are taken I guess, had their homeland stolen, by a twisted, perverse radicalism disguised as a religion. I think of that pretty girl often, and I try to imagine what it would be like to lose my country, to lose my liberty that God blessed me, and all of us with, and I shudder. That will never happen, because I will never yield my liberties. To do so would be an insult to God, and to those who founded this nation. You see Patrick Henry had it right. And as long as enough of us hold his words to our hearts, we will not lose our liberty!

The REAL war on women? RADICAL ISLAM!

While the Democrats falsely accuse the Republicans of waging a “war on women” they completely ignore the real, genuine war against women and women’s rights.

Radical Islam has been waging a war against women for a very long time. In many Islamic nations,women are not allowed to drive, get an education, work, dress as they choose, or speak to whom they choose. Then there are the “honor killingsin which women, many of them teens are butchered by their own families for normal activities for young women in the West. And just where Ithe outrage from the Left? Sure, they can claim oppression unless the taxpayers pay for their birth control, but do Feminists in America care how Radical Islam treats women?  If they do care, it is hard to tell. Certainly their silence is deafening!

Some examples of what, apparently does not upset Feminists

Banning of clothing like “short skirts”

INDONESIA’S religious affairs minister believes miniskirts are pornographic and should be banned under the country’s tough new anti-porn laws.

In comments endorsed by the country’s leading Islamic advisory body, Suryadharma Ali said ”one [criterion of pornography] will be when someone wears a skirt above the knee”.

Dr Suryadharma, leader of the United Development Party, was appointed earlier this month to run Indonesia’s anti-porn taskforce, announced and supported by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Dr Suryadharma said that, before deciding what the taskforce would ban as pornography, it would consult widely to come up with ”a set of universal criteria”.

”Pornography is something that we can feel … but we have to make the criteria,” he said, adding that wearing miniskirts would qualify. His comments were backed by the Indonesian Ulema Council , representing all Indonesia’s Islamic groups.

”According to Islamic sharia [law], women not only have to wear long skirts but they have also to cover up all the private parts of their body,” deputy secretary of the council’s fatwa commission, Aminudin Yakub, told news website

Then there are the “honor”killings, which are nothing more than cold-blooded murder,and no,not all of those happen in far away nations. Some happen here

I posted earlier today about what may very well be an honor killing in California (here). I found the daughter’s interview to be fake and strange. No tears, no emotion, bad drama. The police are saying that other evidence found during the investigation has them convinced that the killing was an isolated incident that poses no danger to other Iraqis. The family has called it a hate crime and the Muslim Brotherhood operatives have been feeding the lie from their propaganda mills that media so readily eats up.

The police have executed a search warrant at the Alwaladi home.

 Al Arabiya has published this startling interview with the family. How did they know so much? Read it.

“My wife was a victim of xenophobia,” Alwadi’s widower Qassem al-Hamidi told Al Arabiya in a phone interview Tuesday. Hamidi said he and his wife are both from the city of al-Samawa in the governorate of al-Muthana in southern Iraq.

“We got married in a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia.”

Hamidi and Alwadi had five sons and daughters, aged 17, 16, 13, 12 and eight.

Hamidi, 48, said he could not go on talking and explained that he was in a bad state before passing on the telephone to his wife’s cousin Hussein Alwadi.

“I saw her body in the dinning room a few minutes before the police arrived,” her cousin told Al Arabiya.

He said the murderer snuck into the house on Wednesday morning from the back garden.

“The garden has no fence so he was able to break the glass of the kitchen window right away and apparently he did so without making a noise.”

Hussein added that the attacker then reached for the window handle, opened it, and got inside.

“He did so after watching Shaima’s husband drive away with four of the children he was taking to school. Only Shaima and her eldest daughter Fatima stayed in the house. Fatima was asleep.”

The murderer, Hussein recounted, saw Shaima in the dinning room and attacked her with an iron rod or a spanner.

“He first hit her on her forehead then on her right ear. The third strike was on the back of her head. This was followed by five fast and consecutive strikes on her head and shoulders.”

Really? How could they know that?

How indeed. But, there are so many more “honor”killings

LARKANA: March 30, 2012. (Nazir Siyal) Two women were killed under Karo Kari (Honor Killing) here in Ratodero city on Friday.

According to the reports, an 18 year young lady Nadia Jalbani was killed by his relative under Karo Kari in Bappar Muhalla of Ratodero city, while another woman Shehnaz Jalbani (42) also found dead from her house in Bhutta Wandh Ratodero city on Friday morning.

Of course not all of these “honor” killings succeed

A fisherman saved the life of a young Egyptian woman after her parents threw her into the Nile River for divorcing an abusive, elderly husband, police said.

Women’s rights groups in Egypt said they are working with authorities to gather more information about the attempted honor killing, reported Wednesday.

“If this is really what happened, then it shows there is a lot of work to counter honor violence in this country, where women and girls are killed because, simply, they are women,” said Nora Tarek, a women’s rights researcher in Cairo.

The young woman initially refused to marry the elderly man but later bowed to family pressure, reported.

Her parents tossed her into the river when she returned home after divorcing him.

Last year, a 22-year-old Egyptian woman was found dead on a coastal road with a noose around her neck. A family member said the woman was killed by her brother for leaving home with a stranger.

Where is Sandra Fluke? Where is Gloria Steinem? Where is the Feminist outrage? Shouldn’t they be screaming at the tops of their lungs over this type of abuse?

ISNA Canada, located in Mississauga ON is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and perhaps Canada’s leading Muslim organization. So if they’re selling a book that states beating your wife can save a marriage well then you just know you’re gettin the unadulterated, authoritative Full Muhammad skinny.

According to The Muslim Marriage Guide, available for purchase on the ISNA Canada site, husbands are advised that

Put together, all these sources [from the Koran and hadith] suggest that beating, if it has to be done at all, should be a last resort to punish a wife for some major sin, such as adultery. It is the final manifestation of the husband’s authority, not the first; a deterrent aimed at holding the marriage together.

So a “beating” is the way to hold a bad marriage together? Good to know. Here in Kafirland the “last resort” usually consists of heading off to a marriage counselor. But, hey, maybe a “last resort” beating is more effective–and less expensive.

And then there are forced marriages for little girls

Up to 400 children in the past year have been coerced into or threatened with marriage – including a girl aged just five.

She is the youngest victim in Britain, according to the Home Office’s Forced Marriage Unit.

The young age of victims was disclosed as ministers consider whether to bring in new laws to make it possible to prosecute families who compel children to marry.

Selling little girls to pay off debts?

Again, while the Left plays politics, they ignore the real war against women.

Michelle Malkin tries to explain Jihad to Obama

Why do Leftists, like the president, have such a hard time recognizing,or admitting what Jihad really is? Fear? A perverse fascination with “equality”? Is it that they just cannot admit that some cultures are better than others? They have no issue with denouncing many Americans who are Conservative as extremists do they? Yet, they give Islam a pass. Video via Donald Douglas

Daily Benefactor News – Indonesian Volcano Unleashes Biggest Blast Yet – More Articles


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Indonesian Volcano Unleashes Biggest Blast Yet – Fox News

Clouds of gray ash rumbled down the slopes of Indonesia’s most volatile volcano Saturday in its most powerful eruption of a deadly week, prompting soldiers to force reluctant villagers to evacuate amid fears of a larger blast.

On the other side of the archipelago, storms again prevented aid deliveries to increasingly desperate survivors of a tsunami – including a teenage girl with an open chest wound – that killed 413 people in the Mentawai islands. Relief workers found some comfort, however, when the number of missing dropped by half to 163 as searchers discovered more survivors and villagers who had fled to the hills returned home.

The simultaneous catastrophes have severely tested the emergency response network. Indonesia lies in the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a cluster of fault lines prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Mount Merapi, which sprang back to life early this week, unleashed a terrifying 21-minute eruption early Saturday, followed by more than 350 volcanic tremors and 33 ash bursts, said Surono, chief of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation.

The latest spewing of the notoriously unpredictable volcano forced the temporary closure of an airport and claimed another life, bringing the death toll this week to 36.

At least 47,000 people have fled the mountain’s wrath, according to the National Disaster Management Agency. Government camps well away from the base were overflowing with refugees, including most of the 11,000 people who live on the mountain’s fertile slopes. They were told Saturday, with signs the danger level was climbing, that they should expect to stay for three more weeks.

Despite such warnings, many people have returned to their land to check on precious crops and livestock. The new eruption triggered a chaotic pre-dawn exit, killing a 44-year-old woman who was fleeing by motorcycle, said Rusdiyanto, head of disaster management office in the main city of Yogyakarta.

For the first time Saturday, more than 2,000 troops were called in to help keep villagers clear of the mountain. Camouflaged soldiers stood guard in front of ash-covered homes and local television showed one woman who refused evacuation orders being carried away as she screamed in protest.

Still, the villagers may be later allowed to go back for a few hours a day if the volcano appears to be calm, said Djarot Nugroho, head of the Central Java disaster management agency, adding that they must return to the camps immediately if a new alarm is raised.

“Once the sirens go off, no excuse, everyone has to get back to the camps,” he said.

The eruption temporarily forced the closure of the airport in Yogyakarta, 12 miles south of the volcano, because of poor visibility and heavy ash on the south of the runway, said Naelendra, an airport official.

Despite earlier hopes that Merapi’s activity might be waning, scientists warned Saturday the worst may be yet to come.

High-pressure gas appeared to be building up behind a newly formed thick magna dome in the crater, “setting the stage, potentially, for a more explosive eruption,” said Subandrio, who heads the nearby volcanology center. “It’s a bad sign,” he said.

In the tsunami zone, where more than 23,000 people have been displaced, government agencies were forced to pull back boats and helicopters that had been ferrying noodles, sardines and sleeping mats to the most distant corners of the Mentawai islands because of stormy weather and rough seas.

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Judge Rules That 4-Year-Old Girl Can Be Sued Over Bike Accident – Terra

A Manhattan judge has decided that a 4-year-old girl is old enough to know better and can thereby be sued for negligence when she seriously injured an elderly woman in a bicycle accident.

According to reports the little girl was racing her a bicycle with training wheels, on the sidewalk of a building in Manhattan when she accidentally struck an 87-year-old woman.

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Terror Bombs Were Primed To Down Cargo Planes In Mid-Air -The Guardian

Sophisticated bombs contained in packages sent from Yemen were designed to explode in the air and bring down the cargo planes carrying them, the government confirmed.

Intelligence experts believe the use of the devices, contained in printer cartridges on board two Chicago-bound cargo planes, represents a shift in terrorist tactics to commercial targets.

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Wake Forest Scientists Successfully Grow ‘Miniature Livers’ – Local Tech Wire

Scientists at Wake Forest University have engineered a “miniature” liver in a lab that functions like the human organ.

It’s the latest tissue breakthrough at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which in 2006 reported the growth and transplant of bladders into humans. Anthony Atala, MD, the director of the institute, is a leading pioneer in the field of regenerative science.

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Grayson Accused Of Tea Party Plant – News Max

Alan Grayson, a Democratic congressman in Florida, is alleged to be assisting Peg Dunmire, a third candidate, in order to protect his seat from a challenge by Daniel Webster, a Republican.

Grayson, Dunmire, Webster, FloridaOne of the founders of the Florida “Tea Party”, which Ms. Dunmire represents, has business connections with Mr. Grayson, and his son has worked as an intern for the congressman.

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Astronauts, Space Scientists Call For Global Action To Prevent Asteroid Impact – Washington Examiner

Countries around the world must team up to prevent an asteroid from slamming into Earth, scientists and former astronauts said Friday.

NASA has tracked nearly 7,000 near-Earth objects that are bigger than several feet across. Of those, 1,157 are considered “potentially hazardous asteroids.” “We can’t escape the conclusion that one could happen tomorrow,” former NASA astronaut Thomas D. Jones said.

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Jerry Brown On His First Gubernatorial Campaign: ‘It’s All A Lie… I didn’t Have A Plan For California’ – Big Government

During an interview on the program “CNN Late Edition” in 1992 Jerry Brown (D-CA) admitted that nearly everything he said in his first campaign for governor of California was a lie.

Jerry Brown: You run for office and the assumption is “Oh, I know what to do”. You don’t. I didn’t have a plan for California. Clinton doesn’t have a plan. Bush doesn’t have a plan.

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North Korea Opens Fire At South Korea – CTV

Tensions escalated along the North Korea-South Korea border on Friday after the North fired two rounds at its southern neighbour. South Korean troops immediately fired back.

The shots from North Korea were fired towards a South Korean guard post in the Demilitarized Zone between the two countries. No one was injured and it wasn’t clear whether the shots represented a military action.

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Man Shoots Himself While Sleepwalking – Stuff

A man likely shot himself while sleepwalking, Boulder, Colorado police say. The Daily Camera reported that 63-year-old Sanford Rothman told investigators he had no clear recollection of the incident early Tuesday morning.

He told police he woke up to a “bang” and realised he had suffered a gunshot wound to his knee. No one else was in Rothman’s home at the time.

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Deputy Wins Back Job After Torturing Frog With White-Out And A Stun Gun – Weekly Vice

Raul Alvarado, a 34-year-old Arizona man is fighting to get his Sheriff’s Office job back after he allegedly painted a frog with White-Out and then zapped it with a stun gun because “he was bored.”

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Alvarado was terminated from his position after an internal investigation revealed that he tortured a frog back in August of 2009.

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German Anatomist Now Selling Bodies Online – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Still wondering what to get that special someone for the holidays? Why not “earrings with giraffe tail slices” from German anatomist Guenter von Hagens’ new online shop for euro41.53 ($57.55)?

Mr. Von Hagens, famous for his “Body Worlds” traveling exhibition of preserved human bodies and body parts, said Friday his new Internet shop is going online on Nov. 3, 2010.

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Man’s Mouth Declared World’s Biggest By Guinness – Orange News

An Angolan man has been recognised as having the world’s widest mouth by the Guinness Book of World Records. Francisco Domingo Joaquim, 20 – aka the Angolan Jaw of Awe – can fit a 330ml can of pop into his mouth – sideways.

He can stretch his mouth more than six-and-a-half inches wide, and recently put his skills to the test at the the Big Mouth competition in Rome.

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