Marxifornia- the Stupid State

Good Freaking Grief

Via Washington Times:

The flood danger from the Oroville Dam receded Monday, but California was hit by a wave of criticism for failing to heed warnings about risks to the spillway at a time when the state spent generously on illegal immigrants and high-speed rail.

California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, came under fire amid reports that federal and state officials for years rebuffed or ignored calls to fortify the massive 50-year-old dam, which provides water to more than 20 million farmers and residential consumers.

“What’s Governor Brown doing?” former state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican, asked in a Monday post on Facebook. “The same thing he’s been doing for decades — obstructing progress.”

Looks Like Governor Moonbeam Has Committed An Impeachable Offense

Analysis: Jerry Brown’s Oil Scandal Is An Impeachable Offense – Big Government


California Gov. Jerry Brown appears to have committed an impeachable offense in using state experts to study the potential for oil development on his private property, as uncovered by the Associated Press on Thursday.

California public ethics laws forbid elected officials from using state resources for personal or political gain.

Section 8314 of the California Government Code indicates: “It is unlawful for any elected state or local officer… to use or permit others to use public resources for… personal or other purposes which are not authorized by law.”

The term “public resources” includes equipment, vehicles, computers, and “state-compensated time.” The lawsuit that first exposed Gov. Brown’s personal use of state experts alleges that he diverted scarce state resources.

Violations are to be punished by civil penalties of $1,000 per day for each day of the offense, plus triple the value of the diverted resources.

Though not a criminal offense, Brown’s apparent violation would be an impeachable offense.

California Government Code Section 3020 specifies: “State officers elected on a statewide basis, members of the State Board of Equalization, and judges of state courts are subject to impeachment for misconduct in office.”

Another, more difficult option would be to recall the governor, who has enjoyed high approval ratings until now.

Just as in federal impeachment, articles of impeachment have to be filed in the lower house, the State Assembly, before moving to trial in the State Senate.

However, the Lieutenant Governor, not the Chief Justice, would preside.



CA Obamacare Costs $1.2B More Than Expected; Governor Moonbeam Thinks That’s Swell

California Obamacare Costs $1.2 Billion More Than Expected – Breitbart


Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown warned on Tuesday that his state’s Obamacare program will cost California taxpayers $1.2 billion more than the state originally budgeted for.

“I’m proud we did it,” said Brown. “But we also have to take into account this thing is growing.”

Brown said the state’s Obamacare exchange, known officially as Covered California, and the state’s Medi-Cal expansion represent “a huge social commitment on the part of the taxpayers of California.”

As the Los Angeles Times reports, “Although the federal government picks up the tab for any patients who became eligible for Medi-Cal under the Affordable Care Act, the state is still responsible for half the price for people who were previously eligible but hadn’t yet signed up.”

Last week, the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office reported that California faces $340 billion in debts, or more than $8,500 for each of the 38 million people who live in the state.

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Why can’t Democrats just compete?

Ed Morrissey points to whining from Democratic governors about the best damned governor in America luring companies to Texas

I assume this means that Governor Rick Perry’s poaching has been successful:

Gov. Rick Perry’s high-profile efforts to lure jobs to Texas from other states may be good business and smart politics back home, but they’re infuriating to prominent Democrats around the country.

And now at least one Republican business leader says Perry’s taking the Lone Star swagger a little too far.

Perry’s forceful recruitment campaigns, featuring radio and magazine ads as well as personal appearances, promise low-tax, pro-growth policies in Texas —and they also trash the business climate in places like California (“…I hear building a business in California is next to impossible”) and Illinois (“…an environment that, intentionally or not, is designed for you to fail.”)

Those attacks hit where it hurts and have touched off an angry political backlash against Perry outside the Texas borders, with Democrats mocking his attempts to steal jobs as clownish – and warning the Republican governor to keep his hands off. In a memorable put-down, Gov. Jerry Brown said Perry’s incursions into California were about as effective as breaking wind.

But other observers say Perry knows exactly what he’s doing.

“At the end of the day, no matter how any of the [states] respond, people are left with two distinct messages: That guy down in Texas has got big brass balls and he’s creating a lot of jobs,” Mark McKinnon, a political strategist with deep Texas ties, told POLITICO. “It’s brilliant marketing and very smart politics.”

My first thought is this. Why can’t these whiners learn from being beaten? Why can’t they look in the mirror and say I, and my state legislature have to do better. Why can’t they grasp that if their states were less hostile to businesses, those businesses would stay? Maybe whining is just ingrained in the DNA of Democrats.

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California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill Giving Illegal Aliens Drivers Licenses

Brown OK’s Bill Giving Illegal Immigrants Licenses – NewsMax

Some illegal immigrants could get California drivers licenses under a bill that Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law late Sunday.

AB2189 by Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, will let the Department of Motor Vehicles issue licenses to illegal immigrants eligible for work permits under a new Obama administration policy. The bill requires the department to accept as proof of legal residence whatever document the federal government provides to participants in its deferred action program.

Cedillo said his bill will make roads safer while letting young immigrants drive to school and to work. His reasoning drew support from several Republican lawmakers, while other Republicans argued the state should leave immigration issues to the federal government.

“It is a victory for those who were brought here through no choice of their own, played by the rules, and are only asking to be included in and contribute to American society,” Cedillo said in a statement.

He said California is the first state to grant drivers’ licenses to the group singled out under the Obama administration’s policy. Cedillo praised Brown for choosing “public safety over politics” by signing the bill.

“President Obama has recognized the unique status of these students, and making them eligible to apply for driver’s licenses is an obvious next step,” Brown spokesman Gil Duran said.

Meanwhile, Brown vetoed AB1081, which could have protected illegal immigrants from deportation if they committed minor infractions. The bill has been dubbed “anti-Arizona” legislation, a reference to that state’s immigrant identification law.

The so-called Trust Act would have let California opt out of some parts of a federal program that requires local law enforcement officers to check the fingerprints of people they arrest against a federal immigration database and hold those who are in the country illegally.

It would have barred local law enforcement officers from detaining suspects for possible deportation unless they are charged with serious or violent felonies.

Brown backed comprehensive federal immigration reform, and said in a veto message that federal agents “shouldn’t try to coerce local law enforcement officials into detaining people who’ve been picked up for minor offenses and pose no reasonable threat to their community.”

However, he said the list of serious or violent felonies in the bill is “fatally flawed because it omits many serious crimes.” He said those include child abuse, drug trafficking, and weapons violations, among others. He promised to work with lawmakers to fix the bill’s wording.

California law enforcement officials have turned over about 80,000 illegal immigrants for deportation since 2009, though fewer than half had committed a serious or violent felony. The majority of those deported by the federal government under the Secure Communities program have come from California.

Supporters say the program targets otherwise law-abiding immigrants who commit minor traffic infractions, sell food without a permit or are arrested on misdemeanors charges but never convicted. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, said the program wastes local resources and causes mistrust between immigrants and law enforcement agencies.

Several Republican legislators objected that Ammiano’s bill would have removed a valuable tool for ridding California of lawbreakers.

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What happens to your state when voters elect idiots?


Marxifornia happens!

Assembly sends Jerry Brown bill to protect illegal immigrants

The Assembly Friday passed and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown legislation that would prohibit law enforcement officers from detaining undocumented immigrants for federal authorities when they are released from criminal custody, unless they have a history of serious or violent crime.

“This is a bill that speaks to humanity,” Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, said at the close of a heated floor debate on his bill, Assembly Bill 1081.

Simply amazing, California has real problems, yet, politicians there seem more concerned with protecting illegal immigrants, banning bottled water and banning plastic AND paper bags than tacking real issues.


California-The Stuck on Stupid State

I have given California the Marxist Moron of the Day Award before, and it looks as if  they have earned another, and maybe a name change as well. How about Marxifornia?

At IBD, “Will New California Income Tax Hike Drive Rich Away?“:

California’s Gov. Jerry Brown has just signed on to a labor-backed ballot initiative to raise tax income tax rates to as high as 13.3%, and so far the voters seem to approve. A new Los Angeles Times poll puts public support for the plan at 64%. If the measure wins in November, California will hold the prize for the highest income tax rates in the nation.

This is why the whole state,and not just the politicians are Marxist Morons. You can only blame an over reaching legislature, or governor for so long. But,when the people keep electing these pinheads, who never stop and consider spending LESS MONEY, then, I am sorry,but you have to call the people foolish.

That is, if some other state doesn’t jump past it before then.

In recent years, the country has seen something of a tax-the-rich derby among states enacting so-called “millionaires’ taxes” on top earners. Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Maryland all raised rates on high earners during in the 2000s. California’s rates were high already.

In some cases the taxes were temporary, in others, not. And you didn’t always have to be earning a million dollars to feel the bite. As of January 2012, according to data from the Tax Foundation, Hawaii was the top taxer with a rate of 11% on incomes over $200,000 (for single filers). California was close behind with 10.3% on incomes over $1 million. New Jersey has let a 10.75% tax lapse, but its top rate was still a relatively high 8.97%. Oregon’s temporary 11% tax was history, but the top rate was still 9.9%. In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo resisted pressure to keep a top rate of 8.97% in effect, but the state ended up with a tax only slightly lower — 8.82% — on incomes over $1 million.

Here we go folks. Tax, spend,tax more,spend more, tax even more, spend even more, rinse, wash, repeat. Does it ever dawn on these dolts that they are doing it wrong?

If Brown’s initiative succeeds in California, taxes will rise to 12.3% for single filers at $500,000 and for joint filers at $680,000. Another 1% — a tax approved voters in 2004 for mental health programs — kicks in at $1 million. The total top rate of 13.3% would put California ahead of New York City, where state and city income taxes top out at just below 12.5%. California also would raise already-high sales tax rates.

What would happen then? In the short term, the state would get some new revenue. In the longer term, the impact gets murkier because a new question arises: What will this tax do to the state’s economy?

In the long term, businesses will do what they have been doing, they will, listen closely Marxifornians, they will LEAVE THE STATE! And, the revenue these businesses have been paying? Gone! But, thanks Marxifornians,thanks from the great state of Texas. Here we have a governor, and a state legislature who believe in being pro-business. Marxifornia, apparently,only see businesses as cash cows, to be milked dry as often as possible.

Marxifornians ought to consider why Texas is succeeding, why we have low taxes, why businesses are flocking here. And guess what Marxifornia, when you are friendly to businesses, you create more jobs, and that means MORE taxpayers, and that means MORE REVENUE! And,when you combine that with less spending, your  state will not go broke!

I would say will the last sane person turn off the lights when you leave Marxifornia, but, with all the blackouts, brownouts, that will not be necessary!

A tale of two states

New Jersey and California were stuck in the Pit of Liberal Fiscal Insanity. Then New Jersey started to climb out, thanks to a Conservative governor. California? Well their governor is Jerry Brown, and California is not climbing, they are, digging!

New Jersey and California both adopted state budgets yesterday. I listened in on Chris Christie’s press conference and had to laugh as he excoriated the Democrats in our state legislature for relying on “fantasy revenue found between the couch cushions.” Christie said, “I looked, it isn’t there.”

No kidding.

Then he aggressively used his line-item veto power to slash almost a billion dollars from their spending plan before signing it. And he vetoed two supplementary bills, one resurrecting the job-killing “millionaire’s tax,” and another which fed money into various slush funds for use by urban mayors (these funds are kind of a New Jersey tradition, it’s about time somebody had the guts to kill them off).

My favorite quote?

“We are not increasing taxes on the most overtaxed people in the country.”

Meanwhile, CA Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown didn’t get the No New Taxes memo. He’s busy turning the Golden State into Zimbabwe, U.S.A. The budget bill he signed yesterday had an immediate effect on California’s economy and jobs climate.

An immediate, decidedly negative effect: 25,000 affiliates in California woke up to the unemployment line this morning. Why? Internet sales taxes. Jerry Brown imposed them. And said “kiss my ass.”

In California the public employee unions run the government. And their appetite for tax dollars is voracious and insatiable. Jerry Brown expects his new Internet tax to raise $200 million a year. Hah! In actuality it will result in a net revenue loss:

For the benefit of anyone too stupid to understand why the California Internet tax is a bad idea: All the revenue from sales commissions to California’s 25,000 Web site operators who had participated in the Amazon Associates program was taxable as income.

Now? Zero income. And also zero sales.

Ergo, nothing to tax.

Meanwhile in New Jersey, Chris Christie tamed the unions and cut taxes. So we can breathe a sigh of relief.

Just imagine how great California could be, with some common sense leadership. Or just take a look at this story from Wisconsin

“This is a disaster,” said Mark Miller, the Wisconsin Senate Democratic leader, in February after Republican Gov. Scott Walker proposed a budget bill that would curtail the collective bargaining powers of some public employees. Miller predicted catastrophe if the bill were to become law — a charge repeated thousands of times by his fellow Democrats, union officials, and protesters in the streets.

Now the bill is law, and we have some very early evidence of how it is working. And for one beleaguered Wisconsin school district, it’s a godsend, not a disaster.

The Kaukauna School District, in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin near Appleton, has about 4,200 students and about 400 employees. It has struggled in recent times and this year faced a deficit of $400,000. But after the law went into effect, at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, school officials put in place new policies they estimate will turn that $400,000 deficit into a $1.5 million surplus. And it’s all because of the very provisions that union leaders predicted would be disastrous.

In the past, teachers and other staff at Kaukauna were required to pay 10 percent of the cost of their health insurance coverage and none of their pension costs. Now, they’ll pay 12.6 percent of the cost of their coverage (still well below rates in much of the private sector) and also contribute 5.8 percent of salary to their pensions. The changes will save the school board an estimated $1.2 million this year, according to board President Todd Arnoldussen.

See, just use some common sense

Daily Benefactor News – Indonesian Volcano Unleashes Biggest Blast Yet – More Articles


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Indonesian Volcano Unleashes Biggest Blast Yet – Fox News

Clouds of gray ash rumbled down the slopes of Indonesia’s most volatile volcano Saturday in its most powerful eruption of a deadly week, prompting soldiers to force reluctant villagers to evacuate amid fears of a larger blast.

On the other side of the archipelago, storms again prevented aid deliveries to increasingly desperate survivors of a tsunami – including a teenage girl with an open chest wound – that killed 413 people in the Mentawai islands. Relief workers found some comfort, however, when the number of missing dropped by half to 163 as searchers discovered more survivors and villagers who had fled to the hills returned home.

The simultaneous catastrophes have severely tested the emergency response network. Indonesia lies in the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a cluster of fault lines prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Mount Merapi, which sprang back to life early this week, unleashed a terrifying 21-minute eruption early Saturday, followed by more than 350 volcanic tremors and 33 ash bursts, said Surono, chief of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation.

The latest spewing of the notoriously unpredictable volcano forced the temporary closure of an airport and claimed another life, bringing the death toll this week to 36.

At least 47,000 people have fled the mountain’s wrath, according to the National Disaster Management Agency. Government camps well away from the base were overflowing with refugees, including most of the 11,000 people who live on the mountain’s fertile slopes. They were told Saturday, with signs the danger level was climbing, that they should expect to stay for three more weeks.

Despite such warnings, many people have returned to their land to check on precious crops and livestock. The new eruption triggered a chaotic pre-dawn exit, killing a 44-year-old woman who was fleeing by motorcycle, said Rusdiyanto, head of disaster management office in the main city of Yogyakarta.

For the first time Saturday, more than 2,000 troops were called in to help keep villagers clear of the mountain. Camouflaged soldiers stood guard in front of ash-covered homes and local television showed one woman who refused evacuation orders being carried away as she screamed in protest.

Still, the villagers may be later allowed to go back for a few hours a day if the volcano appears to be calm, said Djarot Nugroho, head of the Central Java disaster management agency, adding that they must return to the camps immediately if a new alarm is raised.

“Once the sirens go off, no excuse, everyone has to get back to the camps,” he said.

The eruption temporarily forced the closure of the airport in Yogyakarta, 12 miles south of the volcano, because of poor visibility and heavy ash on the south of the runway, said Naelendra, an airport official.

Despite earlier hopes that Merapi’s activity might be waning, scientists warned Saturday the worst may be yet to come.

High-pressure gas appeared to be building up behind a newly formed thick magna dome in the crater, “setting the stage, potentially, for a more explosive eruption,” said Subandrio, who heads the nearby volcanology center. “It’s a bad sign,” he said.

In the tsunami zone, where more than 23,000 people have been displaced, government agencies were forced to pull back boats and helicopters that had been ferrying noodles, sardines and sleeping mats to the most distant corners of the Mentawai islands because of stormy weather and rough seas.

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Judge Rules That 4-Year-Old Girl Can Be Sued Over Bike Accident – Terra

A Manhattan judge has decided that a 4-year-old girl is old enough to know better and can thereby be sued for negligence when she seriously injured an elderly woman in a bicycle accident.

According to reports the little girl was racing her a bicycle with training wheels, on the sidewalk of a building in Manhattan when she accidentally struck an 87-year-old woman.

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Terror Bombs Were Primed To Down Cargo Planes In Mid-Air -The Guardian

Sophisticated bombs contained in packages sent from Yemen were designed to explode in the air and bring down the cargo planes carrying them, the government confirmed.

Intelligence experts believe the use of the devices, contained in printer cartridges on board two Chicago-bound cargo planes, represents a shift in terrorist tactics to commercial targets.

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Wake Forest Scientists Successfully Grow ‘Miniature Livers’ – Local Tech Wire

Scientists at Wake Forest University have engineered a “miniature” liver in a lab that functions like the human organ.

It’s the latest tissue breakthrough at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which in 2006 reported the growth and transplant of bladders into humans. Anthony Atala, MD, the director of the institute, is a leading pioneer in the field of regenerative science.

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Grayson Accused Of Tea Party Plant – News Max

Alan Grayson, a Democratic congressman in Florida, is alleged to be assisting Peg Dunmire, a third candidate, in order to protect his seat from a challenge by Daniel Webster, a Republican.

Grayson, Dunmire, Webster, FloridaOne of the founders of the Florida “Tea Party”, which Ms. Dunmire represents, has business connections with Mr. Grayson, and his son has worked as an intern for the congressman.

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Astronauts, Space Scientists Call For Global Action To Prevent Asteroid Impact – Washington Examiner

Countries around the world must team up to prevent an asteroid from slamming into Earth, scientists and former astronauts said Friday.

NASA has tracked nearly 7,000 near-Earth objects that are bigger than several feet across. Of those, 1,157 are considered “potentially hazardous asteroids.” “We can’t escape the conclusion that one could happen tomorrow,” former NASA astronaut Thomas D. Jones said.

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Jerry Brown On His First Gubernatorial Campaign: ‘It’s All A Lie… I didn’t Have A Plan For California’ – Big Government

During an interview on the program “CNN Late Edition” in 1992 Jerry Brown (D-CA) admitted that nearly everything he said in his first campaign for governor of California was a lie.

Jerry Brown: You run for office and the assumption is “Oh, I know what to do”. You don’t. I didn’t have a plan for California. Clinton doesn’t have a plan. Bush doesn’t have a plan.

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North Korea Opens Fire At South Korea – CTV

Tensions escalated along the North Korea-South Korea border on Friday after the North fired two rounds at its southern neighbour. South Korean troops immediately fired back.

The shots from North Korea were fired towards a South Korean guard post in the Demilitarized Zone between the two countries. No one was injured and it wasn’t clear whether the shots represented a military action.

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Man Shoots Himself While Sleepwalking – Stuff

A man likely shot himself while sleepwalking, Boulder, Colorado police say. The Daily Camera reported that 63-year-old Sanford Rothman told investigators he had no clear recollection of the incident early Tuesday morning.

He told police he woke up to a “bang” and realised he had suffered a gunshot wound to his knee. No one else was in Rothman’s home at the time.

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Deputy Wins Back Job After Torturing Frog With White-Out And A Stun Gun – Weekly Vice

Raul Alvarado, a 34-year-old Arizona man is fighting to get his Sheriff’s Office job back after he allegedly painted a frog with White-Out and then zapped it with a stun gun because “he was bored.”

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Alvarado was terminated from his position after an internal investigation revealed that he tortured a frog back in August of 2009.

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German Anatomist Now Selling Bodies Online – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Still wondering what to get that special someone for the holidays? Why not “earrings with giraffe tail slices” from German anatomist Guenter von Hagens’ new online shop for euro41.53 ($57.55)?

Mr. Von Hagens, famous for his “Body Worlds” traveling exhibition of preserved human bodies and body parts, said Friday his new Internet shop is going online on Nov. 3, 2010.

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Man’s Mouth Declared World’s Biggest By Guinness – Orange News

An Angolan man has been recognised as having the world’s widest mouth by the Guinness Book of World Records. Francisco Domingo Joaquim, 20 – aka the Angolan Jaw of Awe – can fit a 330ml can of pop into his mouth – sideways.

He can stretch his mouth more than six-and-a-half inches wide, and recently put his skills to the test at the the Big Mouth competition in Rome.

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Daily Benefactor News – Judge Disses Dems’ ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Health Defense – More Articles


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Judge Disses Dems’ ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Health Defense – Politico

A federal judge in Florida on Thursday said he will allow some of the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the health care law to proceed – and criticized Democrats for making an “Alice in Wonderland” argument to defend the law.

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson allowed two major counts to proceed: the states’ challenge to the controversial requirement that nearly all Americans buy insurance and a required expansion of the Medicaid program.

In his ruling, Vinson criticized Democrats for seeking to have it both ways when it comes to defending the mandate to buy insurance. During the legislative debate, Republicans chastised the proposal as a new tax on the middle class. Obama defended the payment as a penalty and not a tax, but the Justice Department has argued that legally, it’s a tax.

“Congress should not be permitted to secure and cast politically difficult votes on controversial legislation by deliberately calling something one thing, after which the defenders of that legislation take an “Alice-in-Wonderland” tack and argue in court that Congress really meant something else entirely, thereby circumventing the safeguard that exists to keep their broad power in check,” he wrote.

Vinson ruled that it’s a penalty, not a tax, and must be defended under the Commerce Clause and not Congress’s taxing authority.

A Dec. 16 trial date is planned in the lawsuit, brought by 20 state attorneys general and governors. Many legal experts expect it to end up before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Just last week, a Michigan judge struck down a similar challenge to the reform law, arguing that Congress was well within its constitutional authority when it crafted the law. There are several lawsuits against the health law that are working their way through the court system, but the attorney general suit is the highest-profile challenge.

Vinson dismissed three of the states’ challenges, including complaints that the law interferes with state sovereignty as to whether employers must offer insurance; that the law coerces states into setting up insurance exchanges; that the individual mandate violates the states’ due process rights.

The states argued in September that the law violates the Constitution by requiring an expansion of the Medicaid program that’s funded in part by the states and for penalizing people for not purchasing health insurance.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, a Republican who lost the state’s gubernatorial primary this summer, filed the suit minutes after President Barack Obama signed the health care bill into law in March.

The Obama administration argued that the states and the National Federation of Independent Business, the small business lobby that joined the suit, don’t have standing to bring the lawsuit. They said that only individual taxpayers do.

The White House downplayed the ruling Thursday.

“Having failed in the legislative arena, opponents of reform are now turning to the courts in an attempt to overturn the work of the democratically elected branches of government,” Stephanie Cutter, an assistant to the president for special projects, wrote on the White House blog. “This is nothing new. We saw this with the Social Security Act, the Civil Rights Act, and the Voting Rights Act – constitutional challenges were brought to all three of these monumental pieces of legislation, and all of those challenges failed. So too will the challenge to health reform.”

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First Lady Breaks Law By Campaigning In Polling Place – Drudge Report

First lady Michelle Obama appears to have violated Illinois law – when she engaged in political discussion at a polling place.

The drama began after Mrs. Obama stopped off at the Martin Luther King Center on the south side of Chicago to cast an early vote. After finishing at the machine, Obama went back to the desk and handed in her voting key. She let voters take some photos.

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Baby Snatched For Dad’s Politics Back With Parents – WorldNetDaily

A tiny baby girl snatched from her parents’ custody a week ago when her father was accused of being an “Oath Keeper” was returned to her parents on Thursday.

According to WorldNetDaily sources close to the case, the accusations against the father, Johnathon Irish, whose fiancée, Stephanie Taylor, is the mother of Cheyenne, have been dropped.

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Soldier Says He Was Ordered To Delete Fort Hood Videos – Kansas City Star

A soldier who recorded the terror of last year’s deadly shooting rampage in Fort Hood using his cell phone was ordered by an officer to delete both videos, a military court heard Friday.

Pfc. Lance Aviles told an Article 32 hearing that his noncommissioned officer ordered him to destroy the two videos on Nov. 5, the same day that a gunman unleashed a volley of bullets at the Texas Army post.

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Breakthrough For World’s Longest Rail Tunnel – Financial Times

The world’s longest tunnel made a decisive breakthrough on Friday when a boring machine crushed the remaining short distance between the north and south ends of the easterly shaft of the Gotthard rail tunnel under the Swiss Alps.

At 57km, the tunnel eclipses other links, such as the Channel tunnel between Britain and France, opened two years ago.

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GM Recalls 300,000 Impalas Over Seat Belt Problem – NewsMeat

General Motors said Friday it was recalling more than 300,000 Chevrolet Impala sedans because the seat belts may fail to restrain people in the front seats during a crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on its website that the front-seat belt webbing may not be secured properly to a lap belt anchor on the side of the seat near the doors.

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Obamacare Mandates Result In 47 Percent Hikes In Insurance Costs In Connecticut – Washington Examiner

The state’s largest insurer has been approved to raise health premium rates by 41 percent to 47 percent for some of its policies sold to individual buyers, in the largest price hikes yet seen in Connecticut since the adoption of national health care reform.

For all of its individual market plans, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has received approval to raise rates by at least 19 percent.

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China Shuts Down 1,600 Illegal Coal Mines – ABC News

China has shut down more than 1,600 small, illegal coal mines this year as part of an effort to improve safety standards in a mining industry that is the most dangerous in the world.

The state-backed People’s Daily newspaper reported Thursday that 1,611 small mines across China with outdated facilities were closed this year, citing the National Energy Bureau.

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Military Ballots May Not Count In Illinois – WLS

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether the state of Illinois missed the deadline for mailing absentee ballots to members of the military and other overseas American voters.

Cris Cray, Director of Legislation at the Illinois State Board of Elections, says not all of Illinois’ 110 jurisdictions were compliant with the 2009 Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act.

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Authorities Uncover $163 Million Medicare Scam – New American

U.S. authorities have announced the biggest fraudulent enterprise in Medicare history. A group of Armenian gangsters set up “phantom” healthcare clinics, as well as a variety of other measures, with the intent to cheat Medicare out of $163 million.

Thus far, 73 associates have been indicted, 53 have been arrested, and seven suspects remain on the run.

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Jobless Claims, Inflation, Trade Deficit Each Surge Higher – CNBC

Unemployment claims rose last week, hardening the view the central bank will pump more money into the economy, and keeping pressure on Democrats poised to lose congressional seats in November.

At the same time, record0-high imports from China helped push the U.S. trade deficit wider in August, while rising food and energy prices pushed inflation at the wholesale level up.

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Riot Police, Protesters Clash At Acropolis – Yahoo News

Riot police clashed with protesting Culture Ministry workers barricading the ancient Acropolis on Thursday, using tear gas to clear the entrance to Greece’s most famous landmark.

But the monument remained closed for the rest of the day as guards there launched a strike in solidarity with the evicted protesters. Protest organizers said they would gather again at the Acropolis early Friday.

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Republicans Plan January Takedowns Of Obama’s Czars – Daily Caller

Republicans will have President Barack Obama’s czars and his use of regulatory powers to circumvent congressional inaction in GOP crosshairs if the party takes control in January.

Obama has named more than 30 czars without Senate confirmation and congressional oversight, and together they hold power over everything from the environment and bank bailouts to the auto industry.

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French Students Up Protests Over Retirement Reform – Associated Press

French students blockaded more high schools and universities Thursday, as the third straight day of nationwide strikes over the government’s retirement reforms snarled train travel and sent a renewed challenge to President Nicolas Sarkozy.

France’s BFM TV showed groups of students toppling trash cans in southeast France and erecting barricades in the middle of a Paris avenue.

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Jerry Brown Flashback: ‘We Need More Welfare And Fewer Jobs’ – Fox News

For a guy known to hold some pretty strange views, this might be the most bizarre perspective on welfare policy I have ever seen. Here is Jerry Brown from his Pacifica Radio show in 1995:

“The conventional viewpoint says we need a jobs program and we need to cut welfare. Just the opposite! We need more welfare and fewer jobs. Jobs for every American is doomed to failure.”

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Ethics Complaint To Be Filed On Harry Reid – Red White Blue News

The 527 Harry Reid Votes will file an ethics complaint against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada as early as this Friday.

The complaint alleges that Reid violated “the Senate rules of conduct by accepting certain contributions from the top executives of a federal government contractor,” according to a draft of the letter to be sent to the Select Committee on Ethics.

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Teen Crashes Into License Center After Passing Driving Test – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

A teenager who just passed his driving test crashed into a state driver license center in western Pennsylvania.

The accident happened Wednesday afternoon as the teen was trying to leave the parking lot of a driver license center in the Pittsburgh suburb of Bridgeville. Officials said at least three people were injured, but their injuries were not considered serious.

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Oregon Company Rents Landscape Goats To Weed Lot – CBS News

About 50 goats were hired for an unusual job in Oregon, but one they obviously were born to do: lawn mowing. The animals were brought in to clear weeds from a two-acre lot in southeast Portland, drawing hundreds of onlookers.

The idea came from Brett Milligan, whose Portland landscape company was hired to tend the lot. Milligan liked the idea of avoiding gas-powered mowers.

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Man Builds 70MPH Mobility Scooter – Orange News

A Lincolsnire plumber has built the fastest mobility scooter in the world – which whizzes along at an incredible 69mph. Colin Furze, 31, spent nearly three months converting the machine which has a 125cc motorbike engine under the seat, five gears and twin exhausts.

The petrol-powered super scooter can almost reach the national speed limit and keep up with cars on the motorway.

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Prostitutes Jailed For Calling Police On John Who Refused To Pay – Weekly Vice

Megan C. Taylor, 20, and Donna Toure, 34, two Cincinnati area prostitutes were jailed Monday after a customer refused to pay one of the women, and she reported him to the police.

According to Cincinnati police, officers were called to a Camp Washington hotel on a report that hostages were being held at gunpoint, and they needed help fast. When officers arrived, they found no hostages.

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National Organization of Women: Meg Whitman is a Whore

NOW is supposed to be all about defending women right? Unless of course a woman dares to be Conservative. Then she is a whore!

The National Organization for Women had a choice between a strong female candidate, who is pro-choice, and a male candidate who approved calling that woman a “whore.” You already know who the hypocrites at NOW chose to endorse in the California Governor’s race. NOW has been officially outed as an organ of the Democratic Party.


The LA Times reported:Jerry Brown announced he has received the endorsement of the National Organization for Women, less than 24 hours after the emergence of a recorded message in which Brown can be heard in a conversation with advisors in which someone calls Whitman a “whore.” Coincidence? You be the judge 

See how this works? Meg Whitman dared to think for herself, she forgot her place, and so, under the bus of Feminism she goes!