*VIDEO* Jon Stewart Verbally Bitchslaps Obama Regime For Absurd Ambassadorships



*VIDEO* Even Jon Stewart Can See The Obvious Corruption Within The Obama Administration

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*VIDEO* Jon Stewart Mocks President Asshat’s Rambling NSA Speech

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*VIDEO* Jon Stewart Destroys President Barack Obama And Mayor Rob Ford


*VIDEO* Jon Stewart Trashes CNN Over Its Bogus Reports Of A Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect – 4/17/2013


*VIDEO* Jon Stewart Mocks Paul Krugman Over Platinum Coin

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Video- World’s second biggest race pimp whines about Herman Cain “playing the race card”

Al “Pimp My Hair” Sharpton is a race pimp, in fact he is second only to Je$$e Jack$son in the race pimping bidness ALL HE EVER DOES is play the race card, and he is not a fan of Herman Cain


Glad to know Juan Williams has at least some common sense

Journalist and correspondent Juan Williams spe...
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Juan Williams is a Fox News contributor, and he takes some heat from the race baiting left for that. But, Juan Williams is still a Liberal, and in the past has been guilty of some pretty ugly bigotry himself. His comparing Confederate soldiers to Nazis, one of the most inane statements I can recall ever hearing, comes to mind. But Juan was on CNN in those days. Maybe his move to Fox has caused his mind to open a tad. Consider this clip I saw at All-American Blogger

Ah, yes, I am glad Williams has at least that much sense, and I am glad to see someone else using a comparison I have been making for a long time. I have long-held that Liberals only want Blacks, women, Gays, etc to speak IF they use the pre-approved rhetoric the Left insists they use. I call this the Plantation of Pre-Approved Leftist Ideology. Minorities are protected by the Left, as long as they know their place. Once they dare leave the Plantation, all bets are off and the Left will descend upon them and rip them to shreds for not being “Black enough” or a “real woman” etc.

There is hope for Juan Williams after all I suppose

*VIDEO* Bob’s Upset… Again