Obama plans to bypass Congress, and kick working Americans in the economic nuts again!

Had enough Hope and Change yet Comrades? Chris has had more than his fill

Are you tired of paying too little for electricity? Me too! But have no fear, Barack Obama has a plan to raise your ratesagain, and combat the non-existent scourge of Globull Warming too.

Hours after promising in Berlin that action was coming on climate change, Barack Obama is preparing to make what could be the biggest environmental move of his presidency. White House officials say the President is planning to implement new regulations that would significantly reduce carbon emissions on existing power plants. The plan — which was hinted at in The Los Angeles Times earlier this week — involves instituting new rules through the Environmental Protection Agency, which doesn’t require the approval of Congress.

“Biggest move of his presidency” means regulations even more onerous than the last round of diktatswhich only raised electric rates by 800 percent.

We can only speculate as to what the impact will be, a thousand percent? Two thousand percent? But I guarantee his proscriptions won’t be cheap.

Earlier on Wednesday, Obama made climate change a key section of his address at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, calling it “the global threat of our time.” Adding that “Peace with justice means refusing to condemn our children to a harsher, less hospitable planet.”

Just how much Lennin-worthy propaganda can you pack into one sentence. Peace with justice? For the children? And of course, the old standby for Communists, the “environment is doomed” lie.


LA Times Worried About Those “White Conservative Gun Owners”

Your pathetic op-ed of the day, week, month, year

There are, in increasingly frightening numbers, cells of angry men in the United States preparing for combat with the U.S. government. They are usually heavily armed, blinded by an intractable hatred, often motivated by religious zeal.

They’re not jihadists. They are white, right-wing Americans, nearly all with an obsessive attachment to guns, who may represent a greater danger to the lives of American civilians than international terrorists.

And the source the LA Times gathers this from? The Left-Wing SPLC

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has been tracking hate groups for 30 years, released its latest report on the growth of these organizations this week. Its findings were, to say the least, alarming. The center divides its subjects into militias, which are mostly groups of weekend warriors who train for combat against imaginary foes; hate groups, which target minorities; and “patriot” groups, whose beef is with the U.S. government. Patriot groups first began surfacing after the massacre of a bizarre sect by federal agents in Waco, Texas, in the early 1990s. They showed their teeth in 1995, when a patriot adherent blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City.

Ah yes,the SPLC, which has as much credibility as MSNBS does. It is a Leftist group that tries to stay relevant by playing the Race Card as often as possible, oh and the Neanderthal Card too of course

What can be done to reverse this tide of belligerent ignorance? Not much. The typical patriot acts within his free-speech and 2nd Amendment rights, and in fact most patriot activity consists of venting steam by meeting with like-minded Neanderthals and firing off blog posts threatening civil war.

The typical patriot acts within his free-speech and 2nd Amendment rights, in other words, these people are LAW-ABIDING, and love their country, yet the LA Times is more worried about them than Jihadists?


Just five minutes is all I ask

Five minutes is not a long time, but man, it would be so nice to have five minutes, to have a face-to-face discussion with Lawrence O’Donnell. I say face-to-face because I would never get a chance to talk if I ever went on his MSNBS show, The Last Word, which should be called Lawrence Rants. On the show, Lawrence, yells at and talks over anyone who dares have a Conservative viewpoint. You can watch the video of O’Donnell screaming at Gayle Trotter for daring to believe in the right to self-defense here. he shows himself to be a bully, a chauvinist who is angry apparently because Trotter does not know her  place, and most of all an intellectual coward. The very last thing O’Donnell wants is an honest debate. 

This is why a five minute meeting with Larry the Screamer would be fun. First he would not even try to bully me, second he could not be able to control the debate setting, and third, I could call him out to his face for the pompous, over bearing ass hat that he is. And he would do absolutely nothing about it, because he is nothing but a gutless wonder who bullies those that he can.

Much more at Allergic to Bull, where Lawrence and other Leftists pushing for gun control are exposed. O’Donell tried to say that no woman, or anyone period has ever used an assault weapon, a manufactured term that is meaningless, to stop a violent attacker. Aaron Worthing destroys that lie. The spin that O’Donnell used that in many cases the attackers flee when they see a gun, is also addressed.

From the accompanying article:

Early Tuesday morning, Christopher Boise heard a noise coming from the basement. As he walked toward the source of that noise, the RIT student noticed two men standing in the downstairs portion of his apartment.
“They were waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs,” said Boise.
One of them had a handgun trained on Boise.
Within moments, Boise screamed. His cries were heard by his roommate, Raymond.
“It wasn’t like a, ‘I stepped by stepped on a piece of glass’ kind of scream,” Raymond said.  “So, I instinctively went to my gun bag.”
Raymond owns an AR-15 which is a military style rifle.
Raymond estimated that just five seconds passed until the door started to open. It was one of the intruders.
“By the time I had it out and ready, one of the men came at my door, slowly opened it, saw that there was a barrel on the other side and from there backed out,” Raymond said.
The two men fled the apartment.
Nothing was taken and no shots were fired.
Now, you might say, “see?  He didn’t need any bullets at all, and certainly not a high capacity clip!  After all the gun was not even loaded when they ran (as is revealed in the full article and in the video)!”  The problem with that is that clearly in this case, it was the fear factor that drove the burglars** off.  So what part of their fear was relevant?  Would any gun have worked?  Would an ordinary hunting rifle have worked?  Or did it specifically help that it was a military style rifle?  And did the burglars think, albeit erroneously, that this man could fling at them up to thirty rounds without reloading?  We might never know the answer to the question and therefore we cannot know whether a lesser weapon would have done the job.
And the irony of it is that allowing this young man to have an AR-15 might have saved lives.  If he had nothing, who knows what the burglars might have done.  Were they just there to rob, or kidnap?  Or maybe the burglars thought that the two young men were gay (rightly or wrong–I don’t want to suggest anything about them) and wanted to beat them up.  One of them could have been hospitalized.  One of them could have died.  Or imagine if Raymond’s weapon was not as intimidating.  Imagine the law kept him from having that AR-15, or limited the size of its magazine and the criminals knew it.  One of the criminals had a gun, too.  Would they have thought that they could take Raymond on?  Would a firefight have ensued?  One can only guess, and one can only speculate at how such a shootout might have went, but it seems unlikely that all four men would have escaped that situation without someone at least being hurt.
But I saved the best example of the use of Assault Rifles for defense for last.  The LA Riots:
This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots, sparked by the acquittal of four Los Angeles Police Department officers accused of beating the now-deceased Rodney King.  During the five days, mobs around Los Angeles looted stores, burnt 3,767 buildings, caused more than $1 billion in property damage, and led to the deaths of more than 50 people and left another 4,000 injured.  A story that has been forgotten since then is that of the brave storeowners in Koreatown who fended off mobs with handguns, rifles and assault weapons.
On the second day of the riots, the police had abandoned much of Koreatown.  Jay Rhee, a storeowner in the area, stated to The Los Angeles Times, “we have lost faith in the police.”
With the cops nowhere to be found, hundreds of people marauded through the streets towards Koreatown.  The neighborhood suffered 45 percent of all the property damage and five fatalities of storeowners during the riots.  Having had enough of waiting for police, Korean storeowners assembled into militias to protect themselves, their families, and businesses.
According to the Los Angeles Times, “From the rooftops of their supermarkets, a group of Koreans armed with shotguns and automatic weapons peered onto the smoky streets…Koreans have turned their pastel-colored mini-malls into fortresses against looters tide.”
Rhee claimed that the storeowners shot off 500 rounds into the sky and ground in order to break up the masses of people.  The only weapons able to clear that much ammo in a very short time are assault weapons.  Single shot pistols or rifles might not have been able to deter the crowd hell-bent on destroying the neighborhood.
By the end of the day storeowners had slain four looters and fended off the mob.  It would be 24 more hours until the National Guard arrived and another two days before the riots were completely put down.  Had the riots occurred just a couple of years later when the Congress banned assault weapons, many of these storeowners may not have been so lucky. It’s situations like the LA riots, which, while being rare, can occur anywhere from the streets of Los Angeles to far off countries during the Arab Spring.
Assault weapons are legal for this reason: they protect people from extreme cases of assault.
And for bonus points, while the article doesn’t mention if they had so-called high capacity clips or not, with shooting over 500 bullets into the air, it seems reasonable to believe they used a few, doesn’t it?

There are other examples too in the post, go read it all. It is excellent!


When you lift the mask off of public employee union thugs……………


………….you see the face of Marxism. Donald Douglas links a great piece from Larry Sand, of the LA Times who writes about why California’s Prop 32 is scaring the union thugs

Michael Hiltzik infers in his column Sunday that Proposition 32 is a big lie — because it prohibits both corporations and labor unions such as the California Teachers Assn. from extracting involuntary political contributions from the paychecks of workers. Hiltzik argues that its prohibition of corporate deductions is of minor impact, but that union political fund-raising will be crippled.

He is amazingly untroubled by the fact that taking such payroll deductions for political purposes without consent is patently immoral. Why should a worker have some of his forced union dues spent on candidates or causes that he doesn’t agree with? As Thomas Jefferson said, “To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves is sinful and tyrannical.”

Oddly, Hiltzik seems concerned only that the CTA and other public employee unions maintain the ability to build massive political war chests so they can pour tens of millions of dollars into the same types of independent spending efforts that so offend him.

Does it trouble Hiltzik that the CTA’s inexhaustible tap on more than a quarter of a million teacher paychecks has deluded parents into the false belief that their kids are getting a good education? Does it bother him that California’s deteriorating public school system has cheated two generations out of a decent education?

Go read it all, it lays bare one of the biggest problems facing California, and that problem is corruption

Public employee union bosses aren’t spending millions of dollars because they’re worried that the elected officials negotiating their benefits will become accountable to rich people. They’re worried that politicians might become fiscally accountable to the taxpayers.

The CTA bosses aren’t worried that education reform decisions will be made on behalf of corporations. They’re worried about reforms made on behalf of the parents and children of our state.

Bingo! And in the end that is what Marxism really amounts to. Thugs pretending to be fighting for  “power to the people” when all they are really fighting for is to enrich and empower themselves.

For some more and how closely Communists and union thugs, AND our president are aligned check this out from Zombie


Boy, the Dems must have crossed CNN at some point


Because, as this clip via Donald Douglas shows Anderson Cooper hammering Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Wow! Good for Anderson! This is what we need, for the media to do their job. All Cooper is doing is trying to report something accurately, and Wasserman Schultz just keeps parroting the lie. Frankly, i am amazed that anyone would support her or her party. And do not forget that Wolf Blitzer also raked this hag over the Coals of Truth over Ryan’s Medicare plan

I have no idea what has gotten into CNN, but it should be noted and applauded. Here is another example

And this, where Blitzer hammers the despicable Bill Burton


Leon Panetta bashes our troops for “Lack of Professionalism”?

I really try not to throw out a bunch of four-letter words on this blog, but sometimes, sometimes some asshole who frankly is not fit to shovel camel shit says something insulting to our military, and well….

Via Politico:

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called on American soldiers to remember that when serving abroad they are representing the United States — and that incidents involving the desecration of enemy corpses shows “a lack of professionalism” among American forces.

Speaking to troops at Fort Benning, Ga., Panetta said that the high profile cases involving servicemembers urinating on Afghan corpses and posing for pictures with body parts “show a lack of judgment, a lack of professionalism, and a lack of leadership,” according to the L.A. Times.

“These days, it takes only seconds for one picture to suddenly become an international headline,” Panetta said. “And those headlines can impact the mission we’re engaged in, they can put your fellow service members at risk, they can hurt morale, and they can damage our standing in the world.”

Hmmm, it seems to me that the asinine rules of engagement our troops are forced to fight under and having a Defense Secretary that could not find his ass with both hands might endanger our troops and threaten morale. Who wants to bet the troops would agree with me?

Lottery ad causes outbreak of Offendeditis in California

Oh, the heart break of Offendeditis! It just seems to beset certain Liberals constantly. The latest outbreak, caused by this video

So, why would anyone with an IQ above room temperature be offended by this ad? The ad is for a lottery, the woman is Lady Luck, a pretty simple formula to follow right? Well, not for the perpetually offended types. Donald Douglas has the story.

here’s this at the Los Angeles Times, “New lottery ad glamorizes violence, California legislators complain“:

The leaders of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus called for removal of a state lottery television ad that shows a woman slapping a man across the face, saying it sanctions violence.

“It is inappropriate for any entity, especially a state-funded Commission, to promote its products through the use of violence,” state Sen. Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa), the caucus chairwoman, and Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal (D-Long Beach), the caucus co-chair, wrote to the head of the Lottery Commission.

The California Lottery’s “Luck has a new look” ad shows a mysterious woman in black — Lady Luck — who walks up to a man playing a new scratcher lottery card in a bowling alley and then slaps him in the face, after which the guy yells “I won.” Lady Luck walks away smiling.

The lawmakers note that the Legislature has taken a position against violence against women, but that they believe violence by women against men is also a serious problem.

“This commercial glamorizes violence under the auspice of “lady luck” and we find it offensive and counterproductive to society at large,” they wrote, asking the lottery to better scrutinize the content of future adds to prevent “harmful messages that are paid for with public dollars.

They find it “counterproductive to society”! Frankly, that sounds like what the Democratic party is to me. This does illustrate a huge issue though. When are the voters going to stop electing overgrown children like these two pin heads? The ad is funny, well made, and anyone who has a grasp on reality would not have an issue with it.